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Coping by ScoRose4eva
Chapter 3 : Chapter 3
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The next morning found Harry and Hermione curled up in his bed. Somehow during the night Hermione had ended up curled into Harry’s side with his arm draped over her. Hermione had woken up first and realised how they were positioned. She had lain there contemplating how to get up without Harry waking and realising the awkward position they were. Though Hermione was thoroughly enjoying herself being in Harry’s arms she knew that it would be extremely embarrassing for Harry. Just as Hermione was deciding on her course of action a sharp knock sounded on the door. “Harry I just wanted to make sure you’re coming down for breakfast” Mrs Weasley’s voice came through the door. Harry had woken up with the knock and was looking at Hermione shock on his face. “What should I do Hermione?” Harry asked.

“Maybe you should get up and answer the door, while I hide” Hermione suggested thankful that she would be able to get out of the bed without any awkwardness.



“Good plan” Harry said extracting himself from the bed and putting his glasses on. As he walked over to the door he couldn’t believe that Hermione was acting so calm considering how they were when they woke up. He looked around the room before he opened the door just in time to see the bed they had conjured disappearing and Hermione and her belongings under his bed.


“Mrs Weasley” Harry said opening the door, “I’m not hungry right now”


“Are you sure Harry dear you look a bit peaky”
“I’m fine, I was going to come down and let you know that I will be leaving today”


“Why on Earth would you want to do that?”


“I think it’s time, I feel like I’m intruding and I kind of want to start the life I fought for” Harry said lying through his teeth, he knew if he ever admitted to Mrs Weasley that he thought she was mistreating him, he would probably never be allowed near another Weasley again.


“Well Harry dear all of your clothes are washed and dried and just waiting to be collected, say goodbye before you go” Molly Weasley said as she turned and walked away.




Harry shut his door and turned around trying not to be hurt at the indifference of the woman he had thought of as a mother figure. How could she treat him that way after everything he had done for her family or after the way she had treated him before the war? One unbidden tear escaped before he wiped his face with his hand. Ignoring the fact he knew Hermione was watching him he summoned his clothes from the laundry room and packed them in his backpack and summoned all his other belongings and stuffed them into the backpack before removing a pair of jeans, underwear, a t-shirt and a jumper and walked out of the door.


Hermione had crawled out from under the bed after Harry had shut the door on Mrs. Weasley watching him, shocked at the scene she had witnessed. Knowing Harry didn’t want to talk right now she waited until he left the room and began pulling her own clothes out of her bag preparing to head to the shower after Harry and then leave.






The journey to London was long and quiet, neither one wanted to apparate to the Leaky Cauldron so they went by train. Hermione had suggested the Knight Bus but Harry wanted to avoid the Wizarding public. During the train ride Hermione was reading one of her muggle books that she had picked up in Australia, she looked engrossed in this story as she would any other book, but she was actually watching Harry out of the corner of her eye. She could tell he was thinking about something, but what exactly she did not know and wouldn’t even want to start guessing just in case her imagination decided to act up again and get her hopes up. Harry was actually thinking about how much he had enjoyed waking up that morning. He knew that he could never let Hermione know that he had enjoyed the feeling of her in his arms and that he wished Mrs Weasley hadn’t interrupted. He had woken a while before Hermione had and was just lying there trying not to wake her. He marvelled at the change that had occurred that morning, usually he just lay there hoping that he could fall asleep again or maybe just suddenly get amnesia and forget everything that had happened to him.




He would lie in bed all day only leaving to go to the bathroom which he only did in his invisibility cloak. He would periodically fill a glass he had conjured with water so he wouldn’t suffer from dehydration and become worse than he was. Thinking of how he was just a day ago caused his train of thought turn to a darker note. The guilt was there again lingering in the back of his mind waiting for the moment he had no distractions. He felt a spasm cross his heart and bent over wrapping his arms around himself as if to hold himself together trying not to cry out.




As if she had felt Harry’s pain Hermione was next to him in a second pulling him into her arms and stroking his hair. They had sat like that for the rest of the journey into London as they departed the train they looked at each other and shared a brief smile. Harry knew that if he had done that in Ron’s presence he would have been laughed at for a week, and Ginny would have mothered him making sure he was okay, he knew the only person he was safe with at the moment was Hermione and he would be forever thankful for that. The journey to the Leaky Cauldron was short on the bus and before they knew it there they were standing outside contemplating if they should go inside. Well Harry was contemplating going inside, Hermione was waiting for Harry to decide if he could face the public yet. Setting his jaw Harry grasped Hermione’s hand and pushed open the door. The inside of the Leaky Cauldron was the same as ever, smoke hung in the air, the old tables and chairs were in the same layout they had always been and the customers were few and far between. The only chatter that could be heard was by a couple sitting in a booth in the darkest corner of the room. Tom the barman was at the bar wiping down the glasses as he was putting them away ready for the days patronage. Hermione walked up to the bar and asked for a room. “Well Hermione dear” Tom croaked “I only have a room with a king size bed available at the moment and I’m sure you and your companion wouldn’t be comfortable there” Hermione noted that Harry’s name wasn’t mentioned, she was sure Tom knew that the fact Harry was back in wizarding public would cause a riot. She nodded thankfully at Tom and said “Well take it, it’s only for a few nights” As Tom lead them upstairs to their room Hermione wondered if putting them in a room with only one bed was a bit presumptuous on her part, she knew Harry would complain about it but she didn’t want to cause him any undue stress considering how fragile he was. She didn’t even know if Harry and Ginny would be getting back together. The thought actually caused her physical pain. She banished the thought to the back of her mind knowing that Harry was the first priority at the moment and anything else would come later.




Their room was average in size and decor, there was the king size bed, two bedside tables, a wardrobe and a dresser.  There were generic paintings of wizarding landmarks on the walls and an ornate mirror above the fireplace. The number of the room was 11. Harry froze in the doorway as he recalled the last time he had spent in this room. “Harry” Hermione whispered his name “What’s wrong?” She saw the panic in his eyes.


“I stayed in this room during the summer before third year”


“Oh, really what a coincidence”


“There’s only one bed in here” Harry said


“I can sleep on the floor Harry, I have a sleeping bag with me” Hermione said, glad she never emptied the bag of everything they had used during the war. Tom had smiled at Hermione before he walked back down to the bar.


“Come on Harry, I want to get to Gringotts as soon as it opens, hopefully it will be quiet, plus I need you to write a letter and seal it”






A/N I know its short but I think it was a necessary part of the story. Virtual Chocolate frogs for any reviews :)

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