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Their Secret Garden by hpsauce
Chapter 1 : Chapter 1
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Dislclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, that's JKR's, and I don't own The Secret Garden, that's all Frances Hodgson Burnett's. 



Steam hissed from out both sides of the ruby engine, its breathy whistle echoing around the platform.


“Come on, Lily! Hurry up, or we’ll miss the train!” her brothers were always like this; moaning at her and annoying her.


Her parents were never there to help her battle against the two older boys, who always teased her and ganged up on her.


The life of Lily Potter was not one that anyone wanted to live, she decided, continuing to haul her heavy trunk behind her, struggling with the weight of all the books and robes.


She grunted as she tugged again, her arms burning from all the hard work.


“Albus! James! My trunk’s too heavy! I can’t carry it!” She yelled to them. They just ignored her, disappearing amidst the clouds, leaving her helpless on the platform.


She sighed and plonked down in the middle of the platform, resting her weary body against the leather of her trunk.


She wished mum and dad were around instead of working for the ministry for what seemed like forever. She felt like she never saw them at all these days. They were always too busy at press conferences or at the ministry or doing Merlin knows what else.


 “You ok there, Lils?” a voice asked from above her.


She looked up from the ground to see a friendly smile and a hair full of the Weasley ginger hair.


“Uncle Ron!” she exclaimed, happy to see one of her favourite members of the family.


“You seem a bit down in the dumps, Lils. Do you want some help with your trunk?” He asked helping her up from her seat on the floor.


“Thanks Uncle Ron!” She gave him a hug, grateful that someone had found her and offered to help.


“Hugo’s just boarding now so maybe you two can get a compartment together or something.” he said conversationally, clearly trying to make me feel better as he picked up my trunk and strolled across the bustling platform with me.


We continued to push through the crowds of weeping mothers and excited teenagers, trying to get to the train carriages.


One family caught Lily’s eyes. The mother was crying and enveloping her child in a hug as the father told a joke, causing the three of them to laugh. The young boy’s eyes were sparkling with excitement and love for his family, his lips parting into a face-splitting smile.


Tears pricked the corners of Lily’s eyes as she realised what she would never have. An aching set into the pit of her stomach, like a hunger, but not for food. It was for love. That was all she ever really wanted, ever really wished for; a loving family that would spend time together and go to the beach in the summer and have snowball fights in the winter.


With one last glance at the platform, she stepped onto the train, thanking her Uncle Ron for helping her and assuring him that she would be fine. That was a lie though. She was never fine; she just had to put up the walls to stop her from falling, to keep her upright and moving, to let her life continue.


Lily wandered the corridor of the train, searching for the one thing she was used to; solitude. Her feet scuffed along the worn, burgundy carpet as her eyes scanned the doors for a place alone.


The whistle blew on the platform and a surge of students flooded onto the train like a tidal wave.


Lily dove into the nearest compartment, hoping that it would be empty or contain another quiet first year, like herself.


It wasn’t.


“Look who it is!” the obnoxious voice shouted to his mates, laughing and jeering at my entry.


“Hey sis! How’s it going?” Albus continued, ruffling her hair, a mocking tone lacing his seemingly friendly gestures.


“Ok.”She mumbled in reply, wanting to be out of there as soon as possible.


Subtly, she turned and reached for the handle of the door, twisting it slowly so as not to attract any attention to the movement of her wrist.


“Where you off to Lils?” Albus yelled as the door clicked open, “Slagging about already are we?”  He and his idiot mates laughed, as Albus received a round of high fives at the expense of her blazing red cheeks.


She slipped out of the door, hopefully unnoticed, as she dashed towards another compartment. The echoes of laughter could be heard as calls of “who’s the unlucky guy?” and wolf whistles were sent my way from the compartment she’d just escaped.


A lone tear slipped out of her hazel eye, tracing a path of salty hurt down her pale cheek. She flicked it off by the end of her nose, dismissing the pain along with the drop that contained it.


Her feet pounded against the floor, another tear trailing down her face. She chose to ignore it now, along with the emotion it held.


That was her life; leaving the hurt of not having the supportive family she always wanted in the back of her head, dismissing it and ignoring it, just hoping that it would get better eventually.


None of the compartments were empty. Every room she seemed to pass seemed to be filled with people, who all seemed to stare at her with intrigued eyes, wanting to know about the infamous Lily Potter. She didn’t want to know about them though. She didn’t want more pain to be added to the mountain that she’d already gained over the years.


Finally, she discovered a compartment that only contained a boy that had to be a first year like her.


Cautiously, she slid the door open. The boy looked up from his book. Lily sent him a weak smile and he nodded in reply, going straight back to his book.


Muggleborn thought Lily. That was the only reason he wasn’t bombarding her with questions about her family. If he had any wizarding lineage, he would know about her dad and, therefore, about her.


She didn’t want to be judged by what her father had done before her, she wanted to be known for what she did and how she acted. She had hoped all her life that her family wouldn’t affect her life, but she knew she was wishing on a star that didn’t even exist.


She glanced up at the boy again. He was engrossed in his novel; a book entitled ‘The Secret Garden’. It was clearly muggle and the pages were dog-eared with years of wear.


She wondered what it would be like to have a secret garden for her, a place to hide away from the world, a place that she could forget about her life. She wondered if such a place even existed, a site that was untouched by man. She imagined this place as swarmed with vibrant butterflies and flowers, bees and birds buzzing and humming, creating a harmonious soundtrack for the tranquil nature. A stream ran through her mind, leading through the bowing trees to a crystal blue lake with a tumbling waterfall. The waterfall would be like a sheet off glass, reflecting the unharnessed light from the sun, illuminating the beautiful setting and giving it a radiant verve.


The boy across from her coughed, pulling her out of her fantasy world. She looked into his pale green eyes, wanting to know why he had interrupted her thoughts.


“Excuse me...”he began, clearly unsure of himself.


“Lily.” she said, trying to hold her tongue and not sound too sharp.


“Lily...erm...I was wondering if you...erm...what year are you in?” the boy seemed really nervous, his chocolate hair falling into his eyes, trying to hide his discomfort.


“I’m a first year.” She replied matter-of-factly, clearly in her comfort zone whilst he was shifting in his seat.


“Oh...well,” he swallowed, “so am I...” he trailed off, thinking about his possibilities of making friends with the girl that sat in front of him.

Silence fell upon them again. He had his nose in his book. She stared out of the window, dreaming of her secret garden that she hoped existed, that she hoped she could, one day, share. 

A/N - Thanks for reading :D I know I've got alot on the go and the moment but I just have too many plot ideas!!! Also, this one is for some challenges I've signed up to so wish me luck :D 



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Their Secret Garden: Chapter 1


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