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Pranksters world by TheOneWhoRightsTheWrong
Chapter 15 : Tragic Truth reveal: Why Hermione cant smile
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Awkward silence hung in the atmosphere as the unlikely trio sat staring at one another.

'well this is uncomfortable.' Fred thought to himself as he sipped his butterbeer. Draco had invited them for a drink at the leaky cauldron as compensation for knocking over Hermione but Fred figured it had something to do with the awkward greeting earlier.

'HA! no one will believe me! Draco Malfoy inviting a weasley and Hermione Granger for a drink.....much more likely to have monkeys come flying out of my ass then that' Fred chuckled to himself. Hermione who had been in a daze looked up at Fred.

'what could he possibly find funny in a situation like this?' Hermione wondered.

"so um its.....yea." Draco said trying to ease the atmosphere and only making it worst.

"uh thanks for the drinks Malfoy" Fred said holding up his butterbeer.

"yea dont mention it." Draco said awkwardly. after several minutes of more awkward silence draco spoke up again.

"about everything I did and said in the past.....I'm both of you" He said specifically looking at Hermione as he addressed them both. Fred didnt like Draco staring at Hermione. He knew it wasnt anything much but he just really didnt like him...or anyone at the thought of it looking at her so earnestly. Hermione didnt meet Dracos eyes but rather were wide in shock at his words. Fred noticed as they made a quick look at her left arm again before she looked at the clock.

"..Fred i think its time we should go." she said standing up.

"Granger wait!" Draco said grabbing her left arm. Hermione quickly pulled her arm away from him like his touch burned. Fred had never seen her act this way...there was so much pain and Fear. Fred knew the Malfoys werent the best people....ever but Draco looked so sincere it and he knew he was a coward deep down so what exactly could he have done to make Hermione act like she was standing before satan...or worst...a failed test.

'I swear to God if he hurt her.' was all Fred thought as he stared at the two. Draco stared at Hermione. Hermione stared at Draco. time felt like it had stopped completely or rather like it never existed before. Draco dropped his arm and looked away, he understood.

"sorry. " was all Draco said before Hermione grabbed Freds hand and quickly left. Draco stood there for a moment before slamming his fist onto the table yelling "DAMMIT!"


Hermione, if you could .....

.it would be lovely if you'd just....HERMIONE SLOW DOWN" Hermione stopped allowing Fred to catch his breath. Raindrops pouring down on them both.

"Hermione what just happened there?" Fred asked staring at the back of Hermione's soaked head. Hermione just stood there in grey silence.

"It's all his fault." she whispered.


"IT"S ALL HIS FAULT! " she screamed before falling down crying. Fred caught her holding her up in his arms confused.

"he killed my parents! he tortured me all those years. HE'S THE REASON I WILL NEVER only a mudblood.. the reason i cant smile." she cried.

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