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Raising Teddy by T_Writer
Chapter 1 : Godfather and Godson
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The neighborhood was unusually quiet for this time of day. Normally, the streets would be crowded with muggles trying to get to and from work, but today, the streets were empty. It was unnerving, Harry thought. He made his way down the street and to the last house at the end. He raised his hand to knock, but at the last moment, stopped.

“I'm not ready for this,” he muttered.

“Oh, stop,” ordered his companion, a beautiful young woman with fiery red hair. “If you don't knock I will.”

Harry sighed and gathered up all of his courage. Who would have thought that this would be harder than facing Voldemort? He knocked on the door three times and stopped, secretly hoping that nobody would answer and feeling disgusted with himself.

However, just as expected, an older woman came to the door and held it open. Harry and Ginny walked in silently. Andromeda quickly closed the door behind them.

“Teddy’s just woken up,” she said. “He's back here.”

Harry forced his doubts back and followed Andromeda to the last bedroom at the end of the hall. Andromeda opened the door and Harry stepped inside.

The room was tiny and blue. It was relatively empty except for a small cradle. Harry grasped Ginny's hand and peered down. A tiny baby stared back at him with blue eyes so familiar he felt jarring in his heart.

“He’s so cute,” Ginny whispered. “He’s got his mother’s hair.” Sure enough, as soon as the baby saw Harry, his hair shifted from blue to black.

“Yes,” Andromeda said, sounding quite proud.

“He's got his father's eyes,” Harry said. “Remus would have liked that.”

“Yes,” Andromeda said again, although sounding less pleased.

A horrible thought suddenly struck Harry. “He – he hasn't inherited anything else from his father, has he?”

“I don't know,” Andromeda said. For the first time, her voice shook. “We can't know until his first full moon.”

“I'll be here,” Harry promised. “Er- when exactly is that?”

“Monday,” Andromeda said. “And Teddy will be glad to have you. Will you be here, too, Miss?”

“Yes,” Ginny said. “If you'll have me?”

Andromeda just nodded. Harry could suddenly see how stressed she was and instantly felt guilty for the doubts he had before. Teddy needed him. He didn't have room for doubts. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Harry spoke again.

“I want to be part of Teddy’s life,” he said.

Andromeda nodded again, as if she had been expecting this. “I'll show you how to feed him,” she said. Harry nodded and waited for her to continue. “First hold him. Make sure to support his head.” She handed Teddy to Harry. Harry had never felt more nervous in his life, but he made sure not to show it as he took the little bundle in his arms. Teddy's hair changed from black to blue again.

“Looks like he likes you,” Andromeda said observed. “I’ll go get his bottle.”

Andromeda went into the kitchen, leaving Harry and Ginny alone with Teddy. Teddy looked straight at Harry and his eyes turned emerald green.

“Tonks would have been proud,” Ginny said softly.

“I wonder when he’ll be able to do the pig nose,” Harry joked.

Andromeda came back into the room holding a small baby bottle. “Harry, go sit in the rocker,” she said. “You can feed him.”

Harry gulped and carried Teddy over to the rocking chair. He sat down and, making sure Teddy’s head was still supported, took the bottle from Andromeda.

“Now just put the bottle in his mouth,” Andromeda encouraged. “But make sure you keep his head supported.”

Harry nodded and lowered the bottle to Teddy’s face. Teddy opened his mouth and took it. Harry sighed in relief.

As Teddy ate, Harry felt his fears melt away. How could he have been afraid of something so simple, so natural, so right? Harry expected the fear to return as Andromeda walked him through the burping process, but none came. He had, it seemed, mastered the first part of parenting, so well that Andromeda felt confident enough to leave Teddy with Harry while she went to take a nap. However, worry still lingered in the back of his mind. It was Ginny who finally voiced his concern.

“Do you think he’ll be a werewolf?” Ginny asked.

“I don’t know,” Harry said, his voice tinged with worry. “I hope not. Remus wouldn’t have wanted-” He couldn’t finish. Talking about Remus was still painful.

Ginny nodded. Unsure of what else to say, they sat and watched Teddy, who had fallen asleep in Harry's arms.

Nothing is ever going to be the same, Harry realized as Teddy wrapped a tiny hand around his finger. But that was okay. 

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Raising Teddy: Godfather and Godson


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