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Harry Potter and The Unknown Future by GinnyPotter0116
Chapter 6 : Chapter Six: Revealed
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Ginny held Harry as he continued crying, feeling her own tears spill as she held her love, who was falling apart in front of her eyes. Ginny looked towards Ron and Hermione, her eyes pleading for some kind of help, but they did not have the answers she needed. Why was telling them the truth affecting Harry this way?






Harry clutched onto Ginny, shame coursing through his body. How could she even stand touching me, who had been tainted by evil? He wondered. Harry felt deeply ashamed of being a Horcrux, a safe-guard for Voldemort, protecting him for 17 long years. Harry felt dirty, shuddering every time he thought of Voldemort's soul inside him, touching his own.  Harry then realized that this is what Ginny must of felt like when Tom Riddle possessed her in The Chamber of Secrets, feeding off her own soul as well. She understood what he felt, and was there to help him.




Harry felt his tears start to subside, when the pain he had been ignoring during the ordeal came crashing on him, unbearable. Harry gasped loudly, but everyone thought he still crying, and didn't think anything about it. Torment ran in his body, his body starting to shake uncontrollably. Harry quickly pulled away from Ginny, and leaned up against the head of the bed, holding his chest and looking pleadingly at his family. The pain Harry had felt before hand from his chest was barely livable, but this was a whole new level. He did not scream, knowing it would do him no good.


"Help," Harry muttered, feeling his throat constrict. It took all his will power not to scream.


"What?" Ron asked, looking confused at Harry.


Before Harry could answer, another stab of pain strongly hit him, making him bent over. Ginny, seeing the obvious problem, hurried over to Harry and tried to keep him upright as he groaned in pain.


"Get help!" She hissed at the figures of Ron and Hermione.


Hermione pulled on Ron's arm and rushed out of the Hospital Wing, seeking Madam Pomfrey. Ginny heard Harry moan again, looked down at him, noting that he was sweating and very pale, looking on the verge of unconsciousness.


"Hold on, love." Ginny whispered to him, kissing his cheek.


Harry nodded and reached for her hand, grasping it as strongly as he could. Ginny was alerted, his grasp was very weak. Just then Madam Pomfrey rushed in with Ron and Hermione, along with Molly and Arthur. Poppy shooed Ginny into a seat and returned to Harry, who had doubled over again. Poppy sat Harry up and muttered spells with her wand on him, keeping him up straight the whole time.


"Please, make it stop." Harry whispered to her in a pleading voice, even though his voice barely hearable.




Poppy was alarmed by his weakness. Just when she proceeded with her next spell, Harry fell unconscious. Molly was crying with Hermione and Ginny, while Ron and Arthur sat on the bed next to Harry's, lost in their own thoughts. Poppy leaned over and checked his pulse, and found it very weak. She quickly performed a spell again, and was alarmed by the answer.


"What is it, Poppy?" Molly asked, rushing over.


"I don't know how to tell you, but Mr.Potter is showing signs of dying. I don't know how to fix his wound, and I can't slow down the weakness it's spreading." Poppy sounded desperate.


Hermione was shocked by the answer Poppy gave them, and felt Ginny trembling next to her. Hermione suddenly stood up, and came over to Molly and Poppy.


"I know what happened to his chest." She told the pair of them.


"What happened?" Poppy quickly replied before Molly opened her mouth.


"V-Voldemort hit Harry with the Killing Curse again." Hermione quickly answered.


The adults in the room gasped, became wide-eyed, and scared.


"When did you find this out?" Arthur asked, standing up.


"Harry just told us now." Ron answered, coming over to Hermione.


"Why?" Molly simply asked.


"Because I told him I found out he was a Horcrux." Hermione replied.


Poppy and Arthur gasped, and Molly stuttered for a reply.


"T-that c-can't be t-true." She finally replied.


"It is, Harry even admitted to it." Ginny answered her mother.


"I only one person we could get answers for this," Poppy explained, "Dumbledore." The answer suddenly came to her.



"But, Dumbledore's dead." Ron said, stating the obvious.


"Oh, I think Minerva can help us with that problem." Molly replied.


"Lets go." Ginny said, getting impatient.




"You all go on, I'll stay with Mr.Potter and make sure he's okay." Poppy told them.


The Weasley's and Hermione nodded and hurried out the Hospital Wing, running to the Headmistresses office. They stopped at the entrance, not knowing the answer.


"Dumbledore!" Hermione whispered, the answer coming suddenly to her, feeling obvious.


The gargoyles jumped out of their way, and they ran up into the office. Minerva jumped back as a load of people rushed into her office, looking for something imparticular.


"Sorry to disturb you, Minerva," Molly said to her, "We need to speak to Dumbledore's portrait, its important." Minerva could hear the urgency in her voice.


"Of course," She quickly replied, rushing up to a portrait. "Albus," She spoke clearly, "You have visitors."


The picture in the frame became clear, showing the beaming old face of Albus Dumbledore, looking down at everyone as if they were old friends.


"Hello Molly and Arthur, what do I have the pleasure of assisting your family with today?" He asked.


"Its about Harry, we need your help." Arthur replied, holding Ginny close to him.


"Tell me, what has happened?" Dumbledore quickly asked, a hint of fear etched in his voice.


Hermione and Ron trembled as they told Dumbledore everything; Hermione's guessing, Harry's own story, the wound he received, everything. When the pair finished, Dumbledore pondered for a answer for a few moments.




"I have a answer, but I am only guessing. Now, you all know that when you destroyed the parts of Voldemort, they killed a part of him, right? Good. Now tell me, do you know what you might of missed?"


"There's another Horcrux?" Hermione gasped.


"Calm yourself, Hermione. No, Harry was the last Horcrux," Everyone flinched and heard Minerva gasp, "But tell me, what do you think would need to be destroyed as well?"


Hermione sunk into deep thought, searching for an answer. It then finally came to her as she gasped.


"Voldemort. He needs to be destroyed as well?" Hermione asked.


Everyone but Dumbledore were surprised by her answer, and quickly started to ponder how they would and needed to do such a thing.


"Correct. I believe since Voldemort's body is still whole, it causes the mark on Harry's chest to burn, and otherwise kill him slowly. You need to destroy Voldemort's body before the mark on Harry's chest kills him." 


Ron and Ginny looked towards Hermione, shock and awe on their faces. Ron also had fear on his face, thinking about his next mission he had to do. Ginny, on the other hand, looked more impatient than ever. Molly and Arthur casted looked of surprise to one another, thinking on the same terms that Ron was.


"Well, what are we waiting for?" Ginny asked.




"Professor, what exactly should we destroy Voldemort with?" Ron asked Dumbledore.




"I would say a Basilisk fang should do the trick. Fairly fitting actually, Harry got stabbed by a Basilisk fang on Tom Riddle orders, and now Tom Riddle's being stabbed with a Basilisk fang on Harry's orders." Dumbledore informed him.


Hermione and Ron looked at one another, shocked. Ginny let out a gasp, along with her parents.






"Excuse me?" Minerva asked Dumbledore, horrified.




"Did Harry not tell you he was bitten by the Basilisk? No, I guess not. Fawkes saved him shorty afterwards." Dumbledore replied.




Everyone around the room shared a look, but decided not to press the matter further.


"Where is Voldemort's body?" Arthur asked Minerva.


"He's on the old potions dungeon, Snape's old one." Minerva responded.


Hermione nodded, and searched into her bag. Ron came over and helped her, while Ginny, Minerva, Molly and Arthur looked suspiciously at the pair. Hermione finally stopped when she found it, and pulled out a Basilisk fang. Ginny looked surprised, as well as everyone else in the room.




"Where did you get that?" Ginny asked them.


"Down in The Chamber of Secrets. We went down their to get some of  these to destroy Horcruxes." Ron replied, blushing slightly as he remember their kiss in the chamber.




He then started moving towards the door with Hermione. Ginny saw this and hurried towards them, only to be blocked by her mother and father.


"Let me go!" She hissed at them.




"No,Ginerva! It's too dangerous!" Molly told her, glaring down at her only daughter.


"Ginny, my dear, you might want to stay with Harry. I believe that he may feel some of the effects of destroying Voldemort." Dumbledore called out.


Ginny snapped her head towards Dumbledore, who was smiling at her, and nodded her head. Ginny looked back at her parents and gave them a tiny smile.


"I'll stay with Harry." She told them, walking out the door.


Arthur looked at his wife and shrugged, then followed Ginny out the door. Molly looked towards McGonagall and gave her a warm smile.


"Thank you, Minerva. For all your help." Molly told her.


"My pleasure, Molly. If you ever need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask." Minerva replied.


Molly nodded and followed her family back into the Hospital Wing, knowing more horrors would be ahead of them. Minerva looked at the portrait of Dumbledore, and frowned at him.






"You know, you could of said something before." Minerva told him.






"My dear Professor, I can only help those who ask for it." Dumbledore replied.





Ron and Hermione walked down into the dungeons, feeling it get colder and colder with every step they took.


"Here." Ron said, opening his arms for her as he saw her start to shake.


Hermione smiled and cuddled Ron, continuing down the steps. When they finally reached the landing, Hermione released Ron and held onto his hand, feeling her nerves as they started to overwhelm her. Ron saw this, and gave her hand a reassuring squeeze.


"For Harry." Ron said with a smile.


"For Harry." Hermione echoed him.


Ron pushed open Snape's old classroom door, and recoiled at the sight in front of them. Voldemort was lying eagle-spread on the cold tile, his red eyes staring into nothing. Hermione moved closer to Ron as they walked in.


Hermione stayed as close as she could to the wall as she reached a shaky hand into her pocket and grasped the Basilisk fang. Hermione looked at Ron, unsure of who should do it. Ron nodded and walked over her her, and grabbed the fang out of her hand.


"For Fred and for Harry." Ron whispered, his voice filled with determination.


Hermione nodded and gave him a quick kiss, hoping it was enough strength for him. Ron turned away from her and walked over towards Voldemort, pure hatred in his blue eyes. Ron kicked to body of Voldemort before kneeling down towards him, and raised the fang above Voldemort's heart.


"For everyone you hurt, for the lives you destroyed or killed. For Harry." Ron whispered to the snake-like body.


Ron felt his adrenaline rushing inside him, mixing with his hate for the body on the floor, and stabbed the fang into Voldemort's heart with all his might.






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