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So Many Unanswered Questions. by hannnahgracr
Chapter 2 : First Day Back.
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 The ringing of an alarm broke my dream about quidditch, we were beating Slytherin 200-0 and James was just about to catch the snitch with the Slytherin seeker now where to be seen.  I heard Dom groan loudly from the bed next to me.

“Turn off that alarm.” shouted Mel; she was definitely not a morning person.

I squinted into the darkness pulling back my drape slightly and peeking out to see who was stumbling out of bed. Oh of course, it was Olivia. I had managed to forget about the other two girls that we roomed with as they hadn’t turned up to the dorm before we had gone to sleep. Olivia and Naomi were the other two Gryffindor 6th years, they were the school sluts. They were always obsessing over James, Charlie, Anthony and John; the Gryffindor 6th year boys who barely gave them the light of day. In fact Olivia and Naomi obsessed over any decent looking boy in our school.  Dom liked to say that they would go for anything with a pulse; I had spat my pumpkin juice across the table when I first heard her say that.

“Well if you tramps made any kind of effort with your appearance then you’d know the important of getting up early.” responded Olivia, Naomi giggled loudly. I snorted at this pathetic comment before pulling the drape closed and lying back down again deciding that it was too early to get up.

“At least we haven't snogged half the boys in school.” snapped Dom, who I could imagine hadn’t made the effort to get out of bed or even sit up to start an argument.

“At least I’ve actually snogged someone.” retorted Olivia pathetically and with that I heard her stomp off into the bathroom slamming the door behind her.

“What a charmer.”

“Oi!” exclaimed Naomi; me, Mel and Dom laughed before silence came over the room and we drifted off to sleep once again.


“Get up Ryan, it’s morning” yelled Dom before I felt a heavy weight on my bed next to me. I groaned attempting to pull the duvet over my head, she tutted before pulling the duvet off me and my bed.

“Hey.” I huffed sitting up with a frown on my face as a wave of cold air washed over me.

“Time to get ready sunshine.” smiled Dom before skipping off to the bathroom leaving my duvet on the floor.

“Such a nice friend,” I said shaking my head climbing out of bed, “What time is it anyway?” Mel was sat at the mirror in her pyjamas attempting to do her make up even though she looked as though she was going to fall asleep any second.

“Ermm... half seven.” Breakfast started at half seven but classes weren’t until nine so we never bothered going down before eight. I opened my trunk wishing that I had made the effort to set my uniform out the night before, I dug around towards the bottom of the case knowing that’s where it would be. Item by item my uniform began to form as I managed to yank things from the bottom of my trunk.

“Finally!” I exclaimed finding my crimson and gold tie to complete my uniform, I looked over to see Dom appearing out of the bathroom already fully dressed. “Could your skirt get any shorter?” I asked with a laugh seeing that her black figure hugging skirt was a lot shorter than the three inches above her knee which we were allowed.

“Be quiet you, it makes my bum look big if my skirt is too long.” I raised my eyebrow at her.

“You’re talking crap.”

“I am not.”

“You are.”

“Quit arguing and get ready will you, I’m fed up of being late for everything.” said Mel over our bickering.

“At least Gav will look at me with this on, you planning to wear a skirt that’s down to your ankles this year?” asked Dom rhetorically sticking her tongue out at me while I made my way to the bathroom to get changed.

“Shut up Dom.” I laughed shutting the door behind me. I changed quickly; tucking my shirt into my skirt before pulling my grey jumper over my head, I ran my fingers through my wavy waist length brown hair hoping to tame it slightly.

“I hate that you get ready so quick and yet you look so good.” sighed Mel who was still standing by the mirror brushing her hair.

“Shh Mel, my hair looks like a bird’s nest. You look beautiful.” she smiled gratefully at me but I couldn’t help and feel slightly uncomfortable; I hate it when people compliment me.

“Your skirt isn’t looking that much longer than mine Miss Ryan.” I rolled my eyes at Dom.

“Hurry up and get ready, I’m hungry.”


“Nice underwear Dom.” said Charlie as we approached him, Duncan, Anthony and James.

“Oi.” she said slapping him on the back of the head while we sat down next to them, it was a traditional that every year all the Gryffindors in our year, apart from Naomi and Olivia of course, sat together for the first breakfast back.

“Well maybe if your skirt wasn’t so short.” Another slap to the back of the head.

“Morning,” said James happily smiling at me I smiled back not able to keep away the thought of the piece of paper with his name on it that was tucked away in my bedside table. I began choosing my breakfast when James spoke again, “You manage to stay awake during the feast?” a smirk on his face. I paused in the middle of pouring an unhealthy amount of syrup on my pancakes to look at him.

“What in Merlin’s beard are you on about?”

“You practically dozed off during the hat’s song last night.” he laughed, I blushed.

“Oh yeah, kind of hoped no one saw that.” He rested his head on his hand before shutting his eyes and opening his mouth slightly, clearly imitating me last night.

“Erm excuse me what is that meant to be?” I asked offended, the corners of his mouth curved up and he grinned then opened his eyes.

“You last night.”

“Woah woah woah, are we missing something?” asked Charlie interrupting our conservation his eyes wide with confusion.

“What?” asked me and James at the same time.

“That last sentence kind of made it seem like you two,” Charlie proceeded to make strange eyebrow movements, “Well you know like –“. My brain clicked.

“No no no no.” I insisted before laughing nervously, James realised what Charlie was on about and joined in with the chorus of no’s.

“Just something that happened at the feast last night that’s all,” said James, “How dirty is your mind Charlie?”

“As disgusting as his eating habits apparently.” said Dom with a horrified look on her face. Charlie, satisfied with James’ explanation, was now stuffing a bacon sandwich into his mouth.

“Mhawht soiys ayoissb?” asked Charlie his mouth full of food, everyone stared at him.

“What on earth did you just say?” I asked my eyebrows raised, he swallowed before speaking.

“I said” he cleared his throat, “What you trying to say?”

“Sakes Ava how couldn’t you understand that?” asked James with a laugh, I gave him a soft shove which he pouted at.  

“Shhh James” I said before continuing with my breakfast.

“Ahh perfect most of my sixth years in one bunch” We turned to see Professor McGonagall standing with bundle of parchments in his hand, no doubt with our timetables on them. “Averall” he said handing Charlie his timetable, Dom read it over his shoulder. They both groaned at the same time.

“What?” I asked.                         


 “Double potions first” answered Charlie, I made a face. Potions was no one’s favourite subject due to the horrible teacher; Professor Collins.


“And it’s with the Slytherins” everyone groaned again.

“Potter”. James took his timetable his eyes scanning over it.

“What a wonderful start to the day” I said.

“Ryan” I practically grabbed my timetable off him eager to see if the rest of the day picked up after potions, it didn’t really. After potions it was defence then Charms and finally double herbology.  I sighed.

“Crappy day huh?” asked James, I nodded.

“Nothing like a bit of potions on a Monday morning. Let’s see your timetable then.” I said taking it out of his hands; our fingers brushing accidently, my heart began beating faster and I blushed slightly. What was I, some love struck fourteen year old?  I scanned the parchment comparing it to mine to find they were the exact same.

We finished comparing timetables then headed down to the dungeons to Potions. I was practically dragging Dom along behind me much to the amusement of the rest of the group.

“But I don’t want to go to potions.” whined Dom.

“Dom shut it or I’ll carry you there.” said Charlie grabbing her waist teasingly. I caught up with James as the two began flirting shamelessly.

“So when are quidditch tryouts this year?” I asked James who grinned at my question.

“Bit eager are you not?”

“Excuse me captain,” I said jabbing the red badge pinned to his chest that had the letters QC on it, “You’re meant to be the organised one.”

“It’s the first day back.” he defended.

“I don’t care, it’s not acceptable James,” He shook his head laughing. “As a former member of the team I expect to be informed.”

“Former? What you not planning on coming back this year?”

“Maybe not, the captain is pretty crap.” I said giving him a cheeky smile, he nudged me.

“Fine fine, I’ll come up for a date for tryouts soon and I promise you that you’ll be the first to know.” he said as we arrived at our potions classroom. The Slytherins were standing looking grumpy as usual not doing anything apart from glaring at us while we approached. You would think all these years after the Wizarding War the house rivalry would have ended: it hasn’t.

“I appreciate it.” I said with a smile as the classroom door flew open.

“In.” yelled Professor Collins from inside the class, we filed in to see him rubbing his head clearly nursing a headache.

“Bad hangover sir?” asked Charlie as I took a seat next to Dom and Mel, Professor Collins looked up and glared at him.

“Sit down and shut it Averell.”

Potions dragged on, Collins giving a long speech about the importance of NEWTS and this year. We heard this speech in each of our classes throughout the rest of the day and it got more boring each time it was repeated.

“I hate school.” huffed Dom collapsing in one of the comfy arm chairs next to the fire in the common room.

“I agree.” I said following her actions, content to be in the warmth with a full belly. We had spent dinner complaining about the amount of homework we had to do even though it was the first day, though we made no rush to start it.

“So much homework to do.” complained Mel again to be immediately shushed by Dom.

“Let’s not think about that.”

“Such a good pupil.” I laughed, Dom shushed me as well.

“It’s the first day back we’re allowed to relax.” she said.

“Ryan.” came James’ voice from the other side of the common room.

“What Potter?” I called back not bothering to move.

“Quidditch tryouts are a week on Saturday at 8.”

“Cool I’ll be there.”

“Not even a thank you?”

“Nah, you don’t deserve one.” I said glancing at him over my shoulder with a smirk to see his face mirroring mine.  


The first two weeks of school passed quickly with a mountain of homework appearing after the second day; it was exhausting just being back.  Before I knew it, it was the morning of the quidditch tryouts which had been the gossip in the common room for the past week. Who would get on the team? It was uncommon for any 2nd or 3rd years to get on the team so there was a lot of talk about a few of them who were trying out.  I was lying in bed trying to muster the effort to get out of my bed when the drape was pulled back making me jump.

“Ryan, you should be up by now.” said the smiling face of Ally, who was dressed in her quidditch robes looking ready to go.

“Why?” I groaned.

“Quidditch. Now get up or I’ll drag you out the bed myself.” I knew her threat was serious so I quickly climbed out of my bed grabbing my quidditch robes and skipping to the bathroom.

“Happy?” I asked Ally coming out of the bathroom fully dressed to see her sitting on my bed flicking through a photo album she had given me for Christmas last year.

“We were such attractive 13 year olds.” she said with a laugh holding the book out to me so I could see the picture. The one she was referring to was one of us at a Halloween party I had gone as a muggle, Ally as Goblin.

“Oh yes we were.”

“Right, let’s go.” she said grabbing my arm and pulling me downstairs.

We arrived in the Great Hall to see various people dressed in Quidditch robes, all hopefuls for the team. If James kept everyone who had been on the team last year, which every captain did, then there were only two spots to fill.

“Shit, there are a lot of people going to trials.” said Ally a worried look on her face.

“Yeah and we were on the team last year so we’re basically on it again this year.”

“Suppose you’re right” she said giving me a weak smile, what was wrong with her. I decided not to press the issue and dug into my breakfast.

“Aren’t I always?” I said with a smile.


The quidditch pitch was filled with hopefuls milling around in a group chatting nervously and the stands were full of people wanting to see some action. I spotted various members of the other houses Quidditch teams, the Slytherin and Hufflepuff captains were both here. Then I spotted Joe, he was the Ravenclaw captain, and my stomach tightened. I turned away not wanting to look at him any longer.

“You alright?” asked Charlie appearing at my side.

“Yeah I’m good, where were you at breakfast?” I asked steering the conversation away from any chance of Joe being brought up. He rolled his eyes at my question.

“James wanted to come down the pitch make sure everything was ready so he woke me up and made me come with him.” he said with a huff.

“Aw poor Charlie.” I teased.

“I’m blaming him if I’m off my game today, I’m exhausted.”

“What you complaining about now Charlie?” asked Ally turning from a conversation she had been having with a worried looking fifth year.

“Kelly no need to be so mean.” said Charlie, tapping her lightly on the leg with his broom. A loud whistle stopped the chattering in the group and everyone turned to look at James.

“Right, welcome everyone. It’s nice to see that so many people have turned out.”

“How long do you reckon this speech is going to be?” muttered Charlie.

“Well if it’s anything like his pre-match speeches we’re going to be here a while.” I whispered back.

“Now everyone has a fair chance today. Just because you were on the team last year doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a place this year.”

“Liar.” laughed Charlie.

“So play your best today. I’m going to take the keepers first so everyone else go sit in the stand please.”

Me and Ally wished Charlie good luck before following the rest of the group to the stands. James blew his whistle and the Qudditch trials began.

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