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Bookstore Romance by Dracos Sex Goddess
Chapter 3 : Singin' in the Rain
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My mouth went agape right before we were engulfed by green flames.  New York.  He was taking me to New York.  What was wrong with this man?  When we landed I planted a passionate kiss on his lips and his arms tightened around me.  When I pulled away I noticed his eyes were closed and his face was lit up in a smile.  His eyelids fluttered open after a few seconds and he gazed lovingly into my eyes.


“What was that for?”  Draco asked breathlessly.


“For being surprising, loving and wonderful.  This is another amazing night Draco, thank you so much.  I can’t even start to explain how lucky I feel to have met you again.  To be in your arms, to have your attention.  It means the world to me.”  I leaned into him and buried my head in his chest.  He smelled fantastic.  Pure male with a hint of expensive spicy cologne.


“You just did love.  And I’m the lucky one Hermione.  Lucky that I stepped into that bookstore.  Lucky that I got to see your perfect little arse as you were crawling along the floor.  Lucky that you agreed to meet me that night.  Lucky that you let me make love to you and hold you in my arms.  Lucky that you gave me a second chance instead of running the other direction.  Thank you…”  He tilted my head up with his finger and brushed his lips against mine.  My eyes closed and my hands went into his hair pulling his face closer to me.


“None of that right now Miss Granger.  We have plans remember?”  I whined as Draco pulled away from me and he chuckled at my behavior.  He grabbed a blanket off his couch, slung an arm around my shoulders and led me away from the floo and out the door of his New York apartment.


As we got in the elevator I asked him how many places he owned around the world.  He smiled sheepishly but wouldn’t answer; which made me think he had at least one in every country.

“Good evening Mister Malfoy.”  A man held the door open for us.


“Good evening Peter.  Peter I would like to introduce you to Hermione.  Hermione this is Peter, our doorman and an old friend of mine.”  Draco introduced us and Peter stuck his hand out for me to shake.  I accepted.


“It’s nice to finally meet you Miss Hermione.  Draco has been telling me about you for years.”  Peter smiled and winked at my shocked face.


Draco buried his face in the hand that wasn’t around my shoulders.


“It’s nice to meet you too Peter.  And thank you for that bit of information.  I hope he hasn’t been saying too many bad things about me.”  I chuckled and we both looked to Draco.  His hand was still covering his face.


“Not too many I assure you.  And the ones he did I could tell were just a cover up.  Even when he was 13 I knew he really lik-”


“Alright, what do you say we get going huh?”  Draco finally interrupted Peter just as he was getting to the good part.  So Draco Malfoy has liked me since we were 13 huh?  Interesting.


“Of course Sir.  Well, enjoy your evening you two and I hope to be seeing you again Miss Hermione.  He’s a good man.  I’m sure he’ll make you happy.  And if not just come see me.”  Peter smiled as Draco shook his head.


“Thank you Peter, I’ll keep that in mind.”  I waved to the old man as Draco said his goodbye and dragged me away from the building.


“So Mister Malfoy.  You’ve liked me since we were 13 huh?”  I teased him and he sighed.


“Yeah ok.  I may have had a crush on you after you slapped me.  What can I say?  You were kind of the only person to ever stand up to me.”  Draco shrugged his shoulders and placed a kiss on my hand after he linked our fingers.


“So where are we going?”  I asked as he led me across the street and into a park.


“I present to you Central Park.  There’s an area in here where they play old classic movies for free.  We can get some candies, drinks and food at the refreshment stand and find a spot on the lawn or by a tree to relax on.  If that’s alright with you.”


I squeezed his hand and smiled up at him.  “Sounds perfect.”  Draco leaned down and kissed the top of my head.  “This is so muggle of you.”  I laughed a bit.


“A lot changed after the war.  I changed.” He said solemnly.


“I know.  I’m glad; otherwise I wouldn’t be having the second best night of my life right now.”  Draco pulled me to his side and wrapped his arm around my waist.


When we arrived at the area of the park with the big screen for the film it was about 6:45 in New York.  The movie started at 7.  Draco bought us hotdogs, apparently a New York tradition, pretzels, also a NY tradition, some candies and sodas.  I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised he carried muggle money nowadays.  We found a spot by a tree and set out the blanket Draco grabbed from his apartment.  We sat and spread out our food to look like a picnic.  Draco leaned back into the tree and pulled me to his side.  I leaned against him and we started on our hotdogs while waiting for the movie to start.


“What’s playing tonight?”  I whispered to him.


“Singin’ in the Rain.  Classic.  One of my favorites actually.”  He smiled down at me and I snuggled into his side.  I had seen that movie numerous times.


“It’s one of my favorites too.  This is another perfect night Draco.”  I sighed and my eyes welled up.  I sniffled which caused Draco to put his food down and lift my head up so he could look me in the eye.  A few tear drops fell from my eyes and he brushed them away with his thumb.


“What’s wrong love?”  He asked, eyes worried.


I shook my head.  “Nothings wrong.  Everything’s right.  And it scares me.  I’ve never been this happy Draco, and it’s only after a day.  I’m afraid I’ve gotten in too deep already.”


“Shh… You don’t have to worry about that.  I know how horrible I was to you in the past, but I’ve changed Hermione, honestly I have.  And as you heard from Peter tonight, I’ve liked you since we were 13.  I just didn’t want to admit it to myself or anyone.  I’ll ever hurt you again, I promise.  Please don’t be sad Hermione.  Please trust me.”  I nodded my head and leaned into him again.  His arms tightened around me and the movie began.


We enjoyed the antics and fun scenes of the picture, sometimes relaying the lines to one another before they were spoken on screen.  We really did both love this movie.  As Don Lockwood sung ‘You are My Lucky Star’ to Kathy Seldon towards the end of the movie, Draco turned me in his arms and caressed the side of my face with his long fingers, then brought them down to caress my lips.  My breathing hitched and my eyes closed as he brought his lips upon mine and gently persuaded my mouth to open.  As our tongues collided I let out a moan and Draco deepened the kiss even further.


Before things got too heated he pulled away and rested his forehead upon mine.  “Dear Merlin, I think I’m falling in love…”  He whispered.  My eyes shot open at his exclamation.  Love… was I ready for that?  I cared for him immensely but…  I moved away from him a bit and felt my heart thudding inside my chest.  He looked into my eyes nervously and bit his lower lip.


“Hermione I…”  He reached for me, but I moved farther away.  His face fell and he looked more hurt than I had ever seen.


“Draco… I… um, I need to go home.”  I chickened out.  And I hurt him because I was too much of a coward.  I left.  I didn’t even wait for him.  I left him there, heartbroken and calling after me.  My heart told me to turn back but my head told me to be logical.  It had only been a day and a half since I had seen him after 10 years.  I wasn’t ready for this.  Yes I was in deep already, but love?  That was a huge step.  I walked into the first alley I found and apparated straight to Grimmauld Place.  I banged on the door a few times before a tired Harry answered.


“Hermione, what are you doing here?  It’s like 3 in the morning.”  He yawned as he said that.


“Oh bloody hell!  I’m so sorry Harry, I totally forgot about the time difference.”  I felt like an idiot.


“Harry, who is it?”  Ginny came to stand beside Harry in the doorway and her eyes went wide when she saw me.  “Ok get your butt in here and talk to me.”  Ginny ushered me past Harry and told him to go back to bed.


“Gin, I can come back later, he brought me to New York, I forgot the time difference.”  I tried to move back to the door, but she steered me into the kitchen.


“No.  You need me.  Something’s obviously wrong or you wouldn’t be here.  I’ll put on a pot of coffee for you and a tea for me.  Sit and start talking.”  She waddled over to the coffee pot and I sat at the kitchen table telling her about my night.


“And then I took off Ginny.  A beautiful, wonderful man tells me he thinks he’s falling in love with me and I run.  What does that say about me?”  I dropped my head in my arms on the table.


“Well, it says you’re scared.  You’re scared of what happened in the past and are thinking if you can trust him.  DO you like him?”  My head shot up at that question.


“Of course I do!  I’d be a bloody fool if I didn’t.”


“Do you love him?”  She asked quietly.


“I…no…yes…I don’t know… It’s only been like 2 days Ginny.  How am I supposed to know in that short of a time?”  I groaned at my indecisiveness.


“Well, I knew when I saw Harry for the first time at King’s Cross.  One look and I was a goner.”  Ginny smiled at the memory.


“Yeah, but that’s different.”  I mumbled.


“How?”  She crossed her arms and fixed me with a glare.


“Because.  Harry wasn’t your enemy for 17 years!”


“He was your enemy for 7 before the war.  After the war you hadn’t seen him until now so those 10 years don’t count.  And why not start afresh.  Like you never knew him.  The chemistry between you two is unbelievable.  He took one look at you yesterday and just knew he wanted you in his life.  What about you?  What did you feel when you saw him again?”  I looked down at my hands before answering.


“I felt a pull towards him.  I thought he was the most gorgeous man I’d ever seen.  I wanted to be near him.”  I finally admitted.


“And what do you feel when you’re with him?  Do you feel love?”  Ginny looked at me tentatively.


“I suppose so.  When I’m with him I don’t want to be anywhere else.  And when I’m not with him, his arms are the only place I want to be.”


“Then I think you need to think about that my friend.  Go home, get some rest and think about how your future looks to you.  If you can picture it without Draco Malfoy in it then you did the right thing tonight by walking away.  If you can’t imagine it without him, then you need to find him as soon as possible.  Don’t let the past screw up your future Hermione.”  Ginny stood up and led me to the floo.  She kissed me on the cheek and sent me home.


As I was crawling into my bed that morning all I could think of was I was glad that it was Saturday, and that I wished I was climbing into Draco’s arms.


I let a few days pass by, just thinking of what I wanted.  There was no word from Draco.  I couldn’t blame him though.  I severely damaged his pride, not to mention his heart.  By Thursday I knew what I wanted.  I had cried and leaned on Ginny for support that week.  Harry had seen Draco around the Ministry, they both worked there but in different apartments.  He said he looked lonely, depressed.  I knew it was my fault.  I had to make this right or we would both end up with severely broken hearts.


Friday morning I called my staff at the bookstore and asked them to cover for me all day.  I then showered and got ready to see the man I was pining for.  I dressed in a light blue sundress and white kitten heeled sandals.  My hair hung down my back in tamed curls and I applied some light makeup.  After grabbing my purse I flooed to the Ministry and headed towards the Department of Magical Games and Sports.  


Draco was head of that department; his quidditch days still alive in his heart.  I stopped outside his door with my hand on the doorknob.  I needed to do this, I couldn’t lose him.  I couldn’t deny the feelings that kept eating away at my heart all week.  I wanted him, more than anything and today I would tell him.  I couldn’t look at him yet though.  So I closed my eyes and opened the door and stepped in.


“Draco Lucius Malfoy I love you with all my heart and I’m so sorry I ran from you that night in New York.  Please say you forgive me and that you are still falling in love with me…”  I begged with my eyes still closed.  I didn’t open them until I felt a tug on the hem of my dress.  I looked down and saw a sweet little boy with blonde hair and grey eyes around the age of 2.  He looked exactly like Draco…


I hesitantly kneeled down so I was eyelevel with the adorable little boy.  I stared into his eyes, I couldn’t breathe.  When I finally found my voice I spoke.


“And what’s your name Sir?”  I asked him.  The little one smiled when I called him ‘sir.’


“Scorpius.”  He answered in the sweetest little voice.  He was tugging at my heart strings.  I didn’t know if I should be upset that Draco didn’t tell me he had a son and might have a wife, but I didn’t see a ring on his finger, or if I should be sad for the child and Draco.  What if his wife or whomever this precious little boy’s mother was had died?


“I’m Hermione.  Hermione Granger.  It’s nice to meet you Scorpius.”  I held out my hand for the little boy to shake.  He didn’t shake though, just grabbed hold and didn’t let go.


“Herminine?”  He asked me with a wide smile.  I smiled in return.


“Come here Scorpius.”  Draco gently said to his son.  I finally looked around the room and saw 3 pairs of eyes looking at me and the little boy still holding my hand.  Draco, Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy were all staring at me with slightly worried smiles on their faces.


I stood up slowly.  “Um…uh…”  I couldn’t form any words. The Malfoy’s.  My last dealings with them hadn’t been pleasant.  I didn’t know how to act.  I knew if anything continued with Draco I would eventually have to see them, but I didn’t expect it to be so soon.  Mrs. Malfoy stepped forward and extended her hand for the one that the little boy wasn’t holding onto.


“Hello Miss Granger.  It’s nice to see you again.”  I nodded because speech evaded me at that moment and I shook her hand.  Next Lucius stepped up and did the same.


“You’re looking well Miss Granger.  I heard about your bookshop.  Congratulations.”  He smiled at me.  My face must have been one of pure shock.  There was no sneer on his face or malice in his voice.


“Uh um, thank you…”  I managed to get out.


“Come along now Scorpius.  We’re going to the zoo remember?  Daddy has some work to do.”  Narcissa smiled at me and went to grab the little boy’s hand but he grabbed my dress with both fists.


“No.  Herminine.”  He pouted in the cutest way and I smiled down at him.  I squatted so I was eyelevel with him again and he hugged me tight.


“I promise that I will see you again soon Scorpius.”  I looked up to Draco, hoping that he would confirm my promise.  He gave me a tight lipped smile but nodded.


“Ok.”  The little boy let me go and bounced over to his grandmother.  She picked him up and headed for the door.


“We’ll see you later son.  It was good to see you again Miss Granger.  I hope to see more of you very soon.”  She smiled and exited the door, as Lucius passed he gave me a nod and a smile.


I stared at the door as it closed.  Oh my word.  The Malfoy’s were nice.  To me.  A muggleborn.  What happened with the world in the last 10 years?  I didn’t hear Draco come up behind me, just felt his lips on my shoulder.


“Hi.” He murmured.


I turned around and set him with a glare. He backed off a bit and worried his bottom lip.


“Where you planning on telling me you had a son?  Where’s his mother?  Are you married, divorced… widowed?”  I quieted down on the last word.  I hoped that wasn’t the correct option.


“No.”  He said shaking his head.  “She left us a few months after Scorpius was born.  We haven’t seen or heard from her since.  We weren’t married; she didn’t want us...”  His gaze went to the floor and his shoulders slumped a bit.  My whole being hurt for him and his son.  Rejected.  This incredible man had been rejected, not only by his little boy’s mother, but also by me…


I moved toward him and cupped his cheeks in my hands.  “Oh Draco…  He’s a precious little boy; you’ve done a brilliant job with him so far.  He’s the spitting image of you.”  I smiled as he turned his head to kiss my palm.  His eyes closed and he held my hands on his face with his own.


“I’ve missed you… so much Hermione.  My heart has ached for the past week.  I wanted to go to your flat, but I wasn’t sure you wanted to see me.  I’m so glad you’re here.”  Draco opened his eyes to gaze at me.  He looked to be on the verge of tears so I brought his head down to meet his lips with mine.  After he gently kissed me back he took me into his arms and buried his face in my hair.


“I love you Hermione…”  He whispered to me.  I pulled back and ran my fingers along his brow, down his nose, his cheeks and to his lips.


“It took me 2 seconds after I left you that night to realize I was falling in love with you too.  I was scared; I should have gone back and fallen into your arms.  I thought it was moving to fast, but this week has been torture for me.  I couldn’t bear the thought of you with another woman or me with another man.  I knew that I was supposed to be with you.  I don’t know what I would have done if you sent me away today.”  I could feel the tears overflow from my eyes.  Draco bent his head and kissed them away.


“Don’t worry love.  That will never happen.  I’m here, right here as long as you’ll have me.  There is something we need to discuss though Hermione.”  Draco’s tone took on a seriousness that made me nervous.  He led me over to the seats in front of his desk and sat in one while I took the other.


“Draco?  What is it?”  I asked while wiping away the rest of my tears.


“My son.”  He said.





A/N: I do NOT own Harry Potter, I have no affiliation with the movie 'Singin' in the Rain' or the characters from it: Don Lockwood and Kathy Seldon, nor do I have anything to do with the song 'You are My Lucky Star' from that movie.  btw Singin in the Rain is an awesome movie!

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Bookstore Romance: Singin' in the Rain


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