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Teases, Winks, and A Whole Lot of Love by iheartyou
Chapter 5 : The Veritaserum Experience
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Chapter 5


Sometimes, when people offer for someone to go to their home for Christmas Break, they gladly accept. Sometimes, when people offer for someone to go to their home for Christmas Break, they politely tell them no.

In my case, I was dragged to their home. In quite the literal sense…

“I don’t want to be anywhere near Potter!” I growled, hugging the foot of my bed, as Lily tugged hard on my legs. I was up high in mid-air. Goes to show just how strong she really is.

“You’ll have to face him some time or another!” Lily argued, keeping the tugging as Abby began shoveling clothes after clothes into my suitcase (after, of course, engorging it).

“No!” It had been a total of three weeks since that day. That day where Potter publically humiliated me in front of our Transfig class with the Ravenclaws.

And see, I’ve been avoiding him and never making eye contact with him again, since then. It’s been…tricky with the Quidditch practices.

Especially because of our upcoming match with the Ravenclaws the three weeks that follow the break.

“Lily, would you happen to have known where I’ve kept-” his jaw was slightly ajar as he stared at the scene before him.

My screaming, and holding tightly to my bedpost, Lily yanking back like a cave-woman, Abby stuffing in panties after bra after shirt after pants, Rose hauling the luggage to the door (miserably and failingly) and Roxanne trying to stun me so Lily could haul me down.

“What in the name of Merlin is going on here?!” James shrieked. Although, he sounded somewhat amused. Not…like…I care or anything. Because I don’t. Care, I mean. About him. I don’t care about him. That’s it.

“Mum,” Lily gritted her teeth while ferociously yanking once more. “Invite. Maggie. Break. Maggie. Says. No. Me. Dragging. Maggie. To train.”

With each pause after every word, she yanked hard. It was a wonder I wasn’t stupefied yet.

“This is ridiculous,” Potter rolled his eyes. “Levicorpus.”

I shrieked as I got yanked up off my bedpost, dangling in the air by my left ankle. “Put me down! Put me down NOW. I’m wearing a skirt, for Merlin’s sake!” Towards the end of that, I ended up more whining than demanding.

Potter rolled his eyes again and turned to Abby who was still stuffing clothes into a suitcase. With another flick of his wand, the clothes made their way itself into the suitcase. At this point, I was just using my dangling arms to cover myself up, as best as I could. That’s when Potter grabbed a hold of me, slung me over his shoulder, took two bags from Rose (and damn, were they heavy), and walked down the stairs at ease.

He made it look peachy as easy as a pie. I pounded my fists on his back. “Let me go, dammit! This is kidnapping! You’re illegibly kidnapping an innocent being!”

“Innocent, my ass,” he snorted. “Now shut up, Green.”

 “James, you are a life saver,” Rose breathed out. “God, I love you,” she laughed, hugging him awkwardly as I kept groaning and trying to writhe my way down.

It didn’t help that Potter’s arm/hand was right under my bum, holding me ever so tightly in place.

Bum…hmm…Potter’s bum is kinda nice. I mean, he has a nice bum. You don’t really find many guys who’ve got nice bums these days. It’s almost like two big apples down there. Just really round and all. In fact, his bum looks very…squeezable.

“Woah, it just got really quiet on Maggie’s part,” Roxanne interrupted my…er…my bum inspection.

“Hmm?” I hummed. “Oh yeah. I uh…I figure there’s no point anymore, since you’re going to actually drag me onto the train.” I sighed. “I don’t exactly see why it seems to be a dear must for me to go with you. I’m not even freakin’ family!”

“Funny you should mention that,” Lily giggled. “Victoire’s invited you to her wedding. It’s to be taking place during the break.”

I groaned again. Wonderful.


“Oh! Maggie, darling! Oh, it’s just so wonderful to see you again!” Ginny hugged me tightly around my neck, swaying side to side, talking in an entire motherly affection.

“It’s great to see you too, Mrs. Potter,” I smiled. The last time I’d seen her was on the platform September 1st. And before that was when I stayed the week with Lily and Rose two summers ago.

“Ginny,” she stated. “You call me Ginny.”

I smiled again. “Alright.”

“That’s the last of the bags,” Harry came in, shutting the door with his foot while carrying two bags in his two arms.

“God, Abby, how much did you pack?” I asked her.

She shrugged. “I dunno. Your entire wardrobe.” Great. Thanks Abs.

Lily motioned for us to follow her and so we did.

“I have an idea,” Lily stated, once we’d reached her room. She was sitting on her bed, and the rest of us just filed around on the bed. It was a rather large bed.

“Shoot,” Roxanne offered.

“Let’s play truth or dare to the extreme,” she grinned, both smugly and evilly.

I gave her a suspicious look. “How extreme?”

She grinned again, and pulled out a small vial of clear liquid. “Veritaserium, extreme.”

My eyes widened. Where on earth had Lily gotten a hold of such a thing?

“Oh, I’m in,” Roxanne said confidently, smacking her hand down on the bed.

“Me too,” Abby agreed. Those two were the only ones who were up for anything risky or not-a-good-idea looking things.

But Rose. Surely Rose, being the sensible one of us, would never, ever, in her life say-

“Oh, I’m all for it!”

Wait, what?


“Lily, I really don’t think-”

“No, Green, don’t say a word,” James interrupted me. Of course, Roxanne simply just had to go and get the guys. “This is a very good idea. And besides,” he shot me a look. “It’s ten against one. By majority vote, we win.”

I glared at him. As much as I hated to admit it, and I’d never admit it to his face, he was right. They basically had me cornered at their will. The rest of the guys-Lorcan, Lysander, Fred, Al, and Scorpius-nodded their heads in agreement.

I crossed my arms. “Fine. Jerks.”

James rolled his eyes. “Okay,” he said, coming round with the vial of veritaserum. He started off with himself, who was right next to me. “Open up, everyone,” he commanded afterward, letting in a couple of droplets into each person’s mouth-because that’s honestly all that it took.

I huffed once he reached me but opened my mouth anyway. He had a sort of evil glint in his eye. I should have seen it coming. I honestly should have.

But I’m an idiot. So I didn’t.

He jerked the entire vial into my mouth. Crap.


“Lily, truth or dare,” Fred said.


“I love doing truths,” Fred laughed. “Tell James and Al how many boys you’ve kissed or dated.”

Lily’s lips quivered, like she was trying so desperately hard not to blurt out the answer but-


What?!” both of her brother’s shrieked simultaneously.

Lily’s hand clasped shut to her mouth. Wait, did that mean she kissed 28, dated 28, or as a total, kissed AND dated 28?

I’m guessing for the third.

“Mags,” Lily stated.

Oh, darn. “Erm…er…truth?”

It sounded like a question. “Why’d you not want to go to Hogsmead with my brother?” she asked.

I narrowed my eyes at her. Bitch. She did this on purpose. Even Potter seemed to tense up a bit. Everyone else leaned forward, however, seemingly very curious as to the real reason.

“Er…er…I…” Don’t say it. Don’t say it. Don’t-

“I was afraid I’d screw something up and he’d hate me forever!” My hands flew to my mouth. Shit.

God, I hate veritaserum.


I’d been basically avoiding Potter since the end of the truth or dare game (which ended some twenty minutes ago). Obviously, my dosage of the veritaserum wouldn’t go away until another 8 or so hours, seeing as to how James drowned me in the substance (okay, not really, but it was similar…sort of).

And then he had me cornered. In his room. In his closet.

His very small and not too roomy closet.

Merlin help me.

“I thought you just didn’t like me,” James mumbled into my hair.

I bit my lip to refrain from saying something along the lines of ‘Oh, I like you alright.’

“Do you like me, Maggie?”

My teeth sunk deeper into my lip, the blood flooding into my mouth. “Yes!”

I hate you, James, so much, at the moment. He smirked. “How much do you like me, Maggie?”

“A lot.”

His smirk grew even wider, if possible. “What do you like about me, Maggie?”

“Your bum is rather nice.” I would give anything for a hole in the ground to swallow me whole. He barked out laughing.

“Do you want to snog me, Maggie?”

He didn’t give a chance for my brutally honest mouth to start talking again.



Let’s just say I’m no longer a lip virgin.

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