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Legacy: The Locket by AUguery
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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June 13th, 1946

 Hepzibah Smith waddled over to the hospital bed beside her son, watching her daughter-in-law cradle her first grandson. She swelled with pride, although it was hard for her to swell any larger than she already was.


“Have you decided on a name, Catherine?”


“Joshua Smith.” The young woman said up to Hepzibah. She was flushed, but her shoulders were back, relaxed.


“I bet you’re going to be a handsome young Hufflepuff, aren’t you my boy? That golden blood in your veins won’t let me down!”


“Come on mum,” the young man said, “Just because you and I were in Hufflepuff doesn’t mean Josh will be. I mean, Kate is a Gryffindor after all.”


“Yes David, yes,” Hepzibah scoffed, “A fine choice of houses for our young man! But of course, Slytherin is a noble choice too.”


“Now Hepzi, just because you insisted that David and I keep the locket of that bastard Slytherin kept up safe at home does not mean that Slytherin is a noble house.” Kate said, tensing slightly.




Hepzibah waved her off, “Any house will be a damn fine one with the addition of our young man here!”


“That’s right,” David said, fondly touching his wife’s forehead. She relaxed again as he went on, “And with the addition of his younger brother too, once we get around to it.”


“Ah, so you have decided to have another child! Marvellous Davey darling!”


David took his mother’s surrounding hug with a slight smile, looking at his first born son.


“We always said we wanted two sons Hepzi, you know that.” Kate said.


Hepzibah released her son, positively glowing.


“And I gladly look forward to the day when my second grandson stands in Hogwarts as a prefect, or as Head Boy even!”


But Hepzibah Smith never had the joy of meeting her second grandson, nor that of seeing her first grandson grow up. Less than a year after she had looked down so proudly at young Joshua Smith, she was murdered by Lord Voldemort. Her family was in a deep depression in the following months, and only when they were starting to get over the loss of a kind a loving mother and grandmother did they realise that the cup belonging to Hufflepuff could not be found. Of course, with Hokey the house elf being blamed for her death, it was simply assumed that the poor old house elf had misplaced them. When questioned on the subject, Hokey could only remember a strange young man who would often come to visit Hepzibah, and how he had gazed upon the items with cold, hungry eyes.




On September 30th 1952, David and Catherine Smith had a second child, a young man who they named Thomas Smith. The family were happy together, and Thomas grew up to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, just as his mother, father and brother had before him. Joshua eventually began work at the Ministry of Magic, in the Auror Office, while his parents continued their jobs at their Wizarding Artefacts shop on Diagon Alley.

Thomas Smith grew up in a loving environment, with no reason to think to the past, or to wonder of the circumstances of his grandmother’s demise. But it was in 1968, in his sixth year at Hogwarts, that things began to change, and Thomas and Joshua Smith were thrown head first into a dark and unforgiving world. For Lord Voldemort has discovered where the locket of Slytherin had been sent. He knows that the son of Hepzibah Smith had the locket in his home, and he will stop at nothing to take it from those who, in his eyes, are unworthy to keep it...

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Legacy: The Locket: Prologue


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