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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 18 : Revealing
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A/N: Hellllllllo! Doesn't everyone love a short back log? I know I do so then I can get chapters out to you guys quickly! 

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter.




“Why didn’t you save some for me?” Dom whined, massaging her temples as we walked to Herbology after breakfast.

“There was only a tiny bit left,” I explained, holding a take away coffee mug in my hands, even though I didn’t have a hangover I was almost falling asleep, “And as it was my birthday I had it,”

“It’s not your birthday anymore,” Dom grumbled.

I just shrugged at her and walked into the Greenhouse.

The only person who didn’t believe this was James. He smiled said he believed it, but when I looked him in the eye, I knew he didn’t believe.

The down side of love, you know each other too well so you know when the other is lying.

So I dodged him, for the whole day.

It was really hard when you had to resist the urge to run into their arms and stay there.

Happy days.

I successfully kept away from James the whole day when he found me. I was battling homework in the library, and it was close to curfew. The lamps were dim and I was pretty sure I was the only person left beside Madam Prince. I scribbled furiously across the page, trying to finish the essay before Madam Prince came to tell me I had to leave, that all shattered when I felt someone slid in across from me.

“Ok Madam Prince, I’m leaving,” I sighed gathering my books. An arm shot across the table and grabbed my wrist softly and making me stop dead in my tracks.

Dear Merlin, please no.

“Hey,” James whispered.

“H- Hi,” I mumbled, eyeing the table.

“I’m just going to get straight to the point ok?” James murmured furiously, “Why have you been dodging me today?”

“Me… dodging you?” I whispered, “I’m not dodging you,”

“Then how come I didn’t see you at breakfast, lunch or dinner and I know that you normally wouldn’t miss food for anything,” James explained, “And you weren’t in the Common room, what did I do wrong?”

“Nothing James! Nothing at all!” I cried.

“I’m not stupid Mae,” James said through gritted teeth, “Tell me what’s wrong!”

“There is nothing wrong!” I cried.

Before James could respond, a very angry librarian stood over us.

“Excuse me you two, but you will have to leave, curfew is in five minutes,”

I stood up and gathered my books in my arms, before I could look James in the eye.

“Thank you Madam Prince, have a nice night,” I smiled, before stalking out of the library.

As soon as I passed the doors, I quickly picked up my pace to a brisk speed walk.

Try catch me now.


“MAE!” James called, “Wait up!”

My speed walk increased to a little skip-jog without even thinking. Before my brain had processed my increase of speed, there was a very strong arm around my arm.

“Mae, talk to me!” James ordered, looking down into my eyes.

I could feel tears start to gather in my eyes, as well as everything that I had kept bottled up inside me.

I needed to tell him, both for my needs and his. He had a right to know both as my boyfriend and the father of my child. If I told him, I would have someone to confine in.

Tell him now I thought, Right now.

Instead I promptly burst into tears.

I don’t know why I did. Everything just bubbled over came pouring out. James quickly wrapped his arms around me and I pressed my head into his chest as he steered me into an abandoned classroom, bloody hell I was spending a lot of time in these rooms. This one even looked like the one I was in yesterday.

James sat in a chair with me on his lap and just soothed me. He ran his hands over my hair and kept me close. This was all I ever wanted.

“Are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” he asked.

I took a deep breath and slowly nodded. James lightly placed his fingers on my chin and lifted my head up so I could look into his deep molten gold and emerald green eyes.

“James, my period hasn’t come,” I whispered.

James’s mouth slowly dropped open, his eyes widening. I slow, breath escaped his mouth and I dropped my head in shame while waiting for an answer.

“Your- your pregnant?” James breathed.

“Yes,” I mumbled.

“Have you cast the test spell?” James asked.

I raised my eyebrow, “James my period has not come, it has never been late.”

“I take that’s a no?” he said.

“I haven’t cast the damn spell,” I mumbled.

“Want to do it now?” James asked, taking my hand.

“I don’t know the spell,” I mumbled.

“I do,” James admitted, pulling out his wand, “I remember Mum helping Aunt Hermione when they thought they were expecting another,”

“Let’s do this,” I whispered.

James slowly pointed his wand at my stomach and whispered, “graviditate revelare,”

A bright light shone from the end of the wand and then disappeared, into my stomach.

Merlin help me.

A moment later it appeared with a tiny weeny symbol in the centre, a plus sign.

This meant a lot of things, but mainly it was a conformation.

“I knew it,” I whispered, my hand pressing against my stomach and standing up so I could pace the room.

James then did something very unexpected. James slowly stood up, abandoning his wand on a table. He walked over to me and placed his arms on my shoulders making me stop and stare at him. James stared into my eyes before dropping to his knees and very, very slowly placing his hands on my stomach.

We stood in silence as I stared at James who was staring at my stomach.

“I’m going to be a dad,” he whispered.

“You are,” I smiled weakly.

“You’re going to be a mother,” James smiled up at me.

I actually hadn’t thought of it that way, I had just of me being a sixteen year old pregnant and how bad it looked. But the idea of me being a mother and James a dad, seemed to be perfect. A crystal clear image popped into my mind, James and I standing next to each other, his hand around my waist pulling me close. I had a little bundle on my side whom was possibly the most gorgeous thing I had ever seen. The bundle had chubby cheeks, messy chocolate brown hair and molten gold- green eyes.

It was obvious that the smiling kid was James’s and mine. We all smiled and waved, you could see that James and I were completely in love and this child was extremely happy.

I grinned down at James, “I’m going to be mother,”

James smiled and lifted my shirt up so he could see my stomach, his finger lightly dancing on my skin. Then he kissed my belly.

“Our baby,” he murmured.

“Our baby,” I smiled, patting my belly.


* * * * *


James and I spent most of that week spending some alone time to figure out what we going to do about the baby, but referred to in public as our ‘midget friend.’ We were both completely in love, the baby was making us shine. It was funny to think that a week ago I was freaking out and I hadn’t told James, when now we were so excited for the baby. In fact, we were so excited we had already started considering names.

“How about Clarissa for a girl?” James asked, one day as we curled up in the Head Boy and Girl’s lounge, “Clary for short,”

“I like that, it’s sweet,” I smiled, “Clarissa Alice Potter,”

“Beautiful,” James murmured into my hair, “I have no idea for a boy,”

“I had a couple of ideas,” I said, tracing my belly button with my pinkie, “Aidan, Jasper or Connor,”

“Aidan Jasper Potter,” James smiled, “I like that, or Connor Harry Potter,”

The only time I was spending with Dom was when I was in the dorm room, she just thought we were going through a ‘obsessive love’ stage. She wouldn’t think that when my stomach resembled a fit ball.

After a lot of consideration, James and I had decided to tell Madam Pomphrey for the better health of our child.

“Pregnant?” she asked, raising her eyebrow, “How long?”

“Six weeks,” we both answered.

“You’re not shocked?” I asked her.

“Well you’re not the first,” she stated simply, “It’s more of a shock that you are actually still together, I normally get girls who are single and pregnant,”

 I just shrugged.

Madam Pomphrey had told us that it would be best if we told a family member, James and I had been very hesitant towards this but, when we both found ourselves in Headmistress McGonagall’s office.

“Madam Pomphrey has told me about your –er – situation,” she weakly smiled over the table.

“I thought it was meant to be private,” I muttered.

“She thought it was best for you to tell your parents and I was apparently the best person to convince you,” McGonagall explained, sitting in her chair.

“Look Headmistress McGonagall, we already decided we were going to tell someone,” I admitted.

“And who may that be?” McGonagall asked.

“Teddy, Ginny, Lily and Dom,” I answered.

She raised her eyebrow, “Three women and one man?”

“They’re the most supportive,” James answered.

“No one from your family Mae?” she asked.

We had thought about my mother and father, but I just couldn’t do it. My parents would actually kill me. I would tell them in my own time.

“No Professor,” I mumbled.

“Well organize a meeting ASAP, you can have it here,” McGonagall said.

“How about now?” James asked, “We’re already out of class,”

McGonagall grunted before agreeing and leaving to contact Mrs. Potter, Teddy, Lily and Dom.

“We will be fine,” James smiled at me before grabbing my hand.

We waited in silence for around five minutes before two red heads burst into the room.

“HOLY CRAP! MAE WHAT’S WRONG?!” Dom demanded, grabbing my other hand, “ARE YOU DYING?”

“No! Dom calm down!” I cried, “Deep breaths Dom, in and out, in and out,”

Dom suddenly calmed down, with me patting her shoulder.

“Ok, your fine,” Dom sighed, and then she saw James, “OH MY MERLIN! IS JAMES THE ONE DYING?”

“NO!” we both yelled.

“Oh, ok then,” Dom said, plonking herself down on a spare chair.

“What are we doing here?” Lily asked.

“We are just waiting for your mother and Mr Lupin, Miss Potter, then we can begin,” McGonagall smiled from behind her desk.

Right on cue, flames erupted in the fireplace and a very angry female appeared.

“JAMES SIRIUS POTTER!” she roared , storming over.

Oh Merlin, she was using full names.

“WHAT HAVE YOU DONE THIS TIME?” she yelled, slapping James’s head.

Oh no, she’s getting violent as well.

“OW! Mum!” James cried.

“JAMES!” Ginny yelled, “Oh, hello all! Nice to see you Mae and Dom,” Then she promptly saw Lily, “LILY LUNA POTTER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?”

“Mum! I haven’t done anything! I don’t even know why we’re here!” Lily yelled before her mother got violent.

“Mrs Potter, would you like to take a seat?” McGonagall asked, pointing to the chair next to Lily.

“Fine,” she grumbled, sitting down and then looking at James, “I’m not done with you,”

James actually then gulped.

Like in the movies.

Oh dear.

Teddy was the next to arrive, his blue hair arriving the fireplace, his face plastered with a grin.

“Wotcher,” he greeted, sitting down.

“Well now that we are all here and seated,” McGonagall started, “I believe we can start. First of all, I did not call this meeting,”

“What?” Dom and Lily whispered.

“Please tell me it wasn’t the Minister, James hasn’t broken any laws, hasn’t he?” Ginny whined.

“No!” James cried.

“No, the Minister did not call this meeting Mrs Potter,” McGonagall answered.

“Just call me Ginny, Minerva,” Ginny smiled.

“Well, Ginny, it was actually your son and Miss Flick here who called this meeting,” McGonagall answered.

Cue all eyes pointing at us.

“Ummm,” I mumbled.

“Yes, we did,” James smiled, standing up and grabbing my hand.

“You did?” Dom asked.

“Yeah, we did,” I smiled weakly.

James then led us round to the other side of the table with McGonagall.

“We need to tell you all something that we believe you will support us in,” James explained.

“One of you is dying!” Dom moaned.

“No!” James cried.

“Then why are we here?” Lily asked.

I knew I was the one who had to say it as I was the one carrying the child. I stared at James in the eyes and he nodded. I turned and faced my friends, who were eyeing me with suspicions. I closed my eyes and I felt James squeeze my hand. I opened my eyes and blurted.

“I’m pregnant,”


Dom’s P.O.V

What in Merlin’s big baggy underpants? My best friend was pregnant? I always thought I’d be the first pregnant- by accident of course.


Lily’s P.O.V

So cute!!! They must be so in love! It’s so obvious there in love though! Like look at them, always holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes… I really need to get myself a boyfriend.


Teddy’s P.O.V

So she is pregnant? I was waiting on this news. I think I should teach James how to use a condom, obviously Harry and Ginny haven’t.


Ginny’s P.O.V

I am going to kill that boy.


Mae’s P.O.V

I would kill to know what they were all thinking at this moment. The expressions on their faces were so hard to read. It was all silent before Lily finally spoke up,


Holy snidget, did she just congratulate us? I thought we’d have a different reaction here.

“Six and a half,” I smiled.

“Have you had a scan yet?” Lily asked excitedly.

“No, next week,” James smiled proudly, pulling me in by the waist.

“Wait- that means you slept together before you two started dating,” Dom eyed.

I blushed, “Yeah, we did,”

“When? How come you didn’t tell me?” Dom ordered.

“At the end of semester party and we were drunk Dom! James and I thought we’d just forget about it, but baby came along,” I answered.

“I’ve told you everything,” Dom shrieked, “I thought we were best friends!”

“We are Dom!” I cried.

“SHUT UP YOU TWO!” Ginny roared.

I fell silent and so did Dom.

“First things first, what are you going to do about the baby?” Ginny asked.

“Keep it,” I answered.

“Are you ready for a baby?” Ginny eyed.

“Yes,” we both answered.

“I trust James, he’s going to be a great dad,” I smiled.

“I say the same with Mae,” James grinned.

“It sounds like you two are saying your vows,” Lily giggled.

“They might as well be,” James grinned, “We’re having a kid Lils, it’s a big commitment,”

“So you’re saying that you would marry Mae, because of this child?” Ginny asked.

James stayed silent and I was pretty sure everyone was looking at him, I couldn’t take my eyes off him.

“Yes,” James whispered, “I would marry Mae but not just for the kid, but because I love her,”

Everyone was in a stoned silence, I couldn’t believe James had admitted to his mum that he was in love with me, and we had only been dating for a few weeks.

I found it incredibly sweet.

“That’s so cute!” Lily squealed.

I heard Dom grunt and McGonagall sigh.

“Well what are you going to do then?” Teddy asked.

I stared at James in the eyes as he stared into mine.
“I think… we’ll battle one barrier at a time,” I said, “A baby is enough,”

I looked at James and he nodded slightly, a small look of disappointment on his face. I hope I hadn’t hurt his feelings too much, but he knew I couldn’t get married at seventeen. I mean, he knew how I felt at having a baby at seventeen!

“Why did you tell us?” Dom grunted.

“Because we felt that you guys were the people we trusted the most and could help us through this,” I answered coolly.

“So this is a secret?” Dom asked.

“What do you think?” I spat.

“Well I just thought that everyone would find out sooner or later, you can’t hide a stomach that resembles a fit ball,”

“Obviously, but we’ll tell people in our own time Dom,” I sneered.

Dom huffed, “Fine,”

“This is so cute!” Lily squealed, “Can I come to the scan next week?”

“Sure,” I smiled, “You can all come if you want,”

“Eeeee!” Lily squealed, running around the table and giving us a hug, “This is so exciting!”

“Thanks Lils,” James smiled.

“Having a kid before Victoire and me,” Teddy said, “Who would have guessed that?”

Dom sniggered and I shot her a glare.

“Now, you’re eating healthy?” Ginny asked.




“Keeping low stress?”

“Umm…” I mumbled.

“You need to stay calm Mae,” Ginny smiled, “For the health of yourself and the baby,”

“I know, it’s just so hard with everything,” I admitted.

“She’s doing well though,” James said.

Suddenly, a thought struck into my mind.

“Ginny?” I asked.

“Yes dear?”

“How long can I continue playing Quidditch for?”

James’ handed tightened round mind and I felt his breathing get faster. Nothing was more important to James than Quidditch.

Well, besides me, this baby and his family.

“Oh! Quidditch!” Ginny smiled, “I kept playing for the Harpies till I was four months with James and he’s turned out fine!”

“Fine?” Lily scoffed, “No wonder James turned out how he is,”

“Hey!” James scoffed.

“Great! That means if we make the final I can still play!” I smiled.

“Perfect,” James grinned.

“Well, I have another meeting to go to now, so let’s wrap it up, shall we?” Professor McGonagall said.

“What time is the scan next week?” Teddy asked.

“Four o’clock on Tuesday,” I smiled.

“Perfect! I’ll be there!” Teddy said, before standing up and saying goodbye, then Flooing to work.

“I’ll see you then!” Ginny answered before eyeing James and leaving as well.

“Back to classes you four!” Professor McGonagall said, standing up and beckoning us out the door.

Dom swiftly stood up and speed walked out of the room before any of us had even considered rising.

I sighed and peeked James on the cheek before saying,

“I’ll see you later,” and running from the room.

“Dom!” I called, as I reached the bottom of the stairs. She was nowhere to be seen and I couldn’t see a fiery strawberry blonde anywhere.

“DOM!” I yelled, sprinting down the hall the best I could in stilettos.

“DOM!” I yelled as I saw a faint red haired girl in the distance, “DOM WAIT UP!”

She didn’t turn or say anything.


“IT DOESN’T MATTER MAE!” she shrieked, suddenly turning around.

“I’m so sorry Dom! I just promised James that I wouldn’t tell anyone!” I cried, feeling my eyes well up in tears.

“Of course you had to promise ickle Jamsie that you couldn’t your best friend that you were pregnant!” Dom shrieked, “You know that you and I haven’t had a civilised conversation in over a week?”

“Dom, if you thought that, why didn’t you tell me? We could talk about!” I yelled.

“We can’t Mae! I’ve had the last straw with you!” Dom yelled.

“The last straw?” I whispered.

“Yes, you not telling me about James and your little ‘moments’ and I’m sure there was more, is the last straw!” Dom said, “I’ve told you everything Mae! And what do I get in return? A FAT LOAD OF LIES!”

“It wasn’t a fat load of lies! I just didn’t tell you!” I shot back.

“Oh yeah?” Dom snarled, “Then what was it when I asked you over the holidays if something had happened between you two and you said ‘no’? What’s that Mae?”

I stopped breathing. I had lied to her.

“I’m so, so sorry Dom,” I whispered, tears rolling down my cheeks. Damn pregnancy hormones were making everything so much sadder.

“I really don’t care Mae,” she snarled turning her back on me, “I can’t be around you anymore, I can’t trust you anymore!”

“Dom, please!” I cried.

“No Mae,” Dom whispered, “Just give me some space,”

“Will you still come to the scan next week?” I asked desperately.

“I – I don’t think I can Mae,” Dom whispered, “Good luck though,”

I watched Dom waltz off down the corridor and turn the corner before I heard them. I should have checked if someone was here before I yelled out my secret. Why had I not? It was one of the most stupidest things I’d ever done.

“Well, well, well,” Justine sighed.


“You should really check if the corridors empty before you start yelling that you’re pregnant,” Alessandria sneered.

Double Shit.


A/N: Mae's pregnant? Thoughts? Predictions? Favourite quotes?

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