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The guide through magical pregnancy by DancingMooncalf
Chapter 5 : How about that?
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How about that?

That morning Hermione woke up early. She had to pee really badly. She jumped out of her bed, but her legs didn’t support her weight. With a cry she lost her balance and fell headfirst  into the closet. In a reflex she put her hands protectively around her belly. But now she could not prevent her head hitting the doorknob hard. A loud BANG echoed through her head and everything turned black before her eyes.

 She blinked once, twice, three times before she got her sight back. Ron, woken by her scream, jumped up and hurried to her side. He picked her up under her elbows and gently put her on the bed. Hermione felt dazed. The world seemed to be spinning, before she knew it her stomach turned and she puked out the entire jar of cherries she had secretly eaten last night. Spraying their white rug with red vomit.

“Oh, uch, oh sorry, sorry dear. Oh let me clean that up!” she muttered, feverishly, picking up her wand and waving it over the red mess. Only now she saw that another mess had been made. The entire door had been knocked out of the closet by some kind of force.

Ron stood beside her, still looking very worried. He looked at her, the red mass that hadn’t been cleaned entirely (something impossible, knowing that it was Hermione waving the wand) and the broken door. He sat down on the bed, turning her head towards him and examining it. A red spot had appeared on it, forming an egg sized swelling on her forehead.

“Sit still Hermione, I need to see your head. It looks bad. How does this feel?” He very carefully put some pressure on the swelling. Hermione withdrew from his touch, his fingers felt cold and hard on the sore spot. “Don’t worry dear, it’s only a bruise. Go lie down for a bit, I will clean up and get you some bruise-healing paste.”

“But I really have to go to the toilet. Like real bad.” Hermione heard herself complain. She got up again, carefully. She placed one hand over her belly. How incredible, she could feel a little, hard ball between her hips.

Hermione took the day off. She kept feeling dizzy, even though the bruise had been treated. She sent an owl to her boss explaining the situation and asking if she could have an appointment with her soon to talk about her pregnancy and maternity leave. She didn’t know if she wanted to keep working fulltime when she had a baby. She thought it would be a bit much.

Ron had to leave for work at eight, so Hermione now had a full day ahead of her but nothing planned to do.

Hermione started doing the laundry, the scrubbers scrubbed the clothes merrily, the wringer wringed them nice and dry. The clothes then hanged themselves on the clothesline pinned by the clothespins. They didn’t need Hermione’s supervision, but Hermione watch them for a while anyway. She found the sight of it relaxing. She made the broom sweep the floors around the house. The cleaning-rag cleaned every surface spotless, starting with the big mess in the bedroom. All around the house was magic working. It made the air tingle with energy.

Hermione picked up the phone and dialled her parents number. They didn’t answer so Hermione tried her mother’s cell phone. After a bit her mother picked up.

Mrs. Granger speaking.”

“Hey mom, its Hermione, how are you?”

Hermione, dear, I’m fine thank you. Your dad and I are sailing this week. How are you? Is everything alright, you sound a little put out.”

“I am perfectly fine. But I fell into the closet this morning. It’s okay, I didn’t get a concussion. I didn’t fall that hard.”

“Ow, dear you scared me for a bit there. Are you sure everything is okay? Did you see a doctor?”

“You know doctors in our world don’t really know what to do about a concussion mom. But I’m fine, really! I have some great news too. When will you and dad be back?”

“Friday next week dear, we left yesterday morning. Why do you ask?”

“Well I have something I wanted to share with the two of you. I don’t think I can wait that long to tell you. I’m pregnant. Three months. Isn’t that incredible?”

“Are you serious dear? Pregnant? How amazing. Wait till I tell you father. I’ll do it right away.”

Hermione heard her mom call out for her dad. She could almost see his face when he got the news. He had been so happy when she got married to Ron. When Hermione had told him about the engagement he’d said ‘they are a warm and caring family, just what you need.’  

“Dear? Yes, he is very happy for you. He tells you congratulations. When are you due?”

“Somewhere in March, around the 20th. It still feels so surreal. I didn’t exactly plan for this to happen, though I am pretty happy it did.”

“Well dear, let me tell you, I didn’t really plan for you to happen, but you are the most amazing and wonderful thing that ever happened to me. I remember being pregnant with you. I felt so alive at some points, I could have sworn I could make things happen just thinking about them. Like this one time, around twenty weeks, I was drinking a cup of tea, really enjoying it too. My cup was almost empty and I really did want another sip. Well, all of the sudden my cup was half full again. I was so surprised. But it’s clear what happened, now, isn’t it. You seemed to enjoy the tea to.”

She laughed about the memory and Hermione joined her.

They talked for a long while about pregnancy and babies and nice memories her mother had about it. Hermione wanted to hear more about the magical things that had happened. ‘I haven’t gotten any of that’ she thought to herself.

When they finally said goodbye Hermione was really impatient to read ‘the guide’ again. She searched in the index. ‘Prenatal magic, page 304’. Hermione flipped the pages until she found it.

                ‘The baby is known to have a little magical power already. It can perform innocent, small spell work, mostly uncontrolled and almost unnoticeable. They mostly serve to please the mother carrying the baby. If the mother is a witch this magic is sure to be more prominent since the baby can use it’s mothers powers to play with. Prenatal magic is first witnessed around the 20th week- halfway through the pregnancy. The baby will move in this period, during the pregnancy. It is very sensitive for spells and potions in this week and the weeks after. Experts advise to be even more careful with these things than before. The baby will soon get a sturdier body. When it is 30 weeks it will do less magic tricks, but it will be able to cope with more magic from the mother. We still advise pregnant witches to be very hesitant with spell work preformed upon oneself.’


Hermione smiled to herself. She had been right on time it seemed. She wondered what her little baby was going to do when it was a little older. She spent the rest of her day reading her book. She’d read it over and over again. She’d already ordered other books on magical pregnancy and magical child birth. She wanted to know everything there was to know about it. 

At noon, Ginny came to visit Hermione. She had gotten an owl from her brother, telling her to check on Hermione’s health during the day. Because Ginny loved to have something to do and really liked Hermione’s company, she had made a nice lunch and brought it with her to Hermione’s place. She brought James too.

James turned around in his mother’s arms, grabbing with his little hands toward Hermione. Ginny handed him over and went to put the basket with food on the kitchen table.

“The swelling on your head seems to have shrunk. Ron described it as, and I quote: “the size of a dragon’s egg, I swear!” Not that a dragon’s egg would have fitted on your forehead. He really is an overprotective little brat. But he means well. He loves you a lot.”

Hermione started to giggle. Like she had expected anything less. Her husband wasn’t very discreet. It was a good thing for him that his sister knew just how to put it, so that Hermione didn’t make a big deal out of it. It could have become quite a fight. They were known for that. 


A/N: I got the idea of uncontroled magic during a pregnacy from another story, I named it myself but it's not realy mine, neither are the characters, of course! 

A huge and heartfelt thank you for by fantastic beta: Mystique!

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