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Harry Potter and the League of the Phoenix: The Rise of the Sorceror by jasper21
Chapter 10 : Chapter Ten: Cho's Deception
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Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters


Chapter Ten: Cho’s Deception



Star City


It was a beautiful afternoon in the city as Harry and Cho walked down the streets. Families were walking past them. Some smiled and nodded as their children held their hands. Harry and Cho would smile back as they made their way to the Ford Dealership.


“Harry, these people were witnesses to the first wizard attacks when Queen Industries was attacked by Death Eaters. I would’ve thought that that half this city would be deserted.”



“I agree with you. Something is up.”



“Why are we buying a car?”


“I just want to blend in as much as possible while I investigate. Oliver is a rich playboy, and the public is under the assumption that he’s dead. It’s best if we keep ourselves in a low profile.”




“Why did you come here in the first place?” Cho asked curiously.



“Before everything happened back at the mansion, I had a conversation with Oliver. He and I agreed that we would go to Africa together and find where the Bruin Orb belonged. But like I said, after recent events that Voldemort set in motion, everyone has to have a low profile.”



“Well, thanks for letting me come along,” Cho smiled.



“Yea, how did you find me?”



“Well usually when I try to get to the bottom of something, I try to go back to the beginning. For you, it was when you and the boys were attacked here.”


Harry smiled.


“Good work detective. Before I came to Star City, I had to go to Germany.”




They both reached the dealership.



A few hours later Harry drove out with a new 2012 Ford Edge. Cho smiled as she hopped into the passenger seat.


“I can get used to this.”


Harry pressed in the directions to Queen Industries on the built in GPS and began driving.



“To answer your question, I went to Germany to break into Lord Ducard’s mansion. Since he is no longer alive, the security at his house was at a minimum. I knew Voldemort would have the Death Eater comb through the mansion once Ducard was dead, so I had to beat them to it. It took me a while but I found what I was looking for.”



“Which is what?” Cho asked.



At the traffic light, Harry reached into the front of his duffel bag and pulled out a small heavy object covered in a cloth. He handed it to Cho, and began driving again. Cho unwrapped the cloth, and found an artifact with the Hogwarts coat of arms. She noticed the bird, the bear, and the inscription at the bottom.



“Protectors of the Chosen One?”



Harry smiled.



“I didn’t know you could read Latin.”



“I never told you I couldn’t.”



They both smiled at each other.



“So I’m guessing that there is supposed to be a fifth house. But I don’t understand the bird,” Cho said.



“Which is why we are heading to Queen Industries. While we were touring the Research and Development floor, I noticed that Oliver kept a section of an old wall in one of the rooms. In Shanghai, Ducard stole another section of the wall from Oliver which shows that there was a fifth house. But Ducard didn’t want Voldemort knowing, so he destroyed it. But something tells me that Oliver kept a certain section away from everyone because of what it might reveal.”



“What did it reveal?”



“Oliver doesn’t know. Before his team of scientists and archeologists could decipher the wall, we were under attack. Oliver gave me his access card so we can go through all of the doors.”


He pulled up into the parking garage. Harry and Cho got out of the car and began walking into the building. Harry noticed that Cho was wearing yoga pants, that hugged her curves and showed that her butt had the perfect curve. He shook his head and walked ahead of her. He waved Oliver’s card over the security door. The door unlocked itself, and Harry allowed Cho to walk ahead of him. As soon as the door closed, it locked on its own.


“Good.” Harry said to himself.



“Why is that good?” Cho asked.



“I don’t like unexpected visitors…whoa.”



They walked into the main lobby to find that it was nearly destroyed.



Cho was about to mention how Ron told her about being in his dragon form when him and A.C. were fighting the Death Eaters in this very lobby. But she knew bringing up his name would make things awkward. Harry probably had the same thing in mind because he wasted no time in walking across the lobby to the stairs.



As they walked down the stairs, Harry pressed his wand to a wall and muttered a charm.




“What are you doing?”



“It’s an eavesdropping  charm that Fred taught me. If it picks up a sound out of the ordinary, my wand tip will glow.”



“You are being very careful about this,” Cho said.



“We need to understand the meaning of the coat of arms. I can’t be disturbed while we are looking for the section of the wall.”


They made it to the R&D department. Harry waved Oliver’s card over the security door again as it opened.



“How is it that the security is working if they clearly cut the power?” Harry wondered.



“My dad works for a company with similar security. The security and the building’s main power are two different things. The main power can be cut by the city, but the security can be kept on if Oliver continues to pay for it to keep running,” Cho replied.



“I learn something new everyday.”



Harry and Cho walked into a large hall with glass doors. Harry remembered how each one contained a laboratory experiment when he was touring with Oliver and the boys.


“Is it behind one of these doors?” Cho asked.



Harry shook his head.



“I remembered Oliver telling the head of this department to lock everything away. We need to walk further.”



They walked down the entire length of the hall before they reached two large doors. Harry waved the card over the doors and they opened.



They walked into what appeared to be a very large grey room.



“This seems to be a dead end,” Harry sighed.



“Not exactly,” Cho said.



Harry turned to Cho and noticed that she was looking up. He looked up and yelled as he ran to the nearest wall. Cho laughed.



Above them, was a large vault that was suspended in mid-air.



“How are we supposed to get up there,” Cho asked.


“Hold on to this,” Harry replied, tossing the access card to Cho



In a blaze of fire, Harry changed into his animagus form. Cho smiled and sat on his back. Harry began running until he was running in mid-air. With every step, they climbed higher and higher as he circled the vault until finally they were in front of it.


Cho waved the card in front of the vault and with a loud screeching sound, the vault door opened. Inside the vault appeared to be a large hallway identical to the one they just walked through. Once Harry flew in, the vault door locked itself behind them.



Harry changed back into his human form, and Cho fell on top of him.



Their faces were inches apart.



“I’m sorry,” Cho stammered.



“No, no it’s my fault. I should’ve let you off,” Harry said.



They both got up and began walking down the hall.



“It felt nice riding you,” Cho said breaking the silence.



They both looked at each other and began laughing.



“I walked into that one,” Cho said smiling.



“Ha, you definitely did.”



“So how do we know which door contains the artifact?”



“Oliver said it was the door at the very end.”


When they reached the door, Harry waved the card over the door once more, and they walked through.


There were two glass casings. One held a stone slab with images on it while the other glass held an old piece of parchment.



“Harry look over here.”



Harry turned his attention to Cho to find two more pieces of parchment behind glass casings.



There was a small drawer under the stone slab. Harry opened it, and found white gloves. He raised his eyebrow in confusion.



“These artifacts are very sensitive. We have to use the white gloves so the oil from our hands won’t leave any kind of damage,” Cho said.



Harry nodded his head in understanding and slipped on the gloves. He opened the glass case containing the stone slab and examined it.



The stone contained images of the Hogwarts coat of arms which included the bear and bird. The animals appeared to be looking down. Harry looked down to find that animals were around a symbol as if they were protecting it. As Harry examined closer, he realized that they were not guarding a symbol but a shrine. Processing what he had just seen, he made his way over to Cho, who laid down the sheets of parchment side by side.



“What do you make of them,” Harry asked.



“They tell of three completely different stories. One about a king falling in love with a peasant. This one is telling the story of two boys who were lost in the woods. Finally, this one is telling the story of a man who devotes his life as a knight,” Cho replied.


“So they have nothing in common,” Harry said.


“Not exactly. Do you notice how all three parchments have the same border? And all of these borders have the same saying in Latin over and over again. It says ‘look deeper’.”



“I guess the stories have a deeper meaning,” Harry shrugged.



For the next few hours, Harry and Cho paced inside the vault, talking outloud their ideas. Harry was beginning to give up and when Cho froze.



“What is it?”



“Come stand where I’m standing.”



Cho positioned Harry on her spot.



“Look at the second parchment.”



Harry stared…and stared…he tilted his head…





He took the parchment and held it to the light.



“There’s a map hidden in this parchment.”



He made Cho hold the parchment to the light as he pointed his wand towards the center.  Another piece of parchment with the drawing of the map was extracted.



“Did you just remove the map from this artifact,” Cho asked.



“No, I just made a copy of it.”



They proceeded to do the same to the other two parchments, and laid out the map copies on another table.


“They’re pieces of a completed map of the world,” Harry said with interest.



“But why does it look this way?” Cho asked.




“Because back then, they thought the world was flat.”



Harry walked back to the original artifacts, and overlapped them in the same fashion. The parchments began to glow, as the complete map was formed. On the bottom of the map was a key. The key held the bear, lion, raven, and badger. Each had its own color. Harry looked to find where they were on the map.



“Uh…apparently the bear is Oliver, the lion is myself and Aragorn, the raven is Legolas, and the badger is Neville.”



Cho looked at the map.




It was showing the exact location of where the men were. Aragorn, Legolas, Oliver, and Neville were seen at the location of Phoenix Manor, while Harry was seen in Star City.



“What’s the meaning of this?” Cho asked.


Harry waved his wand over the parchment artifacts. They shrunk, and were placed carefully in a sealed bag before placing it in his bag.



“We need to go back to the mansion.”



Cho’s eyes widened in horror.




“Why? Shouldn’t we be going to Africa?”



“Cho this map is ancient, and yet its giving the direct location of the member of the Order and the League of the Phoenix. This map in the wrong hands can be catastrophic. We have to find out why it’s giving away our location, and that means going back to the mansion and see what happens when we are all in one place.”



“Even if that means being in the same room as Ron and Hermione?” Cho interjected.





Harry balled up his fists and began to make his way out of the room. Cho chased after Harry as they made their way down the hall and towards the vault door.



“Harry, I’m sorry.”



“Just forget it, Cho”


As they made their way back into the building, Harry pressed his wand to his ear to hear if they had any intruders. Satisfied with what he heard, they made their way back to the car.





Harry turned to Cho.



“What did you say-”





Nagini struck from the ceiling, and sank her fangs into Harry’s shoulder.


Yelling in pain, Harry whipped his wand, and Nagini was thrown into the wall as hooded figures began to converge on them.


Harry’s sight began to blur.



“Get in the car!”


Cho ran into the driver’s side as Harry produced a ring of fire around them. The moment Harry used magic, he felt his energy beginning to deplete. He felt Cho grab him, and push him into the passenger seat. Harry could hear Cho yelling curses and incantations as she was being attacked. She jumped into the driver’s seat as the back window shattered.


Harry grabbed Cho and they dissapparated from the car.



Oliver had the whole room’s attention. Hermione was waiting in baited breath as Ron was nervously pacing the room.


“Hermione, I just first want to let you know that no one saw this coming. And after I tell you this, you have to dig deep and find some self restraint.”


“Ollie, can whatever happened to Hermione, might’ve happened to me as well,” Ron finally spoke.



“Actually, it’s exactly what happened,” Oliver replied.



“What are you talking about?” Mrs. Weasely asked.


“Ron and Hermione have had their minds poisoned. This poison is powerful. It makes them see things that aren’t there. It takes an accomplished person to pull this off.”


Hermione combed her fingers through her hair.


“So every negative thought I’ve been having about Harry-”


“Someone planted in Hermione’s mind,” Neville said seriously.


“But who can poison Hermione without her realizing it. This type of poison has to be administered to Hermione daily for it to take the desired effect,” Legolas said.


Bart stood up quickly.


“No way!!! Are you saying one of us did it?”


“Legolas what’s wrong?” Ginny asked.



Everyone turned in time to see Legolas pass out on the floor.



Hermione and Oliver were the first to reach him.


“What just happened?” Hermione said as she began feeling for a pulse.


“I don’t know,” Oliver replied seriously.




Everyone yelled and turned as Aragorn began to lose his footing and colliding against the coffee table that had everyone’s tea.


A.C. and Bart caught him as he began to lose consciousness.


“Aragorn, what’s going on with you guys!?!” A.C.  yelled, slapping Aragorn to stay awake.


“He’s summoning us,” Aragorn replied beginning to slip away.


“WHO!?!” Sirius yelled.


Aragorn concentrated what he had left in him.




Aragorn passed out.


Bart sped up into Jasper’s room and came back down in a flash.



“Is he awake?” Hermione asked anxiously.


Bart shook his head in confusion.


“He’s still asleep…”


Oliver looked up at everyone than Hermione.


“What the hell is going on?”




Australia. Phoenix Manor


This mansion which also belonged to Dumbledore was not as tall, but more spacious in size as it overlooked the ocean.


Harry and Cho apparated onto the beach.



With tears flowing from her eyes, Cho quickly conjured a stretcher and ran into the mansion.


“Expecto Patronum!!”


Cho’s wolf appeared in front of her as she screamed at the empty mansion.




The wolf turned and began to run. Cho followed as she carefully brought Harry along. When they reached the infirmary, Cho settled Harry into a bed and began to create a remedy to stop Harry’s fever from spiking. Harry began to have a violent seizure as Cho worked. Putting the remedy in syringe, she held Harry down and injected.


Harry’s seizure had stopped as he slumped into the bed.



Cho sat back and watched Harry in his deep slumber.



Cho knew something that Harry didn’t.



There were no Death Eaters.


They were never attacked.


There was no Nagini.


While they were in the vault, Harry made it very clear that they had to be reunited with everyone else. Even though the world was in danger, she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to complete a plan she has been working on for so long. So she placed Harry under an Illusion Charm while they were walking back to the parking garage.


The potion that Cho injected into Harry would keep him in a limbo state. He would be in a sleeping meditative state, but his whole body was fully functioning. Cho took another syringe and injected Harry.


This potion would have Harry dreaming of his true love. Whatever he was doing in the dream, he would re-enact in reality.


Cho didn’t want Krum to have this over Hermione. Her objective was always Harry, and Harry alone. It’s not her fault that she is more clever than Krum.



Cho stroked Harry’s hair and smiled to herself in satisfaction.


After months of preparation, and patience, everything paid off.


Harry was going to give Cho something that she has always wanted from him. Cho laid down and snuggled next to Harry.


“Before anyone even knows it, we will make a baby together Harry.”


Deep in Harry’s dream, he was laying down on the same bed as he was back in the bedroom. He turned his attention and smiled at Hermione. She looked up at Harry and smiled back.


“Before anyone even knows it, we will make a baby together Harry.”


“Do you think we’re ready to have a baby, Mione. Especially with us being in the middle of a war.”


In reality…


Harry looked as if he was wide awake as he was smiling down at Cho.


“Do you think we’re ready to have a baby, Mione. Especially with us being in the middle of a war.”


Cho straddled Harry.


“If anything happens to you I won’t be able to live with myself. At least, you and I will have something that will keep us sane through all the terrible trials we will have to endure. We both deserve a child created out of pure love.”



Harry looked up at Hermione straddling him and smiled.


“You’re right.”


Hermione kissed Harry passionately on the lips. She broke their kiss, but was inches away from his face.


“Let’s make a baby.”


Cho’s face was inches away from Harry’s face.


“Let’s make a baby.”

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