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Connection With A Mudblood by MsJacksonMalfoyMellark
Chapter 7 : Misty Rail
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AN: I was really surprised to see that my Chapter 6 was up so quickly. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed that chapter and so...without further ado - Chapter 7. Enjoy! :)


She went to the children’s section and commenced on choosing a book for Teddy. She had to think what the little sprout would like.

So she came to a decision, she was going to buy three books – Babbitty Rabitty and her Cackling Stump, Marnie and The Little Dragon and the last book was Above The Clouds; it was all about Quidditch which Hermione knew Teddy loved. He would always watch Harry, Ginny and Ron flying around in the backyard of The Burrow when he would visit. Every time he would hint to Tonks about how he would love having his own broomstick, though it wasn’t much of a hint considering that he would pester his mum for it.

Hermione walked up to the woman behind the counter and handed the three books over. Hermione noticed that it was same person she had seen the other day.

“4 Galleons and 6 Sickles please.” She smiled. Hermione reached for her purse, this time remembering to bring it along with her, and handed the money over.

“Thank you. Have a nice day.” The woman smiled, passing the three books back to Hermione.

“Thank you. You have a nice day too.” Hermione smiled back. She exited the shop and went to wait for the red headed friend to hurry up.

She glanced at her wrist watch. It was 3.30 already. Wow, time went by really quick.

Finally, after what felt like hours, Hermione spotted the red head stepping out of the shop and was heading towards her. “Took you long enough.” Hermione said.

“Yeah well, I couldn’t decide if I should buy The NightChaser or The Flash 2000. So I brought both.” Ginny grinned smugly. “And there was quite a big line.”

“Alright, are we done? Cos it’s almost 4 o’clock.” Hermione stated, checking her watch.

“What?! Oh my God, you need to get ready for your date! Come on, quick!” Ginny quickly grabbed Hermione’s wrist and apparated the both of them back to The Burrow.

The women went hurriedly upstairs. Ginny took out the dress Hermione had bought for herself and lied it down on the bed. Ginny opened the cupboard and picked out a pair of 3 inch heels, causing Hermione to protest was ignored. Ginny saying that the heels were needed.

“Get ready. And quick, because we still have to get your hair done.” Ginny explained.

Hermione grasped the dress and burrowed into the bathroom to get changed.

Hermione finally came out when Ginny called out to her. Ginny pulled Hermione to a chair and commenced on getting her hair to look breathtaking.

She pointed her wand and Hermione’s hair. A strand of hair flew outwards and then wrapped itself around the back of her head. Then another strand was wrapped around to the left, criss-crossing the other strand in the middle. Then a handful of hair flew up and folded upwards, another handful wrapping itself around the fold. Ginny stepped back, admiring her good hair styling skills. “Okay, what do you think?” she asked as she held out a mirror for Hermione to see her artwork from.

Hermione took it and looked at her hair. She looked really beautiful. The hairstyle Ginny had done somehow suited her plain crimson dress perfectly.

“Ginny...I don’t know how to thank you...” Hermione was in utter astonishment. She embraced her best friend, letting her know that she was thankful for her help.

“You’re welcome. Now come on, get into those heels and show me you can strut your stuff.” Ginny winked, resulting in Hermione to blush. She moulded her feet into the heels and tried to stand up; however, she was having a little trouble in doing so. Ginny chuckled at her attempts and decided to help the girl out.

“Thanks Gin.”

“It’s alright. Now just walk slowly and they’ll soon wear in.” Ginny instructed. Hermione obeyed and started to walk across the room, slowly and carefully. Soon, she was able to walk at a normal pace in those god forsaken heels. She looked at the clock. It was almost 7:30; her date would be coming any minute. She looked in the mirror, putting some last minute touches to her make up when she heard Molly Weasley summon her from the living room.

“Hermione, someone’s here to see you!” she called. She heard footsteps coming down and saw Hermione. “You look amazing, my dear. You have fun.” Molly hugged the brown eyed witch lovingly.

“Thank you, Molly.” Hermione smiled. She turned towards her date. He was wearing a simple black suit with a white bow tie but he sure looked handsome. He held out a hand for Hermione to take. She obliged and Jake kissed her hand gently, making her turn scarlet.

“You look beautiful, Hermione.” He complimented.

“Thank you.” Hermione said.

“Shall we go?” he asked. Hermione simply nodded. Jake intertwined their fingers together as they apparated to their destination.




“This way, quick!” Draco whispered. Blaise followed behind. They tiptoed out of the Malfoy household and ran from there so that Narcissa wouldn’t spot them.


Thinking it to be far enough Draco stopped bent down to catch his breath. Blaise looked behind for a second before stopping himself in his tracks to catch his breath, but when he looked back to the front, he bashed into Draco, resulting in them falling quite hard on the ground. Blaise was on top of Draco.

“Get off of me, you idiot!” Draco shouted. Blaise quickly got up and straightened himself out.

Draco got up, the first thing he was give Blaise a thwack on the back of his head.

“Ow!” Blaise cried. “I’m sorry, dude, okay? It was an accident.” Blaise said.

“You better not do that again or next time you will not be just bruised.” Draco warned.

Blaise gulped and nodded, knowing what the platinum blonde was capable of. “Now what’s that new club called?”

“Misty Rail.” Blaise said and led the way to the club, Draco following behind.




“I’m taking you to two placed, if that’s alright with you.” Jake said.

“Sure.” Hermione said.

“Great. Well, first, we’re going to Magnus for dinner. Then we’re gonna go to Misty Rail. It’s this new club that’s opened up. Are those places alright?” he asked nervously.

“Alright. But I just want to say that I'm not a good dancer.” Hermione said, chuckling weakly.

“Don’t worry. It will be fine.” He assured. He took her hand and led her to Magnus.

“A reservation for Mr Clorset and Ms Granger. Right this way.” A man led the couple to a table near a large window, showing a beach.

Jake pulled out a chair for Hermione. She thanked him and sat down. Jake settled down on his own seat. Hermione looked at her menu. Hermione favourite meal was there – Lasagne.

“Are you ready to order?” a waiter asked.

“Yes. I would like Lasagne please.” Hermione said. The waiter then looked towards Jake, expecting his order.

“I will have the same. Thank you.” Jake handed the menu to the waiter. He smiled at Hermione, Hermione smiling back weakly. She was really nervous, anyone could tell that. Jake reached for her hand that was on the table and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Hermione nodded and tried to calm down her nerves.



The night actually went perfectly for Hermione so far. Jake was so funny with his stories about his father’s antics. He was so sweet.

They both headed for the Misty Rail, walking hand in hand, Hermione’s head resting on Jake’s shoulder. There was a comfortable silence between them.

“We’re here.” Jake announced. Hermione looked up at the sign – it was flashing white. They stepped into the entrance and heard the loud blasting music.



“One Firewhiskey, please.” Draco said.

“One Martini.” Blaise said. Draco looked at him as if he was crazy. “It’s a Muggle drink. It’s quite good, you know. You should try it sometime.” The bartender passed them the two glasses. They both clinkered their glasses and took a sip.

Draco looked around the club and his eyes immediately landed on an auburn haired woman, wearing a black dress going down to mid thigh. She was dancing as if she was born to do it. She was just brilliant and so sexy. Now that girl knew how to have fun. He smirked as he saw her glance at his direction. He placed his glass down and got up from his seat, dancing towards the female that had gotten his attention.

“Hey there, hottie. Wanna dance?” she winked at him.

“Sure.” He said and he took her offered hand, letting her pull him to the centre of the dance floor.

She immediately placed Draco’s hand on her buttocks and smirked. They both dance to the club music.

After a few minutes of dancing, the woman whispered in Draco’s ear in her seductive voice, “I know where we can have some real fun.” The warm breath on his neck caused his skin to tingle. He was liking where this was heading to. He nodded and let her drag him away from the crowded dance floor.



On the other side of the dance floor, Hermione and Jake were dancing. Jake was leading the way. “See, you’re not bad at dancing.” He smiled.

“You’re just being kind.” Hermione said, blushing. They danced in silence for numerous minutes until Hermione found that she had tortured Jake enough with her terrible dancing.

“Um...can we go? I think I’ve tortured you enough.” Hermione said.

“Of course. Come on.” They escaped from the crowd and exited the club. Hermione continued to walk ahead when suddenly a hand grabbed her from behind. She was pulled into a small alley. It was Jake. He placed Hermione’s hands to the sides of her head and started kissing her fully on the lips. Hermione began kissing back, loving the feeling. He then pulled away from her lips and trailed small kisses down her neck. Hermione grasped his soft black hair. Then, to Hermione’s disappointment, he pulled away, but only to say,

“Let’s take this somewhere else.” Hermione nodded and both of them apparated.

Jake led Hermione to his bedroom. He kissed her again on the lips. Without pulling apart, their clothes became discarded on the floor as they laid on the bed. Hermione’s head snuggled on Jake’s bare chest. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer to him. “Goodnight, Hermione.” Jake whispered and kissed her head softly.

“Goodnight, Jake.” Hermione said.







Draco devoured the woman with his kiss. His tongue explored her mouth as she granted him access. She pulled his shirt over his head while still kissing him. Draco did the same with her dress, unzipping it from the back. She let the dress fall, revealing sexy, black lingerie. Draco smirked, oh yeah; he couldn’t wait to get a good taste of her. They went back to kissing, until Draco decided to trail kisses down the nape of her neck, causing a moan of pleasure to escape from her lips.

They continued to kiss each other senseless as the moon watched in the distant, dark sky.



AN: I hope you liked it. I really hope it’s up to your standards. Hope I haven’t disappointed you in any way; If I have, then I’m sorry. Any criticism, then please don't hesitate to tell me. I'm still quite new to this. :) 

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Connection With A Mudblood: Misty Rail


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