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Harry Potter and the Supreme Animagus by Blazing Golden Pheonix
Chapter 4 : Chapter 4- Shopping
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Chapter 4

When Harry reached to the back yard of his house in Privet drive, he was shocked.


Harry stared at his house for some moments.He don't know what was happening. Then he saw two death eaters, coming from the front of the house on a broomstick, trying to burn the house by their wands. Harry suddenly recognized they were Lucious and Wormtail, as they dont have any death eater mask. He took his wand from his pocket, and sent a powerful disarming hex at Lucious. That hex not only disarmed him, but also pushed him of his broom. Wormtail saw this and tried to attack harry, but Harry rejected the curse with a simple flick of wand. Wormtail tried to attack again, but Harry sent a powerful stunning curse he knows, and it bounced him of his broom. He bounded them with magical ropes and then smashed the fire on his house. To his surprise, the house was not at all effected by the fire. That is probably because of the protective spells that were present on the house. He levitated the two death eaters and took them into the house.

“What is happening? And who are they?” roared uncle Vernon

“These were called death eaters and they came here to kill you. No need to worry, I caught them. Yesterday they attacked one of my friend’s house, and failed. Today they came here. This might repeat again. But you don't have to panic. In which method they try, they cant kill anybody, inside this house. This house was protected from death until I get matured next year.” Vernon Dursley was gobsmacked with this answer.

“I’m going to keep them in the guest room.” Harry continued, “Untill the arrival of ministry people in the morning.” With this Harry trailed away to the stairs.

Harry sent Hedwig to Remus explaining all the events occurred here. He also informed not to tell this information to Hermione. She might panic. In the morning He woke up at 7am. The rest taken by him the previous day helped him to wake up with just 5 hours of sleep. When he finished his morning activities, Remus came with two unknown persons and took the death eaters away. He informed Remus, what to tell the ministry. He got ready and went to Diagon alley for some shopping.

When he reached Diagon alley, He first went to twins shop, Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes. They opened a shop in Diagon alley. It also contains a small flat on the top of it. The twins invited him to the shop.

“Welcome Harry” Fred started.

“To the world of wizarding wheezes” George continued.

“Named Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes.” Fred finished.

Harry always wondered how Weasley twins Fred and George can talk in this manner. He wondered if they had some kind of telepathy. They are not only alike by the facial features, they also have the same cunning brain, and same wicked humour.

“Hey Harry! Take anything” , ”From this shop” , ”For free of cost, because” , “You are the major partner of this shop.”

Harry had the hard time to make the twins take their decision back. They were being stubborn on giving harry a credit for helping them for the shop. Finally they agreed to a deal, to give one-third of the profits to Harry. The products the twins prepared were amazing and making them racking in Galleons. Fred took Harry a tour to the shop, While George observed the business. When they reached back, George already packed some of their products and presented them to Harry.

“We made a deal George! You are breaking it on the first day!”

“No! Harry!” , ”This is our advance” , ”birthday present to you.”


“Hey! Can you do me a favour?”


“I came here to make a request i.e. to ask you something.”

“Anything Harry!” the twins said.

“I want an anti love potion first.”

“Harry, you finall recognized your stardom.” , “And accepted the truth that” , “Girls are dyeing for you” , “And you have a muscular body too.”

“Yes. And I also need two powerful wand carriers, which are resistant to jinxes and hexes.” Harry said.

“Yeah! Harry! We can make it, but you can get the best ones in Knockton alley.” George replied.

“How much they cost?” Harry asked.

“Fifty Galleons each, I think so.”

“Take here, Hundred Galleons, I am still underage and not allowed to knockton alley. Can you buy them for me?”

“Ofcourse!” they replied in unison.

“Can you give them to me before Hogwarts?”

“Ofcourse!” they said.

Harry bade them good bye and made his way into the street. He then went to the Ollivander’s which was now taken care by Gregorovitch, a retired wandmaker, and a close friend of Mr.Ollivander.

"Can I have a new wand?"

"Of course Mr.Potter" he answered happily. "Can I know, what happenet to your old wand?"

"It was damaged beyond repair, in an attak, at my house." Harry said as calm as he can.

"Oh! I'm sorry. Give me a minute. I'll bring a new wand." Gregorovitch said apologisingly, "By the way, I think you have decided your core subject by now. Would you tell me, so that I can bring a new one, which is better in that aspect."

"My intersting subjects are Defence Against the Dark Arts, and Potions."

"Oh! Sure!"

Harry spent an hour in that shop, testing wands. Some were a good ones, but, the wand maker was not satisfied. His smile was becoming wider and wider, as the time was progressing. Harry did not under stand the reason behind it. May be, they can show their marvel work in this way. After about fifty times, he got the wand he wanted. This wand was made of Walnut and Unicorn hair. This maynot be as perfect as original one. But he felt a good communication between him, and his wand.

The wand maker asked if he need a second wand. When Harry said yes, he spent even more time to it. Afterlong time, he made his face in a dream expression, and took a box under the counter. The box looked old, and the box looked even older. When Harry touched the wand, green sparks erupted from it. Harry felt a glow inside him. He felt as if that wand was created, only for him. The wand he took before, or the wand he took 5 years ago were not even comparable with this. Harry did not feel it like a wand, But felt as an extension to his hand.

"Marvelous! Extraordinary! This was a master piece, of the wands, created by the Death himself. It chose you Mr.Potter. Finally the wand of my dream was sold, after ages. I did not believe, I can sell this wand with my hands."

Harry observed the wand for the first time. It has a handle made of a bone at the bottom, followed by a dark thick wand, which went to the top, and the width gradually decreased to a sharp tip. Its tip was made of another bone.

"Mr.Gregorovitch, can you tell me the components of this wand?"

"Yes! Of course! Mr.Potter. This wand was made 2000 years ago. The wand was made of two dragons, in the world, Of which you had already mastered one of them years ago."

"The Hungarian Horntail ....!"

"Yes! Yes! This wand wasThe Heart of the string was made of Dragon Heartstring, from the dragon you have mastered. Its powerful in attak. The outer part was made of Unicorn Blood Nerve. Its powerful in healing. The base was made of the leg bone of a dangerous dragon, the Wild Corment, which was now extinguished. Its undestroyable. The tip was made of, the great stone of Resurrection. It can bring the dead to life. Finally,this wand has powerful charms. This wand cannot be disarmed, it was charmed against it. This wand cannot be broken. It is as hard as this Earth. And this wand is a hard one to win a duel, It is the Unbeatable wand."

"Oh!" was theonlly thing, Harry could say.

"If this wand had this type of history, certainly this would be a sensational news!"

"Of course Mr.Potter."

"Could you do me a favour?" Harry asked politely.

"Anything Mr.Potter."

"Keep this news a secret as long as you can. Atleast for some time." Harry asked with a pleasing tone.

"Sure ... Mr.Potter. If you want to keep this news as a secret, I will certainly keep it. I think I knew the reason, why you want to keep this as a secret. You are my golden customer Mr.Potter. Your feelings are important to me." Gregorovitch answered happily.

"How much this costs?" Harry was sure that, this wand would be a costly one.

"Thousand Galleons." replied the wand maker. "The wand is of course free. The money refers to the care taken by all of the wand makers, to this wand."

Harry paid the money for his two wands and came out of the shop after bading him, Goodbye. He then made his way towards Madam Malkin’s as all of his old clothes and robes were too small now. He took his new school robes. He went to Quality Quidditch Supplies, his favorite shop. He bought a new set of broom care, and also two books, new edition of Quidditch Through the Ages, and Quidditch Heroes. Before returning, he finally bought a present to Hermione. Probably a gift may cheer her up, from the previous day's events.

He came back to the Leaky Cauldron and had his lunch. When he reached home to place his things, he had a visitor waiting for him. Harry kept his things in his room, and came to the living room to visit the unknown visitor.

“Hi! I am Stephen Roberts, Head of the auror department ….”

… be continued.

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