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Life Studies a.k.a. Matchmaking by aisha123
Chapter 1 : Introductions
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Disclaimer: All credits go to JKR

Dominique Weasley (Dom)

It was a lovely morning in the burrow. Sixteen teenagers at the age of sixteen and seventeen were cramped inside the breakfast parlour, chatting and creating chaotic plans to be ensued in Hogwarts as it is the elders’ final year there. The others were in the living room giving the monster-sized gang of friends their personal space.

                Fine, I suppose I can stop trying to talk like a snobbish grandmother now but you owe me your life for that. Lets start with the introduction, shall we? Aah, now this is going to take a while. First of all, there are the eight lovely girls whom are – Dominique Weasley (Dom); a sixth year Gryffindor girl, part veela, part werewolf, 5 feet 7 inches tall, has wavy strawberry blonde hair with glowing skin, has sky blue eyes, stunningly beautiful, plays Quidditch for the house team as a chaser and is Hogwart’s Playgirl – Rose Weasley (Rose); also a sixth year Gryffindor girl, brightest witch of her age after her mother, very studious, 5 feet 10 inches tall, has fiery red hair that curls down beautifully with creamy skin, has hazel brown eyes, extremely gorgeous, has her fair share of boyfriends despite her scarily overprotective younger brother and loves Quidditch but does not play the sport – Samantha Jones (Sam); another sixth year Gryffindor girl, such a sweetie, best mates with Al since they were in their napkins, 5 feet 6 inches tall, has long black hair in wavy locks with glowing skin, has dark blue eyes, a beautiful girl with a beautiful personality, had very few boyfriends because Al took it as his duty to make sure no guys breaks her heart and like Rose loves Quidditch but does not play the sport – Sophea Wood (Soph); and another sixth year Gryffindor girl, hot-headed, is always at James’ throat, 5 feet 8 inches tall, has pretty dirty blonde curls with soft creamy skin, has violet eyes, is supermegafoxyhot, plays Quidditch for the house team as a keeper and in spite of her brother who knocks out every single guy who dares ask her out, she rivals even Dom when it comes to party hook-ups as her brother would be too drunk to notice – Vanessa Bell (Van); the final sixth year Griffindor girl for the day, shy and quiet, used to be very close with Connor but lost touch once he left to attend Hogwarts, 5 feet 4 inches tall, has wavy chestnut brown hair with pale flawless skin, has dark brown eyes as in a swirl of blue and green, is absolutely gorgeous, had some many boyfriends and loves Quidditch but does not play the sport either.

                     Then, there is: - Alice Longbottom (Alice);a seventh year Gryffindor girl, daughter of Neville Longbottom who is the Herbology professor and head of Gryffindor, is very innocent, 5 feet 6 inches tall, has straight golden blonde hair with fair skin, has ocean blue eyes, is an angelic beauty, had a few boyfriends and is not interested in Quidditch – Eva Simpsons (Eva); a seventh year Gryffindor girl too, responsible, uptight, 5 feet 5 inches tall, has loose golden brown curls with tanned skin, has black eyes, is very hot, had many boyfriends and is not interested in Quidditch – Aria Finnegan (Aria); a seventh year Gryffindor girl three, caring, loving, has creepy stalkerish tendencies for Charls, 5 feet 4 inches tall, has curly auburn hair with pale skin, has teal eyes, is tremendously pretty, is in love with Charls thus will never cheat on him hence will wait for him forever although he avoids her constantly and is not interested in Quidditch.

               And then, there are the eight boys whom I am not going to describe as detailed as the girls. However, they all do have their very own fan clubs and have dated many bimbo girls though none as many as Lorcan. There are three sixth year Gryffindor boys that are – Albus Severus Potter (Al); is freaking overprotective of Sam his female best mate whom he has known since they were babies as their mothers are bestfriends too , is 6 feet 3 inches tall, has tousled jet black hair with emerald green eyes and plays Quidditch for the house team as a seeker – Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy (Scor); has to make amends for his father’s past mistakes, is assumed to be just like his father by all who does not know him although he is nothing like that, is 6 feet 2 inches tall, has a slightly messy (but nothing like Al’s) platinum blonde hair with light cloudy grey eyes and is the reserve seeker for the house Quidditch team – Lorcan Scamander (Lorcan); is very nice despite being the school’s Playboy, is 6 feet 3 inches tall, has straight sandy blonde hair with honey brown eyes and plays beater for the house Quidditch team.

                    To top up all of that, there are the five seventh year Gryffindor boys who are – James Sirius Potter (James); Hogwarts Hottest And Most Eligible Bachelor Of All Times, loves to piss off and fight with Soph for fun just to test her hot-headedness, 6 feet 6 inches tall, has an extremely thick curly tousled up black hair with a ginger tint, has jade green eyes, is the captain and chaser of the house Quidditch team – Fred Weasley (Fred); is laid back and funny, 6 feet 2 inches tall, has straight black hair with caramel skin, has black eyes and loves Quidditch but prefers to commentate the matches instead of playing the game – Louis Weasley (Louis); part veela, part werewolf, the bad boy, 6 feet 5 inches tall, has straight dirty blonde hair with silver eyes and is the beater of the house Quidditch team – Charlie Wood (Charls); Soph’s freaking protective older brother, finds Aria creepy because of her stalkerish tendencies in spite of what his friends say about her and tries his best to avoid her at all times, 6 feet 2 inches tall, has straight medium brown hair with hazel brown eyes and is the other chaser of the house Quidditch team – Connor Jordan (Connor); an extremely outgoing prankster, used to be very close with Van but lost touch with her once he left to attend Hogwarts, 6 feet tall, curly sandy blonde hair with golden eyes and loves Quidditch but chooses to commentate the matches with Fred instead. Finally, the introduction part is complete! I know this is a lot to take in at once but you better remember it because I am so not going to repeat all that.

                Right, where was I before the introduction? Oh yes, they were all in the breakfast parlour spending some good time together. They were all laughing about the time when James hexed some Slythierin’s hair so that it is the colour of a rainbow when there was a tap on the window. There was an extremely giant flock of Hogwart’s owls out there.

Al spoke up first, “Why are the Hogwart’s owls here? We have already gotten our OWL results and the list of school supplies.”

“Besides, school does not start for another six weeks,” said Alice.

“I will go check it out,” said Rose as she got to her feet.

Scor got to his feet too and added on, “I will help.” This in translation means that I am going to try my best to give you hell if I ever get the chance to.

              Sorry, I forgot to mention this special bond between them. You see, ever since first year, Rose and Scor have somehow always managed to piss off one another. However, they tried their best to become friends in regards for Al but failed miserably. Therefore, it grew into this lovely ‘so-called’ friendship of theirs where on the outside they are extremely nice to each other but on the inside or when they are alone they are mutual enemies. The only people who knows this bonding of theirs are James and Soph as the others would definitely discourage them while James and Soph understand both their feelings since they are in a similar position. Except for the fact that they are not so discreet about their hatred for the other. The funny thing is both Draco Malfoy and Ron Weasley have become really good friends over the years while Oliver Wood and Harry Potter are even closer unlike the children of theirs. Though, their other kids got along well. It is only for Rose, Scor, James and Soph. Shit, I digress... a lot.

                Anyway, Scor and Rose untied all the letters from the owls and came back with handfuls. The letters were directed to each every one of them. Dom read out her letter:


Dear Sixth and Seventh Year students of Hogwarts,

                This year we are having a new programme called Life studies and you will be the first batch to take it. You are all required to be in Hogwarts six weeks before start of term. You do not need to bring anything other than yourselves. Everything else will be set ready by the school. Please board the Hogwart’s train at King Cross Station 9 ¾ in two days as in this Saturday. The rest will be explained to you once you reach Hogwarts.           

Your Deputy Head Master,

Neville Longbottom


“It is not fair. I want to enjoy the summer not study,” groaned James.

“Oh, come on. It cannot be that bad if it does not require books, quills or even school robes. I mean it is called Life Studies. How hard can it be?” Fred shrugged and looked at the others expectantly for their opinions.

Everyone muttered their agreements although some reluctantly.

“Besides we can all spend some time together. Just us, no one else. No younger students, no annoying siblings and no fussy parents,” cheered Lorcan.

“Yeah, I guess you are right. Like Fred said, it cannot be that bad.” Eva stretched.

“Actually, I am quite excited to be honest. It is intriguing to find out what could we possibly study in Life Studies,” said Sam.

“Goodness, girl. I swear that you can never get anymore optimistic,” moaned Soph.

“And I swear that you can never get anymore pessimistic,” snorted James.

Soph opened her mouth to retort when Charls interrupted, “Alright, that’s it. You two better stop before it gets out of hand. I mean sheesh. Can’t you guys ever get along?”

“That is a good question really,” said Connor while scratching his imaginary Dumbledore beard.

“Of course, they can get along. When the world ends that is,” Louis sniggered. Everyone laughed and Aria moved forward to high-five Louis, keeping in heart that her aim this year is to get over Charls. No matter what happens, she has got to get over him. It has been six years and she has to bloody move on.

“Cut it off, guys. They are not that bad.” Everyone seized laughing immediately and turned to give Van incredulous looks.



                It was Saturday morning already, and the whole lot of the sixth and seventh year students of Hogwarts, their parents and siblings were at King Cross Station 9 ¾. Ron said very strictly to the sixteen children, “I am not going to tell you what Life Studies is. Yes, Fred. Before you even ask, I am well informed as well as all the other parents about this programme. I know that when you hear about it, this programme will sound ridiculous. However, believe me, it well be bloody useful for you in the future and it is only among the sixteen of you. We trust you all that you guys would never hurt the girls and would keep them safe meanwhile you girls will care for the boys and will always be by their side. Got, it?” Once they nodded, Ron continued, “Since we will not be seeing you after the programme is over as Hogwarts would have started then, we have decided to have a ‘family and friends bonding time’ every week on Friday nights at the Burrow. So make sure to be there. You can always just floo or apparate in for those who are of age as you will not be staying in Hogwarts. Now all of you better leave or you will miss the train.”

                After some hugs and kisses, the sixteen of them left to get into the train. James entered the compartment first, as per usual, to magically expand the compartment so that everyone can fit in.

As they filed into the compartment, Charls asked, ”What do you guys want to do?”

Alice suggested, “What about a game of Truth or Dare?”

Aria agreed, “Yeah, that sounds fun. It has been ages since we had played that game.”

“Alright, truth or dare it is then,” Lorcan confirmed.

              They sat in a huge circle and Rose casted a spell on the circle so that the person who lies during a truth or does not complete a dare will sprout tentacles. Connor took out his empty soda to spin it. It stops on...Al. Since it was Alice who suggested the game, she would set the first task or question.

Alice asked, once Al had chosen truth that is, “So Al, are you currently interested in anyone?”

Al was hesitant before replying, “Yes.”

“Who,” Dom questioned.

“That is for me to know and for you to find out.”

“Fine,” she huffed.

The bottle landed on Louis next, who had chosen truth too and Al asked, “Have you ever been in love before?”

“Nope, not at all. Seriously, you now that I cannot be lying,” he added once he saw the disbelief on everyone’s face.

Dom piped up, “Well, I am not surprised. My brother is not very well known for being a gentleman now is he? He is more popular for giving out rude remarks and hexing whoever that is in his way.”

Before Louis could retort, Alice interrupted softly so that it will not become a full blown sibling fight, “Louis why don’t you spin the bottle. It is your turn, after all.” Louis’ glare softened when he saw it was Alice. I mean, Merlin. She is such an angel that no one can ever be mad at her.

The bottle landed on Soph next who actually chose dare because she said and I quote, “I am feeling brave today. Oh wait, I am always brave as I am a true Gryffindor unlike a certain cowardly lion here.”

Louis smirked, “I dare you to sit on James’ lap throughout the entire train ride.”

James and Soph’s jaws were literally on the floor, the boys wolf-whistled, the girls giggled and Charls was laughing hysterically while muttering, “Hell, I would love to see how that is going to end.”

             Once Soph recovered from her shock, she shot daggers at Louis with her eyes and sat on James’ lap. But because James was sitting cross-legged, it was quite uncomfortable. Thus, she had to lean into him for comfort and believe me, now that is extremely awkward. Everyone was laughing hard at the pained expression etched across both their faces as though they were being physically tortured. Once the laughter died down, Soph spinned the bottle and it landed on Van, who chose truth.

“Who was your first crush?”

“James,” Van blushed. Everyone wolf-whistled and then she hastily added on, “But that was when I was five. Way before I actually met him. In fact, I only even met Connor three years after that.”

Aria asked, “How come? James was only six then.”

"What can we say? James was a cute six year old,” Eva commented. Everyone laughed heartily except for James who gave a slight low chuckle.

Sam asked with full of concern, “James, what is wrong? It is not like you to be so quiet and to not goof around with the rest.”

James oh-so-intelligently muttered, “Huh? Sorry, it is just that... Ehm, it is well... It is just really awkward that Soph is actually sitting on my lap.” Soph immediately stiffened and felt awkward again now that he mentioned it.

Everyone else burst into another fit of laughter. They stopped laughing only when the scarlet train had arrived at the Hogsmeade Station seven minutes later at the beautiful Hogsmeade village and it was time to get off the train and set off to Hogwarts.

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