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The Circle by peanuts11
Chapter 1 : Again
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“Gia, I’m sorry about last night,” She smiled timidly; her tears shimmered quietly in her eyes.

Last night they’d said a lot.

Too much.

Things they couldn’t take back.

Things they would forget but never forgive.

“Merlin, Gia I love you so much… too much.” She bit the inside of her cheek to stop her from crying out from the build up of memories. She nodded again, not trusting herself to speak.

“I’m going to go,”

He kissed her hesitantly on the lips and left. Her eyes followed him to the door as he left and it took her twenty minutes before she could really break down. She curled up into a ball, making herself as small as possible and cried.

Loud, echoing whimpers that broke her heart.

She really loved him so, so much but she knew that it was over, it really was over. Their relationship lasted 2 years and for 3 hours, she mourned the loss of their relationship. There was something soothing about the cold of the marble floor, extinguishing the fire in her heart. He was everything her father told her to stay away from and therefore, everything she’d ever wanted.

In all honesty, her father was surprised that it had lasted. But he was the lost soul she thought she was destined to save and she was the first girl he had ever said those three words to. Those three words that had lifted her up high above the heavens and gave her hope beyond her wildest dreams. But now, she died a tiny bit inside knowing that he had ever loved her.

She had seen the movies, read the books and experienced the painful reality; she knew that staying together for the sake of it only hurt more in the end. She thought about the pain she had experienced at the hand of her now ex-boyfriend. He emotionally crippled her; stomping on her heart, twisting and contorting it out of shape.

The circle ended today.

And she was sure she would never love again.

Standing for the first time in hours, her legs felt weak and were ready to buckle underneath her and her throat was sore. She could only imagine how horrible she looked; James’ old t-shirt teamed with her red and puffy eyes. She made her way steadily towards the kitchen for a glass of water. She sipped hesitantly, rehydrating herself before another onslaught of tears. When her thirst was quenched, she realised she was hungry but the pain in her stomach did not match the pain in her heart.

So she ignored it.

When the key turned in the lock, her heart stopped and her breath caught in her throat.

She was going to be sick.

She closed her eyes and exhaled. The familiar smell of vanilla and old spice meant that he was back.

“I… I’m sorry about last night. Merlin Gia, I love you so much… too much.

And the circle was destined to start all over again.

A/N: This is for the Every Word Counts Challenge, which is seriously the hardest thing I've ever written and consequently, the first thing I've posted. 

peanuts11 x

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