You’d think people would get tired after a whole hour and fifteen minutes of blowing spit wads at someone’s head. Apparently there are no limits for the easily amused. I pull the 100th saliva covered ball of paper out of my hair, and shoot Todd and James a death glare. They just snicker and start loading the next paper bullets into a straw. I can’t help but let out an annoyed little smile. Despite their annoying tendencies, these people are hardly the bane of my existence. No other boys pay me as much attention as they do, so in a crap way, we’re kind of friends. The crap way, being that 70% of the time they’re teasing me. Either mocking my geeky friends, my lack of coordination, my perfectly ordinary 5’5 height, or my lack of focus and totally catastrophic awkward blabbering in front of people I don’t know. Really they’re great.

Another 25% of the time, they can be half decent, you know, when they’re moaning about girlfriends, or Quidditch matches. Seriously, these people have sooo much substance. It’s unreal. And then for the last 5% of the time, they’re actually there for me. In some weird non-sensing making way, they look out for me, and cheer me up a little when I’m down. So that’s the full 100% of the time that they’re around me. But honestly? I take up a very small percentage of their lives, considering that they’re pretty much in every girl’s top five and they’re only the best pair of beaters Gryffindor has known since the Weasley twins. And you’re probably thinking, how do I even socialise with these people? Don’t ask because I really don’t know.

When the bell rings and our double period of History of Magic is finallyover, the majority of the class evacuate the classroom instantly, yelling and jeering because the day’s over. I have a faint hope that maybe James or Todd might wait at the door for me, or I can pack my stuff really quickly and get to reach them in time to walk back to the corridor with them. But that hope was soon destroyed when I tilt my chair too far back as I am just about to get up. I fall to the floor with a crash at the same time as Parker Simmons walks past and brushes his lousy back pack across my desk accidentally so my books go flying. Another klutz like me, he doesn't notice and carries on walking. One of the books even hit me on the head. Bastard.

So I gather my stuff miserably and throw my bag over my shoulder and leave. And of course, no one is at the door because seriously, my life is no movie. Even the Professor has left before me. God sometimes I hate school.

You should probably know my background before I delve further into my fairly ordinary life. My name is Amy Sulley, in itself a rather dismal name that is easily forgotten from a class register. I’m not entirely invisible. People mainly don’t notice me because I hang out with a lot of people from the nerd herd. I’m no nerd myself though, I get really average grades and I struggle a lot in most subjects. But they seem to be all the nicest of people, so I like being with them. I’ve got a group of friends who are fairly popular, but they’re all in other houses. Same with the nerd herd friends, who, yes, you guessed it, are from Ravenclaw. So really I don’t have any good friends in my house. Which kind of sucks, because everyone spends a lot of time with their house friends. My dormitory is far from bad, they’re just nothing like me. They’re all really wacky in the sense that I’m not and they’re all super popular. There’s Madison, who’s been dating a seventh year for almost 18 months now. They’re proper in love. She’s got long wispy bleach blond hair that she always wears in a side ponytail. It only looks slightly ridiculous. There’s Hailey, the skinniest girl I know, who’s literally the Hogwarts super model. She’s Indian with huge dark eyes and thick straight black hair that reaches her hips. She’s a bit of a hopeless romantic, who sobs for weeks after a break up, filling up on ice cream in our dorm everyday (except it doesn’t make her any less skinny). Jessica’s my favourite. Despite the fact she can be a huge slut, she is a pretty genuine person and I talk to her quite a lot. She’s got short brown hair and pale like me minus the freckles. She’s really lucky she’s had nice skin throughout the early teenage years. Her face has probably never seen a spot. I like her the most. Then last there’s Valerie, who everyone just calls ‘Val’, who has a reputation for sleeping with a lot of people. I don’t really want to go into it. She’s that typical girl who wears loads of fake tan and loads of foundation and false eyelashes. God knows why she’s in Gryffindor. Then again, I don’t know how I’m in Gryffindor. I’m hardly brave. I have a huge imagination and a streak for adventure but when I put myself in the shoes of the people in fantasies and science fiction, I know I’d never be brave or clever enough to do what they do.

Maybe no one is.

So I don’t really fit in my dorm’s crowd. They all get drunk and stuff and do stupid things that they then come crying to me about the next day because of all the rumours spreading round the school. I do my best to comfort them but I never really know what to say. Just because I’m a bit bland and not very popular, doesn’t mean I’m not a normal teenage girl. I wear too much eye-liner than I should, and I go to parties (I’m just not the drunk one) and I’ve had a boyfriend once the summer before last. He lived on my street so I'd known him from childhood, meaning I could be myself around him. It ended pretty badly though so I’m not going to go into it.

I am not invisible as I said earlier, but sometimes I really do just want to be acknowledged as a real person who has laughed and has cried and has lived a life of sixteen years. I just don't want to be entirely swallowed by all the other faces in the crowd. Forgotten.


In the bathroom I pull off my school robes and change into a t-shirt, tracksuits and sneakers. I'll probably sit next to Cara Gables at the Ravenclaw table for dinner once I’ve got my food, because I didn't see her all of yesterday and we need to talk about our Charms project. She's one of my friends from the nerd herd. The type that don't wear make up, (which I wish I could do myself without feeling self conscious) and put no effort into the way they look, and wear really weird clothes that would look cute on a nine year old. I'm not insulting them, it's just I don't get how they don't care.

I re-do my make up, adding a little bit of dark green eye-liner to my lids, as now I can't get told off as it's after school hours. I gave up on using foundation to cover my overwhelming freckles ages ago, realising they were never just going to disappear, so I have to live with them. My brown eyes look bigger now with the overly-done eye make up. I feel that I look OK so I smile at my reflection before bending over to pick up my robes and walk out the bathroom.

When I reach the Gryffindor table, I sit at the quieter end where most of the first years are crowded, and start loading my plate. Seconds later two tall muscular frames seat themselves on either side of me, and I swear I nearly squeak. It's just James and Todd, coming over to mock me again, but suddenly I become self conscious of the way I'm eating. I can't pick up my burger with my hands now and just squash it in my mouth...

“Amy, I think there's a bit of paper in your hair,” Says James. He leans into pull it out of my hair. Damn him, I thought I'd combed all of those out. I shrug away from him so he can't reach, and slam into Todd by accident.

“Oi Sullen you klutz that was my sandwich you just knocked out my hands! Look! The burger fell out!” He picks up his slice of cow and starts waving it in my face. These boys are gross, why am I intimidated by them?

“Ewww Todd stop that! Your dripping oil on me, it’s disgusting!” I say and cringe away from him, back into James.

God, why can't they leave more space on these benches! I guess I have to eat my burger now otherwise the next thing they'll start saying is that I'm going anorexic. I love food far to much to ever be able to do that. A diet would probably last four hours. I reluctantly lift my burger, and trying in the best way that I can to make it look graceful as I take a small bite out of it.

“If your gonna eat a burger, eat it like a man Sullen.” James says, smirking as he starts eating his own.

“You see that's the thing Potter.” I say, trying to sound smarter. “I'm not a man.”

“Are you positive about that Sullen?” He replies through mouthfuls of burger. God knows why I'm attracted to him.

“Yeah.” Todd says from the other side of me, as he swallows his last mouthful. God he eats fast. “Your going to have to show some proof.”

This is actually hell. I'd rather be sitting anywhere else right now.

“You jerk!” I say, attempting to slap him across the face, but I miss. They both laugh. That's when Selena walks over. My life saver.

“Babe I haven't seen you since that nice cosy little closet session at lunch, come here.” She says and throws herself on Todd's lap. He cradles her and suddenly they're snogging like it's life or death and all I can think about is the fact he just ate that oily burger which is now all in his saliva and I can't even begin to consider what his breath must be like.

“Er, Lena , you might want to be aware of the fact he just ate a slab of cow. An oily greasy cow. Just thought you might want to know...” I say. My words have no effect and they pursue they're passionate snogging. I feel genuinely sick now.

“Please make babies somewhere else, I'm trying to eat.” Says James, who seems equally bothered by the couple, but more so because of the noises they're now making, rather than the whole greasy cow situation that's tumbling around my brain.

Unwillingly they leave, not detaching as they exit the hall. Relief fills me as I no longer witness that horrifying display of affection. I swallow nothing and turn round to James who's currently finishing up his burger. I look down at my own half bitten one and feel no more attraction toward it, throwing it onto the empty plate next to me with distaste and filling my plate with some salad instead. I actually wanted to talk to Selena, she's the closest friend I have, but because she's from Slytherin our friendship is judged, so I hardly see her. Her bitchy snake friends are always whisking her away.

“What does your T-shirt say?” James blurts randomly through mouthfuls as I start to eat, finding it slightly easier to eat gracefully when eating salad. But still, all my movements are forced and structured. I'm never natural and calm generally when eating in front of boys.

“Oh. It says The Drowned Druids. Please tell me you have heard of their band. Don't minimise yourself in my eyes.”

I'm a muggle born, and I've never really gotten into much wizard music, except The Drowned Druids-they define awesome.

 “Whoa, chill out. Of course I know them. But there kinda..different.” He says, pulling a face.

“Don't mock them James.”

“Whatever you say sullen.”He says, tapping his wand against the table, impatient for pudding.

“And for the last time. Would you drop calling me sullen?” I say, with a harsh tone in my voice. He just laughs, grinning majestically. I hate how boys can do that. By being mean he's making me like him more.

Yeah. That's the thing. Beginning of this year? I'm pretty sure I realised that I might have a thing for James Sirius Potter. Not a good thing. I hate admitting I fancy someone. Because I become obsessed and enter this dark abyss that I can't climb out of, and I always end up hurt and broken, no one else.

His brown eyes twinkle as he laughs. Not literally, but they definitely change when he smiles. I can't help but swoon a little inside, which makes me hate myself for feeling so pathetic.His brown hair is uncontrollable, refusing to flatten over his head. His harsh square jaw line moves up and down. I don't know why. Then I suddenly realise it's because he's talking to me.

“What?” I blurt.

“I said,” He speaks in a tedious tone. “What are you doing tomorrow?”

I give him an odd look. “School…what else?”

“Amy. It’s a Friday.”

“Oh! Right. It’s Saturday tomorrow! Wait, really?” I say confused. For some reason I’m awful with days of the week. It may seem stupid but for me time just blurs into the next day and it all seems just a long ongoing chain of events called life. That’s just my opinion.

“Duh, yes! It’s the game tomorrow. First of the season!” He says enthusiastically.

“Oh my God NO WAY !! How could I forget? It’s against the puffles right?” I say, echoing his enthusiasm.

“Yeah, the puffs are screwed. We’ve got a new seeker now and he’s shaping up really well. And we’ve got some awesome new plays and all. I can’t wait. You know what I never understood? Is why you’re always so into Quidditch and you’ve never even tried out for the team.” He says, smiling.

“Do I have to play Quidditch to like it?” I say defensively. The truth is, I love Quidditch. It’s everything to me. I practise all summer at home. I’m not on the team. I just love the feeling of flying. I’m dying to be on the team but the first time I mounted a broom was in first year when we had Quidditch as a subject, and I embarrassed myself a lot on the first lesson when I fell right on top of the teacher Professor Hawes. I only sort of damaged his spine and escaped myself with two broken fingers. I was so ashamed and embarrassed after that and never wanted to play Quidditch again in front of anyone. But now I’ve learnt not to fall, and one night last year, I snuck out into the Quidditch changing rooms and took a broom and flew for hours and hours. It was the best I’ve ever felt. The rush and the wind against my face, the feeling of freedom, it’s magical. It’s entirely exhilarating. I think about that often when I am daydreaming at school.

“I guess not. But still, I’ve never seen you play.”

“Um…really? Were you not there that day?”

“What day?”

“Uh…the first day of Quidditch as first years.” I say, my face going bright red and my ears burning hot.

“Wait, what?” He says confused. Then realisation spreads across his face. “Oh my god, you weren’t the girl that fell on top of Hawes were you? The one that he lost his job because of?”

I hate it when people bring that up. I should have said nothing. He starts laughing. To the point where there are tears of mirth swelling in his eyes.

“Oh my God Sullen that is just so, so funny!” He says through eruptions of laughter and wheezing. I can’t even look at him now. I hate myself so much for saying that now. I look away to my other side, anything but him. He’s still laughing, the twat.

“Alright will you shut up?!”I say facing him, angrily. “Make me feel worse why don’t you!” I pull my sleeves over my hands and glare at him through my hair. Will pudding come already?

“Sullen calm down, this was five years ago. It’s not a big deal.” He says, trying to quieten his laughter. “I just find it funny because you’re such a klutz.” He says, patting my head patronizingly as he gets up to leave. “Going to sit with Val and Jack. Want to come?”

I shudder. They are the last people I want to sit with. And endure there obsession with their own selves.

“No thanks. I think I’m going to go back to the common room and find Cara.”

We’re both standing up now.

“You mean Geeky Gables? Lol. Have fun.” He says snickering. As he turns away my glare burns into his back and I feel dejected. His lack of tact is shocking. I turn away and scan the Ravenclaw table for Cara, but I don’t see her, so I turn and leave.

God life’s a slow churning pit of rubbish sometimes.

A/N- Hi guys! I really hope you liked my first chapter of my new story! This idea is really just still evolving in my head as I write, and I hope you guys like Amy. My objective of this story is to trying and be as realistic as possible, hense the title. So I want to make it seem as close to normal as I can, because it can get annoying how typical stories can get where the perfect girl and perfect boy fall for each other in the perfect way and there are no embarrassing issues or break ups and no days where everything is normal and boring rather than entirely amazing or totally rubbish. You know not every day the guy you like will be waiting at the door for you, and times can be hard and really make you want to disappear or not go to school or just for once have the right guy like you back. Not everything works out the way we want to, so I want to make this story seem better than that, so it’s not just like a movie. I hope I’m won’t kill you with dullness in the process :P Sorry about the spaz paragraphs. Reviews are always appreciated and you shall be showered with love if you choose to do so. Im trying to keep paragraphs shorter so that I will update more! <3 love you guys.