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Tyrant Thoughts by kalanapatheis150
Chapter 3 : This is were you belong Mudblood
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Starring, starring at the eyes of the devil that's what she did. His presense in the castle made her stomach twitch. Get out of my mind she thought. It was afternoon and she was heading to charms class. She had missed attending classes and preparing essays. But most of all she had misses being in Hogwarts, her home.

She was highly aware that she had o lot of work to do for her NEWTS this year. On her way to charms she opened her sack to check her charms essay.


The Banishing charm (Depulso) is the countercharm to the Summoning Charm. As Accio summons objects to the caster, Depulso sends objects away. From the Latin “depulsio”, meaning “driving away”. Also is similar to repulse meaning "drive away with force". It could also be seen to be derived from the English word pulse (as in a pulse of energy.) and the prefix "de" which would make it mean "a negative pulse of energy."”


She heard a thud behind her and surprised by the sound she accindentally droped her essay. Tears were filling her eyes as emotional pressure became harder to cope with. She bent down trying to gather the scattered pages on the floor. All of a sudden a foot stepped on the pages.


“This is were you belong Mudblood” she heard someone say.


His voice made her yelp. She stood up. She wasn't going to let him get away with that. She wasn't going to let him get away with anything from now on.


“How dare you? How dare you come back here? After what you did. You fought against us.” she yelled.


“Huh. What do you think Mudblood? That I would fight with you? The Dark Lord is dead because of you, the blood traitor and the boy-who-was supposed to die” he said


“You are the reason I got tortured. I hate you. I'll talk to McGonagall. You can't stay here” as she said those words she turned her back and started to walk away but he grabbed her hand.

With all his force he pushed her against the wall and she hit it with a loud painfull sound. He had her shirt balled up in his hand.


“ You are not going anyware, you filthy mudblood bitch.” he screamed in her face.


Hermione paniced and angry tears fell down her cheeks. No don't, don't cry, you are not weak she thought.


“Let me go...LET ME GO NOW” she yelled.




She heard a voice from behind and Draco fell back with force hitting his head on the stone wall. He was unconscius. Hermione in shock turned around and saw Neville running towards her. Taking her by the hand they walked together away from him.


A few minutes later they were in the Gryffindor common room. Hermione hugged him. She was thankfull he was there.


“Thank you Neville, thank you very much” she said.


“Are you alright? What happend to you? Why did he attack you?” said Neville


She sat down and emplained everything to him. She realized that tears were falling but she didn't know why. Maybe it was frustration, anger, anxiety. She talked to him about her feelings. About her parents and how she didn't know why and how they died.


“I have been thinking a lot. It could not have been a heart attack” Thats what they told her. The doctors in the hospital. But deep inside she new. “I was thinking that they killed him. Death Eaters”


“Death Eaters? They wouldn't dare. They are deafeated they are outnumbered” Neville said.


“I believe they are planning something. They have been doing this secretely. That's why he is back. That's why Malfoy came back to Hogwarts.” she cried.


“Hermione please get yourlself together. They can't do that; they don't have enough power. Malfoy was a Death Eater..”


Is” she said


“...Is a Death Eater but he is just a spoiled asshole who thinks he is stronger than anyone. He was never able to really seriously harm anyone” Neville said.


Her head was streaming with thoughts. Neville could be true but something in her head made her think otherwise. What is really up with him she didn't know.






I'll be back for you Mudblood. Was the only thing that popped into Draco's mind when he opened his eyes. Watch out.



Hey everybody this is my 3rd chapter. I'm sorry for the short chapters but I just want to be able to update the story quickly. Thank you all very much for reading even if you like it or not. Anyways keep reading and if you want leave a review with suggestions or your thought. I love Hary Potter and I wanted to be a part of it by creating something. Thank you JK Rowling!


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