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Royal Patience by heartjily4ever
Chapter 5 : Chapter 5
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We bag the comfy chairs by the fire when we get to the common room. Thankfully there aren't many people up here, and I don't have to fight them for the best seats.

"So, you hid with Al then?" asks Chelsea, clasping her hands together.

"Not by choice," I answer and then after she gives me a knowing look I add, " Not at first. He dragged me through a wall for God's sake!"

Chelsea seems to not be fazed by this and just wants more information.

"Was it a tight space? Were you pressed up against each other? Was it one of those romantic, stare up into each other's eyes moments?"

Shaking my head, I laugh, more in embarrassment than humour.

"No I tried to shout at him and he put his hand over my mouth!"

Chelsea's eyes widen and she bounces up and down in excitement. "What did you do? Did you kiss him?"

"No," I say, guiltily, " But I really wanted to lick his hand."

"YOU WANTED TO LICK HIS HAND?" shouts Chelsea standing up in shock.

"Shut Up Chelsea!"

But it's too late.

"Who's hand did you want to lick Cord?" says a deep, sarcastic voice from behind me. Not even bothering to turn around, I know it's James. He passes my chair and flops down on the sofa beside Chelsea.

"That's not a very good habit." he continues, winking at Chelsea.

"Shove off James and go somewhere you are wanted!" I hiss, causing him to laugh gleefully.

"Come on now Cord, you know you love me really. I'll just be waiting till you realise it!"

He gets up and, after winking at me one last time, walks up to his dorm.

"I just want to punch him sometimes." I moan, hitting the side of the chair hard and almost breaking my hand in the process.

"Yeah well, don't take it out on the furniture, there's nothing to be done," says Chelsea, smiling, " One day James will realise that you really do hate him and that you find him super annoying and on the same day Al will realise that you are the love of his life and he wants to marry you."

"I don't hate him," I murmur, picking at my nails, " I just hate the way he is so cocky and sure of himself and a jerk so often."

"Well I think you have bigger problems. You really need to get Al to see you as the stunning, lovely, slightly crazy girl you are,"

I crack a smile, " Thanks Chels, I've missed your witty compliments. But your right - "

"Like usual," Chelsea buts in.

" - I do need to attract the attention of Al."

We sit there for a few minutes, staring at the fire and thinking. Or at least I know I'm thinking.

"What sort of things does Al do?" asks Chelsea, breaking the silence.

"I dunno, he hangs with his friends, does pranks with his brother, plays Quidditch?"

Chelsea's face breaks out in a smile , and she stares at me in a creepy, scary way. All of a sudden I know what she is thinking.

"NO," I practically shout, " No, No, No, NO!"

"Yes, Yes, YES!" She shouts back, earning some strange and frightened glances from 7th years.

"Chelsea I am not trying out for the Quidditch team. There is no way I could do that. I'm terrified of heights, you know that. And not to mention I trip over and break almost every broomstick that I touch or even see. I wouldn't be able to get off the ground. I'm not a majorly sporty person at all, you know that! You saw me running two years ago at Easter and that was not fair. I absolutely refuse to do it. Point blank no. I will do almost every other thing, but not try out for the Quidditch team. I won't."

"Fine," she sighs, grumpily, " You could always go along to the practises and watch, I suppose."

"But only girlfriends of the players go to those!" I say, shifting so that I am sitting sideways on the seat.

Chelsea grins at me, waggling her eyebrows, " Exactly."

Thinking about it, I realise she is right.

"Chelsea you are brilliant. But I'll only go if you and Rose go with me."

She stares at me, head tilted to one side, contemplating the pros and cons. " Fine, but you're asking Rose."


Just then the bell goes and we gather our bags and head out the common room.

"What class do you have Cordy?" Chelsea asks, rummaging around in her bag, probably looking for a quill.

Taking out my timetable I look to period 2. " Muggle Studies, you didn't take that did you?"

She grimaces and shakes her head. "No sorry babes, but I'll see you later, I've got Arithamancy." We part ways at the top of a staircase, me going down she goes to the right. Walking down I realise Rose didn't take Muggle Studies either.

"Who the hell am I gonna sit with. Please let there be someone I am friends with there." I mutter to myself as I hurry towards the classroom. The teacher hadn't yet arrived and everyone was milling around inside. I join the crowd looking for someone I know well enough.

"Cord? You took Muggle Studies?"

Turning round sharply I see Albus standing beside me, his black backpack slung casually over one  shoulder.

"Yeah," I say cheerfully," I just don't actually know that much about them. I kinda kept myself to myself when I was a child and didn't see much."


Though I basically just told him I was a loner as a child. Oh well.

"Cool, I just think Muggles are awesome people, surviving without magic."

"My family aren't," I mutter so quietly that he can't hear.

"Do you wanna sit together?" He asks, just as Professor Cole walks in and asks everyone to get a seat.

Inside I am screaming in excitement. But outside I just smile casually and say, " Sure." Real cool, am I right? We grab seats together at the back and get out our jotters. I am sitting so close to Al that I can smell the cologne he is wearing. It smells amazing, sort of like lemons and I find it irresistible. I shift slightly in my seat, slightly closer, and our elbows touch.

He doesn't pull away! Although I don't think he actually noticed. But it's a start.

"Right, settle down now," barks Professor Cole, striding to the front of the class, " We are going to start with Muggle Internet" Professor Cole is a little bit scary, being all tall, and skinny and she has long black hair and black robes.

"I wonder what we get to do on the computers," whispers a voice in my ear, causing me to jump slightly. Albus was leaning close to me, his eyes boring into mine. All I manage to do is gulp.

"What computers," I manage to finally whisper back. He just points towards a curtain which is not fully covering a set of thin laptops.

"You will all being getting one of your own laptops to be used in this classroom only," she says, passing her stern gaze over everyone in the class, " Now laptops are a type of computer. Computers are an invention that Muggles have invented, which uses electricity. We covered electricity in both 4th year and 5th year and if you can't remember what it is then I advise you leave this classroom now."

There is a quiet scurrying for notes as everyone tries to remember what electricity is without Cole noticing. Next to me I see Albus mouthing something silently, and I see words like batteries and electrics. He's such a geek. But a fit geek.

"Computers, use electricity in the same way TV's do, which if you remember we also covered last year. Computers use tiny pixels which constantly change to create images on the screen. But computers are different from TV's. Instead of constant moving pictures, they have use Computers for several different things," Cole continues, sweeping down the length of the classroom and back up again, " They save pictures, make videos, talk to each other, edit things and use the Internet. The Internet is also used for many things. It's used for watching things, playing games, researching, talking and socialising with friends, working, inventing and for fun."

Next to me Albus is quickly scribbling down everything Cole says and I realise I should be doing that too. I scramble for a quill, but realise I didn't pick any up this morning. Mentally slapping myself on the head, I lightly tap Albus on the shoulder.

"Do you have a quill I can borrow?" I ask when he turns around. He nods and scrambles in his bag, and finally pulls out a slightly bent, black quill.

"Thanks," I whisper, as I take it. Our hands brush slightly as I take it and a strange swooping sensation comes through me and I jerk back slightly. Albus looks at me confused before shrugging and turning back to his work.

Professor Cole opens up the curtained area and gets some helpful Hufflepuff's to hand the laptops out. I get landed with a slightly dusty and crusty one, with some strange stains on the top. Getting out my wand I mutter, " Scourgify," and it all disappears.

"I want everyone to open up their laptops and press the big button with circle that has a line through one side, breaking up the circle," says Professor Cole, marching back to the front, and picking up her wand.  Words appear on the chalkboard and she turns back to the class.

"Follow these instructions. I will not be long." And with that she swoops out of the room and bangs the door shut behind her.

The class automatically bursts out into loud raucous noise and I turn to Albus.

"So Computers?" I ask, noticing he has his already up and running. He turns back to me and grins.

"My granddad has one, and taught me how to use it. They are actually really cool, it's amazing how Muggles managed without magic! He said he would buy me one for Christmas."

"I wish my granddad would buy me cool things like this. I had a computer before I knew I was a witch, and I loved using it," I reply, reminiscing of the red object.

Cool," Albus says, his green eyes lighting up, " Did you have a phone?"

I nod, noticing he has leaned slightly closer.

"Same," he practically shrieks.

"What?" I burst out, totally shocked.

"Yeah, my granddad bought it for me for my birthday. I don't actually use it to contact anyone but I have a collection of Muggles artefacts in my cupboard," he adds, and then suddenly looks slightly panicked, " Don't tell anyone that please. I'd never live it down."

"Sure," I agree, and inside I'm just happy that I know a secret no one else knows about Albus Potter. I look up to the instructions on the computer.

1. Turn it on

2. Click on the button which is a little blue figure. This is a chatting device and I want you to make an account.

3. Create an account by clicking on "Make new account".

4. Choose name and password. Please make password longer than two letters and don't make your username just your name. Make it something interesting.

5. You can now chat with fellow students . Once you have done all the steps please wait until I get back.

I click on the blue man and then on Make new account. It pops up a screen asking me to input a name and password. It doesn't seem to need an email, and so I assume it's been modified to connect with the school or something.

"I don't know what to make my username, I don't want it to be too serious," says Albus, looking desperately at me for help.

"Ferret Boy?" I suggest, referring to the ferret he had a couple of years ago.

"Cord, seriously?" he smirks, "a bit more serious than that."

I just shrug and turn back to my own. I don't know what to put either. Suddenly a brilliant idea comes into my head. I type it up quickly and show it to Albus.


I smirk at him, pulling the laptop back to me.

"Fine then, I know what I'm gonna do," he says, and quickly types in something. I  lean over to look at it. It says SexyBeastAl16. Suddenly the door slams open and in strides Professor Cole.

"So," she begins, " What are your usernames?"

Me and Al grin at each other, giggling. It's really much easier to talk to him than it used to be for me.


Hey guys it's me here. Duh? Anyhoo I was just gonna say I hope you guys like it and please please please review and give me feedback, it would mean so much to me':)

Also there is gonna be some Scorpius/Rose action in the next chapter :D

Hope you liked it again.

Review please

Repeating myself now.

Bye :D

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