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Rosaline by feathers101
Chapter 2 : Chapter ii
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Chapter image of Lana Del Rey, from Australian Vogue. The quote is from "An Irish Airman Forsees His Death" by W B Yeats. 




Practicality is an underrated quality these days. For most people, an intense shock would keep them hiding to themselves for a couple of days.


Me? I was up and showered by half eight the next morning. True, I had spent the night behind a statue, acting like some sort of miserable Roman wailing widow, but I was over it.


It was behind me. Today was a new day. It was beautiful and bright and-


It was grey and dark and miserable out, truth be told. My life, however, wasn’t a pathetic fallacy so my mood was great. I love mornings.


I hummed to myself as I dressed in the dorm, ignoring the angry groans of my roommates. Somebody was hungover, and Ingrid Borbachyov knows who I'm talking about!


They had cerainly stayed out at the party way later than me. They didn’t have quidditch training this morning anyway so they probably wouldn’t be up for hours.


I went to the mirror to examine my face. A bit of magically enriched facecream removed the bags from under my eyes in moments.


I felt brilliant as I moved around the room again. Maybe it was the lack of sleep, the utter exhaustion, that was causing this, but damn I felt good. I run well on lack of sleep. 


I pondered what it was that attracted Scorpius to Lily. Perhaps it was her utter dullness. He had probably never met anyone like that before. Everyone he had gone out with in Hogwarts so far had been extraordinary.


Scorpius was clever, but so was I. Lily, however, was bookish but not truly intellegent. She was also rather shy and quiet; the kind of person who never puts themselves forward for anything.


I didn’t know why I was acting so upset, anyway. Scorpius went out with loads of girls and it never lasted long. I just couldn’t get out of my head the way he had looked at her. It was different to how he usually acted around his girlfriends.


He was doing the whole emotions shit! Usually, Scorpius just wandered around with his tongue stuck down his current girlfriend's throat. 


I packed my schoolbooks into my bag and made my way to the library. I always studied in the library early in the morning, as no one elso was there. You didn’t want to come across as a nerd, but I did need really good exam results.


You don’t just become a prefect- tipped to be headgirl- from lazing around.


After about two hours, people were starting to come into the library so it was time to leave. I nearly bumped into my younger brother (or bother, take your pick), Hugo.


Poor fella had got all the Weasley genes. Awkward and gangly with a cloud of orange hair, he truly fit in with our family. I said hello to him politely.


He looked terrified and ran for the library door. Well, that was rude. 


I stared after him, quirking my eyebrows slightly. It never failed to puzzle me how he thought of my only as a Slytherin during school term. Not that I was the nicest of sisters. In fact, I didn't really do the whole nice thing. 


He avoided me like dragon pox.


…But if anyone should be avoiding somone like dragon pox, it should be me avoiding him. Those freckles were like some sort of illness. He looked practically diseased.


I shrugged my shoulders and continued on my way. What did he know, bloody Hufflepuff.


Nothing could ruin my excellent mood, not even weird family members or horrific history of magic homework.


I hummed as I continued down the corridor and turned a corner without a care in the world, only to be nearly mowed down by Carmen. She had been running and screeched to a stop when she saw me. That girl could run fast.


She looked utterly panicked. She pulled me behind a tapestry and started to whisper furiously.


“Scorpius Malfoy is taking your cousin –the ugly freckly one- no, no, not your brother, the other one- to Hogsmeade right now. They just left the hall two minutes ago.” I stared at her in shock.


“I-“ I began but she shushed me. “Just go” she whispered, shoving me,  and I did.


I ripped back the tapestry and ran like mad back up the corridor, cursing myself for forgetting that this Saturday was a Hogsmeade visit but feeling blessed that I’d thought to wear flat boots. I just couldn’t do this in heels.


I ran for the Gryffindor dorms and slewed to a halt outside the door. I screeched the password and ran in, casting a temporary invisibility charm over myself. I knew the password because one of Ingrid’s recent boyfriends had been a gryffindor and she liked to "visit" him.


Luckily, the password hadn't changed since then. 


I ran up the stairs to the boy’s dorms and ran into my cousin James’s room. I wanted his invisibility cloak. I knew he had probably hidden it- he hated when people stole it- but I would be able to find it.


I found it quickly, stuffed under his matress. I rolled my eyes. He’d hidden it there a couple of months ago. He clearly was a total idiot.


I grabbed it, stuffed it in my bag and ran back down the stairs, realising too late that the invisibility spell had worn off. I saw Albus, another one of my many cousins, but raced past him.


I practically hurdled through the entrance, aware that Al was chasing me. I cursed him in my head.


We didn’t exactly see eye to eye, Al and I. Despite being in the same year, we didn’t get on at all. He hated me. He had this strange way of almost being able to see into my mind, as if he knew everything I was thinking. He could always see my ulterior motives, unlike everyone else who seemed to buy my good girl act. He seemed to know my mind was full of cruel thoughts.


And he hated me.


I could hear him catching up and cursed his speed. His quidditch training was paying off. I felt him grab me by the arm and yank me, painfully, to a stop. He half dragged me up a narrow side corridor until we were out of view. I tried to pull against him but it was futile.


He stopped finally and I turned to face him, anger and defiance on my face. I opened my mouth to speak but he got there first.


“You bitch” he whispered angrily, glaring right into my face. “Don’t think I don’t know what you’re up to. I have no idea what you’ve planned, but it’s not going to happen. I know your twisted little mind. Stay away from my sister. This is her first boyfriend and you’re not going to fuck it up, you little creep.” 


“You know my mind?” I said mockingly, smirking up at his face. He looked like he wanted to slap me. “You fucked up little-“ he began, but I interrupted him, digging my left index finger into his chest. Hard. 


“You know my mind, little Albus, of course you do. You know my mind because it’s your mind too. I may be screwed up but so are you”. I poked him again, observing the look on his face. I knew I had hit it in one.


“You may be a Gryffie, but I was there at your sorting, Albus Severus” I sneered. “We all saw. Ten minutes. Must be a record. You know where you belong, you wretch, and it’s not where you are. I know the thoughts that go through your head. I know exactly how you feel.


Because you’re just like me.”


I paused for a second to smirk at him. “I know those dark thoughts swimming in your brain, I know those cruel emotions. You creep. You want to hurt people. You’re evil, Al, you’re evil.” I whispered the last part, watching the effect it had on him. He recoiled from me.


“Evil” I whisped again, drawing it out into a long hiss.


His fists were clenched at his sides so tightly that the veins bulged. Every fibre of his being wanted to punch me. “And now you want to hit me. You’re imagining it, in your twisted little mind, you’re imagining punching me. You’re not some chivilrous Gryffindor. They don’t think that. You’re me.


Go ahead. Slap me. I’m right here, your fellow Slytherin. Go on” I looked into his face, taunting him. The rage on his face was immense. I could see years of repressed fury, his inner Slytherin which he had faught to hide. “Go on” I whispered again, my face inches from his.


His fist slammed into my face, sending me reeling. I whimpered in agony at the pain where his hand had met my cheekbone/nose and fell back against the wall, covering my face with my hands to try to slow down the blood flow. All went black for a tiny moment but then my vision returned.


I could hear his loud breathing right beside me. “Fuck. Fuck!” He yelled. “Shit, are you alright?” He tried to put his hand out to help me but I pulled back.


I looked up at him slowly, removing my fand from my face. I smirked evilly through the blood , feeling it trailing down my chin.


“See, Al?” I whispered. “You’re just like me.”


He went completely pale and looked at me with horror, the face of a haunted man. I turned on my heel and fled back into the corridor, pulling the invisibility cloak out of the bag and  throwing it over me as I did. I could hear him swearing and his fists pounding the wall.


I  laughed manically under the cloak.


The pain from the slap would last no more than an hour. But I’d just pysychologically fucked that guy up for life.









I found Scorpius and the freckled freak about half way to Hogsmeade and slowed down to walk just behind them, invisible. Scorpius looked handsome- as always- and Lily looked like a plain, ordinary girl, only with some sort of freckle plague.


 There was no one else around for a long way, and he had his arm around her. I felt revolted at the sight. I noticed that Lily was wearing makeup, which I had never seen her do before. Someone else had evidently picked her clothes for her too, as I doubted she owned a hideous cheap black lace top –it was much more risque than anything she ever wore- or tight black jeans.


Her hideous gray boots with fake fur were also probably someone else’s. I tried to imagine what Ingid would say if she saw anyone dressed like that.


She had a heavy, ugly coat on too which reminded me of my own lack of coat or jumper. I shivered slightly as the cold wind hit me. Under the cloak, I had on only a shirt, trousers and my exquisite brown boots. I kept my shiver as quiet as I could and followed after them.


In a non creepy way.


Or at least as non creppy as possible.


I saw Scorpius stop and move in to kiss her. They kissed and I felt anger flow through my veins. She had no right to do that. I waved my wand at a fist-sized rock and it flew at Lily, whacking her on the shin.


She jumped away from him with a pained expression on her face. “Ow” she moaned. “Something hit me” she complained. I saw the pissed off look on Scorpius’ face and I grinned to myself.


This was going to be one fun date.








I was still following them around about half an hour later. Everytime Scropius tried to kiss her, Lily got a rock. Scorpius was getting really annoyed. “If you don’t want to kiss me, then just say it!” he finally growled at her.


Lily looked like she was going to cry. I smiled even more broadly.


I was having way more fun than they were, despite the pounding pain in my face. I was eating a lollipop that I’d taken when we had gone in to the sweetshop. Scorpius bought her a mound of  sweets and Lily blushed like a twelve year old. I wanted to slap her. 


They were heading towards The Three Broomsticks so I decided to go ahead of them. I wanted them to see my being there before them, so if they had any suspicions I would be in the clear.Scorpius was highly intelligent, and I knew there was always a danger of him working things out.


He was the kind of person it was difficult to hide anything from. Merlin, I missed him. 


 I knew I had to clean up my face, and I hadn’t even gotten a chance to see the damage yet. I hurried forward towards the pub when I remembered the amount of blood. I was fairly certain that my shirt would be thoroughly saturated. 


I followed a blonde Hufflepuff into a clothes shop that I'd never visited before. I immediately realised why. It was full of the most hideous garments I'd ever seen. I grabbed the most decent looking shirt I could see- which wasn't saying much- and ran back out the door. 

I sprinted out and back past Scorpius and the freckly freak. I made it to the Three Broomsticks before them and followed a student in. The heat inside hit me like a wave and my body unfroze. It was so lovely and warm in there.


I ran for the bathrooms, dodging the Hogwarts students. Luckily, there was no one else in there. I closed my eyes and ripped the invisibility cloak off. I took a deep breath, steeling myself, before I opened my eyes and stared at myself in the mirror.


I gasped.


My face had bruised already. My nose and cheek were almost purple. Dried blood was splattered all over my face. My neck was covered in streams of crusted blood and my white shirt was completely covered with dry blood.


Amazingly, my nose was unbroken. I had been worried it might have been messed up completely. Oh, vanity, how would I see the happy side of life without you? I'm covered in blood while my future husband is on a date with some sort of bubonic plague lady, but hey, my nose still looks good!


I put my hand up to touch my face and whimpered with agony. I found myself crying in pain over the sink. My hands clutched the edge and I thought I was going to vomit.


I put my bag down on the surface and stuffed the cloak in. I took a deep breath and splashed water all over my face, trying to clean the blood and my makeup off. I used my wand to help and it just about came off. My top was utterly ruined. 


In any normal circumstances, I would not have put the hideous shirt I had taken within of mile of myself. As it was, it would have to do. I pulled the grey thing on over my head and looked at myself in the mirror. 


I looked much better already, now that the blood was gone. I couldn't help feeling that Albus should probably consider being a beater rather than a chaser on the team. That had been one hell of a punch. 


I opened up my bag and pulled out some makeup. A combination of foundation and very complicated spells managed to just about cover the bruise, but it would still be visible from up close. I herd steps coming so I darted inside a cubicle and waited until I heard another one close before coming out.  


I left the bathrooms, trying not to look suspicious. 


I saw Ingrid sitting in a booth in the far corner. She was surrounded by a half dozen laughing and flirting boys. They were from Beaubuxtons, and all very good looking. Male Beaubuxtons students were notorious for coming here on our days off in search of Hogwarts girls. 


Ingrid was laughing loudly and flirtatiously. I walked over, grinning, and sat down beside her. She turned to me, smiling, and gave me a hug. The French boys laughed and Ingrid grinned. 


"What the hell are you wearing?" she hissed, glaring at the offending top. I smiled. "Long story" I whispered. She smiled and pushed a firewhiskey towards me. There were literally dozens of them on the table, and about five empty glasses in front of her. 


"I think you should stop drinking now" I muttered, but she only smiled and knocked another one back. The Beaubuxtons boy whooped. I shook my hair out , a grin on my face. Ingrid's favourite hangover cure was more alcohol. She would have one big headache tomorrow.  


I glanced around the pub and noticed Scorpius seated at a table at the far side of the pub. Lily was no where to be seen so I deduced that it had been her in the bathroom. I was glad I hadn't run into her. 


Lily finally appeared, half running across the pub in her eagerness to get to him. I waved my wand under the table and she tripped over, falling to the ground. I smirked and looked down, trying to seem innocent.


She got up and walked to the table, eyes downcast. Her face was completely pink, under the freckles. She sat down and I was happy to see that Scorpius looked vaguely embarrassed to be with her.


Lily appeared ashamed of herself. Ingrid snickered into my ear. It was good to feel that my friends shared my sense of humor. 

Despite everything, Scorpius leant forward to kiss her. I noticed she winced slightly, like she was expecting to be hit by a rock. She pulled back after a couple of awkward seconds and Scorpius looked frustrated. He lent back as far as he could in his chair and ruffled his almost-blonde hair with his hand, in a way that I recognised. I could almost hear his sigh. 


He always did that when he was frustrated. 


I turned my attention back my table, where a slightly tipsy Ingrid appeared to be getting very pally with one of her table guests. She was swatting his arm and whispering in his ear while he ran his fingers through her blonde hair. I decided it was time to try and find someone else to talk to. 


One of the French boys moved from the opposite end of the c shaped bench to swing down beside me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder but I shrugged him of politely and stood up. He allowed me past, looking annoyed. 


I wandered out the door, unfortunately being followed by Ingrid and he new friend. From between her giggles, I could make out that his name was Jean-Francois. I shook my head and walked back into the village, allowing them to sit down on a stone bench outside and get some "air".


I wondered where Carmen and Penelope were. I guessed that they had probably come with Ingrid, but few people could stand being around her for long if there were guys present. She became an unbearable giggler and had no problem snogging in front of everyone. 


Not even in front of Professor McGonagall, which was a moment I would never forget. Ingrid and her then boyfriend, Paul Simons, had been scarring the first years for life in the third floor corridor. McGonagall had come across them and separated them.


The look on her face was like she'd just stepped in dragon poo. Poor Ingrid had been serving detentions for a week. 


I finally came across Penelope and Carmen. I saw them going into Hogsmeade's only decent clothes shop, a very expensive boutique. I hurried in after them and they greeted me with delight. 


"How did it go? DId you have fun on your date?" Penelope asked me with a wink. I smirked in response. Lily was very lucky it was me she crossed, not Penelope. Who knew what Pen was capable of. 


Carmen was admiring the way the lights shone off a yellow silk dress and folding the fabric in her hands. I pitied poor Blaise the bills his daughter racked up. 









We walked back to Hogwarts, just the three of us. We had left Ingrid behind after making sure she was fine to stay. It had taken no time at all to find her and she seemed busy, so we left her. She and Jean-Francois seemed to be becoming very good friends. 


Carmen had magicked her many bags of shopping to float along in the air behind us, bobbing up and down. We ate sweets as we walked and bitched about people we hated. Penelope did an excellent impression of Emilia Lucas, a Gryffindor in our year who we all despised. "I just want us all to be friends" she snivelled, á la Emilia.


I gagged on a sweet and giggled hysterically. "I nearly choked on a liquorice wand" I cried. "Wonder what Ingrid's doing" Carmen said cheekily, and we all cracked up.


 It was starting to get a bit dark and quite cold by then. Carmen had given me her jacket and put on one of the three new coats she had bought, a beautiful red wool trench. 


I heard running feet behind us and turned to face none other than Carl Winters, an ex boyfriend of Ingrid's. He was older and good looking, but completely screwed up in the head. Just when my day was going great. 


"What do you want, Carl?" Penelope said directly. She had no time for him, nor did the rest of us. Ingrid had gone out with him for two days over six months ago. I was sure she was sincerely regretting it. At the time, she'd dumped him for being overly needy and being way too obsessed with her. 


He had practically stalked her for the last few months and his feelings seemed to vary day to day from eternal love to utter hatred. Who knows how he felt today. 


"Where's your whore of a friend?" he spat. Well, that certainly cleared up the question of his feelings. Penelope stepped forward, a dangerous scowl on her face. Her hand was gripping her wand and I realised she was in the mood for a fight.


I knew I should stop her, but he had it coming. A curse or two wouldn't kill him. 


"Watch what you say, you bastard" she whispered, eyes flashing. His hand made a motion towards his wand, which was the worst thing he could have done. Penelope whipped her wand at him, sending him into the air. 


Upside down, her glared at her defiantly. She flicked her wand and his scarf started to tighten itself around his throat, choking him. There was a sick smile on Pen's face as she watched him gag. She was utterly transfixed by the sight.


I stepped in and lowered her wand when his face started to turn blue. 


"Pen" I whispered, touching her arm. She blinked and released the spells, dropping him to the ground. He lay flat on his front, unmoving. 


Carmen sighed as she turned him over. "He's lost consciousness, Penelope" she said wearily. Pen rolled her eyes and pointed her wand at him. She wiped his memory and marched off up the path. We followed her warily, aware she was in a bad mood. 


She hated it when we spoiled her fun. 

"And Ingrid Borbachyov knows who I'm talking about" is a Father Ted reference, from the episode "Hell". 

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