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You Should Have Lied by caspianlove
Chapter 1 : Courage to tell me
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Hermione Pov

"Goodbye Harry I'll see you tomorrow." I called over my shoulder as I hit the elavator button to go to the main floor of the Ministry building. At that point in time I don't know why but I felt as if everything was going to change when I got home. I don't know if it would be in a good way or bad but regardless I don't like change, and a change was about to come. Walking over to the floo I said goodbye to the receptionist Milda and called out the name of our home.

"Ron? Ron love are you home?" I heard a little jumble going on in the kitchen and soon enough Ron peeked his head out with his normal goffy smile. Sighing gratefully I took my scarf and coat off and hung them up to dry the snow off. I went to give him a kiss but he turned his head causing me to catch his cheek. He had never done that before. Sighing he pinched the bridge of his nose and signaled for me to sit so I did. "Ron? Darling what is it?"

"Hermione, you're my bestfriend and I love you, I really do. Just not in the same way I did three years ago." My heart shattered, he was leaving me, leaving our life together. "And there's really no easy way for me to say this. Look, I've been...getting together with Lavender and...we just seem to really hit it off.," Not only was he leaving her but for the girl that had gotten in the way of their love before.

"So that's it Ronald, you're not even going to try and salvage this marriage?!" she yelled standing up from the chair and pacing the floor quickly. He flinced a little at her words but didn't say anything. "SAY SOMETHING RONALD!" He stood and placed a hand on both her shoulders and looked her in the eye.

"There's nothing to salvage 'Mione, I'll be in touch soon." Without even thinking she pushed him away and ran out the front door ignoring his calls for her. She just ran and ran down various alley's until she bumped into something tall and hard. Looking up she saw a face she hadn't seen for five years, not since graduation. If she was being hpnest with herself she thought she would never see him again.

"What did Weasel do this time Granger?" Malfoy asked helping her stand up and brushed the snow off her. "Come now it's been five years and I have a feeling you need someone to talk to." Taking her hand he led her inside the door and into a warm, cosy looking house. She was beside herself she expected Malfoy would be living in his childhodd home.

"Ronald has decided Lavender is worth throwing me and everything we have away." Just saying the words outloud made her want to cry. But she wouldn't, not in front of this man that had so suddenly shown up in her world again. She heard a bustling in the back room and in walked Pansy Parkinson...Hell maybe it was Malfoy now. Seeing her she jumped up and headed for the door.

"Sit back down Granger, Pansy can you give me a second?' She nodded before closing the door back and Malfoy pulled her back down beside him on the couch. "Weasley's an idiot Granger no doubt about it. But he's madly in love with you so I don't see him not trying to win you back." He murmurer in her ear and she shivered as his breath hit her neck.

"Yeah well first thing tomorrow i'm going to the Ministry and filing for divorce." She said determindly. Malfoy chuckled a little and she took this time to look him over. His hair was a little darker now, almost a honey color, his eyes still the same shade of cold marble but they didn't hold sadness anymore. His facical features and muscles had become more defined and Hermione had to admit he wasn't that bad looking.

"Tell you what Granger, since it's past time for little girls to be out you stay here tonight. Tomorrow when Pansy goes to work we'll finish this converstaion." she nodded and followed him to a guest bedroom. "Get some sleep granger." She smiled and nextled under the covers trying to will sleep to consume her. One question replayed over and over in her mind.

Why was Malfoy being so nice to her?

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You Should Have Lied: Courage to tell me


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