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My Darling Princess by mary_ducks
Chapter 3 : Date Night
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 Hermione paced inside of her room waiting for the knock on her door that would alert her of Viktor's arrival, glaring at a stray strand of hair she whipped out a brush and coaxed it back into the elegant bun she had spent hours perfecting. Spinning slowly as to admire herself from all positions she smirked with satisfaction, never before would anyone in their wildest dreams would have pictured her in such a revealing and tight outfit. She was wearing a low cut v-neck red shirt and a tight very short pencil skirt that ended in her mid thigh, over all the outfit accentuated her pale skin color and showed off her curves, because even though she was short of stature she was curvy and voluptuous where other girls were severely lacking.

She wished once again that she had Ginny’s red tresses instead of her mess of brown curls that although were no longer a frizzy mess, still nearly impossible to contain. Her eyes were just to normal to, the only thing Hermione wished for was to have some feature of herself that was completely different than everyone else, like maybe she could have purple eyes or long black hair that was almost blue anything but her ordinariness



Viktor strutted up the stairs to where Hermione had told him her room was located in the Leaky Cauldron, in one hand he held a bouquet of roses and in the other he held the keys to a muggle invention Hermione had spoken to him about once, it was called a car more specifically a 1960's Cadillac convertible. He knocked on her door three times before taking a step back and awaiting the girl who had haunted him for the past 6 years, when she opened the door his mind was blown as he realized just how much she had grown in the last half a decade.

“Her- Hermy-own-ninny.” he stammered trying to wrap his head around the image of the beautiful vixen in front of him.

“Hello Viktor, come on in I’m almost ready I’m just trying to find my other shoe.” she said pointing to her small barren foot. Ushering him inside Hermione resumed her search for her missing stilettos, she got on her hands and knees trying to see if the shoe was hidden under the couches or her bed, it was still invisible to her eyes.

Viktor eyed Hermione's bum as she searched for her shoe, he remembered what exactly had drawn him to her the first moment he spoke to her, she hadn’t shouted out or fainted she had raised an eyebrow and asked, “is that supposed to impress me?” as he had bragged about being one of the best quidditch players to live.

“Found it!” Hermione shouted in glee as she pulled the shoe out from under the bed, pulling the black shoe onto her bare foot she grabbed a small purse and swung it on her arm. “Ready to go?” she asked smoothing out her skirt.

“Ov course, vut virst these are for vu.” he drawled giving her the bouquet of roses, her eyes lit up happily as she summoned a vase and filled it with water.

“Oh thank so much Viktor they are lovely.” she said grinning placing the red roses into the vase. “So what do you have planned for tonight?” she asked taking his arm.

“A surprise.” he stated simply.



“You know how to drive?” Hermione asked as Viktor led them to a cherry red 1960's convertible Cadillac.

“No, vut I was hoping vu did.” he said smiling sheepishly.

“Well you're in lucky because I love to drive.” Hermione said as he handed the keys over to her.

“So where are we going?” she asked as she started the ignition her heart purring along with the roar of the engine.

“That is up to you, but I have a dinner reserved for us at 7:30.” he said with a lazy grin.

“Alright, I think I know where exactly I want to go.” she said putting the car in the drive and racing away.

“Why are ve at the Veach?” Viktor asked as they got out of the convertible.

“I love the beach especially at sunset, it looks just so beautiful you know, it has a certain mysteriousness to it.” Hermione replied as she grabbed his hand and led him towards the water while kicking off her shoes. She spun around in a circle relishing the feeling of sand in her toes, Viktor watched her mildly amused at least until she leaped onto him knocking them both onto the ground. She giggled as she straddled her legs on either side of his hips, “I like this view much better of you.” she giggled tapping his nose with her index finger.

“I vink I vould eventually vome to like it, vut not vite now.” Viktor said with a grin flipping Hermione over so he was on top, “I myself have alvays preferred the position of power.” she gave him a sheepish smile as she snaked her arms around his neck and whispered.

“I’m not one who enjoys being on the bottom, but if you're on top I don’t think I would mind that much.” her voice was low and sultry causing Viktor to lower his eyelids in anticipation for a kiss. Hermione leaned back on her elbows and was just about to place her lips on his cheek when camera's started flashing out of nowhere and questions were being thrown at them from all sides.

Viktor sighed as Hermione turned a bright pink and tried to hide herself from the flashing lights and screams, “Vy does this alvays happen?” he moaned as he got off Hermione helping her onto their feet as they ran past reporters towards the old Cadillac.

Viktor watched as Hermione's chest rapidly fell up and down as she started the engine, he could just barely keep his eyes on her face as she spoke. “SO where should we go now, I really don’t want this evening to end yet.”

“Vell, it is close to seven so ve can go to the restaurant if vu like?” he offered his eyes lingering over her exposed lacy black bra.

“Sure where is it?” she said noticing his line of sight and pulling up her shirt in embarrassment

“Hm, oh its in Manchester.” he said slightly put out that the view he had been enjoying had been blocked.

“Manchester, Viktor that is 5 hours away.” Hermione cried, “The only way we will make it is if we apparate or some type of port key.”

“Then lets apparate, hold my hand and do not let go.” he commanded.

“I just cant leave this beautiful car on the side of the road! Someone would steal it!” Hermione cried.

“then where else can we leave it?” he asked slightly annoyed with Hermione, he wanted to get to the fun part of the night.

“I don’t know, I’m pretty sure there’s a small neighborhood nearby where we can park the car and then we can walk behind a house and apparate from there.” she said as she took a couple of exits and a few right turns. She grinned her memory had not failed her, this was where she had grown up Darwin Drive. With a deft movement she parked the car near the curb and got out of it, her heart left somewhere between the seat cushions and engine.



“French?” Hermione asked as the waiter led them to a small table near a whole bunch of other tables that were filled with people.

“Vy yes, is there a problem?” Viktor asked as he pulled out her chair and seated himself.

“Why of course not.” she replied taking in her surroundings, she was in a large 2 story restaurant with silver and gold encrusted into the walls and tables. There were also huge spider shaped chandeliers every five feet, and everything was written in french, regrettably it was the one language Hermione had no love for ironically.

“Here are you're menu's what is it that you would like to drink for tonight?” the waiter asked in a heavy french accent that Hermione immediately hated.

“ I vould like ve finest wine you have available.” Viktor said ordering for the two.

“Anything else?”

“To drink no.” Viktor replied staring at Hermione intently as he waived off the parrot shaped nosed waiter. “So Hermy-ninny vow is vork going vor vu now?” he asked trying to lift one eyebrow and failing.

“Oh its wonderful, my entire line is ready for next week's fall fashion show and lets just say I have a few tricks up my sleeves.” she said with a wink.

“Hermy-ninny your not vearing any sleeves.” he stated dumbly gesturing to her bare arms.

“Yes I know that, its a figure of speech you know like who let the cat out of the bag.” she replied.

“There is a vat in a vag? Vy don’t vu let it out?” he said alarmed.

“No Viktor it means who told the big secret.” she said trying to calm him, it seemed to her he had taken one to many bludgers to the head.

“Oh, vat makes vense I did not vee vu as the vype of girl who held vats in vags.” he replied giving her a small grin as Hermione stayed silent not quite sure how to continue the conversation.



“May I please take your order?” the waiter asked reappearing quieter than a vampire.

“Hm, oh um start with him I’m not quite sure yet.” Hermione said pointing to Viktor as he said a series of words that Hermione did not understand one bit.

“And you Madam?” the waiter asked gesturing towards Hermione.

“Oh um I think I would like-”

“She vill have the Caesar salad.” Viktor interrupted giving Hermione a this-smile-is-supposed-to-make-you-faint-but-i-should-really-stop-because-you-look-like-you-want-to-kill-me. Even the waiter looked surprised that Viktor had ordered for Hermione.

“Is that all?” the waiter asked giving Hermione a chance to change her mind.

“Yes that is all, please go now.” Viktor said waving him off impatiently. He left with an indignant huff and padded away angrily.

“SO hermy-ninny vhat is going to ve in your next show?” he asked stupidly clearly not remembering what their earlier conversation was about.

“That is a secret Viktor, someone might overhear and steal my ideas!” Hermione said sternly and realizing her mistake she faked a giggle and tilted her head to the side slightly, “ we don’t want that now do we?” she asked lifting a single eyebrow successfully.

“Of course not!” he exclaimed clapping his hands as he served them both a glass of wine, which Hermione stared at in disdain she had vowed she would never in her life drink any sort of alcoholic beverage (except for champagne) ever since she graduated from Hogwarts a year after the war ended.

“So vow long has it veen since weve last seen each over?” he asked not taking any notice as to the fact that she refused to drink the wine.

“Um I believe its been about 4 years.” Hermione said counting on her fingers how long it had been since Bill and Fleur's wedding.

“Vreally then vat veans vu owe me a vance.” he drawled happier than a child on Christmas morning when they have noticed that there was a mountain full of presents addressed to them.

“Well, I’m not much of a dancer now Viktor and I’m much to tired to dance at the moment.” she replied grimacing at the thought of dancing with him especially since he had already drunk five whole glasses of wine.

“Come on Hermmmm-ninny.” he begged serving himself yet another glass of expensive wine, part of it sloshing onto the white table linen.

“Um maybe not tonight Viktor perhaps next time?” she offered feeling squeemish as he downed the wine in one go, he grinned the grin of the drunks as his face began to turn red from to much alcohol.

“Next time?” he purred his hand clumsily trying to stroke hers but his attention was stolen by his empty glass he frowned at it and poured himself another but not a single drop of wine escaped from the bottle it was all gone.

“Waiter!” he barked slamming his fist on the table causing Hermione to wince. “More wine! Two more!” he demanded happily.

“Sir, I think it would be best if you had cider instead you seem to have drank just a little too much this night.” he offered sparing Hermione a pitying glance.

“No I demand you give me more wine!” Viktor growled his accent disappearing and turning into a perfect American accent, Hermione and the waiter gasped in shock. “Vhere is vy wine!” he growled.

“I'll be right back sir.” he said scurrying away like a filthy rat, reappearing moments later he had two bottles of wine in his overly large hands.

Viktor grinned once more serving himself another healthy amount of wine. “Mininmimie do vu vants some?” he asked shoving a wine bottle in her face.

“No thank you.” she replied curtly.

“Please Mininimieee?” he begged.

“I’m sorry Viktor but no, this night shouldn’t go on anymore, your drunk and I refuse to get drunk.” Hermione stated angrily pushing her chair back and standing up as Viktor latched an iron grip onto her wrist. “Viktor let go of my arm, you're causing a scene, please let go or I will hex you so bad, you'll be sober.” she growled. 

“Hermione you are going to sit down and enjoy the rest of the night.” he said sternly slipping into his American English, she was so startled she sat down in her seat, but refused to touch the food.

“Good, now vet's order dessert.” he growled in his Bulgarian accent.



The night drawled on for Hermione and eventually Viktor was so drunk he completely forgot he was to be playing the role of Bulgarian Quidditch Star Viktor Krum.

“Mimininminee I want more wine!” he cried standing up angrily and his eyes went wide as he lost balance tripped over the table and let out a disgusting moan as he emptied the contents of his stomach all over Hermione.

She stood up in disgust and was about ready to puke as well because of the stench but she managed to keep her digested food where it belonged unlike Viktor who continued to throw up all over her empty seat. She waved over a waiter and felt her knees get all wobbly as Viktor finally finished vomiting and turned towards her.

“This night is not over! Sit your ass down now!” he growled vomit remains clutched to his face and shirt.

“No I’m sorry Viktor, but this night just cant go on anymore.” Hermione apologized her eyes widening in anger and fear as Viktor stood up to his full height (6'3) and towered over her, the next part was a blur as she stepped backwards in shock. 

“You did not just disrespect Hermione Granger like that.” Draco growled as he gently  caight Hermione in his arms, who he then on passed her on to his mother.

“What if I did death eater.” Viktor growled in his American accent.

“I am no longer a death eater, but I can assure you that anyone who harms a hair on her head will not have myself to answer to but Harry Potter as well.” Draco threatened, “Now I will give you one chance apologize and never speak to her again.”

“Oh please, why should I listen to you?” he asked finishing his bottle of wine and smashing it against the table pointing the jagged broken end towards Draco.

“Because that’s a good question but either way it wont end up very well for you.” he replied non nonchalantly as Viktor threw the bottle at him. Draco silently cast a shield charm and the bottle smashed just inches from his face. With a roar of anger Viktor charged Draco fist flying and connecting with his shoulder, the first blow had been placed and now Draco could simply knock him out with one punch which he did with a quick uppercut to the face.

Viktor reeled back and fell onto the floor his eyes closing and his nose bloody from contact. Draco stared down at him in disgust before turning to Hermione.

“Are you alright?” he asked placing a concerned gentle hand to where Viktor had slapped her.

“I’m fine, I just I just want to go.” she whispered in shock.

“Alright.” he replied removing his hand and going over to a waiter to pay for Hermione's and Viktor's bill.

“Hermione sweetheart I think it would be best if you stayed the night at the manor instead of at your room in the Leaky Cauldron, you shouldn’t be alone tonight.” Narcissa whispered to Hermione leading her to the apparation point as they waited for Draco to return. Hermione nodded numbly in return holding her cheek gently not because of the pain but because of the sudden heat that had emerged when Draco had placed his hand there.

“Narcissa I feel so tired.” Hermione whispered laying her head on the shoulder of the beautiful elderly witch.

“Its alright Hermione Draco is on his way back and then we can apparate to the manor.” she replied stroking Hermione's hair which had fallen out of its bun when Viktor had slapped her.



“Draco?” Hermione's whispered as he led her to her room in the manor, Narcissa had already gone to bed after tea leaving Hermione and Draco alone.

“Yes Hermione?” he said turning towards the girl he loved so much.

“Hold me, please.” she whispered as he closed the distance between them wrapping his strong arms around her. With a sigh, she placed her head on his chest and began to cry deep sorrowful tears. “ I just wanted to get back at Ron, but whats the point of I just end up making a fool of myself?” she sobbed clutching onto Draco.

“Perhaps the only way you can truly get back at him is not by forcing it, but by actually being happy and showing him what he's missing out of.” he replied still holding her close, this was how it should be, her wrapped in his arms where she was safe, safe from all of the cruelty the world had shoved onto her shoulders.

“Hmm perhaps, I’m so tired Draco, I just want to sleep for one night with no bad dreams.” she continued to whisper against his chest her eyes closed.

“Why don’t you sleep with me tonight?”he offered hopefully.

“ That would be nice.” she whispered not moving towards Draco’s room. “Don’t let me go.” she never heard Draco’s reply because in that moment she fell into the deep caress of sleep.

“I promise I will never let you go.” he whispered carrying Hermione bridal style to his room and laying her on his bed. “I love you Granger more than life.”



So how was that?? I hope you guys liked because i did next chapter is filled with draco/hermione 
Lots of Love








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