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Such is Life by timeturner_4197
Chapter 3 : Awkward Encounters
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I hate my life. I really do. Why do I have such bad luck? This would only happen to me. I need to get my anger out. Maybe I’ll go try and de-gnome the Hogwarts garden after this. It’s always fun to watch innocent gnomes fly from their homes. Or maybe I’ll just borrow Dom’s beater bat and start hitting people with it.

Yeah, that’ll work...

Of course, I do want to spend more time with Scorpius. I really like him, but he just makes me so nervous. And how am I supposed to even speak to him after what happened? I mean, it’s not like we ever talked much before. Am I supposed to act like we’ve never spoken? Or am I supposed to just act like we’re old buddies with a history? Or am I supposed to be mean to him or are we going to be mature towards each other? I’m so confused.

He turns his chair and looks back at me after Slughorn calls our names. I, of course, start to turn red…

After everyone’s names are called, we are told to get together and discuss the assignment. Malfoy starts to get up and I clear the seat next to me.

“Hey,” he starts. “So I was thinking we should get a start on this soon so I’m not kept up so late again.”

I politely laugh at his attempt at a joke. Then I start to plan everything.

“Yeah, we should probably start right away. I have quidditch practice Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. And I don’t know when you’re available but I think we should get together every day besides those. And if you’re busy then we could just meet in the morning or something. It’s just that this project is really important and-“

“Whoa Rose slow down. You’re really on the ball aren’t you? I never thought that you were this controlling.”

I make an angry face that could rival my Aunt Ginny’s.

“Well I’m sorry; I never knew I was that controlling either! I’m just trying to get a good grade! It’s important!”  I protest.


“You’ve never seemed this sensitive either. Geez, it was a joke. And you look a lot like your Aunt Ginny when you make that face.”

“Hm. Well…when are you free?” I asked, trying to wrap this up.

“I have practice Wednesday and Friday. So do Sunday afternoons and Tuesday mornings sound good?”

“And Fridays during our free hour,” I add, irritated.

“Fine,” he finishes.

“Fine,” I reply.

We sort of glare at each other as we get up. The bell rings and my heart starts to flutter as I watch him stomp out.

Our relationship is really confusing.



After classes I walk lazily to the Gryffindor Tower. As I enter the common room, I am bombarded by James and his lot asking me questions about things that I really couldn’t care less about.

“Hey Rose, what was that spell that Uncle George used to fill a Percy’s shoes with thestral dung at Christmas last year? I could really use it.”

I give him a ‘are you’re really asking me this’ look and shoo him off.  I walk up to my dormitory.

When I arrive, I am greeted by a girl with golden brown hair sitting on her bed, painting her nails.

Caroline King is one of my closest friends. She’s kind of a bitch but she’s one of the people you need to keep around for comic effect. Caroline often speaks her mind and likes to stand up for herself. She’s well liked because she says the things that everyone is thinking but is too timid to say aloud.

“Hey Rose.”

“Merlin Caroline, I swear the world hates me,” I say flopping onto my bed.

“Why? Just because you’re paired with Scorpius for that potions project? He’s not that bad, you know. Oh yeah, but I forgot that you hate him for no reason,” she states in a sassy tone.

“Don’t be a smart arse with me, King. He’s a wanker and I strongly dislike him.”

“Well, Rose, you haven’t really spoken to him much…”

Oh, Caroline, how little do you know.

“And you better start liking him. This is a really big project.”

“You’re just in a good mood because you got paired with Al” I add. I’ve had this feeling that she and Al have liked each other since the third year. I know Al likes her. He told me after a few too many fire whiskeys at a Slytherin victory party last year. But Caroline is too stubborn to admit it.

“Well I could have gotten paired worse, I guess,” she says casually, drying her nails.

“Right… Let’s go grab some dinner. I’m starving.”


We walk down to dinner and run into a giggling Dom on the way. But she’s not alone. Merlin, don’t I ever get a break?

“Hey guys,” Caroline manages to say through a fit of laughter at the arrival of my enemy. She nudges me.


“Hey,” Dom begins. “Scorp and I were just talking about our projects. Can you believe Slughorn put me with Thomas Henry? I mean, he’s kind of cute but…”

Scorp? This is weird. Dom and Malfoy talk occasionally, but they are never alone. And Scorp? She has never called him Scorp! And the way he’s acting towards her seems like he’s trying to put the moves on her…

Or maybe I’m just a jealous bitch and nothing is happening.

“He’s really cute, Dom. And smart. You two will do well together,” Caroline states.

“Yeah, very true,” Dom agrees.

“And have you seen his eyes? They’re so blue! He’s what you call ‘man pretty.’”

Caroline and Dom continue to discuss Thomas while I try my best to hold back my glares at Malfoy.

Malfoy notices and throws me a cheeky smirk.

“Well can you believe I got paired with Rose Weasely?” he jokes.

“Yeah…you lucked out,” I retaliated with an Aunt Ginny face.


I'm not really happy with this chapter but the next one will be sort of a filler just get the story moving. Thanks for reading and please review! 


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