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To The Future. by harrypotterluverxXx
Chapter 2 : Ready to go.
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 It was 11:30 on Tuesday night, and the Marauders were getting ready to go to the future. They had all agreed that Remus should be the one to preform the spell, since he was less likely to mess it up.

"Okay guys, when we get there, we have to be very careful not to tell anyone who we really are. Now, Padfoot, what do you want your fake name to be and what do you want to look like?"

Remus had come up with the brilliant idea of changing their names and appearance so they wouldn't be recognised and no one would freak out.

"I want to be called Joe Beacon... and I want... blond hair and blue eyes."

"Okay, Prongs?"

"Alex Hunter, and I want light brown hair and green eyes"

"What do you want Wormy?"

"Logan... Griffen... and red hair and blue eyes" he answered. Remus thought all these were rather good. He would also be performing the spell to make them look like this.

"And I will be called Pierce Reid. I will have black hair, with dark grey eyes. Okay, so that's all sorted. When we get there, we tell the headmaster, whoever it is, that we are new students and that we all used to be home schooled. We have 5 minutes to go, do you all have everything?" He wanted to make sure everything went right so they wouldn't have to keep coming back.

"Yeah, we have everything Moony, and we have to say the spell in the next 2 minutes, so stop worrying already" Sirius was watching the clock intently, waiting for it to chime twelve. This is going to be awesome! He thought. Then he heard Remus start counting down.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...Futurum!" Remus said the spell, and they disappeared, spinning, into the future.



When they finally stop spinning, Sirius was the first to speak.

"Do you think it worked?" The Gryffindor common room looked exactly the same.

"There's only one way to find out. Let's check the dormitory" said James. They all ran upstairs, and stopped outside the room that used to be theirs. It now said 4th Years- Seamus Finnegan, Neville Longbottom, Dean Thomas, Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley.

"Harry POTTER! He could be your son, James POTTER!"

"Shut up, Sirius, there are people asleep... What if it is my son?"

"We'll find out tomorrow... come on let's go to bed." It wasn't until Remus had said that that he realised, they didn't have anywhere to sleep.

"Where exactly are we going to sleep?" asked Peter, who seemed to be thinking along the same lines as Remus. For the first time ever.

"I don't know? Maybe we can sleep in the common room until we can speak to the headmaster tomorrow. I think it's probably still Dumbledore." said James, realising they couldn't exactly walk into their old dormitory. They probably should have thought of that before.

"Good idea Prongs... we should have thought of that before we arrived."Sirius said. After Remus had changed them to Joe Beacon, Alex Hunter, Logan Griffin and Pierce Reid, the four friends set up their beds for the night. All the time James was thinking the same thing. If Harry Potter really is my son, who's his mother?



The next morning, Sirius, James and Peter were woken by Remus at 6:00.

"Moony, Why are you waking us up this early? And I hope for your sake that it's a good reason." Sirius did not like being woke up before at least half past 8 on a school day.

"We have to be awake before anyone else gets up. Come on, get ready, we have to go!"

"Go where?"asked James, putting his glasses on.

"We have to see Dumbledore" Remus answered.

"Ugh, fine." said Sirius. He rolled off the sofa and fell on top of Peter. 

"OWW! Padfoot get off!" Peter yelled. Sirius took his time getting up.

"Oops, sorry, forgot you were there Wormy." Sirius helped him up. "SORRY!" he shouted, and punched Peter on the arm.


"Will both of you shut up? Your going to wake someone!" said Remus. Just then, a slightly smaller version of James walked down the staircase, rubbing sleep from his eyes. The Marauders were shocked. Sirius kept looking from James to the boy and back. Only to realise that James didn't look anything like this boy anymore, because of Remus' appearance spell.

"Would you mind being quiet? I think you've woken up half the tower." the boy looked around at the sleeping bags on the couches and on the floor. " Did you sleep down here?" he asked them.

"Umm yeah, we did. We arrived late last night, and didn't have anywhere else to sleep." Remus was the first to recover from the shock. "I'm Pierce Reid. Nice to meet you." he held out his hand.

"I'm Harry Potter." said the boy, taking Remus' hand. The other Marauders we're out of shock now too. James was the next to speak. 

"Hello, I'm Alex Hunter. This is Joe Beacon and Logan Griffen. We're starting in 6th year."James introduced the remaining Marauders and they all shook hands.

"I hope we're not starting to late into the year." James said this hoping to find out the date.

"Oh, no it's only the second day here, we haven't even started classes yet." Harry explained. So it's the second of September. Remus thought. At least we know the date.

"That's good. We were wondering if you could show is to the headmaster's office? What was their name again?" asked Remus

"Professor Dumbledore is the headmaster."

"Of course, now I remember. So could you show us how to get to his office?" Remus asked again. He knew they could've made their own way up, but asking Harry to help would make him believe they were new students, and he thought James would like to get to know his son better. There was no denying that Harry was James' son, Remus couldn't believe how alike they looked. Except the eyes. I know I've seen them before, I just can't remember where...

"Sure, I don't mind. I'm awake now anyway. Just give me 10 minutes to get ready." Harry said, and ran back upstairs.

"He looks just like you, Prongs." Sirius said as soon as Harry was out of earshot. Peter nodded in agreement. James still looked a bit shocked.

"I noticed." he whispered.



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