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Love Makes Me by MadiMalfoy
Chapter 4 : Innocent Intentions
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Hermione woke with a start to someone banging on her bedroom door. “Oi, Granger, wake up! We’re late for class!” Malfoy accompanied this with a series of loud bangs and was about to knock again when the door flew open and a half-dressed Hermione collided with his bare chest.


She froze as her hands slammed into his chest, her palms resting on his nicely sculpted sto-No, Hermione! Stop thinking like that! A blush rose to her cheeks as she realized both of them were half-naked and her tank top wasn’t on properly. “Would you remove your hand from my waist, Malfoy?” she retorted; he had caught her since she practically fell into him, causing the now awkward situation. “Please!” he managed to get out of her. Hermione was really just trying to hide the fact that she actually didn’t want him to move his hand-Focus, Hermione! “I need to get ready for class! Move!” she slapped him on the arm as he began laughing. “What is so funny, Malfoy?”


He stopped laughing to say, “Wow, Granger, I would’ve thought the book-worm know-it-all would have known it’s Saturday and we don’t have class.” Hermione snapped her mouth shut and began throwing punches at him, causing Malfoy to quickly remove his arm from around her waist to protect himself from her blows.


“You complete ass, Draco Malfoy!” she yelled, giving him one last punch before backing up and slamming the door in Malfoy’s face before he even had a chance to reply.


After she slammed the door in Malfoy’s face, Hermione leaned against it, straining her ears to figure out if he was still there. “Hermione? I-I’m sorry. I just wanted to have a bit of fun. Can we try again, please?” Malfoy’s muffled voice came through the door. Her brain barely registered the fact he had called her Hermione. Slowly she opened her door and looked up at him. Hermione could see the regret in his eyes, along with another indiscernible emotion, before the storm within hid them from view.


“As crazy as it sounds to me, I accept your apology. I was being stupid and overreacted, and I’m sorry as well. Shall we get ready and go down to breakfast, then?” Hermione said quietly. Chocolate orbs met stormy grey and blue; electricity seemed to fill the air around the pair, a silence rising between them. Malfoy cleared his throat, breaking the tension.


“Meet me in the common room in forty-five minutes?” as she nodded her confirmation, he added, “I’ll wash up quickly, then you can have the bathroom after that,” and crossed the hall to it, closing the door behind him with a click.


Hermione stayed where she was for a moment, contemplating Malfoy’s change in demeanor—he called me Hermione!—and hers as well. She had never realized she had some Slytherin in her, what with her smirks and cunning remarks. Shaking her head, she walked back into her room and picked out some Muggle clothes for the day, as it was Saturday. She chose a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans, an emerald tunic-like shirt, and a pair of simple black flats. She had just gone to pick up Romeo and Juliet when there was a light knock on her door. Hermione looked up to see a dripping wet Malfoy with only a towel around his waist standing in the doorway.


“You can have the bathroom now,” he smirked at her as he saw her blush at his skimpy attire. Malfoy half-seriously said, “Like what you see, Granger?” and put his hand on the tucked in part of his towel when she quickly brushed past him, clothes and products in hand. That went well. I suppose I should treat her like I treated all of the other girls and court her. Court her? Bloody hell, Draco, you’ve gone mental! He thought to himself.


Half an hour later, Malfoy was lounging on an armchair by the fire, a book in hand. Hermione walked down the stairs and saw him, asking, “What book are you reading?”


“Oh, um, just a little Shakespeare,” he said, startled. “Romeo and Juliet, to be exact. What, you can’t believe I’m reading books by Muggles? They actually write quite well, and it’s a nice break from reading about wizarding things all the time. I assume by the look you’re giving me I’ve either sprouted a horn or I’ve just dazzled you with my reading,” Malfoy continued, simpering at the shocked look on Hermione’s face.


“Yes, Malfoy, you’ve absolutely dazzled me with your reading. Well, I’m rather hungry, so can we please get breakfast now?” Hermione replied, laying on the sarcasm. Her stomach seconded her question, and Malfoy put the book down on the coffee table, following her through the portrait hole and down to the Great Hall.


A/N: Sorry it's been a little while since I updated! I couldn't decide whether to make this a filler chapter or not. I chose the latter, wanting you guys to have more to read! Please review, I will take any and all suggestions into consideration! If I'm feeling nice, I might mention my reviewers in my next chapter! Please please please review, good or bad, I just want to know! Until next time :)


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Love Makes Me: Innocent Intentions


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