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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 5 : You are mine now
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She had a very hard time getting back to sleep after the nightmare she had. Ginny had woken her up because of her screams. Most of the girls where up, sitting on their beds curious to know what happened. Ginny had Hermione in her hands, caressing her hair to calm her, when Luna reached the bed to see what's going on.


“Ginny what happened to her?” asked Luna as she rubbed her swollen, sleepy eyes. Luna used to sleepwalk a lot so Ginny wasn't even sure if she was awake, or still asleep.


“Nothing, Luna she just had a really bad dream I guess. Now go to sleep, we will talk tomorrow” whispered Ginny.


“Thank you. No need to worry about me anymore. I'll be fine. I'll go back to sleep now.” said Hermione to reassure Ginny.


With Ginny gone Hermione rested her head on her pillow once again and stared on the ceiling of the bed. What was really that dream she had? Why was she tied to a cold stone wall in a room she didn't even reckognize? Why was Malfoy in her dream and what did that mean? A lot of questions popped into her head but she didn't get an answer for none of them. It was six in the morning when she finally went back to sleep. Thankfully, this time she slept a dreamless sleep.


At 8 o' clock her alarm rang loudly, violating her ears. She didn't even want to get up. So she fell back to sleep. She didn't even go to breakfast. At 2 her alarm rang again. She had to go to Herbology class. She got up, put on her robes quickly and without even thinking she ran to the greenhouse. Harry, Ron, Ginny, Luna and Neville where there waiting for her.


“Hello ' are you...wait, what's wrong with you, you don't seem very well” said Harry.


“I just had a bad dream and didn't sleep very well” said Hermione. She looked ath Ginny and mouthed Thank you. She smiled at her. Ron went next to Hermione. He hugged her and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. Mrs Sprout came to the greenhouse.


“Goodafternoon Seventh years” she yelled.


“Goodafternoon Mrs Sprout”


“Today we are going to talk about Mooncalf dung...” she said “Does anyone know what that is?”


Hermione raised her hand immediately.


“Of course, you can tell us Miss Granger” said Mrs Sprout with a kind smile.


“Mooncalf dung can only be harvested when the Mooncalf emerges from its burrow during the full moon. If collected before the sun rises, it will make any magical plant it is spread on grow fast and strong.”


“Excellent Miss Granger and could you also tell us what a Mooncalf is?”


“Yes Mrs Sprout. The Mooncalf is a shy creature that only comes out of its burrow during a full moon. The Mooncalf has smooth, pale grey skin, and four spindly legs that end in large flat feet. The Mooncalf also has bulging eyes that sit on the top of its head. Once the Mooncalf is in the moonlight, it performs complicated dance moves standing on its hind legs. It is believed that this is part of the Mooncalf mating ritual, but also has the side effect of creating geometric patterns in wheat fields that confuse Muggles. In modern terminology, a "mooncalf" is a foolish person. The term originally meant a deformed calf born under the malign influence of the full moon.” said Hermione entusiastically.


“Excellent again, 10 points to Gryffindor.” yelled Mrs Sprout.


When the class finished Hermione had gained Griffindor 30 points and everyone left the class happy. But her happy mood was replaced by confusement when the dream popped into her head again. She couldn't do anything but feel confused. She decided to go for a small walk to the Black Lake.


There was a towering beech tree on one of the banks of the Black Lake. Hermione enjoyed sitting there. She remembered how she Harry and Ron spent one certain Sunday catching up with their homework in the shade of this tree. Hermione, however, had already done all her homework, so she brought wool with her and bewitched her knitting needles so that they would produce hats and scarves for the school house-elves and for SPEW.


The beauty of the Back Lake was breathtaking. She could see the jagged hills towering the lake. The water was always cold and dark green . The atmoshere was painted with dusky colors. She loved dark and mysterious places. She loved to think while sittig by that tree.


“Hermione!” she heard a lound voice calling her, coming from behind. It was Harry. He was pacing fast towards where she was sitting. “Hermione why did you leave so quickly? We wanted to see you. I was actually looking for you, we haven't talked much in the past few days. How are you?” said Harry. He had a sympathetic tone in his voice.


“I'm fine. Classes go well. I'm a little anxious about the NEWTS but you know...its me...nothing weird about that really”


“Yeah that's true, I'm not going to argue about that”said Harry and they both laughed. “Well to be honest, Ginny told me you had a weird dream and I wanted to ask you about that.” said Harry “I didn't say anything infront of the others. I know Ron would get upset and I wanted to ask you first.”


Of course she told him Hermione thought. Ginny would always tell Harry everything from the minute they got together.


“Thank you for not saying anything to Ron yet Harry...” she said “Well I had a very strange dream about Malfoy...”


“Malfoy?” Harry interrupted her.


“Yes...well...not exactly...well. Okay here goes... I was chained to a wall in a dark gloomy room. There was someone in there in a hooded figure waiting in the corner of the room. I was fighting in bondage and the figure approached me. The persone removed the hood and it was Malfoy. He hit me a lot, I was in pain, in the dream and then he used the crusio curse on me. After that I woke in panic. Actually Ginny woke me up.”


“Okay it is just a dream, why is it bothering you that much?”


“Well the thing is, it felt extremely real. I was actually in pain. I'm worried. I haven't told you before but I think that the death eaters are planning something. Malfoy actually attacked me in the hallway a few days ago.”


“He did? Herione why the hell didn't you say something? Are you kidding me?What did he do?” Harry yelled.


“It doesn't matter now Harry...what matters is that I feel strange ever since I came to Hogwarts.”


“Well Mione you are right to be worried.”




“You heard me, you are right...This morning a Muggle family was murdered by Amicus Carrow”


“The Death Eater!!!” Hermione yelled.


“Exactly. A Ministry employee saw him leaving their house today and they found them dead.”


“I can't believe this” Hermione cried. “What are they going to do?”


“The Aurors are searching for Carrow but haven't found him yet. They say the Death Eaters are reunited again.”


“What are going to do Harry?”


“I don't know Mione, I really don't. We will figure something out. But for now, we just wait.”


“Harry...can I ask you a favor?” whispered Hermione.




“Could you leave me alone for a little while. I just want to relax know...get lost in my mind” said Hermione in the sweetest way she could.


“Of course. I'll see you at dinner ok?”


“Ok!” she smiled.


It was afternoon and slowly the sun stared to set. The sky was painted beautifully with orange and pink colors. Hermione closed her eyes and lost herslef in her thoughts. She was thinking about the final battle and all the people she had missed. Fred and his jokes, Lupin with his ways of always making you feel better and Tonks...sweet Tonks whose smile made your day. But most of all she missed her parents. She hasn't actually realized they were gone. Wherever you are, I miss you, I know you are with me, I feel you with me she thought.


When she opened her eyes it was completely dark. The cold wind was caressing her cheeks. Time to go.


“PETRIFICUS TOTALLUS” a voice ranted out from behind.


Hermione fell frozen to the cold wet ground. She could only move her pupils. A man stood above her. Tall and thin with a long, black, hooded cloack.


“Yes Granger, It is me. Don't tell me you weren't expecting me.” he growled. “Now you are mine” he laughed hysterically. In the glipmse of an eye everything went black.

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Tyrant Thoughts: You are mine now


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