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To Say by GinnyLilyana
Chapter 5 : Dilemma
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A few weeks later I was packing all of our things into trunks, getting ready to go to Hogwarts. I had all of our books, clothes, and robes packed and ready to go. Harry and Ginny were watching me with amusement as I tried to rearrange everything in alphabetical order and color preferences. I finally just gave up and slammed the lid shut.


“I want chocolate,” I muttered. “Does anybody have any chocolate?”


Ginny rolled her eyes and tossed a chocolate bar at me.


“You always want chocolate. I’ve started to keep some on hand for you.” She grinned. “Besides, if you get to eat chocolate so do I.”


“You’re not even pregnant,” Harry said, bumping into her.


“As far as you know!” She punched him in the arm.


Harry’s face was priceless. His eyes were wide, his jaw slack, and his hair seemed to stand on end. Ginny giggled and put her hand on his and kissed him.


“I’m not pregnant. But if Hermione gets to gain weight the fun way then so do I.”


I rubbed my belly, which has officially started showing.


“This isn’t fun. This is mildly uncomfortable.” I said with a sigh. “When I get bigger, it’s going to be even less fun.”


I walked around with the chocolate bar in my hand, just aimlessly wandering around the living room.


“Earth to Hermione!” Harry snapped his fingers at me. “You there? Or should we start referring to you as Luna?”


“Haha, funny.” I said sarcastically. “I’m bored. I need something to do. I need to get out of here.”


“Go running,” Ginny suggested. “It’s supposed to be good for pregnant women.”


“I don’t want to go outside though,” I whined.


“You’re hopeless.” Harry said.


Ron walked in with a piece of paper in his hand.


“What’s that?” I asked. He was frowning.


“Professor McGonagall will be here in an hour to talk about our schooling,” He looked at me. “Hermione… we might not be allowed back in.


“What?! They have to let me back in! I’m a third of the Golden Trio! I helped save that school! We helped save that school!” I started panicking. “I have to have my education! I have to complete school!”


“Calm down,” Molly said, walking in. “It’s not good for you to panic. Just sit down. Breathe. That’s a good girl.” She sat down next to me and put her arm around me. “You’re a bright, bright young woman. If anyone can complete school with a baby, it’s you.” She hugged me tight. “Just hear her out, and if it gets to be too much of an issue, I’ll get your parents involved as well as Arthur and myself.”


“Thanks, Mrs. Weasley.” I muttered. I was near tears. “I need to go shower before she gets here. I feel disgusting.”


She looked at me with sad eyes. “Alright deary. Please be careful. Ronald, help her up the stairs.”


“Alright,” Ron said quietly. We walked up the stairs with Ron’s arm around my waist.


“We’re going to be okay,” he said quietly. “Even without completing our seventh year, we’ll still get jobs due to who we are.”


“I don’t want to go to school just for the completion!” I cried. “I need that one, final year of homework! That last bit of schedules and routine!”


Ron looked sad and yet amused all at the same time. “I love you so much,” he said while kissing me on the forehead. “You’re such a conundrum sometimes.”


I rolled my eyes and we finished the trek to the bathroom. I got a towel and shut the door after he kissed my hand and started down the stairs.


I got in the shower and let the water run over my body. I felt the urge to cry but I was forcing myself to hold it in, because, let’s face it. Baby or no baby, I’m Hermione Granger, and Hogwarts would be a fool to deny me admission. After Harry, Ron and I saved the entire wizarding world, they still have to let me in.


This meeting with McGonagall has me perturbed though. I’m worried that I won’t be treated the same as everyone else. I’m pregnant, not helpless, and definitely not a hoodlum.


I finished showering, dried my hair, got dressed, and walked downstairs. I was greeted with Ron, Harry, Ginny, Arthur, and Molly all sitting in the living room, with Professor McGonagall right smack in the middle of the couch. I walked my way towards Ron and bid how-do-you-do to the Professor.


“Well, as you know, I’m aware of your predicament.” Professor McGonagall finally said.


“Are you here to tell us we’re not allowed back?” I asked quietly.


“Not at all.” She responded. Ron and I finally let out the breaths we’d been holding. “I’m just here to let you know that the teachers at Hogwarts will not be giving you any special treatment regarding your condition. Well, none exceeding what you already get for saving the school.” She said with a grin. “The four of you already get your own dormitories, together. That much had already been discussed.”


I knew that much.


“You will be required to purchase your own furniture for the baby, if it will be here whilst you are still in Hogwarts. Curfew will still be enforced throughout the pregnancy and afterwards, with the exceptions of needing to go to the Infirmary. Your homework must be turned in on time and your grades must be kept up. Is that clear?”


Ron and I nodded graciously.


“The due date is February seventeenth,” I told her quietly. “So, more than likely the baby will be born in Hogwarts. Will I be allowed to Floo to St. Mungo’s to deliver or will I be delivering in the Infirmary?”


Professor McGonagall thought for a minute.


“I haven’t an answer for you yet. Let me speak to Madam Pomfrey and see what she says, and we’ll speak later. Until then, I fully expect you to adhere to all of our rules.”


“Yes ma’am,” we said in unison.


“Would you like something to drink or eat before you leave, Professor?” Molly asked suddenly.


“Oh, no, but while I’m here I need you to sign the Hogsmeade papers for Ginny, Ronald, and Harry.” McGonagall answered. “Hermione, since you are of age, you can sign for yourself.”


She handed me the paper and a quill and I filled out my own permission slip. I was so happy and so giddy that I was practically drawing hearts all over the paper.


I handed her back the slip and sat on the couch.


“It was good seeing you, children. See you in a few days.” McGonagall said, and she threw some Floo powder into the fireplace and said “Hogwarts.” And then she was gone.


“Well, that ended up much better than I thought it would.” Arthur said quietly. He was sitting in the recliner with a pillow on his lap.


“Yes, yes it did. Anybody want tea?” Molly answered.


“I’d like some. I’ll help you,” Ginny said, getting up from her place on the loveseat.


Arthur got up and walked outside, leaving Harry, Ron and I to ourselves.


“Well,” Harry breathed. “This should be an interesting year.”


“Tell me about it.” Ron agreed. 

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