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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 6 : Would you like that?
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Would you like that?


September passed and October came. The leaves turned yellow, red en brown. Hermione noticed her energy had been fully recharged. She felt much better, now that the morning sickness had passed. Looking in the mirror she found her face had a nice, warm colour these days. It looked full and healthy. Her hair on the other hand had become a down right disaster. It was extremely full and curly. More so than ever. It was impossible to bind it into a bun which meant she had to wear it loose. It fell down her back in a pretty but slightly frizzy bush.

The men at the office complimented her with her new looks. Her shining face and wild hair made them all go a little crazy. This was starting to become a little problematic nowadays. Some of the men in her office, trying to be friendly, walked her to the elevators or all the way down to the fireplaces. Hermione didn’t really think that much of it. But before long Ron that got the wind of it. An old flare of jealousy put its head up, causing him to be extremely unfriendly toward Hermione’s male colleagues.

But October got blown away as well by the storms of November. From time to time Hermione got caught up in the storms. Sweeping around the house herself picking up things that were out of place. And then, quit suddenly, James’ first birthday was just around the corner. Causing Hermione to get worried about a gift. She had to get her godson something for his first birthday. It wasn’t easy to find something that would make a one year old toddler happy. Because she didn’t have a clue she decided pay the little boy a visit and see for herself what he needed.

“Ronald, I’m leaving to go to Harry and Ginny’s place now, I’ll be back in an hour. Want me to do anything for you while I’m out?” Hermione put on a warm coat against the storm as she hummed a lullaby about rain to herself. She was just about to turn around and yell some more instructions at her husband when suddenly she noticed something prevented her from turning. Two strong arms had been wrapped around her waist.

“You’re not leaving without me, are you?” a low voice chuckled. Ron was in a very good mood. Putting his hand over her tummy protectively. Hermione leaned heavily into him but all of the sudden she looked up shocked.

“Did you feel that?” She asked mystified. Ron shook his head,

“What was it?” he asked nervously.

“I- I don’t know, it felt like something moved inside. A little flutter, like butterflies. But those were a little lower. I think the baby just moved. Maybe it will be a bit more visible now.” She pulled up her coat and heavy sweater.  She hadn’t really noticed before but her belly was really beginning to swell, forming a soft bump just under her belly button. Hermione caressed it softly with her finger. There was the fluttering feeling again. She giggled. If the baby was moving it would soon start to show its magical powers. She really couldn’t wait for that to happen.

“Do you want to come with me?” Hermione asked. “I’m going to visit your lovely sister.”


“Do you like living here, Ginny?” Hermione asked her friend and hour later.

“Well yes, I do. I love the beach and it’s a good thing we’re not living that far from my parents. The only thing I would like more is living closer to London, but with the Floo network it doesn’t really matter.” Ginny smiled, as they walked along the beach with James. Their men had wanted some time for themselves. Ginny had a theory that they were going to talk about pregnancy and things like that. Sharing their stories on how awful pregnant women can be.  

“Besides, James loves the sea. And the beach  and the sand. Oh, and don’t forget the shells. And what do you think about the seagulls, huh James, aren’t those amazing creatures. You know he once tried to catch one. But he isn’t that skilled in walking, so he fell head first in the sand. He had sand everywhere.” Ginny poked her son playfully in his belly. He cried out laughing and grabbed her hair. He babbled a little, making all kinds of sounds. Ginny softly put him down on the sand.
“It’s weird, he’s almost a year, but he still doesn’t talk. I’m getting worried. Mom said we all talked at ten months. But James is just babbling and all that.”

“Maybe he has that from Harry. I don’t suppose he knows when he started to talk?”

“No, he knows less the nothing about his babyhood. There is no one who can or wants to tell him about it.”

“I still think it’s really sad, the way he grew up.” Hermione had never been able to shake off Harry’s terrible childhood. What if Dumbledore had given him to someone who did care for his happiness? “You know what happened to me this afternoon? I felt the baby move. It moved inside me. I’m so excited.” Hermione’s face showed how happy she was about this.

She slowly strolled over to where James was sitting in the sand, playfully throwing it around. He had been crawling away during their conversation. He was able to walk without help now, but on the wobbly sand he preferred crawling.

“Ow, great now he is going to have sand in his hair.” Ginny muttered. She sighed heavily.

“Don’t you think it’s cute how he plays with the sand and all?” Hermione asked her. “I haven’t heard you complain about it before.”

“I don’t know why it bothers me so much. Normally I like it, as long as he is having fun. Maybe it’s because I feel so tired these days. It must be the upcoming winter.” Ginny sighed again and set down in the sand. Hermione set next to her. The sand felt cold. You could feel the winter coming.
“You know, maybe I’m so tired because I’m pregnant again. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We’d be pregnant together.” Ginny’s eyes glowed at the thought. “We could go buy baby clothes together and stuff for the nursery. You sure need that, I can use James’ now that he can sleep in a little bed. Wouldn’t you love that?”

“Well yes I would, but don’t spend your knuts before you counted them, first see if you are indeed pregnant. Although all the talk on nurseries makes me want to go shopping for it. Want to come with me? We have  all the time, our men aren’t done talking I guess.” Hermione said reasonable. Ginny liked the thought of shopping and before long they were on their way.

Diagon Alley was crowded with people shopping in advance for Christmas gifts,  or other groceries. It was just a typical Saturday on the little wizard street. Hermione and Ginny walked around the stores and came across ‘Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes’. The place was packed with people, mostly young, Hogwarts age people.

“We have to say ‘Hi’ to George. I almost never see him.” Ginny squeezed herself into the shop. Hermione followed short after. Upon seeing them George smiled broadly.

“Make way, make way, pregnant woman on her way!” He yelled to the visitors in the store. They hastily stepped aside leaving Hermione and Ginny to stand in a huge open space. Hermione blushed and tried to cover her stomach.

“Hey George, how are you doing?” Hermione greeted him when the crowd had dissolved again.

“I’m fine, thank you. I have some huge wedding plans going on, Angelina has the weirdest ideas when it comes to weddings. The shop is doing nice too. Running high on students. Though I can’t figure out where they come from, don’t they usually have school this time of year?” he made a gesture to the children in the store. It was packed full with them.

“I don’t know, maybe those do not go to school. Or they found a way to sneak away on a Hogsmeade weekend. Your store is way more interesting than Zonko’s.” Hermione said. Meanwhile Ginny had tiptoed away towards a big cage full of Pygmy Puffs.

“Would you like one of these little fellows.”She asked the baby on her hip. He put out his hands towards the cage filled with pink and purple balls of fur. “Yes you would, now, would you? Can I have one for him?” She now asked her brother.

“Yes you can, if you want to turn him into a mama’s boy. But why don’t you give him one of those?” He held a cage filled with yellow, white, blue and other bright coloured Pygmy Puffs. “They are especially for boys.”

“Oh, they are so cute. Look at the little orange one. I love it. Do you think a one year old can handle a Pygmy Puff?”

“The question is ‘can a Pygmy Puff handle a one year old?’ But I’m fairly sure they can. Sturdy little creatures they are.” George picked out the orange fluff ball and placed it in James’ longing hands. “But on a totally different topic, how did I earn the pleasure of this visit?”

“Well, we are baby shopping. I need a crib and a nursery table and all that. I know it’s still a long way before the baby is here but the guide says to start early with this. The second trimester is the period in which you have the most energy. Better spend it on useful thinks, right?” Hermione smiled.

“Ah, pregnant women stuff. Good for you. Nice to drag my baby sister in it.” George chuckled.

“She’s the one with the baby here. Mine is still in the making, hers is out and walking. I don’t think you can blame me for that.” Hermione answered. She knew George was joking but why not play along? “I’m also looking for a present. For my godson. He happens to have his first birthday in only a week.”

“Ah, presents for that you are on the right address. What about a fake wand. He’d love them, wouldn’t you Jamie?” George tickled the baby, who immediately cried out laughing. He had the Pygmy Puff in his hands still. Hugging it close and babbling to it.

“That’s a Pygmy Puff James. Can you say Pygmy Puff?” Ginny said. James looked up at her. A mischievous glint in his eyes and smiled.

“Icky. Icky.” He cried out.

“Yes, Pygmy Puff. Very good James!” 



A/N: I do not own these lovely characters... I wish I did, but I don't!

I want to say thanks to Charlie (or Mystique as you might know her) for her great work as my beta! Thank you!

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The guide through magical pregnancy: Would you like that?


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