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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 7 : Chapter Seven: Relief
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 Harry opened his eyes as he heard the Hospital Wing door open, and saw Ginny, Molly, and Arthur approach him. Harry smiled weakly; he was still in pain. Madam Pomfrey hushed over to them and exchanged words, Harry could hear his name mixed in with their conversation. Ginny caught his eye and smiled at him, before walking over and sitting in the chair next to him.

 "Hey." Harry said hoarsely.


"How do you feel?" Ginny asked him.


"Better, but it still hurts." Harry replied.


Ginny bit down on her lower lip, and Harry could see fear rising in her eyes. It concerned him, what did he say to her?


"Ginny, is everything okay?" He asked, reaching for her hand.


Ginny met his hand and rested them on the bed, smiling down at their entwined hands. Ginny could feel tears prickle in her eyes, how could she tell him?






"Harry, Madam Pomfrey said that your wound is very serious. She said's it's killing you." Her voice cracked at the last word.


Harry felt surprised at first, but pushed his feeling away as he saw Ginny trying to hold down a sob.


"It's okay," He whispered to her, inviting her onto his bed, "It'll be okay."


Ginny hurried into the bed and lied down next to him, snuggling into his warm chest. She didn't want to tell him, but she knew she had to.


"We told her what happened to you, to your chest," Ginny felt Harry tense as she said this, "Mum and dad heard about it too, then Madam Pomfrey suggested we go and talk to Dumbledore about it."


"And what did he say?' Harry asked, trying to hide some of the anger in his voice.


"He said that it's because of Voldemort's body still being around that's killing you. We need to destroy the body." Ginny whispered to him.


"That's what's been doing this to me?" Harry asked, gesturing to his chest.


Ginny nodded and looked down at her hands again, not wanting to go on and face Harry's anger.


"Anything else?" Harry questioned on.


"Ron and Hermione are going to destroy his body right now, and Dumbledore said you might feel some of it."


"How are they destroying the body?" Harry asked.


"By stabbing it with a Basilisk fang. It's not like you don't know the feeling." Ginny told him.


"You know?" Harry asked her, quite surprised.


"Yes, Dumbledore mentioned it."


Harry nodded, and kept his lips tight together, feeling nervous knowing that more pain was on the way. Harry pushed that aside as he felt Ginny sink lower into him, he could feel her trembling slightly.


"Are you okay?" Harry asked.


"Are you mad at me?" Ginny asked him, ignoring his question.


"That depends, who all know's about what happened?"


"Madam Pomfrey, Mum, Dad, McGonagall, and Dumbledore apart from us." Ginny answered.


Harry let out a sigh of frustration and ran his hand through his hair.




"Please don't be mad, it was the only way to help you." Ginny begged.


Harry understood why Ginny was so scared, and pulled her closer to him, and gave her hand a squeeze.


"It's okay. I understand. As long as you tell no one else." Harry told her.


Ginny nodded into his chest, and felt him kiss the top of her head. She couldn't help but smile at that moment. Harry and Ginny snapped their heads in the same direction as they head foot-steps approach them. Ginny got up and sat in the seat next to Harry, sensing it was about to begin.


"Harry," Arthur started, "I assume Ginny told you everything? Good. Ron and Hermione are down stairs right now, about to destroy his body. Dumbledore wanted us to warn you it could hurt."


Harry nodded and gave them a smile, he could tell they were all as nervous about what was about to happen as he was. Poppy came over to Harry and propped him up on a pillow, knowing it was best for him not to be lying down when it finally happened. Everyone waited in the Hospital Wing, eyes on Harry. Harry just stared at his blanket on top of him, he didn't like everyone looking at him. Harry felt a sudden pain on his side, and let out a small gasp as his hand went over to clutch his side.


"What happened?" Arthur asked him.


"I don't know, it feels like someone just kicked me." Harry responded, letting go of his side.


Harry then continued looking down at the bed, avoiding all eyes. Then it happened. Harry gasped loudly as he felt something stab into his heart, he could feel the venom from the fang spread through his body at a alarming rate. Harry couldn't help but give out a muffled scream as the pain spread inside his body, sending a burning feeling throughout his body .


 Molly and Ginny rushed over to Harry's side and put a hand on him as he violently convulsed on the bed, letting out a moan of pain. Poppy was running around the Hospital Wing, looking for Calming Draughts and Pain Relief Potions for Harry after it was all over; she couldn't do anything for him now.


Harry tried to stop moaning, but couldn't help and cry out in pain every few seconds, the pain was unbelievable. It was two times worse than being put under the Cruciatus Curse, or even his scar hurting. As the pain reached his feet, it suddenly stopped. Harry sighed out in relief, then fell into unconsciousness. 




Hermione and Ron backed away from the body of Voldemort as it caught on fire, along with the fang that was plunged into his heart. Their eyes were wide, both of their thoughts on the same line as the others. Harry could feel whatever effects came with destroying the body. 


"Let's go!" Ron told Hermione, grabbing her arm and running out of the classroom.


They both rushed up the stairs, feeling it get warmer and warmer as they went. They finally made to the top floor, and ran around the corner to the Hospital Wing. Hermione felt her blood run cold as she heard Harry's cry of pain, and felt Ron tense up next to her, both frozen at the moment. As the cry died out, they heard a sigh of relief, and then nothing else. Hermione grabbed Ron's hand and ran over to Harry, who had just passed out.


"What happened?" Ron asked, paling as he looked down at Harry.


"He'll be fine," Poppy said as she unvialed a potion, "His body is just exhausted. Whatever pain he felt did a number on him."


Hermione and Ron sighed in harmony, and sat down on either side of Ginny, who was trembling.


"What's wrong?" Hermione asked her, putting a arm on her shoulder.


"It was terrible to see him go through that, knowing you can't do anything about it." Ginny responded.


Ron shifted guilty in his sit, knowing it was he fault Harry went through that; he had put the damn fang in Voldemort in the first place. Hermione saw this, and glared angry at him.


"Ron, don't feel bad. It's over now, he won't feel anymore pain from it." Hermione told him.


Ron nodded and looked at Harry, who was being force-fed a Calming Draught by Madam Pomfrey.  


"So what happened to him, to Voldemort when you stabbed him?" Arthur asked.


"He, um, he caught on fire." Hermione said, looking down at her feet.



Ginny looked up at her, and felt horrible as she realized what kind pain Harry went through, but she tried to push it aside, it was done, it was all over.





As the hours went by, various Weasley's stopped by to check in on Harry, then would leave for their own home or would go to The Burrow. Arthur would be staying in the Hospital Wing, along with Hermione, Ron, and Ginny until Harry was well enough to go home. Molly insisted on staying, until Ginny pointed out that someone needed to cook at home for the remaining boys.


Ginny looked over towards Harry, who was being checked by Poppy once again, and couldn't help but smile. It was over, he was finally healed. Ginny rested back in her seat, trying to ignore the various snore inside the Hospital Wing coming from her dad, Hermione, and mostly Ron.




Harry opened his eyes, and looked around at his surroundings, and figured out he was still in the Hospital Wing, and for once not in any pain. Harry reached for his chest and felt no pain come from it at all, he smiled.


"Your awake," Said a voice, Harry looked up to Madam Pomfrey, "Good, you need to take this."


She handed him a slightly steaming bottle labeled 'Pain Potion' and he chugged it down. Harry coughed as it burned his throat going down. Madam Pomfrey then took the vial from him and walked away into her office.


"Harry?" A quiet voice asked.


Harry looked around and found Ginny sitting next to a sleeping Ron and Hermione.


"Ginny." Harry said hoarsely, a smile growing on his face.


Ginny flung herself at Harry, who had opened his arms for her. She cuddled into the side and rested her head on his chest.


"What do you feel?" Ginny asked him.




Harry sat up and pulled his shirt up, and looked down at his chest. There was a large, pink lightening bold scar forming where his wound used to be. Ginny gasped slightly and touched it with cold fingers, making Harry shiver. Harry took her hand from his chest and put it on his face, feeling his shirt slide back into place. Harry found himself lost in her brown eyes as he responded to her.








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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future: Chapter Seven: Relief


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