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The Marauders and the Deathly Hallows by TheOnlyLota
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Chapter 1


Disclaimer for all of story-the bits in bold that are in this story are all owned, and written by the fabulous J.K.Rowling and sadly not me.The bits in italics belong to the wattpad author xXxEmxXx of whose story I am completing, meaning that any character that you do not recognise belong and are personalised by me.This applies to all chapters




“Hello Potters!” Sirius Black jubilantly exclaimed as he let himself into his best friends’ house. Remus Lupin followed closely behind.


‘Honestly Padfoot, do you always have to make such a spectacle of yourself?’ Remus asked, rolling his eyes at Sirius.


“Moony, I’m shocked.” Sirius said, dramatically clutching his heart, pretending to be terribly hurt by Remus’ comment.”how many years have we been friends? You should know by now that a grand entrance is not a want, but a necessity.”


“That it is’ laughed James Potter as he made his way down the stairs to greet his friends.”Sirius you’re lucky Harry wasnt asleep, Lily would have slaughtered you. The kid’s a nightmare to put to bed. So, to what do I owe this pleasure? I thought you two had order duties to attend to tonight.”


“Nah, we got Benjy Fenwick and Dedalus Diggle to cover for us. I’ve decided that with this war and all, we haven't had time to hang out like we used to. It’s really been cutting into my personal life.”


Remus smiled “Of course, Sirius. The real tragedy about all this is the loss of your free time.” Sirius just shrugged


Lily walked down the stairs with a smiling Harry  in her arms.


“Hello Boys,” She greeted them.”No wormy tonight?”


“No,” Remus answered.”He said he had other things to do, though he didn’t specify.”


Harry began to struggle in Lily’s arms, desperately trying to reach his Godfather. Sirius reached out for him.


Hey,buddy.” he said as he tickled Harry’s tummy, “Always happy to see your godfather aren’t you?” harry giggled. The four friends began to talk and joke with each other, all of them falling into their old patterns. It was hard to believe that outside, a vicious was raged on, with people dying everyday.”Hey James,” Lupin shouted from his seat next to the bookshelf, as usual.”What’s this?” He held up a thick orange book, a perplexed expression on his face.”it’s called Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.”

James walked over to remus and took the book from him. His expression became as confused as Lupin’s. “What in the hell...” he muttered under his breath. he held it up slowly to show Lily “Lils, have you ever seen this?”


“No,” she answered. “But the boy on the cover looks exactly like you when you were seventeen, but it can’t be Harry...I mean, why would there be a book about him? He’s just a baby?”


“I haven’t the slightest idea...”


“Give it here James,” said Sirius. James handed him the book. He opened it and flipped to the copyright page, then lifted his head slowly. “This was published in 2007.”


There was a collective gasp


“But it’s only 1981,” Lily muttered, completely dazed. Everyone stared at Harry while the silence filled the room, no one knowing what to do. Sirius was the one to break it.


“Well... I guess the only way to find out is it”


Everyone looked at Sirius, breaking out of their trance.


“Yeah,yeah,” James agreed, shaking his head.


Sirius cleared his throat, and began to read




Okay first chapter done, and she has a couple more before I start writing my own stuff. Also, read my story Invisibly Me, which is solely mine, and my one shot Small Bump based on Ed Sherran’s songPlease Read and Review!


From Chika, your Indian Pot

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