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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 18 : Study Time
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 Chapter Eighteen

Having convinced Abi that my sudden emotional outburst was down to stress and worry as my dad was ill and I had loads of work on, I spent the next few days keeping my head down and out of Lily’s ways. It was the Sunday before classes started after half-term and Hugo, Ben, Ryan and I had joined Freddie, Dom, Roxy, Al and Louis on the Quidditch Pitches as the Gryffindor Quidditch team needed to practice. I wasn’t on the team, I was decent at Quidditch but just didn’t have the passion for it that Al, Freddie, Dom, Ben and Ryan did but I enjoyed watching them. Hugo and Louis were the first two boys in the Weasley family not to have been selected for the Quidditch team in something like four generations not that it bothered either of them. Louis didn’t really need the added popularity that came with being on the team; he was good-looking and funny enough to get by and as he always said playing Quidditch often results in messy hair and possible facial injuries which he just couldn’t be dealing with

Hugo just didn’t care because he’s Hugo and he really doesn’t care about much except girls, sex and food. Ben, Ryan and I had been banished from the dorm constantly all week so he and Rebecca could study but everyone knew what they were really doing and books were not involved. Rose was disgusted and Teddy often beamed with pride as if he was a proud older brother. His teacher-student boundaries are well out of whack. The worst thing, for me, was that Hugo just wouldn’t shut up about it all to me and I hadn’t yet told him that Abi and I hadn’t done the deed yet or that I had never done it. At all. So I mainly replied with ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘really’ and ‘that’s gross, please shut up’.

Hugo’s always been something of a Freudian nightmare; he was a very dirty minded pre-teen and was often in trouble for trying to sneak into the older girls dorms in second and third year. The only girl he ever caught in a remotely compromising position was his own cousin Victorie and I don’t think the two have even spoke or looked at eachother since that incident. As everyone else took to the skies Hugo, Louis and I made our way onto the seats where we were soon joined by Rebecca, Melissa and Leila. Rebecca sat down on Hugo’s knee and they immediately began a major snogging session whilst Leila seemed transfixed on Ryan as he flew, it transpired they’d never kissed but Leila had put a paralytic Ryan to bed the night of the party. It was clear they both liked eachother but seen as though Melissa had done nothing to try and get them together I decided to not bring the subject up; unless Melissa did it was very likely it wouldn’t have been widely discussed yet

“Fuck Quidditch is so boring” groaned Hugo during the second hour we were all stuck watching the team practice “Pass the ball, fly a bit, look for a tiny gold ball and then cheer like idiots when it’s all over – what’s the point?”

“Don’t ever let James hear you talk like that” chuckled Louis “He’ll disown you or kill you or something nutty like that, I do tend to agree though I can’t see the point of it all”

“What’s the little ball called again” asked Melissa who’d become so bored she’d begun to read Hogwarts: A History whilst sending scathing looks to Leila who’d clearly dragged her along so she could watch Ryan

“The Snitch” the rest of us replied in the same bored, monotone voice which was followed by laughter all around. I’d been the only one really paying attention throughout the whole thing (Leila just looked at Ryan, nobody else) and I thought the team looked as if they were in good shape for the upcoming Slytherin match. I really wanted them to win it purely to see the look on Malfoy’s face and I quite liked the idea of Lily being torn between him and family

She was mysteriously absent from the proceedings, despite being a chaser, though Rebecca told me she was in bed with a cold. In bed with Malfoy more like, she wasn’t even making any attempt to hide it anymore and it was only a matter of time before they were found out now. I felt bad when I thought of how Al and everyone else would react but I’d resigned myself to the fact that this was all Lily’s fault

As the practice continued Hugo, Melissa, Rebecca and I began our Transfiguration homework that we’d had all week to do but just hadn’t; Leila and Louis were deep in conversation about something. Both were looking up at the team; Leila transfixed on Ryan and Louis transfixed on Ben. There was still a definite tension between the two that hadn’t gone unnoticed; Hugo reckoned Ben had accidentally spilled Louis’ cologne or hair gel. I agreed, Louis was very obsessed with his image and how he looked. A metrosexual I believe is the correct term

“I bloody hate Transfiguration” Hugo complained “And Collinson hates me, she just gives me this look where it feels like she can see into my soul and she tries to crush it. Bloody witch, I swear she and my mum are in correspondence”

“Babe, is there actually anyone that you do like” asked Rebecca with a giggle. Hugo answered that he liked her and soon they were kissing again leaving Melissa and I to look awkwardly at one another

“So where’s Abi today then” she asked me

“Oh she and a few friends have tickets to go and see the Wicked Sisters reunion in Glasgow” I replied, relieved I wouldn’t be in attendance “Had it booked for months”

Hugo and Rebecca eventually finished kissing, we eventually finished the homework and the practice ended not soon afterwards. As we were getting up I noticed Louis and Leila in a very deep looking conversation, I hadn’t glanced at them for about an hour but it seemed the conversation had been going on for quite some time. Leila turned around having heard us all get up and mouthed “Just leave us”; I nodded and followed Hugo and the others down to the Quidditch pitch. I looked back and saw Leila embrace Louis in a hug. Louis had a hard time last summer, he’d finally summoned the courage to come out to his family and friends but not everyone had been accepting of it.

“That’s weird” said Hugo standing next to me “Trust me, something is going on there; I hope no one’s giving a hard time over being gay. I’ll kill em”

“I’ll be right there with you mate” I agreed looking at Ben flying around the pitch, glaring at Louis every so often

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