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How One Night Changed My Life Forever... by potterfan310
Chapter 10 : Chapter Nine
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I was awoken by Dom throwing a pillow at my face. What a lovely way to be woken up.

"Jeez Dom what’s the time" I grumbled as I rolled over to look at her.

"Seven." She replied. I noticed she was sat up in bed with her stocking. Yes she is seventeen and still has a stocking, but then again so do I. When we were born Nana Molly made us each a Christmas stocking with our name sewn on it and she insists that we still use them.

I looked towards the end of my bed, picked up my stocking and looked inside it. Neatly placed on the top was a little package. I un-wrapped it and a stocking exactly the same as mine fell out, except that it had no name on it. Pinned to the front was a little note:

Molly darling, since your news on Monday. I thought that I would make your little one a Weasley stocking as well

Love Nana Molly xx

P.s I will sew her name on once she's born.

I think I may have just melted a little inside. There was a sharp a pain at the bottom of my bump and it felt like someone had prodded me from the inside. Oh my god, I thought as I realised what it was or more likely who. I poked my bump and there was the prod back again and my stomach rippled, my baby was kicking me. I rushed out of my bed sending my stocking flying and over to Dom.

"Dom feel this." She looked at me funny, but I grabbed her hand anyway. I put it near the bottom of my bump and felt the prod again and looking down I saw my stomach ripple.

Dom jumped back and screamed "Fucking hell! Is that the..."

"Baby yes." I said as I felt her kick again, my hand cradling my bump. Maybe she knows its Christmas, I wondered.

"Wow, that's mad." Was her reaction before she went back to opening her stocking as it seemed to be more interesting.

I sat back down on my bed. Wow, just wow. This is starting to feel even more real now; she is a part of me. I finished opening my stocking after picking it up off the floor and left Dom with hers on her bed happily munching on what looked like a Jelly slug.

When I entered the kitchen, I found that I wasn't the only one up. Louis, Roxy, Lily and Hugo were all sat at the table. Roxy is Fred's younger sister and looks like a copy of her mother. They both have the same brown eyes and dark hair.

"Merry Christmas, my lovely cousin's." I greeted them all with a grin as I was so happy.

"Some one's cheery this morning." Louis grumbled as he closed the book he was reading.

Louis is Dom and Tori's younger brother. He has blue eyes and blonde hair. He's a bit shy and has an unhealthy obsession with muggle items, just like Granddad. Before I got my wiz-phone I had a normal muggle mobile and I once found him taking it apart and then he couldn't put it back together which resulted in me having to buy my wiz-phone. He loves Quidditch and plays chaser on our Ravenclaw team back at Hogwarts.

"It's Christmas Louis. Can't I be happy and why are you looking so annoyed."

"Probably because your sister woke us up like an hour an half ago." Yawned Lily as she pushed her red hair away from her face.

"Ha, yeah. Well I was woken up by a pillow getting thrown at my face"

They laughed as I grabbed myself a bowl and poured myself some cereal and milk. Nana molly then came into the kitchen, "Ah dear you’re awake. I want a word with you. The rest of you go wake your parents and siblings." She told them and they hurried off.

She came over to me and I hugged her, "Thanks Nana. The stocking, is perfect." I whispered, as I felt tears forming. Damn Hormones.

"It's ok dear. There's no need to cry honey." She wiped away my tears, "Now who wants to open some presents."

I smiled and followed her into the living room, the tree was in the corner and surrounded by mountains of presents. Big ones, small ones, long ones and round ones. I heard footsteps from above me, so I quickly sat in my favourite chair by the fire.

Lucy skipped into the room like she was four years old again and not fifteen. Following her was Lily who still looked tired. Roxy, Rose, Dom and Tori who was dressed! Dressed already? Louis, Albus, James - who was only wearing boxers, does he want to scar me for life? Fred and finally Hugo who was looking annoyed. Teddy was next in carrying a cup of tea, and he was followed by all my Aunties and Uncles as well as Mum, Dad, Nana and finally Granddad.

Now that we were all here we were allowed to open presents. Each of the wrapping paper was colour co-ordinated to each of us so that we wouldn't get confused. It took most of the morning for us to open all our presents, as we take turns, so we know what we get and who it's from. When I opened Lucy's I was shocked. Normally I get clothes or perfume but it was a book called 'What to expect when you’re expecting' and on the cover was a lady holding her hands around her own very large pregnant belly.

"Thanks Luce." I muttered as I gave her a one armed hug as I was still holding my new book.

"Though you might need it." She said as she nodded at my bump.

Once I had opened all my presents including the ones off my cousins. Since our family is so big, The rule is that my Uncle's and Auntie Ginny as well as their other halves buy Nana and Granddad a present and their own siblings and a small gift for each niece or nephew. We are only allowed to buy presents for Nana, Granddad, our parents, siblings and Cousins.

Once I had given out my presents, I went upstairs and took a long hot shower. As I walked up, my little girl (Sound's strange saying that) decided she would kick me once again.

I can't believe that this time next year, she will be here and I will be celebrating her first Christmas. Wow that's a really mad thought. Once I had gotten out of the shower and was dressed, I went back downstairs to find half of my family in the kitchen and the other half in the living room.

I was in the living room with Lucy and Dom and was on the floor with my legs stretched out in front of me reading the book Lucy had given me.

"Did you know that my baby is almost eleven inches long and weighs about a pound. I'm in my second trimester; her eyes are formed except for the colour of her iris. She has fully developed eyelashes and eyebrows and her fingerprints are also fully formed. " I read out loud to them both, although I knew Lucy was the only one who was really listening to me.

Since mum and dad flipped out when I told them she's been a lot more supportive and nicer to me, I guess we've become a lot closer as well since I've become pregnant.

Lucy gasped, "Wow, I can't believe it. It's strange to think of you'll be a mum soon Mol."
Mum who was sat at the opposite end of the room glared at me as I read from the book. I ignored her and in the end she got up and left shooting me a dirty look. Oh if looks could kill, I think I would have been dead about half an hour ago.

"Lunch!" Yelled Nana Molly.

I put down my book and entered the kitchen, the mixture of smells hit me and I had to rush to the bathroom, to throw up my breakfast. There was a knock on the door and it opened slowly to reveal Dom and Rose stood there looking concerned.

"You okay?" Dom asked me.

I nodded, "yeah. I don't think my little girl likes the smell of roast chicken or turkey."

Rose smiled, "You sure you’re ok Mol?"

"I'll be out in a minute, you two can go back down." They left and I sat on the floor with my head in my hands when I felt something vibrate in my pocket. Pulling out my wiz-phone, I noticed I had four text messages, one each off Laur, Katie and Luke all wishing me a Merry Christmas and the last one was off Kyle, I read it:

Merry Christmas Mol, Have a good one. I need to see you, soon if possible. Ky x

I deleted it. If he thinks I want to see him after he accused me of cheating, lying that this baby wasn't his and then breaking up with me he has got another thing coming. I will not be seeing him anytime soon. He made it clear that he didn't want anything to do with her or me when I told him two months ago.

After brushing my teeth and splashing my face with water I went downstairs. I sat at the table between Lucy and Dom, with Rose and Tori opposite me. I piled my plate full of stuffing after Dom passed it to me, and added vegetables like carrots, peas, potatoes, parsnips, swede and a little gravy to my plate.

Dom was looking at me with a blank expression on her face, "You just threw up." She stated.

I shrugged, "Yeah, so?"

"Should you be eating so much?"

Again I shrugged, "I'm hungry."

"Again you just threw up Mol." Dom said again.

I just stared at her blankly. Seeing that she wasn't going to get a decent answer from me she turned back to her own plate. "Nana have we got any vanilla ice cream?" I asked aloud, which earned me another death glare off of my mother.

She looked at me funny but answered anyway, "Yes dear, but dessert isn't until later."

"Is it ok if I have some now?"

Dom snorted, "I wouldn't she'll mix it with her stuffing."

Nana looked at me again, "Cravings?" She asked in an understanding voice.

I nodded and went to the freezer to help myself to a bowl of vanilla ice-cream. I sat back at the table with it. Looking at my plate I got a parsnip and dipped it in. Rose looked horrified; I didn't care though It tastes yummy. Then I mixed my stuffing in and ate it, it tasted like heaven on a spoon. I really think I could eat this all day long.

We ate chatting about various things, pulling crackers and wearing our hats. The one topic everyone seemed to be avoiding was my pregnancy but too be honest I didn’t really care. I felt stuffed, bit ironic since I mainly ate stuffing and also a lot of ice-cream, but then again I also ate all of my veggies. That count's as healthy right?

After dinner, I went up to my room to take a nap as I was tired, not to mention full. Snuggling down in my bed, I fell asleep thinking 'bout my baby girl. As I dreamt Kyle's face kept popping up, as did Lauren's, Luke's and two brown haired babies.

When I woke up, it was because I could hear a lot of noise coming from outside. Getting up I looked out my window to see Dom, James, Al, Lily, Hugo and Teddy zooming around on brooms playing Quidditch. Brilliant, I thought. We have a game every year on Christmas day in the afternoon; it's a bit of a Weasley tradition.

Wrapping up warm I made my way downstairs and went outside. "Who's on whose team?" I asked Tori who was sat on the side, since she's not a big fan of playing Quidditch in case she breaks a nail or something. Actually that's not the reason but hey I can't think of any other reason right now.

"James, Dom and Hugo are a team and Lily, Teddy and Al are another." She replied.
The afternoon seemed to go quickly since I was sat outside watching the game. In the end Teddy, Al and Lily won; James said that it was unfair as they had Teddy who's older and a better player. He hate's being beaten; I mean it's only a game.

I didn't eat much for dinner as I was still stuffed from lunch and I then went to bed early. Well nine is early for me, normally I don't go until half ten or eleven. Snuggling up amongst my blankets and quilt I started reading my book that Lucy had got me. After a while I could feel my eye lid's drooping and I think I might have dozed off. When re-awoke I could see Dom's outline in bed as well her soft snoring. I looked over at my clock it was eleven.

Deciding that I really should sleep, I put down my book and closed my eyes once more. Today had been a rather busy day and one of the best Christmas' for a long time. I don't care that my parents have said barely ten words to me today. Well actually Dad asked me how I was and he also wished me a Merry Christmas, so really it's just Mum who's not speaking to me.

We all stayed at The Burrow until lunch time. Nana Molly had cooked us bubble and squeak and we also had cold turkey and chicken sandwiches, complete with stuffing of course. Actually I just had bubble and squeak and my stuff cream because just the smell of the meats made me feel queasy.

We all said goodbye and I thanked all my relatives for the presents. My cousins all told me that everything was going to be okay and to look after myself and my little alien. Dom's exact words were, "Take care pregz and look after that little girl of yours."

Myself, Mum, Dad and Lucy left at around half one. Mum hasn't spoken to me in three days, must be a record the longest she has never spoken to me is twenty-four hours. Dad look's really stressed and Lucy is all happy and smiley.

Sitting in the back of the car with Lucy, I pulled out my headphones and iPod, put them in and blocked out the world. On the journey home I text both Laur and Katie;

Heya, can we meet somewhere as I have your Christmas presents xx

Lauren text back straight away: Yeah sure, wanna come over to mine?

I replied 'yeah' to Lauren and text Katie again: We're meeting over Laur's see you later.

I put my phone away and made myself comfortable, well as comfortable as I could get in a car. I rolled up one of my hoodie and used it as a pillow, falling asleep, nearly instantly. Next thing I knew I was dreaming.

I was stood next to the black lake at Hogwarts. Hundreds of chairs set out in rows, people sat here and there. In the first three rows, students were sat all in matching caps and gowns. McGonagall was stood at the very front. I made my way over and sat down, next to my Dad and Lucy. I could also see Lauren, as well as Luke with their baby expect that they're baby wasn’t' a baby anymore. They looked around seventeen or eighteen and had long hair; I couldn’t tell whether they were a boy or girl from here. The rest of my family was here including all my cousins, Aunties and Uncles as well as Nana Molly and Granddad Arthur.

I sat down and when everyone seemed to be here and the ceremony started. I watched as a brown headed girl collected her certificate from Professors McGonagall, Longbottom and Chang. She smiled at me and I felt myself beam with pride. Once the ceremony was over the chairs disappeared and the brown headed girl who had smiled at me made her way over. When she reached me I pulled her into a huge hug and told her how proud of her I was. Together we found the rest of my family and they each hugged her in turn and told her well done. There was a big party afterwards and we stayed late into the night, as the sun was setting I noticed a rather tall dark headed man making his way down the castle drive.

I recognised that figure, so I ran and caught up with them. I gasped as they turned around as I was shocked to see that it was Kyle...

I jumped a little and then shivered. Lucy was gently tapping me since we were in the drive and the car had stopped. I couldn't but think what a strange dream it was. Grabbing my stuff from the car, I took it up to my room. As I was putting some of it away when there was a knock on the door. Turning around I saw Dad stood in the doorway.

"Can I come in please Mol?" He asked.

I nodded and carried on putting clothes and presents away, "Sure."

He came in and sat down on my bed. He then patted the space next to him. "Sit down please Molly darling."

I stopped what I was doing and sat down, crossing my legs, "What's going on?" I asked since I was a bit confused.

Dad sighed and he looked a lot older than normal, the bags under his eyes seemed to stand out a lot more and he looked so tired, "Mol, I think what your mother has been saying is unfair and she shouldn’t be one to judge and I don’t think that it's fair that she wants you to have an abortion. It's your choice"

I furrowed my brow, why shouldn't mum be one to judge? Having seen the look on my face he answered what I was thinking. "You really need to talk to your mother. She has her reasons but I believe that since you are of age, then it's your choice. I will stand by you if you are going to keep her."

I nodded, "I am keeping her and no one is going to change that."

"I know Mol. But you have to remember you’re still young, you still have NEWT's to do, and caring for a baby is hard work physically and financially. Which is why as of today I have set you up a bank account, I'll be paying in money every month to help you and my granddaughter. I love you Mols." He hugged me. My dad isn't really one for giving hugs unless they're to Lucy. But hey I'm not complaining, this is probably the closest we have been since I was little.

"Thanks Daddy, I love you too." I muttered into his shoulder as he hugged me again before leaving my room.

Wowzer, if he is so against mum telling me to get rid of my little girl then why hasn't he told her to give up, or maybe he has. Why do I feel like that my mum's got a secret that no one knows about except for dad and I don't think even he knows the full story.

I finished un-packing and then I picked up my blue and white striped over the shoulder bag, putting my keys, purse, wiz- phone and wand in it and then the presents for Lauren and Katie. As I left my room I bumped into Lucy who was on the landing, with her bag and presents.

"Where you off?" She questioned.

"To see the girls and give them their Christmas presents." I explained.

"Oh. See you later then, take care sis."

"Bye Luce." I called.

As I went downstairs I could hear dad talking rather loudly, so I went to investigate. Dad was in the kitchen with mum, I think I must have interrupted since they stopped talking when I walked in.

"I'm going out to see Lauren and Katie. I dunno when I'll be back, as I haven't seen them since half term, so we need to catch up." Okay so I lied a little about that, I had seen Lauren only two days ago, but there was a little truth. I haven't seen Katie since half term.

"Ok Mol's take care." Dad said as mum glared at me but didn't say anything. I'm telling you that woman is going to crack sooner or later and is going to have to speak to me. I don't mind her not talking to me; I just wanna see how long she's going to keep this up.

As I was on my way to Lauren's, I bumped into Katie who was coming out of her house. "Hiya" She said as she pulled me into a huge hug, "Bloody hell, you’re getting big aren't you?"

I hit her playfully, "Thanks, did you have a good Christmas?"

She shrugged and the smile dropped from her face, "It was ok, there were a few unexpected surprises." Katie said sounding a little annoyed but also pissed at the same time.

"Why what happened?" I asked.

"I'll tell you when we get to Laur's, she'll probably want to know as well. How was yours'?"

"Great," I said sarcastically "My mum had a huge go at me, she hasn't spoken to me in three days. The whole of my school found out I'm pregnant as did my cousins who thought Lucy was until I told them it was me," She looked at me and I shook my head, "Then I told the rest of my dad's family, and finally on Christmas morning I felt my little girl kick for the first time."

"Aww wow! So a little bit better than mine then."

We chatted the rest of the way and Katie knocked the door when we arrived. Lauren answered wearing tinsel around her head and carrying her four year old niece Brooke who was dressed as a fairy. Well I think she was or she might have been an angel, I'm not too sure.

"Hiya guys, come on in."

"Yeah, welcome to the madhouse." Her mum laughed.

The place was completely different to how I saw it just two days ago. Now there were toys all over as well the place as was wrapping paper and boxes. Laur tried to put Brooke down but she was clinging on for dear life, so Laur didn't try and move her and we went up to her room.

She sat Brooke on her bed, who grinned at us. Myself and Katie both sat down as well, me on the beanbag and Katie on the floor. From underneath the little pink Christmas tree Lauren had in her room she brought over our presents and gave them to us.

Lauren had bought Katie some fancy writing paper and a pen as well as dvds and chocolate. I had books, a maternity t-shirt with Mr. Bump on and some Dark chocolate. Katie got Lauren a basket full of her favourite things and two posters of her favourite bands One Direction and Take That.

Off of Katie I had a large box of sweets and a basket full of my favourite things like make up, bath bubbles and shower gels.  I got Lauren a new scarf and glove set in baby blue and a book and for Katie a voucher for her favourite shop and a t-shirt with butterfly's over it.

Brooke was playing on the bed in her fairy/angel outfit with a new doll, since she seemed happy enough, we spent the afternoon gossiping but we must have been boring because Brooke had fallen asleep. Lauren stuck the baby monitor on and went downstairs leaving her in peace.

We went downstairs to find everyone, including Lauren's Mum, Nan and Bamp. Her sisters Lana and Etta, Jack who was cradling Madison. The twins Callum and Corey, Lizzie and Lydia plus me and Katie and then Luke who arrived later.

Sandra asked if we wanted to stay for tea and me Katie and Luke all said yes please. Myself, Katie and Lauren were all sat at the table in the dining room whilst Luke was in the living room talking to Jack and playing with Lauren's twin brothers; Callum and Corey.

I cleared my throat before asking, "Kate what were you gonna tell me earlier about your Christmas having unexpected surprises?"

"Oh yeah, my mum turned up." She mumbled.

"WHAT, HOLY SHIT KATE!" Lauren screeched.

"Lauren language, not in front of the little ones." Her mum scolded her.

"Whoops sorry." Laur muttered.

"Are you kidding?" I questioned.

Katie shook her head.

"But haven’t you always wanted her to come back?" Laur asked.

"Yeah but she also has three children and is now engaged." My mouth fell open and my eyes went wide and I'm pretty sure Lauren did the same, "Exactly, that’s how I reacted," Katie pointed out, "He's called Dean and they've been engaged for seven years and I now have two half-brothers and one half-sister. The oldest is Theo and he's seven, then it's Carmen and she's five and then Alfie who's one."

"Bloody hell." Was all Lauren could say.

"Are you ok with it all Katie?" Sandra asked as she put a glass of orange juice in front of each of us.

"Thanks." Katie muttered before continuing, "I'm not sure, I mean it’s all so sudden. She left me eight years ago, and I can't really remember her much and Dean seems like a decent guy and the kids are cute, but it’s just so sudden."

"It'll be ok sweetie," Sandra said as she came over and hugged Katie, "You'll see."
She smiled "Thanks."

Since Lauren is nosy she asked, "Why's she back?"

Katie sighed, "Well now they have got enough money saved up they can get married, but she wants my Nan and Bamp to give her away and me to bridesmaid. The weddings not until next year I think, I wasn't really paying attention since I was still in shock as she had just turned up Saturday morning."

We all stayed for tea and let me tell you it was a squeeze; it’s kinda like being at the burrow, except with fewer adults and a lot more kids. We left then at about seven, Laur and Luke walked us both back home.

Before I said goodbye it occurred to me that I had not seen or heard off Kyle since Christmas day, but I deleted the message. "Luke, have you heard off Ky?"

"No, sorry Mol. Not since he text saying he got you pregnant and another one saying that he was fine and well. Oh and a Merry Christmas one."

I sighed, "Thanks Luke." I whispered as I hugged him and Lauren in turn, "Bye guys. Oh and New Year’s Party at my Grandparents house. Can you tell Katie since you're likely to see her before me. I'll text you the details as well."

I made my way home and was thinking about things, when I felt the nudge in my stomach again. I smiled to myself, my little alien was kicking again and I rubbed my belly where she had kicked. As I rubbed the spot she did it again, and I smiled even more. When I arrived home, mum was in the hallway sat on the phone seat talking to someone, "Yes, that’s lovely thank you, we'll see you tomorrow. Goodbye."

"Who was that?" I asked pointing at the phone as I took my coat off and slung it over my arm.

She smiled sweetly, "Oh, no one for you to worry about." 

"Night then." I said and she nodded as I headed upstairs. I could hear Lucy watching her TV, I snuck my head around her door and said goodnight before going to my own room. I had a nice warm shower before getting changed into my pyjamas and snuggling down in bed.

I flicked through the book Lucy had given me and my stomach felt funny again and I think my baby girl was summer saluting, as when she kicked again, it was in a different place to earlier. I put my book away and as soon as my head hit the pillow I fell asleep instantly as it had been a long day.

A/N - I don't own Harry Potter, One Direction or Take That. Nothing but the plot and OC's are mine.

Up next - No where to go and a secret.


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