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My Secret Admirer! by MusicLover17
Chapter 5 : Pleasant Surprises!
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Hermione's POV

"HERMIONE, HERMIONE!" I hear someone shouting my name waking me from my sleep i grunt and role over to see Ginny smiling down at me.

"What?" I ask half annoyed.

"Happy Birthday Hermione! Come on get up you have presents down stairs from me and the guys and your parents have sent you something aswell." I smile at her and roll my eyes.

"Okay i'm getting up." I role out of bed and walk over to the bathroom. about ten minutes later i come out still in my Pj's and Ginny and I make our way down stairs to see Harry and Ron already down there.

"Happy Birthday Hermione!" Harry said pulling me into a tight hug, i smile and hug him back. "Thanks Harry."

"Happy Birthday Hermione!" says Ron giving me a quick hug and handing me a bag.

"Thanks Ron!" I smile at him and open the bag pulling out a book on Potions and a box of candy.

"Aww thanks Ron, i love it." Giving him another hug and quick kiss on his cheek. "I wasn't really sure what to get you but i hope you like it.!"

"I do Ron really thank you." He smiles at me, and Harry hands me his present. "Here you go Hermione." I take the present and pull out a Holyhead Harpies top out my favourite Quidditch team i smile widely at Harry and pull the top on me. "Oh Harry this is great even looks like me size."

"Had it specially made for you 'Mione turn it around." I do and it has 'Mione on the back with the number 18 under my name. "Oh Harry this is so great thank you." I walk over and give him a quick kiss on the cheek seeing him blushing slightly.

"My turn now boys." Ginny said carrying a bag with a box inside. "But before i give you it maybe you should open your present from your parents Hermione."

"Okay." I turn around and pick up the box my parents have sent me opening it up to find a purple lace dress that went down to my mid-thigh i held it against me and ran upstairs to look in the mirror it was so beautiful and it looked as though it would hug my curves so well. Oh i have to thank my parents so much for this it must have cost a fortune. I ran back down stairs back to the guys.

"So you like it then Hermione."

"Oh Ginny look at it it's so beautiful."

"Yeah and you are going to look so amazing in it tonight."

"Oh yeah the party i kinda forgot about that, least now i have something to wear."

"Yeah now open my present." Ginny said handing my the bag.

I opened it and pulled out the box lifting the lid to see a pair of black high heel stilettos.

"Oh Ginny these will be so perfect with the dress, thank you so much."

"Your welcome Hermione." she said giving me a quick hug.

"I actually can't wait for us to get ready i'm so excited." I smile a her. "Yeah well i'm hungry so i think i'm gonna get some breakfast first."

"Yeah good idea come on let's go get dressed."

About an hour later we were all sitting in the great hall having breakfast alot of people had come over to me and said 'Happy Birthday' i was quick surprised by it all to be honest i didn't think that many people new it was my birthday, how wrong i was.

"Hermione what time is it?"

"Uh..just gone 10 oclock, why?"

"I just wondered."

"I think it's to early to start getting ready yet Gin."

"Oh yeah i know that i just wondered that's all."

"Okay well i'll see you guys in a bit okay i'm gonna go send a quick thank you to my parents for the dress then i think i'm gonna go to the library for a while if you need me."

"There she is." Harry said, making me smile.

I got up and left pulling a piece of parchment out of my back pocket and a pen, i leant against the wall and quickly wrote a small note to my parents before quickly making my way up to the Owlery. I gave my owl a little treat and sent her away with the note.

"Hello Hermione." I turn around to see Malfoy standing across the room from me.

"Hey Draco, how are you?" I ask nervously which is weird why am i nervous it's Malfoy, Malfoy.

"I'm doing okay, Happy Birthday by the way." I walk a little closer to him and smile. "Thanks."

"So what are you doing up here?" He asks, moving over to stand infront of me.

"Just sending a quick thank you note to my parents."

"Ahh..what did they get you?"

"Oh they got me this beautiful dress, you'll see it tonight."

"I will."

"Yes i mean you are going to the party are you not?"

"I uh..haven't really decided yet."

"Oh...well...uh i hope you do decide to come." I smile up at him but he only stares back.

"Well i'm gonna go i haven't really paid much attention to the library this year and i think it misses me." I laugh a little but he doesn't respond he just keeps watching me.

"Hopefully see you tonight then Draco." He nods once and heads out the door. What is wrong with him? Did i do something? Maybe he regrets everything he said a week ago. Oh i have to find out

"Draco, Draco." I run down the stairs but he's already gone. I look around but he's out of sight and nowhere to be seen. I sigh a little a walk off to the library. Can't be me i mean i haven't done anything, not that i know of anyway. I walk into the library and head to the very back picking up the first random book i saw and sitting down in one of the armchairs beside the window.

He looked quite sad or worried maybe i couldn't really understand his expression maybe he had just got some bad new or something i never asked him what he was doing there. Maybe i should go look for him, No Hermione that would be to weird, especially because you haven't really spoken to him very much since that night at the lake, yeah come to think about it the only things that have been said between us were 'hellos' and 'see you laters' Maybe me and Malfoy were just never meant to be friends, no that can't be it i mean that night at the lake well that was nice and we actuallt spoke with eachother and he even hugged me that can't mean nothing right. I don't know i'll have to talk to him hopefully i will see him later.


I look up from my book to see Ginny standing infront of me.

"Yeah what's up?"

"Come on we have to start getting ready."

"Already what time is it?"

"It's 4:30 Hermione."

"Really have i been here that long oh...okay lets go then."

We make our way back to the common room and up to the girls dorms, i go straight into the bathroom and jump into the shower, washing my hair with my favourite shampoo and conditioner that smells like cherrys with a hint of orange in there too. I quickly get out and wrap my hair in an towel with one wrapped around my body aswell and step back into our room.

"Okay Hermione i think we should start with hair then make up then dress okay."

"Uh..okay then Ginny your the boss."

"Hermione don't say that i might actually start ordering you around." We laugh at eachother and start to get ready. After about an hour and a half i am just putting my shoes on and fixing the necklace from my admirer. I look at myself in the mirror and smile wow Ginny did a great job my hair is now fixed nicely into waves floating down my back and my make-up i'm not wearing very much just some foundation, a little blush, some mascara and a little lip gloss she did a really great job. I admire my dress it really does hug my curves great, and my shoes make my legs look soo long and i'm only 5 foot 7.

I turn around and look at Ginny her hair is straight hanging almost to the bottom of her back, her make-up is pretty much the same as mine with a tad more blush i think, she is wearing a black dress that stops mid-thigh like mine with a thin red belt around her middle, they match her shoes perfect her bright red stilettos.

"You ready Hermione?"

"Yeah i think so but what about the boys?"

"Don't worry they are going to meet us there."

"Okay, cool."

We walk down the stairs and i'm surprised to see that no one is here, but i quickly let it go and follow Ginny out into the corridor.

"Ginny where is everyone."

"Already there i guess."

"They're a bit early are they not?"

"Nor really it did start about 10 minutes ago."

"So we're late then."

"It's fashionable to be late Hermione." I laugh as we stop out side the great hall, i turn to Ginny puzzled but she has a huge smile on her face.

"Ginny what's going on?"

"Nothing come on." Sh said grabbing my hand and pulling one of the doors open but the room is pitch black.

"Ginny i think this is the wrong room i thought it was supposed to be in the..."


I jump back holding my hand to my chest, the lights had suddenly came on and i saw everyone standing in the hall watching me with smiles on there faces.

I gasp speechless and look around the hall it's full with decorations, a band up at the top of the hall with banners all around with 'Happy Birthday Hermione' on them and a few tables around, two long tables with food and drinks on them and ballons all around.

I turn to look at Ginny how is standing beside me smiling her face off.

"Did we surpirse you?" she asks.

"Are you kidding me? I don't know what to say, i can't believe you did all this for me. So this is why you've all been acting so weird. Oh my Merlin."

Harry and Ron suddenly run up to me giving me a quick hug. "Sorry we've been acting weird Hermione but it did take alot for us to keep this from you. Are we forgiven?"

"Uh, yeah." I say laughing "But i still can't believe you did all of this for me, this is to much."

"No it's not you deserve it 'Mione all of it so enjoy it okay."

I smile up at Harry. "I will thank you so much Harry i'm so lucky to have you all as my friends thank you so much."

After a few hours of dancing with Ginny and the boys i went over and sat down at one of the table taking a drink and watching Ginny dance with Blaise from Slytherin, i smile at her and she smiles a big chessy smile back at me. Hmm..i wonder if Draco did come. I look around the room but can't seem to find him, i sigh a little and turn back to my drink. He didn't come to my birthday party, did he know it was a surprise party? I don't know but why wouldn't he come. I...I want him here.

I stand up and make my way out of the hall hopeing by some chance i would see him but no such luck, i walk outside and stand taking in some fresh air. I close my eyes for a second then open them to see a figure walking down by the lake, maybe it's Draco i walk over the grass not caring about my shoes and walk over to the figure. I figure stops and turns to look at me but who ever this is has there hood up so i couldn't see there face. It walks closer to me and step back a little, and the figure stops.

"Who are you?" I ask not stoping looking at the person.

"Hermione you came." I stood looking at the figure puzzled what was he talking about i realised he was a he by hearing his voice but how does he know my name.

"What do you mean i came, who are you?"

"Hermione it's me your secret admirer."

I continued to stare oh my god my secret admirer i can't believe i actually forgot about him, i've been to busy thinking about Draco that i forgot about him.

"You are?"

"Yes." He said taking another step forward.

"Who are you, you said you would reveal yourself to me at the party why didn't you come up to me?"

"Because you are expecting prince charming and that's not me i don't even derserve to be standing here talk with you. You will be disapointed if i reveal myself to you, you will laugh in my face or scream at me."

"I think i'll be the judge of that. Please show me who you are." I was basically begging him to.

He pulled down him hood and i couldn't help but feel my chest rising and falling so fast, i could feel my heart beat getting quicker i just couldn't believe it was him. Draco Malfoy.

I ran forward and through my arms around his neck. He seemed surprised for a second then pulled me into a tighter embrase. "You have no idea how happy i am to know it's you, i wanted it so much to be you, you've been constantly on my mind i actually forgot about all of this because i kept thinking about you."

He pulled away and rested his forhead against mine. "You mean that?" he asked still shocked.

"Yes, Draco i...i think i'm in love with you."

He picked me up in that minute and spun me around and putting back down him short of breath. "Hermione, i love you. Always have and always will, and now i have you and i'm never letting you go ever."

I sigh and rest my head on his chest. "You'll never have to." I reached up and ran my hand across his cheek stepping into his body and giving him the most longed for, desired, passionate kiss. He wrapped me in his arms and pulled my closer to him. He pulled away slightly and whispered, "Happy Birthday Angel." I closed my eyes and kissed him again.

This is the best birthday ever and the best present i could ever ask for!

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