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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 5 : Some Things Don't Change
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    Hogwarts express was full with eager students ready to head back to the majestic castle and the wonderful feast that would be awaiting them. The last few days the four of them had little contact with each other all four of their minds were absorbed in their own thoughts for the new year. The steam sounded from the train announcing it’s soon departure they waved goodbye to everyone as the train slowly moved out the station. Once they found somewhere to sit they left their stuff and headed for the head/prefect meeting which was only a few minutes long since they only introduce themselves to the new prefects and set up a meeting for the next afternoon to set up the schedule for this new year. Once they were back at their compartment they barely talked their minds were still too busy with other things.

  The great hall was just as huge and beautiful as always for now they went to their own tables to enjoy the welcome back feast. While the sorting was going on Alex couldn't help but notice there was something different with Rose her eyes seemed full of joy and excitement.

  "What's his name Rosie?" Damn Rose thought how could Alex tell something was up so quickly? Was it really that noticeable that she was happy because of a guy?

  "I don't know what you are talking about," Rose replied but Alex only rose his eyebrow knowing that she wasn't telling the truth. "Alright alright his name is Anthony Krum."

  "What! Viktor Krum’s son?!" whispered Alex loudly enough to draw attention to the conversation. Rose rolled her eyes and casted a nonverbal Muffliato charm around them so nobody could listen.

  "God be any louder why you don’t and yes it's his son we met the day my mum had them over for dinner." Pausing to take a quick look around the great hall to see if he was there only to meet Al's and Scorpius' eyes who were probably wondering what they were talking about. "He should be here actually-"

  "What? Viktor Krum's son is attending Hogwarts?!" interpreted Alex also looking around to see if he could find him in large amount of students. "Wow it'll be nice attending school with someone whose dad is famous!" His voice carried a slight amount of sarcasm.

  "Oh yeah because going to school with the Golden Trio's kids is just too boring not to mention their worst enemies son also goes here no not at all that would be to dull for everyone." She laughed.

  "So you fancy him that's obvious enough does he fancy you?" asked Alex hoping for Scorpius' sake that she would say no.

   "Well he should considering the fact that he asked me to be his girlfriend just yesterday and I did say yes just in case you are wondering." Alex's stomach sunk to the ground this news would tear Scorpius' heart and would most likely cause very awkward tension. Would Rose be telling him any time soon? They both would be living together for the most part since they would be staying in the Head Common Room.

  "So when are you going to tell the other two?"

   "Well I was going to tell all of you tonight when we met up at the Room of Requirement so just acted surprised even though I'm sure they know something is up." In their second year they started a tradition of spending the first night back at the castle in the Room of Requirement to catch up on everything that happened to them that summer or to just talk about any problems they were facing at the moment. At the end of the year they would do the same thing except instead of talking about their problems they would enjoy the time they had left knowing that it would be almost impossible for the four of them to hang out over the summer. Even though Al, Alex, and Rose saw each other regularly it just didn't feel the same without having Scorpius there with them.

  After they took the first years to their common room they quickly headed to the Room of requirement where they met the other two guys who were waiting for them before going inside. The room was full of different beanbag chairs, sleeping bags, two bathrooms, games, books, and food brought by the house elf's that were used to their little tradition. Once they were all comfortable a silver stream of light flowed into the room and took the shape of polar bear as it opened it mouth a husky voice that had a hint of Spanish and Bulgarian a voice that Rose loved filled the room.

   "My Rosa I will be arriving tomorrow around dinner. I'll see you then Amor take care." Then as soon as it appeared the polar bear disappeared into thin air. All eyes on Rose waiting for an explanation of what had just happened and who the mystery voice belonged to although Alex had a feeling he already knew.

  "Right so I guess I'm going first tonight... That was Anthony my... boyfriend." Rose blushed and looked down to the ground missing the heart broken look on Scorpius' face which disappeared once she looked back up at them. "He's Viktor Krum’s son we umm met the day my mum had them over for dinner and guys I know it sounds stupid but I think I really fell for him the moment I met!" A wide grin on her face happy to have finally had a real boyfriend who wouldn't- hopefully- run away at the sight of her three best friends like every other guy she had ever liked. "It would mean so much to me if you gave him a chance and didn't scare him away... I really like him and he likes me too."

  The room was silent for a few moments Al and Alex knew this would cause tension in the group since Scorp was in love with Rose but they both hoped that this wouldn't end badly. Scorp on the other head was contemplating about leaving the room and heading to his room that starting tomorrow night would be just across from Rose's room. His heart seemed to be breaking more and more as he repeated her words in his head. How could he tell her how he felt about her now? He wouldn't be able to be around the both of them snogging and everything maybe it would be best if he broke off his friendship with her... no that would just make things worse. No, he'll be her friend and be there for her no matter what even if his heart would suffer he knew that he couldn't stay away from her and he had to say something before this silence got to awkward.

  "That's great Rose, we are happy for you right guys?" Al and Alex nodded in agreement but were confused at how well Scorp was taking the news. "Well it's settled then we won't scare this bloke away unless he is a real git or you ask us to get rid of him. So Alex have you thought what you are going to do about Isabella?" Scorp asked glad to have an excuse not to talk about Rose's love life anymore.

  Alex understanding that Scorp didn't wish to speak about Anthony and Rose anymore answered his question hoping to get some advice that would be helpful for tomorrow when he met with Isabella. "Well I'm not sure, I can't ask her to get rid of the baby I would never forgive myself but I don't think I love her so I would only be staying with her for the baby. I'm not sure she even wants the baby you know she's a model and would lose her job if she doesn't stay in shape. What should I do?" He was scared not just about how his dad would react to this but Alex worried that he would be a bad father to his son... or that he might resent his son for being the reason he was stuck with Isabella.  Somehow his friends must have understood what he was thinking about because they reassured him that no matter what happened he would be a great father who would truly love his son or daughter.

  "Alex, I know you are afraid of what will happen later on in life but I think you are going to be a great dad who will love his kid and give his life for him or her. Thanks to the Golden Trio we can't go back in time and fix this not that I would even let you do it but the point here is that you have to deal with what happened now and you should be there for her and the baby after the baby is born you can decided to be there for her or not but you have to be there for the baby even if you aren't with her anymore." Rose spoke first knowing that Alex was worried to death about what would happen to him now that he will be a dad in nine months or so.

  "Yeah Rose is right mate plus you know you will have the three of us there to help you with anything you need, right Scorp?"

  "Both of them are right just talk to her and let her know you want to be there of the baby and if you aren't sure about how you feel about her get to know her more not just as your casual shag."

  They sat in silence once more afraid to break the silence, Al summon the food closer to them so that they could at least eat while sitting there doing nothing but thinking. Finally Al decided it was his turn to speak, but about what? His problem with Jacky was nothing anymore, he had no new girl at the moment, and there was nothing he could talk about except the one thing they were all anxious to fix.

  "I think we should tell our parents about our secret friendship as soon as possible instead of delaying it for the Halloween weekend. Rose you can convince the Headmaster to give us permission to go to Hogsmeade then we can all owl our parents to meet us at The Three Broomsticks for some important reason or something around their and we break the news to them there and hope that an argument doesn't break out." Al suggested

  "Mate I think you are right for once the sooner we get through this the less time I have to pretend to hate all three of your guts and you doing likewise. I hate that we can't be friends just because our parents disliked each other in school." Scrop knew that the other three were free to be friends and that he was the only reason that they couldn't be seen together anywhere outside Hogwarts and Hogsmeade together.

  "Well I beg a differ," The three boys looked at Rose as if she was crazy. "I'm talking about our parents not liking each other duh or don't you know Scorp?" He shook his head wondering what in the world she was talking about as far as he knew their parents hated each other. “My mum fancied your dad back during their third and fifth year but she knew your dad hated her so she ended up falling for my dad instead. Uncle Harry and my dad once had a crush on your godmother, Pansy; I'm not sure when that happened though. Your dad, I found this out through your Uncle Zabini who happens to be a good friend of mine by the way let slip that you dad also fancied my mum from when they were in their 4th year up until a year after the war. So are parents and family liked each other in a way." The three boys were stunned to hear this new information and couldn't believe it but Rose wouldn't lie about something like that.

   "So your mum liked my dad and my dad liked your mum. I wonder if they would have ever worked out as a couple." This was the only bit of info that had stuck to Scorp's mind. If his dad liked Hermione at some point then he might accept him and Rose as friends right and if his dream came true even as his... wife?

   "Yeah it's funny my mum said it was because it wasn't meant to happen between because it was probably meant for one of the future Malfoy and Granger/Weasley generation." Rose said without noticing the flash of hope on his face but the other two boys noticed and rolled their eyes at him knowing that Scorp would never give up his dream of being her boyfriend.

 They sat talking about how they thought life would be if their parents married different people laughing at all the weird combinations of people they could think of and before they knew it they were all awaken by a loud noise that woken them up so suddenly that the pulled out their wands the moment they woke up sending hexes around blindly until they noticed that they were alone in the room. The source of the noise was hidden behind one of the larger bean bag chairs, it was the small house elf that always brought them food when they asked, and her name was Dinky daughter of Winky and Dobby.

  "Dinky is so sorry to have scared her masters," Dinky had the habit of calling the four of them her masters even though they kept asking her not to call them that she seemed to only disobey them when it came to that. "But dinky brings news for Master Al. Evil Jacky is planning to give Master Al a love potion in his morning pumpkin juice but no worry Master Al Dinky changed his pumpkin juice for Nasty Matt that will teach evil Jacky."

  After their laughter subsided about imagining the look of Jacky's face when Nasty Matt, a pervert who was greasier than Snape, looked more toad like than Umbridge, and smelled worse than well everything foul; dismissed Dinky thanking her for the great job she did and the four changed quickly to go see the funniest they would see in a long time.  

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