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Escaping the Friend Zone by jess94
Chapter 17 : Girls Are Like Buses
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 Chapter Seventeen

Despite being one of the only people in Gryffindor tower without a hangover the next morning I still very much felt like I had one. I felt sick, tired, and emotional and I had a massive headache coupled with massive amounts of guilt and paranoia. The party had gone until 3am when Nev and Teddy came in and stopped it all, though to be honest Teddy looked like he wanted to stay, and everyone went to bed. By that point Lily had proceeded to flirt with about six other guys whilst maintaining constant eye contact with me; I’d tried to put her out of my head but it hadn’t really worked and by the time I actually managed to get to sleep I’d been angry for quite some time

This wasn’t the Lily Potter that I knew, that Lily Potter wouldn’t have encouraged me to cheat on my girlfriend. In fact the old Lily Potter would have hit me several times with a blunt object if I’d ever cheated on a girl; the new Lily seemed to be quite up for it. I really wanted to tell somebody, shout, scream and rant about last night; I wanted to ask for advice, I wanted somebody to tell me what to do and I wanted someone to assure me I wasn’t a horrible person for cheating on Abi. I thought of Abi, the last words she said to me last night were “You’re everything to me Oliver” and I felt so guilty about everything

“Oh mate” groaned Hugo massaging his head as he sat up “How much did I drink last night? Is there even any alcohol left in the world”

“I know how you feel mate” came Ryan’s voice from the next bed “I’m pretty sure I kissed Leila but I just can’t remember. I hope I did, she’s fit”. I gave Ryan a smile but stayed quiet as he, Hugo and Ben began to try and recreate the events of last night and from the sounds of it they’d all had better nights than me. Then again, my night last night made Abraham Lincoln’s trip to the theatre seem like a rousing success

Around half an hour we all made our way down into the common room where we found Melissa, Rebecca, Leila, Dom and Roxy all looking as rough as we all felt. Rebecca snuggled up to Hugo as he sat down next to her; I envied them in away it’d all been plain sailing for them so far. Roxy’s eyes lit up when she saw Ben but he didn’t seem to return it whilst Ryan shared an awkward glance with Leila. I sat myself down in between Melissa and Dom who both rested their heads on my shoulders

“Great party though wasn’t it?” said Rebecca “Best Halloween party for a few years I reckon; since Victorie was here at least”

“We were 12 when Victorie left” Ryan pointed out “Our idea of a good party then was balloons and sponge cake”

“I miss those days” groaned Melissa “At least after those parties I never felt like I was about to die”

“You were quiet last night Ollie” said Roxy “Normally you’re the life and soul but I don’t think I saw you so even much as have a drink; everything OK?” I looked up to see the rest of the group all looking me and my face immediately became red

“I just didn’t feel all that well” I lied as I had done to Abi last night “Felt sick all the way through the party, I didn’t want to leave Abi all alone though so I just didn’t drink much”

“Awww that’s cute” said Dom embracing me “You’re too cute you are Oliver, I only wish that some boy cared about me as much as you care about Abi”

“Lots of boys care about you” piped up Roxy “Like that Elliot Creevey kid in Hufflepuff; we both know he really cares about you”

“Piss off” said Dom despite her laughter “That boy is severely mentally unhinged or something. I mean ’16 Red roses, one for each year you’ve graced the planet with your beauty’. Please. Jog on mate” Everyone, myself included, laughed at Dom’s comments and when conversation soon turned to Lily and her behaviour last night I kept my head down and said nothing. It seemed even in there drunken stupors everyone had noticed Lily was acting very strangely and they were all very keen to find out why

I was so screwed


“Oliver” said Abi as she snook up behind me that afternoon in the library and put her hands threw my hair “Oliver, I feel as if I might actually die. I don’t think I’ve ever drunk that much in my life, you seem fine though”

“That’s because I am” I replied “I didn’t drink that much last night; remember I told you I didn’t feel too well”

“Vaguely” said Abi rubbing her forehead and looking pained “Please don’t ask me to think or even use my brain today; can we just go on a walk or something?” I grinned, shut my Potions textbook and packed my things together and placed my hand in Abi’s and headed out to the school grounds. On the way we passed Lily and Roxy; Roxy gave us a quick hello and left swiftly but Lily looked as if she was going to say something. Noticing the look I’d given her she merely nodded her head and followed Roxy

“She is such a pain in the ass” groaned Abi as we began walking around the lake “I mean honestly, the way she treats people. Just because her dad happened to save everyone doesn’t give her the right to treat people like shit. Especially you and your meant to be her so called best friend but she’s had no time for you ever since I arrived has she? Some best friend can’t even be happy that you’re happy. She acts like she owns you or something”

I had to agree, Lily had been a terrible friend these past few months. Going with Scorpious despite the fact that she knew how much I hated him, ignoring me for weeks for no valid reason and now all of this ‘love’ drama I was struggling to think of her as a friend let alone a best friend anymore. I listened to Abi rant about Lily for about half an hour, it was like six years of resentment and hatred coming out in one big long rant. It wasn’t the ideal thing for me to be hearing but I never told her to stop as that would’ve seemed like I was defending Lily. Me defending Lily was bound to lead to questions or some kind of row in which I blurted out the truth and then bam end of us.

Growing tired I requested we sat down on one of the benches surrounding the lake; it was November now but still pleasant enough weather to be outside. Subconsciously I began chucking rocks in the lake, maybe they symbolized the guilt I felt, and soon enough Abi joined in with me and about five minutes later we were both stood up having become very competitive

“No, no, no, no” I said taking Abi’s arms as she attempted to skim a stone into the water “You want to use your wrist more, that’s it bend it”. Abi looked up at me and smiled; she kissed me and turned back around. She skimmed the stone perfectly and we sat back down on the bench; she cuddled up to me

“I love you so much” she said “I know it may seem sudden but I really do, I can’t imagine myself with anybody else, I really can’t. You’re so incredible Oliver; you’re definitely the kindest person I’ve ever known. I don’t deserve you”

That did it

I began crying. I just couldn’t help it anymore; before I was coping by pushing it to the back of my mind trying to repress it but when Abi said all of that I couldn’t take it anymore. Because I wasn’t all the things she said but what got me the most was when she said that she didn’t deserve me. I didn’t deserve her, she was amazing and the best girlfriend someone could ask for. Lily wasn’t, she could be mean, cruel and downright nasty so why was I still in love with her? Why, once again, was I letting her ruin yet another relationship? Abi gave me a concerned look and pulled me into a hug, telling me that whatever was wrong I didn’t have to tell her there and then but she’d be supportive of me through whatever it was

I gulped. Girls are like busses; I wait sixteen years for one and then two come along at once

Hope you enjoyed! And as always feel free to leave a review


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Escaping the Friend Zone: Girls Are Like Buses


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