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Ten Things I Hate Most by Livelaughlove25
Chapter 7 : Outtake #1: My Imagination; or The Ferret
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Whenever you kiss him
I'm breakin'
Oh, how I wish
That was me
~I Wish - OneDirection

Disclaimer: I don't want to infringe, contravene, or transgress. Because we all know anyone who does that to Joanne Rowling is fated to die a horrible death.

Scorpius POV

"So where were you last night?" Dominique asks Weasley at breakfast, across the table. "I fell asleep before you came back, but you were there this morning."

Does she suspect? Would she be angry if she knew Weasley and I were in a broom closet? It's not like we were doing anything (or even had the intention of doing anything, Merlin forbid). After all, we were only in there because of Filch.

"I was, er, wandering the halls," Weasley answers. "You know, needed some thinking time."

"Oh, really?" Dom leans towards Weasley, her eyes narrowed. "All by yourself?"

Ah shit shit shit!

Weasley looks meaningfully at me. I shake my head slightly - I sure as hell didn't tell her.

"Who would I be with?" she asks somewhat hysterically, with a nervous laugh at the end. Her voice has gone all high and squeaky like Flitwick's.

"A BOY," Dom says, eyes narrowed.

How did she find out?! Was she following? Did she send someone to spy? Well then she also knows we most likely weren't doing anything...

I need to start talking my way out of this. Luckily I'm persuasive enough that it nearly always works. But no, Weasley goes and panics.

"Look, Dom, nothing happened, we only were in the broom closet together because Filch was nearby-"

"Don't be silly Rose," Dom giggles. "Of course you went and kissed Josh! He IS your boyfriend after all."

Oh. Oh, thank Merlin. She thinks Weasley was with that drip. I close my eyes in relief briefly. Dominique's slight werewolf tendencies can make her quite vicious.

"Yeah, me and Josh," Weasley sighs with relief.

"I think he's one of the handsomest boys at Hogwarts," Dom muses. I clear my throat because I know Dom's reaction will annoy Weasley.

Sure enough, Dom delivers with her mildly irritating giggle. "Except for you, mon cheri."

Weasley grinds her teeth together. I smirk inwardly - it's fun seeing her annoyed.

Just then, Higgins walks up, looking awkward. "Er, hi, Rose."

Hello and goodbye, pansy.

"Morning!" Weasley smiles at him. "Come sit with us!"

Fuck, no, please don't!

But of course, he slides onto the bench beside Weasley.

Weasley's cousin Potter walks by, trying to appease some girl he two-timed. Now I'm a Slytherin, which by definition makes me a selfish bastard, but even I could tell him it wasn't smart to have done that.

As a sidenote: I refer to most of the Weasley-Potter family by their first names. I only refer to the ones I antagonize by last names, such as Rose Weasley and James Potter. Otherwise it would be much too confusing - they breed like rabbits.

"Does this sort of thing happen in your family every day?" Higgins-The-Drip asks Weasley, referring to the spectacle her cousin just made.

"Not every day," she replies, unconsciously pushing her bright red hair back. "Maybe two out of three?"

I barely pay attention to his reaction. Instead I'm observing Weasley. Not in a creepy way - it's just that by watching her reactions, I can tell what will annoy her. Like right now. She's supposedly dating the stuck up prick beside her, but she won't even allow their arms to touch. Either she doesn't like him or is uncomfortable in public. Either way, I know what I do next will annoy her. I gesture between the two of them so only she can see and pucker up my lips slightly.

As I predicted, she blushes - all the way down her neck and beneath the collar of her robes. Before I can start wondering where that blush goes like I normally do - hey, I'm a teenage male - she points between me and Dom and puckers up her lips as well. I grin and shrug, because I know she hates that we're going out or snogging or shagging or whatever (although I haven't actually shagged her, or anyone for that matter, but that's a secret).

Sure enough, she flushes again, stomps on my foot under the table, which doesn't really hurt that much, and storms off. I chuckle, because she's so funny when she's annoyed.

"She must be mentally imbalanced," I say to Dom, who's looking curious.

"She is not!" Higgins argues. I can't help rolling my eyes. I wonder how Weasley puts up with him. I know she generally liked to fight her own battles, and I'm glad she does, because she's really the only witch who's smart enough to keep up with my comments. But this prat is taking the fun out of it for me.

I'm about to tell him so when Dom smiles at him. "You're so sweet, Josh."

He blinks. He can't withstand Dominique's powers of flirting. Most boys can't, actually, but I can safely say I see right through it. She's sexy to some, but she's not my type. I really am only in it for the snogging. That, and it makes all the other boys look up to me.

The pansy finally responds. "Erm...yeah."

What a brilliant boy.

"I'd love to have someone stick up for me," she sighs, leaning across the table towards him, sneaking a glance at me to make sure I've heard. I roll my eyes and get up - I can't stand another minute of this shit.

Dom catches me in the hallway. "You know I was just kidding, Scorp," she whispers, before kissing me strongly. I kiss her back mechanically. Thank Merlin, I never seem to have the embarrassing situation the other boys have had who've gone out with her - the stuff going on in their pants. Many a student has come into class with, well, an extra wand in their pocket.

I push her off after a bit. "I'm going to be late for class."

"Fine," she sighs, a disappointed look on her face. "I better go fix my hair."

I hide the eye roll by turning away towards the dungeons for Potions. As I descend the steps, I see that only Weasley and Albus are outside the dungeon door. Upon seeing me, Al groans as if he's in pain.

"What?" I ask, alarmed. He just moans again. Something is up, I can tell from Weasley's smirk.

"I don't think red is your colour, lipstick wise," she muses.

Oh, shit!

I run upstairs to the boys' bathroom. Merlin, no wonder Al was groaning. Me hair is sticking up, my collar is off center and I have red lipstick smeared on my mouth.

I make sure to clean myself up thoroughly before going back five minutes late. Professor Slughorn shoots me a look but doesn't comment - Dad is bribing him with sugared pineapple to secure my spot as Head Boy, something that annoys me, but he won't stop even though I've asked him many times. I suppose it comes in useful for situations like these.

"Where were you?" Dom whispers as I slide in beside her.

"Wiping your damn lipstick off," I hiss.

"It was the long lasting kind," she says, as if that justifies it. This sets Weasley smirking again. I really want to strangle Dominique, but I settle for another eye roll.


I loosen my tie and unbutton the top two buttons of my shirt. I'm finally done all today's classes. They really put us through the grind today.

I'm about to go grab my broom to practice a little - flying always relaxes me. But I see Weasley wrapping a cardigan around herself and looking over her shoulder before slipping out through a side door. I wonder who she's avoiding. Ten Galleons it's me!

Acting on a whim, I follow her silently. This could be good. If she sneaks off to Hogsmeade or is doing something against rules in the Forest, I could use it to blackmail her. I am a Slytherin, after all.

She doesn't head toward the forest or Hogsmeade though. Instead, she walks towards the lake. I'm curious, so I duck behind trees to follow her, making sure she can't see me.

She pauses by the lake, and wraps her arms around her body absently, looking around. Eventually she begins pacing back and forth, chewing her lip like she's worrying about something, a little crease denting her forehead. The squid splashes a tentacle, and she reaches into a pocket and tosses out a biscuit for it.

As she continues pacing, I see Higgins some distance off. He catches sight of Weasley and starts walking over. Did she arrange to meet him here?

Once he's closer, he starts tiptoeing, making as little noise as possible. Weasley is still deep in thought, so she doesn't hear. A few metres away, he crouches and springs at her.

He hits her in the side, and they roll over a few times in he grass. Oh, Merlin, he's got his full weight on her. Can't he see that he's crushing her? Stupid prat.

She says something to him - I can't hear from here - and he rolls off her. He pulls her up, and then he kisses her. Oh, Merlin I'm going to murder him! Who the fuck does he think he is???

I'm so angry, I just might explode. My nails are digging into the tree trunk, hard. Now I'll have to admit to Weasley that she was right, of course, that she's not a prissy prude, and I'll lose the small edge I have.

Weasley, who's been mostly unmoving till now, throws herself into the kiss suddenly, holding on tightly and pulling him closer. My fingers twitch away from the bark as if to find Higgins' neck, but I force them back.

Then a thought comes to me. I can still call Weasley a prissy prude, because I don't have to tell her I've seen her kissing.

Surprisingly, this thought doesn't make me feel much better.

They get up after a while, and I realize it's probably almost supper. I have to dart behind trees again on the way back. Higgins has his arm around Weasley and is towing her back; hopefully she won't turn around. She does once, however, and I stay very still behind a tree. Eventually I hear their fading footsteps again, so I sprint to my dorm.

I curse as I stand in front of the mirror, pulling a bur out of my hair. I pat down the back of my head and my shirt as well to make sure there are no leaves stuck - if Weasley sees any it might not take her long to figure out where I was. My nails are bruised, broken and bloody from digging into the tree. I cast a simple healing spell on them.

I head up to supper. As I enter the Hall my eyes flash to the Gryffindor table out of habit. Dom's back is to me, and across from her are Weasley and Higgins. My fists clench once more, at the vapid expression on his face, before I catch Weasley staring at me. I quickly compose my expression and send my usual scowl at her. She scowls back, although she looks a little confused.

I quickly turn towards the Slytherin table - I need a break from all relationships, including mine. But apparently, I'm not allowed to do that. I get a shrill call from the Gryffindor table. "Scorpy!"

Scorpy?! What in the name of Merlin's saggy left arse cheek?

I turn grudgingly. Dominique is batting her eyes so obviously that I can feel the breeze it's making over here. Weasley appears to be either laughing, coughing or choking. Higgins has that insipid expression on his face as usual.

"Didn't you see me here?" Dominique asks flirtatiously. That tone is really getting on my nerves. So I use universal male communication - the grunt - and grab a turkey leg that I pretend is Higgins' head.

I don't look to see Dom's reaction. Hopefully she'll shut up. But no, of course not, because I'm not allowed a damn moment of peace. "So what were you doing all afternoon?"

"Yes, Scorpy, do tell," Weasley adds smugly. I try to convey call me that again and I will fucking chop off your tongue and feed it to you to her with my glare before going my back to my turkey and muttering, "Quidditch."

Dom is definitely offended now. Out of the corner of my eye I can see her reach across the table and brush her hand along Higgins' arm. He, of course, is completely incoherent and useless. Weasley's staring at the space above my head with that little fold in between her eyebrows, as if she's worrying or trying to figure out something, I'm not sure what. But I'm guessing it's the fact that her boyfriend is completely taken in by Dom. She doesn't need to worry about that, though. I mean, because no one needs to worry about that boy.

So to distract her, I kick her lightly under the table. She jumps slightly and looks at me, but I give no indication. She shrugs to herself and goes back to worrying. So I kick her once more. Now she stares indignantly at me, and before long I feel her kick me. I kick back almost immediately. She just goes back to pondering whatever it is she's pondering, which annoys me. So I swing my foot towards her once more, but this time she catches it and quickly pushes up my pant leg. Her surprisingly soft hands pull out my sock, stuff something moist in it, and let it snap back into place before she pushes my leg towards me again. All this was so quick I barely had time to think What the- much less complete the expletive.

I cautiously pull back my sock, and the better part of a devilled - now scrambled - egg is stuffed inside. I look up, completely horrified, because I absolutely detest egg, although Weasley doesn't know that.

Weasley bursts out into laughter, which she quickly covers up by coughing when the other two look at her. I'd almost forgotten about them.

Higgins decides to play the brave, heroic knight again and thumps her on the back, which would have helped had she actually had a coughing fit. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, since it was funny) this sends her into a real coughing fit. Once I've taken the egg out of my sock, I start laughing at her. When she finally stops, I get a glare. It was worth it, though.


Dominique is flirting with Higgins again. She invited him up to her common room, I think to get revenge on me, but I came because Al said he was coming up. He's nowhere to be found, though, so I sit in the darkest corner. Some Gryffindors can be quite hostile.

Weasley comes down from her dorm. I assume she is going to do homework, since she has a roll of parchment, quills and ink. She sees Dom and Higgins, hesitating for the tiniest portion of a second before looking around. Her mouth twists slightly when she realizes the only free seat is across from me. She walks over somewhat uncertainly. I smirk. This should be entertaining.

"Missed me already, Weasley?"

"Over our snit, are we?" she asks. It takes me a second to figure out what she's talking about, but of course it's my behavior at supper.

"Yes, the reason for it is currently not applicable," I say airily. And it's true, the reason for the snit is at the opposite end of the room right now, with my girlfriend.

She frowns slightly, but then just works on the Potions essay we've been assigned. She's got about half a foot when I interrupt her. Her wording on the use of bezoars is incorrect, though she probably meant the correct use. "That's wrong."

"What?" she demands.

"Bezoars don't have healing properties," I inform her, maybe just a little bit smug.

"Do you really think I'm stupid enough to fall for that, ferret?" She sits back, annoyed. The use of the term 'ferret' for me annoys me, because I don't like being compared to my father. He was sort of a pompous, scheming, cowardly arsehole at this age. But then I suppose I am too, on a smaller scale, so I swallow the strange burn in the back of my throat. I annoy Weasley a little to compensate.

"You didn't let me finish," I reprimand her, wagging a finger at her which I know from personal experience she hates. "I was going to say they have detoxifying properties, not healing properties."

She stares openmouthed at me for a bit.

"Oh," she finally manages. I wait.

"Erm...thanks," she adds uncertainly. I feel a strange urge to tell her she's welcome, but I don't use conventional manners with Rose Weasley, so I just nod sagely as if accepting my due.

I glance over at Dominique, who is making a huge spectacle of herself, giggling and draping herself over that boy. I'm currently wondering why I was attracted to her at all. Higgins seems stunned, and can't really talk much right now. Then Dom glances over at me, and I realize her plan: to win back my attention.

Weasley follows my gaze and looks somewhat disgusted. Not that I blame her. But she's probably worried about her boyfriend (if you could call him a boy, really, he's such a pansy) falling easy prey to Dom's not-so-charming charms.

"She'll stop being all over him as soon as I go back to being all over her," I tell Weasley, because the line that appeared between her eyebrows briefly was bothering me.

"She better," Weasley said. I looked at her. She was slouched in her chair, playing with her quill, and it sounded like she was making an attempt to sound angry, but it had sounded bored. At that point I realize something crucial.

"It doesn't matter to you, does it?"

"Of course it does!" she says angrily. But something is off. I know how she is angry - Merlin, I'm the one who makes her angry - and this isn't it. Her eyes aren't flashing and her hair doesn't seem to flame as it normally does. Her whole person isn't alive and crackling with her energy. She has absolutely no feeling on the subject. So naturally I smirk. "I thought not."

Whenever she's annoyed, se throws down whatever's in her hands and glares at me. In this case it's a quill, and she proceeds as usual. "Were you not listening? I said it does!"

"But you didn't mean it," I say, shrugging. It was obvious.

Surprise flashes across her face - a clear indicator I'm right, as usual - but she straightens her expression quickly. "I did. And sod off. It's none of your bloody business!" sort of is, now that I've been watching them... I smirk at her. "Have it your way, Weasley. But it is about to become my business very soon."

"What the hell?" I don't know what meaning she's getting from that, but judging from the expression on her face, it can't be good. Just then, I notice Higgins walking over here, and I get unreasonably angry all over again. But I think of an idea.

I lean across the table very slowly, until my face is at Weasley's shoulder I push her hair back slightly so I can whisper in her ear. "He's coming over here."

She blushes slightly and looks over at him. He looks angry with me, though he's doing his best to hide it. Good. Maybe we'll see some action today.

Weasley turns back to me, somewhat panicky. "Leave!"

But I really want to stay, not because I'm a voyeur, but because I can use this against her later. "No, this chair is comfortable."

She glares at me, before Higgins reaches her and pulls her in for a kiss. It's disgusting, how into it he is. She's not though - her eyes are open. Ha! I was right! He is still enjoying it far too much - she must be a really good kisser.

Merlin, I really want to whack him upside the head right now. Preferably with a Blast-Ended Skrewt. The blast end of a Blast-Ended Skrewt. When they finally pull apart, that prick grins smugly, glancing at me out of the corner of his eye as if to make sure I noticed it. Hell, I bet the entire common room noticed it.

Josh pushes Weasley's hair back. "I have to go," he says in a low voice. "It's almost past curfew."

"Night," Weasley responds, as he climbs out of the portrait hole.

She smiles to herself as if lost in the moment, but I just know she knows I'm watching. She sighs wistfully, and I pretend to gag as she sinks back down into the armchair.

"Enjoyed the show, you voyeur?" she asks cheekily.

"Please," I wave it off. "When are you breaking up with Prince Charming?" Because that has to get old for her sometime.

"Never," she squeals, just to piss me off. "We're going to get married!"

I pull my self up, rolling my eyes. "I give it a month, Weasley," I tell her, winking. Just before I get through the hole, I see her start to blush.

I get back to my dorm. Al eyes me suspiciously. "Why are you so happy?"

"Happy? I'm not happy. Why would you think I was happy?"

"You're grinning," he observes with a raised eyebrow. "Like a lovesick fool."

"Grinning? Me? Don't be ridiculous," I tell him as I do my best to straighten out the grin I didn't know I had.

He groans. "Don't tell me. You had a snogging session with my cousin again, didn't you? Merlin, why can't you two just get over each other already?"

I shrug, avoiding the snogging question. Al just shudders before climbing into his bed and pulling his curtains quickly.

I undress and get into my own bed, staring up at the ceiling. After a while my cheeks start to hurt. I realize I've still got that stupid grin on my face. And I can't seem to make it go away.

Hey, I am so sorry the update was longer this time! Still not that long, but longer than I hoped. A lot of it was because of Hurricane Sandy, although I live like 15 degrees north of New Jersey (where it just hit land today, October 29) we got a lot of rain, killer winds, and power outages, meaning the heating was off. And it was freaking COLD, because it's freaking CANADA. So I was huddled in a blanket for most of it with my dog keeping me warm.
Um, anyway, I kind of enjoyed writing from Scorpius' perspective. It was really hard though - I found that he just would NOT react the way I wanted him to at certain points, and I found myself wishing I had written those parts differently. He's a strong minded man. But I bribed him a little, so it all worked out in the end. Don't be afraid to tell me I'm crazy, I totally am. Oh, and next time I update, this chapter will be moved to right after the chapter it's outtaken (?) from. I just want to make sure no one misses it.
So, please review! Last chapter got only 3 reviews at time of validation :( we didn't even hit 30!
Happy Halloween! Reviews are like candy - so please treat! :)
~Livelaughlove25 xx

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