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Mudblood by CharlieBellaPotter
Chapter 1 : The Letter
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I sat on the sofa, snuggled up to my parents, as they sang "Happy Birthday!" and ushered me with presents, a home-made cake and a peculiar looking letter. The TV was blasted on high; friends and family were laughing or trying to grab my attention. Little kids were crying to their mums because I wouldn't play, or floating by me to have their tummies tickled. Normally, I would have a formal chat with my respectable family. Normally, I'd gasp at my friend's surprise presents. Normally, I'd play duck, duck, goose with the kids to please them. Normally, I'd be the famous Tickle Monster who had attacked all the children. But I was distracted. Distracted by that one. Peculiar. Letter.

"Mum," I swallowed; feeling like the letter had some magical power that was gluing my eyes to it.
Magical! I thought. Realisation hit me. I didn't even hear my mum's reply. A shaking hand slowly reached out and I poked the letter. Nothing.
I slumped back onto the sofa feeling miserable. For one moment I had thought it could've been the answer to my strange difference in the world... But no, it couldn't be so. Maybe it was just my imagination.
"Darling," my mum whispered, a little too enthusiastically, "Me and my dad need to tell you something."
I looked up curiously.
"In private." she added.

As we walked into another room, away from the party guests, my hand began to shake even more. But as my dad closed the door quickly, and turned around with a huge grin, I knew this was good news.
"My clever, clever girl!" he cried, embracing me in the hugest hug.
"What have I done dad?" I asked, not being able to stop myself smiling.
He opened his mouth to speak, only to shake his head and look at my mother. Winking, she walked up to me and handed the thing I had been longing to open. The. Peculiar. Letter. It looked like mum and dad had already opened it, yet mum has ovbiously sealed it again.
I waited for them to nod. They did. And immediately I ripped the letter open, which was printed with a crest I'd never seen before. In one corner, a badger, in another, a snake, in the bottom corner, a raven and in the last corner a lion...

Sleek italic writing greeted me. There were at least 3 pieces of parchment. I unfolded the first and it was a letter to my mum and dad, explaining that I was a...

A witch? I knew I was different but... a witch?! Did they exsist? Was magica REAL?
I suppose it all made sense now! All the strange happenings that had never been answered were now clear to me. They had all been leading up to my 11th birthday; the day I would find out I was a witch.

"At first I didn't believe it," my mum cried.
"I thought it was some kind of prank!" my dad chuckled.
"And I knew that magic was real." I breathed.
The other parchments were a letter from the headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, telling me I had been invited to Hogwarts, School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and the last bit of parchment was a list of equipment I needed for my first year.
"I must get my equipment soon!" I told my mum and dad. "I bet everyone else already knows all there is to know about magic, I must study!"

"Professor Dumbledore has already instructed us of how to get your witch equipment, my dear," my dad explained, "Tomorrow, we'll take a trip to Diagon Alley!"

Diagon Alley, I thought, my first Witch experience!
As I made my way back into the party room, I couldn't help but yelp with happiness. I just knew Diagon Alley would be full of wizarding wonders and surprises. I just knew that this was the best birthday I had ever had.

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