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Karma by Aitchy
Chapter 6 : Chapter 6: Discussions, shopping and an argument
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Disclaimer: Sadly, I'm not J.K.Rowling....


Somehow, Lily had persuaded McGonagall to allow the dance, resulting almost every female over fifth year in a frenzy. (Fifth to seventh years were allowed to go to the dance, because of suspicion the drinks might be spiked.)

"You have to be kidding me." I told Lily. She was pointing to a dress in a stupid fashion magazine for me to wear, it was a floaty pale blue gown with a halter-neck. I was sat on my bed looking extremely bored, which I was.

"It'll look nice on you!" I narrowed my eyes.

"You mean it'll make me look like a stupid pixie, which I already look similar to."

"You'll look cute." I stared at her in outrage. Never had someone described anything to do with me 'cute', ever. It was as awful as dresses. Ew. "Oh don't look so horrified, it's true."


I stood up and edged past her, still horrified, before making a break for it and sprinting down the stairs. I almost reached the portrait hole when I crashed into someone, luckily we didn't fall over. The person staggered, then regained their balanced before wrapping their arm around my waist and holding me steady. "Watch yourself." He chuckled. I tensed at the sound of his voice, recognising it.


Looking up, my suspicions were confirmed. Watching me in amusement was Sirius Black, out of all the people I had to run into (literally) it had to be him.


"Thanks." I replied. I heard a gasp behind me and partially twisted to see Lily staring at us in shock, I frowned at her. "What?"


"You two are…" She trailed off staring at my waist, I glanced down and saw Sirius still had his arm around me.


"OH MY GOD!" I yelped jumping back. Sirius blinked few times before his face matched mine of horror.


"Evidently not." Lily laughed. "I'd be worried if you were."


"Ew no." I squirmed. "Worse than dresses." I added on an afterthought.


"Rude." Sirius said behind me. I glanced round at him and sniggered at his fake-hurt expression, I poked my tongue at him and turned back to Lily.


"How could you think that?" I asked Lily.


"Well, seeing you two practically hugging with his arm around your waist…"


"Don't remind me… Ew." I muttered, behind me Sirius laughed.


"Away from that point!" He exclaimed loudly. "Why were you running from Lily?"


"Why do people remind me of horrible things!" I groaned.


Lily started laughing again, why do people keep laughing at me? "Looking for dress ideas."


I shuddered, again. Dresses are horrid, you can't run around freely in them and they're really really girly.


"They was this one blue one that would've suited her…" Lily trailed off, looking at me hopefully.




"You already do." Sirius told me, earning himself a glare from me and a giggle from Lily.


"Shut it."


"Your polite aren't you?"




"It shows."


"I know."


"Merlin you too, shut up!" Lily exclaimed, looking exasperated.


"What?" Sirius asked her, confused.


"We don't talk you complain, we talk you do! We can't win." I grinned at Lily.


"I'm not getting into this Willow."


I laughed triumphantly, Lily rarely 'gets into this' now because she knows I'm right!


"So, back to dresses?" Lily asked me smirking.


I immediately ran out of the Common room shrieking about being bullied, hopefully getting my point across that: I. Hate. Dresses.




I'd wandered around the castle for most of the day, avoiding the lake of course, but now I was bored. Bored and probably going insane, due to the mental argument in my head. It went something like:


If your bored go back to the Common room


But then Lily will plague me with dress ideas

Grin and bear it


But it's DRESSES! (I winced at my loud yelling in my head)


Or, hang out with the Marauders. They're bound to be entertaining


True, but Lily will make some stupid comment about either dresses or me and Sirius


The second doesn't matter, because you hate each other


Why am I so logical and illogical at the same time?


Haven't got a clue, but at least you'll always have company


Joy, I'll always have myself to annoy me


That sounds weird


And talking to myself doesn't?


Very true


I'm going to ignore myself now, for the sake of my sanity


Two points before you do that


(Mental sigh) Go on


One, that sounded weird. Two, your already insane


Shut up


So yeah, I'm insane I think… Oh well! During my mental conversation, I subconsciously walked to the Gryffindor Common room. I blinked a few times and realised that the Fat Lady was staring at me disapprovingly.


"I'll ask again shall I?" She asked me sternly.


"That would be nice."




"You don't recognise me?"


"Could be a disguise."


"No one but me can be this annoying."


"Although that is true. You need a password to enter."


"Fine. Mimblewimble." Don't ask me about the password, they're usually weird.


Thanking me, the Fat Lady swung forwards and allowed me to enter. On the comfy seats sat Lily, James, Remus and Sirius, all were laughing and chatting. Glaring suspiciously around the room, I scanned for any signs of dress magazines. Luckily, there were none.


"Willow! Can we have a conversation without you running off screaming?" Lily asked me grinning.


"Depends on the conversation." I replied. Before then shoving Sirius off the armchair (ignoring his protest) and curling up in it. "My armchair." I told him, who was sat on the floor glaring at me.


"Is your name on it?"


I sighed, stood up and pulled the main cushion-thingy off it. Underneath a small stitching said: 'Willow Rosen's chair, meaning any Marauder (and Lily) will be pushed off it.'


"Yes, my name is on it." I told Sirius, who was looking surprised.


"When did you do that?"


"Beginning of this year."


"Willow! That'll be there for ages!" Lily scolded, I grinned.




"Before you entered and abused me, we were talking about Hogsmeade this weekend." Sirius grumbled, still annoyed I claimed possession of the chair.


"What about it?"


"We were thinking of meeting in the Three Broomsticks?" Lily told me. I nodded, it seemed a good idea. Otherwise people will pester me to get a date, or people will ask me to be their date. Those who ask clearly don't know how insufferable/insane/anti-social I am.


"Sounds cool, what time?" I asked.


"We haven't decided yet."


"I don't really mind what time, as long as Lily doesn't wake me two hours earlier to get me ready." I wasn't even exaggerating, last Hogsmeade I was just going with Lily (as we do most times) but she got me up two hours early so we 'looked good'. It was so boring, I fell asleep while she was picking my clothes. Twice.


"But we need to look good!" Lily protested.


"How long will it take you to get ready?" James interrupted, smiling.


Ignoring Lily, I faced James. "Excluding breakfast? Ten minutes, give or take a few."


"Excellent, so we'll meet there at 1?" Remus checked with us.


"Sounds good. Now, to something more important…" I began, before being interrupted.


"But Hogsmeade is awesome!" Sirius exclaimed in outrage.


"I'm not saying it isn't! I just have some cool news to share."


"What?" James asked. Lily, Sirius and Remus nodded.


"When running from Lily, I discovered this epicly-awesomely-amazing room on the 7th floor." I told them, grinning.


"Seventh floor? Nothing remotely interesting there, we'd know." Sirius said smirking.


I sighed heavily. "I'll show you." I stood up and walked to the common room, glancing behind to check they were following me.


"Wait." James called before exchanging odd looks with Sirius and Remus, they both nodded and James went up to their dorm.


I raised an eyebrow at them and they shook their heads slightly. When James returned a few minutes later I was stood tapping my foot and staring at an invisible watch on my wrist.


"I wasn't that long! Anyway, I brought something to prevent us getting caught." I stared at the shimmering material in his hand, trying to work out what it was. Next to me, Lily gasped.


"Is that…?"


"Yep, my invisibility cloak." He told us proudly.


"That's so cool, no wonder you never get caught!" I said. I wonder how he got an invisibility cloak? That's so awesome…


"Exactly, come on then." James threw the cloak over the five of us, which made it a bit too cosy…. I was in front with Sirius pressed close (too close) behind me, then Remus, then Lily with James at the back.


I flicked my hair, catching Sirius in the eye, and started to lead them towards the room I found. After much hiding against the wall from patrolling people, I came to a stop in a corridor. On both sides were plain walls.


"Nice room Willow." Sirius sniggered.

I refused to be deterred. "Hold that thought." I said and started to pace in the corridor thinking to myself with my eyes closed. I need an awesome room to show off to them. I need an awesome room to show off to them. I nee-


"Oh my god!" Lily cried, clapping her hands to her mouth in surprise. I opened my eyes and laughed in triumph as huge grand doors had formed on the wall, I strutted (hey, I'm allowed to show off) to the doors and swung them open. Inside was a room even cooler than the Common room. In the middle of the room was three armchairs and a three seater sofa, all with huge fluffy cushions. There was a roaring fire on the wall to our left and on the wall to our right was a massive bookshelf, overflowing with books. Straight ahead the wall was decorated in Gryffindor colours and quidditch posters, there were also some models to practice spells against. I was impressed with the room.


"Tah-da!" I called and bowed to them as the entered in awe.


"How have we never seen this?" Sirius asked quietly, as they all still seemed in shock I told them.


"This is the Room of Requirement. It changes to become exactly want room you want, so you may have come across it wanting to hide from a teacher and discovered it was a broom closet or something. It's been here since the castle was built but not many people find it. To make it appear you need to think of what you want it to become, I find it easier to concentrate with my eyes closed. Lily, haven't you read about it?"


"No, I've never heard of it."


"Huh, that's neat." I replied before collapsing onto an armchair and curling up. "Sirius, there's enough armchairs for the both of us!"


"Excellent!" He then sat on another armchair, James, Lily and Remus sat on the sofa.


"So, what were you saying about the room before Sirius?" I smirked.


"Gloating much?"


"Naturally, you'd do the same anyway."


"Aw, you're basing your actions on me? How sweet."


"I'd never base my actions on you. Unless I wanted to be an arrogant, thick, cocky ass."


"Ouch, that's a bit extreme."


"The description of you? It was spot-on."


"Why do you hate me so much?"


"Because you're an arrogant, thick, cocky ass. And other insulting words but I'm too lazy to go into such a long list."


"Hey, I'm not that bad."


"You're worse."


"Guys! For the love of Merlin, shut up!" James yelled, deciding that when we're both stood up glaring at each other someone should intervene. Otherwise curses will fly.


"He started it." I said automatically, as Sirius said, "She started it."


"You two are insufferable." James sighed, running his hand through his hair. A habit he does often, it used to annoy Lily but it doesn't appear so now…. Suspicious…


"Why thank you."


"It wasn't a compliment."


"I'll take it as one." I grinned at him, knowing he couldn't win this.




"I love Hogsmeade!" I cried, spinning around in circles with my arms wide. It's true, Hogsmeade is amazing.


Lily laughed. "Come on, let's go shopping!"


I smiled and followed her, unaware of what her version of shopping meant. I was blissfully oblivious to where we were going until Lily entered the shop, I glanced into the shop window and froze at the sight of the horrible horrible dresses. "Nuh uh, no way…"


Lily came back out of the shop and raised her eyebrows. "It's either you get a choice or I order the blue one that makes you look cute." She smirked, knowing I had no choice now.


"I hate you…"


"You have to stop saying that to everyone." She commented, grabbed my arm and dragged me into the shop.


A little warning for you, if you don't like dresses then this shop is pure HELL. Dresses everywhere, all colours but the most common one was pink. I mean, ew. There were mirrors everywhere, reflecting the dresses and making it seem there is even more than there already are. On the far side of the shop was a wall lined with shoes, high-heeled shoes. Couldn't I just go to the dance in black jeans, baggy shirt and Converses? It would make me so much happier.


I slumped forwards and dragged myself around after Lily, who wasn't even that girly but still looked at almost every single dress. She picked out one, held it in front of her, shook her head and put it back. She did this about five times before I got bored and wandered to the window seat and sat down. This, in fact, made my boredom worse as opposite this shop was Zonkos. I could see the Marauders joking and laughing in there and pranks going off, I was so jealous of those in Zonkos… Except Sirius of course.


"Ooh! How about this?" Lily held up a dress against herself. It was emerald, floor length and was a halter-neck. The neck-strap had gems on it and there were more gems around her waist. I wasn't a dress person (as you knew) but it looked great on her.


"That looks great on you Lily, you should get it and go to Zonkos with me!" I told her brightly, one step closer to leaving!


"Not yet, I still have to find a dress for you!" She beamed, loving the shopping. I, however, didn't and scowled.


Laughing, Lily went back to the clothing racks with her dress folded over her arm. I sighed dramatically and followed her.


"Are we done yet?" I asked in a whiney, childish voice.


"No. I told you, we have to finish my outfit and find yours."


I huffed and folded my arms, in a silent protest. Naturally, I had to break the silence.


"Are we done yet?" I asked yet again in a whiney voice.




I waited for five minutes before…

"Are we done yet?"


"Willow! You know we're not done yet."


"Fine, no need to snap." I poked my tongue out at her and continued to follow her, occasionally shaking my head violently whenever she held a dress up.



"Are we done yet?"


"Well, if you like this dress then almost." She told me and held up a dress for me to see.


"No." I told her. It was a dress, what did she expect?


"Just try it on? Pretty please?" She whined, holding it out to me. "You have to wear a dress anyway, it may as well be one you like." She pointed out.


I sighed, very over the top, and took the dress muttering about how she abused me. I entered the changing room and put the dress on, I turned around to look at myself in the mirror. It was a black party-type dress, which went to my knees and had basic shoulder straps. The top of the dress hugged me nicely and floated out at the bottom slightly, not too much but it wasn't tight either. The dress had subtle dark swirls on it, only noticeable in some lights. I hated it and liked it at the same time.


"Well?" Lily called, I turned away from the mirror and opened the door. As soon as I stepped out Lily gasped loudly, attracting the attention of people nearby. "You look amazing!" She gushed and beamed happily. I glared at her but then froze as out of the corner of my eye I saw four boys staring through the window. Twisting my head I saw the four Marauders gaping through the window at me.


"Kill me now." I groaned and hit my head against the doorframe.


Lily glanced over and saw the Marauders and groaned sympathetically. "You can change if you want, but you should get the dress. It looks really good on you."


I darted back into the changing room and changed back into my comfortable clothes - Dark jeans and an orange t-shirt with a royal blue hood over the top. Coming out, I looked over to the window. The Marauders had gone. "Thank Merlin, it's one."


"Let's go then." Lily replied, we brought the dresses and left the shop. Yes, I know. I brought a dress. I'm in as much shock as you are. I brought it with the recently acquired funds from Remus and James, remember the bet? We (just) managed a week so I actually have money on me! I'll have to drag Lily to Honeydukes later and spend it all on yummy stuff….


We entered the Three Broomsticks and looked around for somewhere to sit. In the far corner sat the Marauders, Remus saw us and gestured for us to join them. I sighed, and mumbled under my breath about how much people force me into stuff I don't want to do, then walked over to them and sat down with Lily joining me.


"Don't mention it." I cut across Sirius as he opened his mouth to speak, almost definitely about the dress.


"Fine." He huffed, folding his arms. He was briefly silent until he, of course, had to break it. "You must have been bored though." He told me sniggering.


"Shut up, of course I was." I snapped at him. No, I wasn't in a bad mood. I was just talking to Sirius.


"Have you been to Zonko's yet?" Remus asked me, grinning.


"No! I wanted to but Lily was being dull." I replied grumpily.


"Hey!" She protested. "If you weren't being so difficult then it would've been over so much quicker." She told me laughing. I scowled as everyone else laughed.


"Willow? Difficult? Never!" Sirius exclaimed.


"Sirius? Sarcastic? Never!" I mimicked him, glaring.




"Well my imaginative insults never appear to go through your thick skull."


"That's just rude."


"Your point being…?"


"It's unnecessary."


"You're unnecessary."


"That makes no sense!"


"My reaction every time you speak!"


"For god sake! Why are you always having a go at me?" Sirius snapped, losing his temper.


I blinked, startled. We argue all the time, but we don't usually lose our temper. "Because you're an idiot!"


"That isn't even a proper excuse!"


"Yes it is!"


"I don't even know why I bother with you! You just insult me all the time when I don't deserve it!" Sirius stood up angrily.


"Then don't bother with me!" I stood up too, glaring at him. Lily, James and Remus watched looking worried, as we don't usually get this angry anymore.


"Fine! I won't!" He started to leave the Three Broomsticks.


"Oh no! Sirius hates me! Whatever shall I do with my life?" I asked dramatically and very angrily.


"Whatever you usually do in your pathetic little life!" Sirius yelled, turning back around.


"My life's pathetic? Have you even seen yours recently?"


"My life is far from pathetic! Yours is pathetic to match your personality!"


"What? My personality is pathetic? And how did your one brain cell come to that conclusion?"


"By your over-the-top defence for your parents!"


Lily gasped loudly and I froze. My anger turning into loathing.


"Do not bring my parents into this Black." I told him quietly, emphasising the Black as a dig at his family.


"Why not? No one knows about them? Are they as pathetic as you are?" He sneered.


"I said leave my parents out of this!" I shouted, marching towards him and aiming my wand at his throat.


"STOP!" Lily screamed, knowing I was close to breaking point. "JUST STOP IT!" Both Black (yes it's back to surnames) and I stared at her in surprise.


"Fine." I spat and then stormed out of the pub.


A/N: So, chapter 6 is up! Thanks to all those who has reviewed and added my story as thier favourite, that's so awesome!

So, yet again: Review please? ^_^

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Karma: Chapter 6: Discussions, shopping and an argument


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