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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 17 : Returning
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A/N: Hello my wonderful readers! Enjoy this chapter!

Disclaimer: I own nothing besides the OC's and story line. 




“Thank you for having me Bill and Fleur,” I smiled, hugging Dom’s parents.

“It was nothing, we loved having you,” Bill grinned.

“You are welcome anytime!” Fleur cried.

“Thank you,” I smiled and turned to board the train.

“Ahem, ahem,” I voice coughed behind me.

“Teddy!” I cried, leaping into his arms.

“Hey there,” Teddy smiled, “Just came to say good bye,”

“Bye Ted, I’m really going to miss you,” I grinned.

“Me too,” Teddy said, “Now you and James behave yourselves,”

I giggled, “We’ll try,”

“I’m really happy for you two,” Teddy sighed, hugging me again, “Also, happy seventeenth birthday,”

I grinned up at him, “How did you know?”

“James,” we both said.

“Yes?” a voice called, picking me up from behind.

“James!” I squealed, “Put me down!”

James placed me lightly on the ground, wrapping his arms around my waist, whispering in my ear,

“Happy birthday,”

“Thank you,” I whispered back, turning around in his arms, so I was facing him.

“I’ve got you a present,” James whispered.

“Really? What is it?” I asked, as he leant down and pressed his lips to mine. He kissed me lightly, sending shock waves through my body. I kissed him back and he began to deepen our kiss, sending his tongue into my mouth.

Someone coughed.


“Sorry love birds, but we’ve got to get on the train,” she grinned.

“OK,” we mumbled.

As we walked onto the train, I could see lots of girls giving me stares. They can get over it, James is mine now and there is nothing they can do about it. My James, I liked the sound of that, Dom and I jumped onto the train, waving goodbye to our family and friends as the train began to move. James held my hand and I could see Ginny smiling proudly.

“BYE EVERYONE!” we yelled.

I blew them all a kiss and then the train rounded the corner, out of their view.

“Come on,” Dom smiled, leading us towards a compartment with Ryan who was waiting for Dom, Ian & Carolyn who were snogging, Robyn and Oliver who were chatting about Quidditch.

“Hey guys,” I smiled, sitting down in a spare seat and James slid in next to me.

“Hey, how was your break?” Oliver asked.

“Fantastic,” I grinned, resting my head on my James’s shoulder and he pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“They were inseparable,” Dom groaned.

It was true, James and I had spent every day together after the conference as we had been able to get out of the house. We had still spent a lot of our indoor time talking, snogging and with James’s family. We had gone to mine on the ninth as my mum wanted to chat up and meet my ‘fiancée’. I had quickly told her that it was all a lie and we had only just dating, I didn’t tell her I was in love with him as she probably would have had a fit.

“You look happy Mae,” my mother observed.

“I am,” I smiled, “I really like him,”

“Just be careful,” she muttered, “I’ve heard stories about this boy,”

“He’s nothing like the stories,” I eyed mum, “Witch Weekly is a joke, all they report on about James is a lie,”

“Just be careful Mae,” my mum sighed.

I went back to sipping my tea and staring at James who was talking to my dad across the room.

Harry and Ginny Potter say they couldn’t be happier for us. Ginny admitted that she had never liked any of James’s old girlfriends; I was the first one she actually liked. I smiled and then she offered me a piece of chocolate fudge.

Nice woman that Ginny Potter.

“Sorry Dom,” I smiled, looking up at James, “We just wanted to spend some time together,”

“I know,” Dom smiled, “I’m happy that you two finally got together!”

I grinned at Dom as she snuggled up to Ryan, “Well what about you two!” I cried pointing to Carolyn and Ian, “Finally!”

Carolyn smiled at me and then up at Ian, “I never thought he’d ask me out,”

“Of course I would of,” Ian grinned, kissing her nose.

I grinned at them and joined in Robyn and Oliver’s conversation about Quidditch teams while James played with my hair. I looked up at James and he grinned before giving me a soft kiss.


“What?” we all screamed. I hope no one’s died.


I flushed a bright red like any other birthday girl and grinned.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” they all cried.

“Thank you,” I mumbled as they broke into song.





People now had gathered outside the compartment to see what the fuss was about, I shooed them all off and scolded at my laughing friends.

“Thanks guys,” I mumbled, stuffing my face in James’s chest.            

“Here!” Dom screamed, stuffing a present in my arms, “Open it!”

I grabbed the parcel and ripped open the wrapping paper to find inside a pair of velvet, jet black heels.

“There beautiful,” I murmured, stroking the velvet heel, “Thanks Dom!” I cried, giving her a hug.

“Me next!” Carolyn shrieked.

I was being thrust presents left right and centre. Carolyn gave me a new sample pack from her mums label for the spring range, Robyn some chaser gloves, and Ian and Oliver both bought me chocolate frogs and Bertie Botts Every Flavoured Beans.

Finally, everyone set their eyes on James and then silence took over.

I quickly eyed Dom, James wanted to give it to me alone, not with his friends eyeing him down to his every move.

Finally, Dom got the message and coughed, standing up.

“Come on guys, let’s go find the others,”

The others= Rose, Lily, Roxanne, etc. etc.

Just thought you should know that code name for futures references. We had tons of code names!

They all stood up and bid us goodbye and I stretched out on the chairs, my head in James’s lap.

“Happy Birthday,” he blurted out, shoving a velvet box into my hands.

I quickly opened the small box and found a gorgeous silver bracelet inside. It was plain, just a normal chain with a tiny plaque thing on it as well.

“Beautiful, it’s just beautiful,” I said studying the chain.

“Look what’s engraved,” James pointed to the plague-ish part of the bracelet.

I turned it over and saw curvy hand writing glistening on the bracelet, it read,

I love you forever and always ~ James

Suddenly tears erupting in my eyes and I turned around and crushed myself in James’s arms.

“Thank you so much!” I cried, “It’s the best present ever!”

“I’m glad you like it,” James murmured in my ear.

I broke out of his warm embrace and James did up the clip on the chain.

“It suits you,” James eyed.

“Of course it does,” I smiled, wrapping my arms around his neck and sitting on his lap, my legs wrapping round his waist, “I’m never going to take it off,”

James grinned and leaned in to kiss me. It started off soft and steady, before growing more urging and passionate. My hands tangled in his hair and his hands wondered up my shirt. I moaned as he nipped my lip, then the door burst open and so did we expecting it to be our friends back from their journey to find the ‘others’.

But instead we found Alessandria and her devils associate Justine Dowley.

Way to ruin the moment.

“So the stories are true then, or are you just another little play toy for him?” Alessandria asked at our intertwined bodies.

“Well, I’d thought you knew since you reported to Witch Weekly about us,” I sneered, “Where’s your boyfriend Sun?”

Alessandria bloomed bright red.

“I don’t know what you mean,”

“You boyfriend? Freddie Weasley? My ex and your little cheating partner,” I sneered.

“I don’t have a boyfriend and if I did, it definitely wouldn’t be Freddie Weasley,” she huffed.

“Aww! Did wittle Freddie and Alessandria bweak up?” I whined.

“Shut up!” Alessandria roared, pulling her wand from her jeans pocket as I pulled out mine, standing up.

I felt a hiss curl from my lips, I was bloody turning into Crookshanks, Ron and Hermione Weasley’s cat that I’d met over the holidays when we went to visit Rose and Hugo.

A jinx was on the tips of my lips when James jumped in between us.

“Come on girls, let’s stop it now!” James yelled.

We just kept our wands up and pointed at each other, we didn’t break our stares.


James never used his ‘Head Boy’ position before, besides meetings.

“Stop, Mae, you’ll regret it later, I know you too well,” James murmured, brushing his thumb against my cheek.

I remembered the last time I had hexed Alessandria and how I had felt afterwards,

“You’re right,” I mumbled, dropping my wand.

“I’m always right,” James laughed, grabbing onto my hand, “You two,” he said pointing to Alessandria and Justine who had their wands drawn, “Get out of here before I dock points off you,”

I heard Alessandria growl and them she turned on her heel and stomped down the hall with Justine trailing behind her.

“Bitch,” I muttered as we closed the door and I wandered over to the chairs.

“Language,” James murmured in my ear.

“Sorry. I never thought the Head Boy cared about language,” I whispered.

“Now where were we before the evil twins walked in?” James asked, wrapping his arms around my waist.

I giggled and moved so I was sitting on James’s lap and our foreheads were touching, “Right about here,”

As our lips brushed each other’s, the compartment door banged open.

“Oops! Sorry!” Dom giggled.

Karma’s a real bitch.


* * * * *


We waltzed into the Great Hall as a group, James and my hands intertwined like the cute in love couples you see around. Ryan, Carolyn and Robyn all joined us on the Gryffindor table- since the war we have been able to sit where ever we want, except for the Sorting Ceremony and end of year ceremony for obvious reasons. I could see people staring at James and I, whispering to friends about what they were seeing. I swear I saw a girl stand on her chair to get a better look. I rolled my eyes and giggled into James’s chest as we sat down.

The feast was just as exquisite as normal, but for some reason, I ached for Ginny, Fleur and Nana Molly’s home cooking. By the end of the meal, Carolyn was snogging Ian senseless and Dom and Ryan was having a ‘tickling session.’

Yes, you heard me correctly. My best friend likes to have a tickling session with her boyfriend in the middle of the Great Hall at dinner time.

My friend is so weird...

James and I were just sitting casually talking to Robyn, Oliver and Freddie with the only exception of our holding hands and my head on his shoulder.

Freddie told us that Alessandria and he weren’t working when we told him that the Tweedle Twins (Alessandria and Justine) had found us and I had ‘threatened’ it out of her. He was smiling and laughing and even making jokes. It was the first time I’d seen him happy in ages, then again I hadn’t looked at him since our episode. And for the first time since then, when I looked at Freddie I didn’t have the urge to slap him or hex him.

As the feast concluded, James was whispering to Freddie and Dom and I talked to Robyn (Carolyn was still intertwined with Ian) about her Christmas. She had spent half in Germany with her family and the other half at Carolyn’s. She hadn’t practised much Quidditch over the holidays and was worried she would be kicked off team. I scoffed at this and told her Ravenclaw wouldn’t give her up for anything. She grinned.

All of a sudden, everyone was standing up and walking out of the room.

“Huh?” I cried, scrambling up with everyone.

“Time to go,” James grinned, raising his eyebrow at Freddie.

We walked out the Great Hall (hands still intertwined) in a pack of people and I began to lead us towards Gryffindor Tower, but James lead me down a different corridor, away from everyone.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

James just grinned at me and kept walking.

I had no idea where we were going as James just ignored my questions and dragged me on.

We arrived at a non-used classroom and James opened the door for me, and I stepped in. The room was pitch black, but with some quick Incendio spells, flames were lit and the room was glowing.

“That’s better,” I grinned at my handy work, “I can actually see…”

My thoughts were interrupted by a pair of arms encircling my waist and pulling me in while their lips softly kissed me up my neck. I groaned against the electric currents that were shotting across my skin.

“We didn’t get to finish what we were doing on the train,” James murmured against my skin.

“What if we get caught…”I whispered.

“We won’t,” James murmured, “Think of this as your birthday treat,”

I didn’t need any more convincing so we were quickly on the fall with James on top of me. We didn’t waste time and we were doing things that were very MA rated in under a minute. I didn’t possess a shirt in under two, James didn’t have his in under three. It was a very speedy process.

It was exactly the way I liked it for my birthday.


* * * * *


“Best birthday ever,” I giggled as James and I ran up another staircase.

“Glad you liked it,” James smiled.

For the last half an hour James and I had been in a very passionate embrace. We hadn’t gone all the way or anything, but it has still been extremely sexual.  After a while, we had lay on the floor and slowly got our clothes back on (yes, we had removed most of them) and wandered our way back. I really hadn’t wanted to stop our snogging, but it was getting late and we had school tomorrow.

Stupid love wrecking school.

I bounded up the last staircase and when we reached the top, James pulled me into another snog. I excitedly deepened the kiss, but suddenly released that if we were caught out here way past curfew, we would be killed for three reasons.

a)      Being out past curfew

b)      Being in a imamate position

c)       Both of the above done together


Poor McGonagall would have a heart attack.

I pushed away from James and just rested my head in his chest, his arms wrapping around me. I felt James’s cheek rest against my head and he pressed a kiss to my head. It felt like everything was perfect in the world for once. We could have stayed like this forever and I wouldn’t have cared.

“I love you,” I mumbled into his chest.

“I love you too,” James whispered in my ear, touching my bracelet.

He broke away from me and grabbed my hand, pulling towards the Fat Lady portrait.

“Young love is so sweet!” She cried.

“Niffler,” James said.

“Fine,” The Fat Lady grumbled, obviously hoping to have a nice long conversation with us.

Before the portrait swung open, I swear I saw her wink at me.

When we stepped through, the room was pitch black, I’d never been in the Common room when it was this dark.

“How long were we?” I whispered to James.

“We weren’t that long,” James sighed.

“We must have, everyone’s gone to bed!” I cried.

Then in matter of seconds, the room was bright again and the room was full of people saying,


I shrieked and almost fell backwards. In the room was a massive sign that glitter and read,


I could see that pretty much everyone from Gryffindor’s 5 – 7 was in the room plus a couple of extras that included Carolyn, Ryan, Robyn and Scorpius Malfoy.

Dom then ran up to me and threw herself into my arms, giving me a massive hug.

“Thank you so much Dom!” I shrieked.

“Oh it wasn’t me!” Dom grinned, “Freddie and I just set everything up, but James organised everything,”

I turned around and saw James smiling at me and I just threw myself into his arms and started snogging him senseless. People were cheering and I giggled, pulling myself away.

Someone pushed a bottle of Firewhiskey into my hands and I took of the lid ready to gulp it down when I heard a voice,

You know, that’s not very good for you when you’re pregnant.

I froze.

I had managed to push the thought from my mind for the last week. Ever since my period hadn’t come, I had automatically thought that my worst nightmares were coming true.

I was pregnant,

With James Potter’s baby,

At seventeen and still in school, fuck.

I pulled the bottle back down and quickly excused myself, running to the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it, I was actually pregnant. My hands automatically curled around my stomach pressed. There was no bump but there would be soon enough. I took a deep breath and calmed myself down, I couldn’t miss my birthday party after all.

I knew I wouldn’t get away with not drinking on my birthday, but I couldn’t drink to harm the, the thing inside of me. Without hesitation I poured the alcohol down the drain, the amber liquid trickling down like a shower. I then turned on the tap and filled it with water, I charmed the water to look amber and smell like Firewhiskey, no one would know the difference.

Before it seemed suspicious, I had slipped back into the room and under James’s arm.

The party was in full swing and I thought I could see a couple of third years sculling Firewhiskey in the corner. I wanted to go tell them off in perfect prefect fashion, but I really couldn’t be stuffed and James would have told me off. So instead, I stood on a table and yelled,


People cheered.


The crowd roared beneath me.


The whole crowd was going berserk except for a group of slutty girls in the corner. They were actually the same girls from James’s fan club.

James had now been pushed onto the table with me, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and giving him a very passionate snog. It was pretty much what we had done before but just a snog.

Everyone roared and the JSFC (James’s Slutty Fan Club) girls scolded so I pointed at them and yelled.

“TO YOU SLUT BAGS, JAMES POTTER IS MINE! IF I SEE YOU TRYING TO CHARM YOUR WAY WITH HIM,“ I pulled my finger across my neck in a swiping motion, “YOU’RE DEAD!” and I snogged James again who happily agreed.

Everyone then started singing,


I stared at the bottle in my grasp and pulled it up to my mouth. I tilted my head back and poured the liquid into my mouth, it tasted like normal water but obviously by the cheering crowd, it looked like I was sculling Firewhiskey.

I quickly pulled the bottle away grinning and everyone grinned before I yelled,


I waltzed down from the table, holding onto James’s hand and we went into the corner. I sat on a lap and most of the night we spent in that corner with me on his lap or dancing in a way that I hoped the third years were covering their eyes.

I drank my water-Firewhiskey without anyone noticing that it wasn’t actually alcohol as I definitely wasn’t drunk. James and Dom were so drunk that they wouldn’t remember anything.

This was good, as they would most likely ask me why I wasn’t drunk and I couldn’t tell them why.

I had promised to tell James if my period came, but this was the one thing I really couldn’t tell him. I couldn’t tell him that I was pregnant, I didn’t know how he’d take it. I was taking it terribly.

I really didn’t need this in my life right now.



A/N: Da da daaaaaaaaaaaa! She's pregnant?! What do you guys think? PS happy birthday Mae!

R & R!

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