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In The Clouds by Zyii
Chapter 3 : The Village
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The Village

Hogsmead was quiet, a refreshing change from the usual business and bustling traffic that fills the streets on weekends. Hermione wasn’t sure why she was walking along the street.

There were certain aspects of Hogsmead that she enjoyed but she wouldn’t spend all her time there.

She couldn’t find Harry or Ron and it was tearing her up inside. At first it didn’t seem that important; she just assumed they were off somewhere causing trouble but the more time that past the more she worried. Time was moving differently here, periods of her day were filled with black darkness. Sometimes she woke up and had no clue how she got there. She was so lost and felt so small. She longed for a friendly face; someone to make her feel at peace but all she got was Malfoy.

Something drew her towards Hogsmead, just as something had pulled her towards the lake just that short time ago. It was as if an unknown force was manipulating her life.

‘Are you following me?’

She jumped, the sneering voice of Draco Malfoy cutting into her like barbed wire.

‘N-No’ she stuttered.

‘Then why are you always near me Mudblood’ he said.

She flinched at his words; she didn’t understand why she was here. She hated him and he hated her. This wasn’t friendship; it wasn’t the start of something new. There was no love involved just a funny sort of acceptance for something that didn’t seem to be there.

‘I don’t know, I’m just here’ she replied.

He glared, ‘Well I don’t want you or your Mudblood germs near me’ he growled, and he didn’t understand why he had to see her face everywhere. He wanted to see someone who would put him at ease, not someone who made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

‘Please’ she whispered, ‘When I’m near you I don’t feel so alone’ she said, she was so close to tears, she didn’t understand what was happening to her.

‘I don’t care Mudblood’ he shouted but it was a lie, he did care and he hated himself for it.

He was disgusted, he hated her with every fiber of his being, and people like her were an abomination in the Wizarding world. They were unworthy of having a wand. He didn’t want to catch something from her Mudblood germs, the words of his father’s past teachings always linger in his mind; Mudbloods were inferior creatures that carried diseases, they didn’t deserve the magic that was given to them – purebloods were superior.

‘I’m sorry’ she mumbled. She didn’t know why she was apologizing to the enemy. It didn’t make her feel good. How can one hate another so bad but still want to be in their presence. Whatever this was she hated it, she felt some sort of connection with Malfoy and it was comforting. She hated it because she knew how disgusting he found her and how he didn’t want her or her filthy muggle blood near him. It’s just that she felt so alone when she wasn’t near him, she couldn’t understand why she should feel like that when she hates him so much.

‘Leave’ he commanded and she fled.

I’ll give a cookie to anyone who can work out where they are (: ~ Zyii

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