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If It's Love by Sirius Black Dog
Chapter 32 : The Faith We Hold
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The Faith We Hold

A/N: I am so so so sorry it's taken so long for this chapter to come up. Unfortunately i posted one before i went on holiday and came home to my Nan dying, deteriorating really quickly so as she died, uni started and exams and prac and life and its been a hard few months so i am very sorry. I hope you can forgive me and please please review and stay with me i'll try and get the next chapter up quicker next time. I hope you enjoy it and again sorry for the long wait.


‘James focus!’ Lily said as she pushed against James’ shoulders as he tried to kiss her neck.

‘Why, this is so much more fun,’ James said his hands running through her hair as she tried to pull backwards and away from his lips.

‘Don’t you want me to be able to cast a protronus if I’m in trouble,’ Lily asked tilting her head to one side, her eyes sparkling innocently.

‘How dare you play that card?’

‘I dare, besides its true,’ Lily said as she pulled out her wand.

‘Ok, Lils you win…’

‘I love winning,’ Lily whispered before leaning forward and kissing him swiftly on the lips.

‘I want you to focus on the happiest memory you can think of,’ James said as Lily closed her eyes as he circled around her distantly.

‘Expecto Patronum!’ Lily said opening her eyes as a mist flew from her wand. ‘Ahhh.’ Lily yelled, getting frustrated, they had been at it for a couple hours with little success.

‘Try a different memory Lils, maybe the one you’re using just isn’t strong enough.’

‘I’ve tried two different ones, James.’

‘What are they?’

‘One is you and me and the other is about my parents on Christmas Day.’

‘They’re giving you something but maybe you need the little bit of an extra kick.’ Lily nodded breathing deeply.

‘Expecto Patronum!’ Lily yelled fire in her voice as a bright white doe shot from the end of her wand and pranced gracefully around her frame.

‘You did it, Lils!’ James yelled happily, picking her up and spinning her around. She watched her doe move, smiling gently before watching it disappear. ‘I knew you could.’

‘Now how do you make them talk?’

‘Eager little bee?’ James said before he showed her, her eyes intent on watching him. ‘You speak out what you wish to say in your head, it’s like a nonverbal spell so it only works when you focus on that and not the actual protronus.’


‘Send one to Ruby,’ James said watching as her eyes closed again, concentration evident on her face. This time she did it non verbally, focusing on her memory of that beautiful baby boy that looked so much like the man she loved.

And in the Gryffindor common room Ruby Mason received the patronus from her best friend, hearing her need for a conversation. Ruby replied knowing why she had sent it, beaming at the idea of Lily finally knowing how to cast a patronus.

‘It worked,’ Lily said excitedly kissing James deeply, smiling against his mouth as she felt his tongue against her own.

‘Come on,’ James said placing his arm around her shoulders as they started to make their way back to their common room. ‘So what was the memory?’

‘It wasn’t a memory, it was a dream.’

‘Harry…’ James whispered.

‘What?’ Lily asked looking at him sideways. ‘How did you know about him?’

‘You spoke about him while you were sleeping…Who is he, Lily?’ James said looking at her desperately. ‘Do you love him more than me?’

At this Lily couldn’t help but snort, tugging on James’ arms so he stopped walking and faced her.

‘Silly, jealous boy,’ Lily said resting her palm against his cheek. ‘Harry was a baby boy that we had, a boy we were given to protect.’


‘Harry was our son, James,’ James’ face changed from sullen to overwhelmed with excitement in a space of a few moments.

‘Our son?’

‘Yes,’ Lily said before she told him exactly what had happened in her dream.

‘You told Dumbledore about it?’

‘Yeah, it unnerved me, I wanted him to tell me it was just a dream and nothing more but he couldn’t. He just told me not to focus on it, focus instead on now and worry about it when it comes.’

‘Fair point I guess,’ James said thoughtfully. ‘So he thinks there’s a chance that we will have a son called Harry?’

‘Yes and the little girl he asked me if I thought she was ours,’ Lily said and James watched her expectantly. ‘I told him I didn’t think so because she looked like Sirius.’

‘We’ll find out eventually won’t we?’

‘We will, besides the little girl will be born first so that’ll give us the heads up,’ Lily said feeling a weight lift off her chest at having told him about her dream.

As they walked back towards the Heads common room, assuming that they were going to meet their friends, they talked easily about everything that had happened recently. Ruby stubborn as always had played in the Quidditch match a few weeks ago against Hufflepuff and even though she wasn’t playing her best they won the match. From where Lily had been sitting Ruby had played brilliantly even if James and Sirius hadn’t have saved some shots for her and constantly backed her up.

They sat down relaxing as Lily pulled out her potion essay, working on it quietly, her legs up as she leant against James for support.

‘Now you’re making me feel guilty,’ James said stroking his hand through her long silky hair.

‘Then do your paper,’ Lily said as though it was the most logical thing in the world. And just as she spoke the portrait of the first Heads opened and their friends walked in. Ruby raised her eyes at Lily before glancing at Remus and Thea whose hands were interlaced.

‘See this is where it gets unfair, Slughorn would let you get away with anything while the rest of us have to bear the consequences.’

‘I’m very lovable, James haven’t you realised?’ Lily replied smirking gently.


‘Now today I’ll be dividing you all up into pairs and you’ll duel the other without causing harm,’ Professor Anders said gently as he watched his seventh year DADA class’ reaction. ‘You’ll have 3 minutes to win your individual duel. Now who’s up first…?’ The professor looked around the room spotting Sirius and grinning. ‘Sirius Black and Lincoln Greengrass.’

Sirius smirked as he pulled out his wand, taking up his position watching the snarl appear on his opponent’s face.

‘On three: one, two, three…’ Professor Anders yelled and watched as the duel began. Slytherin vs Gryffindor. It was a beautiful thing to watch, Sirius fought with an agility that could only come naturally while Greengrass fought ruthlessly against Sirius.

‘Brilliant!’ Anders said happily. ‘Next up: Severus Snape and Miss Lily Evans.’ James went to object but Lily silenced him by gently touching her hand to his. She looked at Snape, his dark familiar eyes boring into hers.

Lily held her wand out her gaze focussed on his eyes, feeling as though she could hear his heart pounding. She flicked her head so her hair fell behind her shoulder as she non-verbally sent a spell towards her old best friend. Snape blocked it as Lily sent another, tears threatening her eyes as she blinked trying to concentrate. Snape ducked before standing again attempting to block out the enthusiastic yells to win.

James watched as spells flew from either wand, colour illuminating the space around them. It quickly became a heated duel both ducking and blocking the spells and curses that flew between them. Lily knew she couldn’t use any of the recent spells Dumbledore had taught her and didn’t want to; despite everything she didn’t want to hurt him. She looked over her shoulder at James’ worried face and felt her friends’ gazes upon her back as she finally disarmed him, catching his wand as she looked at him curiously, having felt the ease in the final part of their duel.

‘Inspiring performance,’ Anders said cheerfully as he turned away from them and towards the next pair not realising that many were still watching Lily and Snape. James went to step forward only to find Sirius’ hand resting against his shoulder to stop him.

Lily stood still, her eyes wide as Snape approached her. She held his wand just slightly away from her body, laying it flat against her palm. He almost glided as he reached her side, his hand rising to take the wand from her hand. It seemed to take up so much time as Lily felt his cool fingers against her skin.

‘Did you get my letters?’

‘I did,’ Lily said as he nodded once, emotions flooding his eyes whilst his face remained stone like.

‘Nice job, Red,’ Sirius yelled out as Snape moved towards the other Slytherins and Lily moved back towards her friends, a tender smile placed gently on her face.

Lily looked at Snape almost begging him to speak comforting words to her as he had done years before. She could sense the glares and snarls from the other Slytherins, feeling an eerie loneliness wash over her. Lily’s building fear plummeted as familiar arms slipped around her waist. Lily leaned back into James’ chest, her hands interlacing with his which rested on her stomach with care, her gaze with Snape broken as she let her eyelids close, sighing.

‘Are you ok?’ James whispered softly.

‘Of course,’ Lily said glancing at Ruby swallowing harshly.

‘I know that was hard…’


Severus Snape watched the green of Lily Evans eyes disappear, a strange feeling in the pit of his stomach. He clenched his fists within the sleeves of his robes, feeling anger twist its way through his veins as James Potter leaned to one side of Lily’s head, kissing her neck, puckering playfully against her skin making a smile stretch across her face.

Lily relaxed unable to not feel safe within James’ grasp. She turned her head to the right, finding James’ lips. His hands moved enough so they were on her hips, his fingers slipping under her school jumper and shirt, stroking her soft skin.

‘Oi Prongs stop sucking face!’ Sirius yelled chuckling as James pulled away from Lily’s lips, hugging her before they stepped back to watch the next duel.

Seeing this display of affection between his old best friend and James Potter proved to Snape that he was doing the right thing. A third letter would be sent to Lily, one that would change things. He didn’t want her to be hurt or in danger but he wanted Potter out of the way. Potter either joined the Dark Lord and left Lily or he’d be killed, either way he looked at it Potter would be out of the way soon enough if he went ahead with the plan.

Snape glared at the Head Boy, the disgusting way he ruffled up his hair, the way his eyes glowed with mischief, the way he looked at Lily. Everything about that boy got to him and it was this that made him feel content in what he was about to let happen to the red headed beauty before him.


Lily Evans walked through the cold stone corridors doing her night rounds by herself because James had a Quidditch team meeting. She had wrapped herself up in a coat of James that was incredibly warm and soft, smelling faintly of him, instead of her cloak. She hummed to herself as she walked; gazing outside at the bright half-moon her thoughts drifting to Remus.

The fair was roughly a month away and all the plans were in place and excitement throughout the castle was growing. As she walked she glossed over the events of her last year of Hogwarts so far. It had all started so well, being made Head Girl had seemed like a great way to start a memorable year. And yeah so far it had been memorable but not always for the right reasons.

Even finally falling for James Potter and kissing him had been overshadowed by her parents’ murders. Except she had the feeling it had made them a stronger couple. Then of course Christmas had brought painful memories and arguments but more love again. No matter what she thought of, each thought came with more and more love, where like when Ruby was kidnapped it brought them all closer together to protect her. And then the best memory so far was her best friends’ engagement.

After everything that had happened and was about to happen it comforted Lily to know that James and their friends would always be there by their sides to brighten any darkness Voldemort threw at them.

She turned and moved up a floor, taking each step carefully her thoughts now on a small face she now knew so well. Skin so soft and milky, a slight pink in their chubby cheeks, fingers delicately small against her lips, her eyes watching the familiar emerald green eyes that she saw in the mirror every day and of course that dark, messy raven hair she so adored in James. Lily felt her heart warm as she reminisced over the dream baby son, hoping he would one day exist.

Her thoughts shattered at the sound of a muffled scream. She paused, her heart racing as she pulled out her wand and began moving quickly toward the noise. She had a feeling she knew the spell that had been cast when that person screamed, it seemed like Snape had taught his invented spell to his fellow Death Eaters.

Lily reached the group of three cloaked Slytherins and screamed a jinx at them. Their attention moved quickly onto Lily so she was able to identify them as Mulciber, Wilkes and Avery. Wilkes kept his wand on the young boy at his feet while Mulciber and Avery started duelling Lily.

‘Is that all you got?’ Lily bellowed, her boyfriend’s cockiness showing.

‘Crucio!’ Mulciber yelled but his curse didn’t reach Lily instead it hit the unconscious girl on the castle floor.

‘No!’ the boy cried. Wilkes took this sign of weakness and grabbed the boy’s blonde hair and forced him to watch the girl convulse in pain. In that instant Lily recognised the girl. She was a fourth year now, a muggleborn witch called Nataya who had grown up next door to Ricky Beeson, the blonde boy, who was of a Wizarding family, disgrace from their pureblood status by their eldest daughter who was a Squib, who they chose to love and raise alongside their son. Lily remembered her nervous face, pushing her long dark brown hair back as she searched desperately for her best friend, Ricky, along the Hogsmeade platform her first year.

‘Nataya!’ Ricky yelled struggling against Wilkes who kneed the boy in the head.

Lily ran forward, blocking the curse with her own body, she felt the pain wash over her, feeling as though it was searing her insides. Mulciber stopped the curse taking a few confident strides towards Lily Evans who had rolled onto her knees, her back to the Slytherins, her attention solely on the girl she was pulling into her arms.

Avery waved his wand sharply causing Lily to be lifted up off the floor, Nataya’s head falling back onto the stone. Lily looked at her attackers wide eyed, flicking her wand at Mulciber.

‘Crucio!’ Mulciber yelled cursing Lily who had braced herself, shocked aas he cast a second curse at Nataya. How could he aim two curses at two separate targets?

‘No!’ Lily screamed ignoring the pain on herself. She felt it ease gradually instead watching Avery join Mulciber in torturing the young muggleborn.


Sirius paused, ahead of his team mates as they headed down from the Gryffindor common room to the Head’s dorms.

‘Did you hear that?’

‘No?’ James said questioningly just as the sound reached them, a piercing scream echoing off the walls. His feet moved automatically, running towards where the noise was coming from. ‘Lily!’ James yelled as he saw he hanging in the air, her eyes huge, her body weak.

‘Reducto!’ James screamed blasting Avery off his feet and into a wall.

Ruby ran forward and kicked Wilkes upwards, smashing his lower jaw into his top one before jinxing his body to freeze and become painfully itchy as the top layer of skin fell off in large red welts.

As Sirius went to fire a spell at Mulciber, he pointed his wand at Ruby, knowing now Sirius couldn’t act without risking her safety so he wouldn’t act. But as Sirius faltered, looking along the length of his wand at Ruby who was leaning over the boy, James nonverbally yanked Mulciber upside down so he was hanging from on foot at his eye level. James walked towards Mulciber, his face set as he looked the Slytherin in the eye, his back straight as he spoke:

‘You tortured my girl and innocent kids, you bastard,’ James said matter of factly, with no emotion until the last word, before he ounched the hanging seventh year as if he was a boxing bag in the middle of a work out.

‘Prongs,’ Sirius said placing a hand on his brother’s shoulder. James turned away from his target panting as he moved towards Lily.

She was sitting on the floor holding Nataya’s head in her lap, having moved towards her when she had collapsed to the ground after Avery had been blasted into a wall. James crouched down beside her, noticing the cuts to her knees and then seeing tears streaming down her face and splashing onto the skin of the fourth year.


‘I can’t find a pulse…’ Lily stuttered before burying her face in the young girls hair.

‘Padfoot, get Ricky,’ James said as he moved to Nataya’s other side, gently getting Lily to move so he could get the young student to the Hospital Wing.

Ruby placed her arm around Lily who pushed her away and limped after the boys, leaving Ruby alone to get Dumbledore, McGonagall and Slughorn to deal with the Slytherins.


‘Come on, Red,’ Sirius said putting an arm around her slender shoulders.

‘I’m so sorry.’

‘It’s not your fault, Lily. It’s those damn Voldy Mouldy wannabes.’

‘I should have done more.’ Sirius gently used the tip of his pointer finger to wipe away her tears before pulling her intpo a tight hug. She hid her face in the crook of his neck before peeking out to see Ricky sitting by Nataya’s bed. His eyes were blank, his hand gripping hers as he tried to get her to wake up.

Nataya had been hit with a curse that wipes the brain clean, meaning without her brain functioning she required machines and spells to control her body until Healers could find a possible cure.

‘She’s 14, Black, she’s just a little girl.’

‘I know, Red,’ Sirius said kissing her cheek before watching Lily walked over to Ricky and Nataya.

‘Ricky?’ Lily said subconsciously bending her knees to test the healing that had been preformed before, but the boys gaze remained on his best friend.

‘I’m sorry I couldn’t do more,’ Lily said softly feeling Sirius’ eyes on her back. James had gone back to Ruby and the Slytherins, knowing she was safe with his brother, who would do anything for Lily now.

‘Are you ok?’

‘Am I ok?’ Ricky almost chuckled still looking at Nataya’s sleeping face.

‘You’ll both go to St Mungo’s soon, you’re parents are heading there now.’


‘Excuse me?’

‘Taya’s parents are muggles, how are they getting there?’

‘You’re parents are getting them as far as I know.’

‘Right.’ Lily stayed silent for a moment trying to keep the tears out of her eyes.

‘I am so sorry, Ricky, Nataya,’ Lily said reaching for Rickys shoulder. He jerked it forward suddenly, away from her touch, his eyes having narrowed, still remaining on his best friend.

Lily breathed deeplu as she leaned down to kiss Nataya’s forehead before moving away from the fourteen year olds. She reached Sirius quickly, burying her face in his chest immediately. He hugged her tightly to him, wanting to make her feel secure, having just seen the rejection Ricky had served up.

‘Come on, Red, she’ll be ok.’ Lily nodded, blinking in an effort to pull herself together.

‘What’s our world coming to, Sirius?’

‘I honestly don’t know, Lily, I wish I did.’

‘I’ll die fighting a world that just accepts something like this as part of the nom.’

‘So will I,’ Sirius said knowing what she meant. He couldn’t imagine living in this world forever, where fourteen year olds were in danger, where he had to see his Ruby in danger without the ability to act, see his brother’s willingness to sacrifice himself for Lily screaming from his eyes. As Sirius looked at the walls of his first home he knew for now they should just enjoy the safety it brought because soon they’d officially join the Order and lose the innocence they had left. Then again he knew that the Marauders wouldn’t let the fun and laughter fade, at least not completely, that idea seemed impossible.


Rainy walked quietly into the boys’ dorm, a smirk plastered on her face as she peeked through one of the beds hangings. Annie gave her the thumbs up, stifling her giggles with her hand as they both flicked their wands releasing the knots.

Just as suddenly screams filled the air as the top covering of the three, four poster beds fell, covering the sleeping Gryffindor’s with magically manufactured icy snow.

‘Rainy! Annie!’ Thea screamed as she leapt out of the bed grabbing Remus’ cloak quickly when she remembered her long sleeve shirt and underwear was all she wore. Peter and Remus shook their hair as they got up, glaring at the girls, a grin placed on their faces never the less.

‘Thanks for that, there was no way we could have woken up by ourselves,’ Ruby said her tone thick with sarcasm.

‘Apparently Padfoot’s harder to wake,’ Peter said chuckling as he looked at Sirius asleep on his back, ice in his hair and slipping off his bare chest.

‘I’ll get him up,’ Ruby said her eyes sparkling evilly as she climbed back onto the bed. She looked down sweetly at her husband to be, a foot placed on either side of his body. She giggled as she jumped, bouncing his sleeping body. Rainy laughed as Ruby looked over at them, smirking as she jumped again. Annie nudged them having noticed Sirius’ lips twitching into an attempted hidden smirk.

Ruby used her hands to hold her hair out of her face as she jumped a third time. This time Sirius grabbing behind her knees as she did so, causing her to bend them, landing on him. He grinned up at her as she flicked her hair back laughing, her eyes sparkling. Sirius rested his hands on her ass, cupping each cheek, pulling her body against his.

‘Morning Princess,’ Ruby said beaming.

‘Did you really think you’d get away with it, Rubes? You against my fabulous self,’ Sirius said teasingly before Ruby poked her tongue out at him. ‘I’ll take that as a no.’

‘Take it however you’d like,’ Ruby said before leaning down to kiss him.

‘Fair time!’ Rainy yelled excitedly.It was now the middle of May, fair time and excitement had been buzzing through the castle since the early month Quidditch match.

As everyone would have guessed Slytherin won the match against Hufflepuff 410 to 190, leaving all but the beaters in the Hospital Wing to recover. With such a large winning score, it meant Gryffindor needed to win by 250 points against Ravenclaw if they wanted to win the Quidditch Cup, and win was exactly what they planned to do, training harder than ever while Lily begged them to start studying.

‘Let’s get ready,’ Annie said taking Thea’s hand and pulling her from the room just as Remus kissed her lips swiftly. Since their break up and time apart and the night that had ultimately broken Thea and her new boyfriend up and pushed the two back together, they were stronger than ever before.

Rainy and Ruby linked arms, laughing as they left the room to get ready with their friends. Remus now already dressed left quickly after them to meet the other prefects to make sure everything was going to plan.

An hour later the girls came down dressed and ready for the day they had all been looking forward to.

Sirius felt as though he had slipped into a hot bath when he was cold as he saw Ruby in skin tight blue jeans and a loose black top made of a thin material that was ¾ in the arms and revealed an inch of her mid-drift, gold buttons down the front. He took her hand, eyes locked on hers, leaning in top whisper how good she looked. His fingers laced through hers, squeezing gently, feeling lucky to have her as his.

As they walked into the Great Hall, where everyone was assembling before they let the fair officially begin, he leaned back and looked at Ruby’s ass, running his eyes up her back and to her hair. One thing he had always loved was her hair, the deep auburn colour that glowed in the sun as it flowed down her back.

‘Please take your seats quickly,’ McGonagall said smiling nervously. You could see the tense lines upon her face as she looked over the Hall full of students. ‘Now today was set up for you all to enjoy yourselves, but with that been said you are all to behave respectfully and with dignity for yourselves and the lives around you.’

The students watched as Lily and James walked up onto the staff level, the prefects standing to one side.

‘Now would you all please show your appreciation for your brilliant Heads; Miss Lily Evans, Mr James Potter and their amazing team of prefects?’

The room applauded loudly, excitement buzzing through the air.

‘Ok, after all our hard work, we ask only one thing,’ James said smirking, his eyes twinkling with mischief. ‘Party like the teachers have let loose and are running around with their undies on their heads!’ Lily smiled gently shaking her head at the words he said. The students cheered loudly chuckling as a pair of underwear appeared on Dumbledore’s head, thanks to Sirius’ natural instincts.

‘Enjoy the day and remember to live and love and give life everything you have because right now we are safe, loved and young,’ Lily said her voice tender.

‘Party time!’ Sirius yelled as students raced out of the Great Hall, spilling from the castle and onto the colourfully decorated grounds.

‘Wow!’ Lena said as Rainy whistled, all of them taking in the magnificence before them. The grounds were covered. A large stage sat at one end, a band playing already building an electric atmosphere. Stalls littered the grounds with sweets, drinks, food and things to buy, from the various businesses of Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley that wanted to be involved. And towering over the multi-coloured stalls were rides that spun you upside down and around in an attempt to make you sick, each ride had lights and sounds that lit up the already light area further. Covering the area were large versions of streamers, all different colours, crossing over here and there above the rushing students.

‘What do you think?’ Lily asked coming up behind her friends with James and Remus by her sides.

‘It’s amazing!’

‘Yeah, you guys did an awesome job.’

‘Well let’s not stand here looking any longer, let’s go,’ and so they all stepped forward heading to various rides or stalls that grabbed their attention. Sirius pulled Ruby towards the purple ride that hung you upside down buzzing with excitement as James followed with Lily.

‘No way!’ Lily said shaking her head. ‘I’ll watch from here, with my feet on the ground thank you very much.’

‘No fun,’ James said pulling her close to him and pouting, using his best puppy dog eyes.

‘You go.’

‘Ok but I’ll take you on the ferris-wheel after, promise,’ James said before he almost skipped over to where Ruby and Sirius were getting onto the ride with their friends. Lily stood beaming as she watched her friends’ legs dangling before they were thrown upside down, hair blowing around as they squealed, laughing.

Lily felt eyes resting upon her back and turned her head away from watching her friends to see Severus Snape walking past with a group of Slytherins. She turned away shaking off the feeling that she should talk to him.

‘Hey,’ James said hugging her, taking her attention back from the Slytherins. ‘Ferris wheel time?’

‘Nah, later I want to win one of those big soft toys first.’

‘From where?’

‘The clowns, silly,’ Lily said smiling as she dragged James towards the laughing clowns. On their way over to the clowns James paused.

‘What’s wrong?’ Lily asked concerned. James didn’t reply just moved over to a stall, his eyes focused on a simple braided bracelet with a 4 leaf clover hanging from it.

‘Here,’ James said as he passed the owner 2 Knuts and pulled Lily’s hand out so he could slip it onto her slender wrist. ‘For luck…’

‘I already have my lucky charm as cliché as that sounds.’ James beamed and kissed her cheek merrily.

‘Let’s go win you a massive soft toy,’ James said feeling like he was flying, his shoulders held back, head held high, beaming. Lily giggled happily at how happy something so cliché had made her boyfriend. She raised their interlaced hands and kissed his wrist gently, looking up at him through her eyelashes, loving everything about him.

‘Oi bib!’ Ruby said loudly waving her hand in front of his glazed over eyes.


‘Where’d you go?’

‘Nowhere,’ Sirius said ignoring Ruby’s sceptical gaze. ‘I was just thinking of my top ten places with you...’

‘I knew it had to be sex related for you to get so glazed over,’ Ruby said smirking and poking Sirius' stomach.

Sirius looked towards Remus and Peter who were talking almost heatedly looking towards one of the games.

‘What’s up?’ Ruby asked feeling Sirius' familiar arm draping itself over her shoulders

‘They're arguing over who could hit the highest score on that big hammer game.'

‘Big hammer? Ruby said wiggling her eyebrows at Sirius

‘Lovely Rubes,' Remus said rolling his eyes and smirking,

‘Don’t worry boys I’ll show you how it’s done,' Sirius said pompously.

‘Will you now?’ Remus said glaring playfully.

‘Well we have to get James in on this then,' Rainy said as she turned and yelled for Lily and James to come over.

‘What you squawking about rainy?’ James asked.

‘It’s time to test your muscles against your fiends.’

‘What? At least give me real competition.’

‘All so cocky,' Lily said hand on hip, a large purple dragon in hand. ‘Well then superman, show us your skills.’

‘Oh I will,' James replied loving the nickname she'd just bestowed upon him.

‘It’s on,’ Sirius said looking at his friends sharply.

‘You got no hope,’ Remus said feeling the ease that came when he was around his friends and they were all relaxed.

James stepped forward first taking the heavy hammer and adjusting his hands to a comfortable position. He looked over at Lily and winked before exhaling and swinging the hammer over his head and down onto the metal plate.

The indicator rocketed up along the scale reaching 97 out of 100. James turned around a smug look on his face as Lily threw herself into his arms in excitement. He automatically caught her with one arm, lifting her up on the side as he spoke.

'Beat that!'

Peter stepped up his hand shaking slightly as he swung it up over his shoulder and down onto the plate, bouncing the hammer off the metal noisily. He stepped back the handle slipping from his grasp as he watched for his number.

'Good job, Pete,' Thea said kindly as she watched his 72 been reached.

Peter stepped back disappointed as Sirius grabbed the hammer cockily.

'Watch the master,' Sirius said as he like James winked at his girl and contracted his muscles as he brought the hammer down forcing the marker upwards to 98.

‘Woohoo!’ Ruby yelled smiling as she jumped on Sirius and kissed him.

Remus shook his head as he stepped up taking the hammer from Sirius completely relaxed and unsurprised by Sirius' number. He exhaled heavily as he swung the hammer up and let it come down feeling a slight strain in his back, not caring about his own number. The marker flew upwards hitting the bell at 100 and flying back down. Remus looked up shocked and unbelieving as Sirius let out a low whistle impressed by his friend’s hit.

‘Very nice Moony,’ James said his eyes still looking up at the bell that was still vibrating.

Ruby punched him playfully in the arm, hugging him and kissing his cheek excitedly before Thea moved forward and kissed him deeply, as if proving a claim.

‘Let’s go get a photo taken hey? Lily said smiling and taking James' hand pulling him away from the hammer and towards where the photographer she had organised was working.

They walked over talking and laughing, Lily quickly talking to the photographer and returning to James' side. Ruby stood in the centre with Sirius hugging her waist from behind, resting his chin on her shoulder while James stood by his side, an arm around Lily's shoulders, snuggling into her neck. While Remus and Thea stood beside one another, hands linked together with Peter laughing by Remus' side and Annie poking Thea in the stomach, smirking. Rainy however was spinning around in front of them all, her hair flying out around her before she tripped over falling backwards into Sirius' legs laughing easily as the photo was taken.

Suddenly Rainy jumped up eyes locked on a timid looking brown haired girl with pink cheeks.

'Harley!' Rainy said loudly as she grabbed her arm.

'Hey Rainy,'

'Do you want to come hang out with us and Peter?'

'Umm,' Harley said softly looking nervously over at Peter and the group of friends surrounding him.

'Come on you know you want,' Rainy said tugging on her arm excitedly.

'I’ll come find you guys later,' Harley said to her friends before Rainy linked arms with her, pulling her slightly over to the group of seventh years.

'Ok ride time!' Annie said having spotted her boyfriend lining up for a ride that twisted you upside down at insane speeds.

They all started separating wandering towards whichever ride grabbed their attention. As they did so Rainy grabbed Peters arm so he fell back from his friends.

‘Pete, you know Harley don’t you?’

‘Yeah, hi,' Peter said with a small wave of his hand.

‘Good she needs someone to go on the rollercoaster with her,' Rainy said smirking innocently at him before punching him in the arm and running to jump on a seventh year Ravenclaw called Ryan, kissing him before dragging him towards the gravity ride, leaving Peter and Harley standing together awkwardly.

'She goes for what she wants, doesn’t she?' Harley said smiling nervously at the cute boy beside her.

'Yeah she definitely does. So did you want to go on the rollercoaster?'

'Sure but then could we get something to eat, I’m starving?'

'Me too, but probably a good idea to go on the rollercoaster before we eat,' Peter said smiling looking at Harley’s face for the first time since she had come over, his breath catching in his throat at how pretty she was.

‘True, it could end messily otherwise,' Harley said pulling a disgusted face before beaming at him feeling more relaxed and glad that the conversation was less mechanical now.

James Potter’s eyes widened as noticed his friend with a girl, elbowing Sirius hard to get his attention.

‘What?’ Sirius asked slightly annoyed.

‘Look at Wormtail working the brunette,' Sirius whistled and James opened his mouth to yell something when suddenly Lily kissed him deeply.

‘What was that for? Not that I’m complaining.’

‘To get you to shut up and leave Peter alone,'

‘So you shove your tongue down my throat? James said smirking, pretending that he was about to yell again. 'What no kiss?'

'You can’t trick me boy,' James pulled a playfully annoyed face as he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her back close to his chest lifting her up off her feet backwards.

‘Is that all you can lift? No wonder I got a higher score than you,' Sirius said smirking.

‘By one, mate, that’s nothing.’

‘One is still one higher than you.’

James swung Lily’s legs up so he was holding her bridal style lifting her up so she was level with his chin, a smirk on his face, his eyes revealing the slight concentration he needed.

‘Lils stop digging your nails into my arm.’

‘Then don’t use me as a test dummy,’ Lily said her eyes closed, feeling nervous, no matter how much she trusted him.

‘That’s nothing,’ Sirius said as he grabbed Ruby and swung her legs up, holding her slightly away from his body before he started to spin them around.

‘Ahhh!’ Ruby squealed laughing as Sirius slowed down, gaining his balance by readjusting his stance. She had her arms around his neck now resting her head on his chest, exhaling as the dizziness faded.

‘My heads spinning,’ Ruby said laughing. 'Ok our strong boys lets go test whose stomach is stronger.'


‘No you've just eaten Sirius,' Ruby said before looking at Lily who was smirking. 'We're going on every ride here, one after the other and whoever lasts the longest wins,'

‘Easy,' James said looking pompous gaining a playful slap to the chest from his girlfriend.

And so the war began.

The four of them moved from ride to ride, forgetting completely in that space of time that a war was erupting just outside of the castle walls. A war that could not only end their lives but the lives of family, friends and strangers that may not even know that they were in the middle of it.

And somehow not one of them cared, every student was happy that day, delighting in the innocence that had been threatened for the past year.

‘Lena!’ Ruby yelled grabbing the girl’s hands and spinning around.

'Oh stop I’ll throw up,' Lena said laughing as she hugged Ruby. Lena smiled softly as she indicated for Ruby to lean in. ‘See that guy over by the purple ride…the one with blonde hair?’

‘Yeah,’ Ruby said looking over as subtly as she could. ‘What about him?’

‘We were in the line for the flying fox and he asked if I’d go up with him and I did…’

‘Yeah?’ Ruby said tugging on Lena’s arm impatiently.

‘Well we went on it and after he helped me down and didn’t let my hand go.’


‘He asked me to meet him in 10 minutes by the lake…’

‘Are you meeting him?’

‘I want to, but he…’


‘He’s really experienced…’

‘Oh, right well then make sure you feel secure ok? And worse comes to worse just start yelling and I’ll be there.’


‘Yes, but definitely meet him, just cause he’s experienced doesn’t mean he’s a complete player like Sirius was, kissing anything with long legs.’

‘True,’ Lena said laughing.

‘Live, Lena,’ Ruby said smiling as she watched Remus’ little sister walk off, heading towards the Black Lake, waving gently back at her.

‘Oi Roo!’ Lily yelled grabbing Ruby’s attention.

‘Yeah hoe?’

‘The guys have been on all the rides and are now bored so they’ve planned something.’

‘Oh joy,’ Ruby said smiling as they walked towards where the Marauders stood holding a broom each. ‘So what’s the plan?’

‘To fly,’ Sirius breathed in her ear. Ruby closed her eyes, nibbling her bottom lip softly as she placed a hand on her fiancé’s chest.

‘You’re a horrible human being,’ Ruby said softly to him making him beam and wiggle his eyebrows at her, knowing what he’d just done to her.

‘But you love me anyway.’

‘So I’m told,’ Ruby said smirking as Sirius made the broom hover. She climbed on behind him, while Lily climbed on begrudgingly behind James, her eyes tightly shut. Thea slipped her arms around Remus, resting the side of her face against his back feeling completely relaxed.

‘Is Annie with Brendan?’

‘Yeah,’ Thea said her voice holding a slight disappointment that she no longer got to spend as much time with her best friend.

‘Let’s fly!’ Rainy said enthusiastically as she looked at Harley on the back of Peter’s broom hoping that was a good sign. They kicked off sharply, all rocketing into the air and flying above the lively fair below.

‘Come on Lils, open your eyes!’ James said using one hand to squeeze just above her knee.

‘Nope,’ Lily said determinedly.

‘Please, baby, look at the beautiful day you made happen.’

‘I’m good thanks.’

‘Lils…’ James said playing with her name in his tongue. ‘Please for me?’

‘That’s low…’ Lily said pouting as she held him tightly, opening one eye making James laugh at she looked.

‘See…’ And as James spoke she did, she looked at the hundreds of people running, laughing and screaming below.

‘Thank you…’ Lily whispered kissing the back of his neck.

‘Goes without say love, you need to feel the freedom we do when we fly.’ James smiled as they all looped around before landing at the top of a hill, looking over Hogwarts.

‘When you said you had a plan, I thought an ultimate prank not a romantic spot on a hill,’ Ruby said standing above Sirius who was sitting down now.

‘You’re ruining my view of the sunset, love.’

‘Bite me,’ Ruby said pulling a face. Sirius chuckled as he pulled her down, lying back against the grass, Ruby lying on top of him as he pretended to bite her.

They watched the sun go down, quietly chatting and holding each other. They watched the rides and stalls close and the students heading up to a lower hill, guided by their professors. As darkness consumed the light fireworks began exploding, lighting up the sky around the Hogwarts students.

The seventh years moved down towards where the others were seated enjoying the firework display just as it finished off and applause filled the air.

‘For our Heads; James Potter and Lily Evans,’ Dumbledore said and the cheering increased as they made their way to the front where the Professors stood.

‘And our marvellous helpers, without whom this day would not have gone ahead,’ James said clapping along with the majority as the prefects stood beaming and clapping.

‘And so an exciting day comes to an end, if each of you could now head inside and up to your common rooms.’ Dumbledore said, stopping James and Lily as they too went to leave the hill. ‘My gratitude for today, it was exactly what we all needed.’

‘No thank you,’ Lily said smiling. James beamed pulling out a package wrapped in blue tissue paper from his pocket and handing it to the Headmaster.

Albus Dumbledore undid the package chuckling at the blue and green socks with hundreds or little eyes, noses and mouths all over them.

‘Thank you, James.’ James smiled nodding as he put his arm around Lily’s shoulders and headed back towards the castle.

‘Socks, Albus?’

‘I think it’s Mr Potter’s way of thanking me for finally letting them into the Order, Minerva.’

‘Through socks?’

‘Well I do love how warm they are,’ Dumbledore said looking at the frilly hair at the top of the socks and chuckling, his eyes drifting over the students as they made their way home.


Lily lay down on her bed, her arms out, a simple smile placed upon her facial features.

‘Today actually turned out awesome,’

‘It did, that photographer was a good idea, Lils.’ James said, leaning forward, kissing her forehead. ‘You’re perfect.’

James moved towards his cupboard pulling his shirt off and dumping it on the floor. Lily sucked in a sharp breath, as she sat up looking at his back. He turned and looked at her, his eyes widening as he saw his girlfriend sitting on the edge of the bed, her arms rising. She nibbled slightly on her poked out tongue, tilting her head to one side.

‘Are you sure, Lily?’

‘Positive, I love you James Potter and I want to be with you…’ She whispered the end of the sentence as she leaned in and kissed him deeply. James smiled against her lips before she moved slowly, starting to kiss his neck, her fingers running down his chest until they reached for the base of his shirt, gripping it as smirked at him. James smiled as she lifted it up and chucking it onto the floor.

She moved to kiss his stomach moving up to kiss his pecks and shoulders before leaning back and lifting her arms back up again, a strong desirable look in her eyes. James kissed her forehead gently before pulling off her shirt.

James started to kiss her deeply leaning against her so together they fell back onto the bed. Lily giggled kissing him again, running her hands along his back. James leaned upwards moving so he could reach her pants, undoing her jeans. Lily closed her eyes, smiling as she lifted up her hips so he could slide them off.

‘Are you sure?’

‘Shut up and kiss me, Potter!’ Lily said slipping her hand behind his neck and pulling him down against her body.


‘How was it?’

‘Uncomfortable but it was with him so it was perfect.’ Ruby giggled and hugged Lily knocking her forward so her bottom slipped off the edge of her mattress, landing on the stone floor. ‘Ow.’

‘Sorry, babe,’ Ruby said laughing as she took Lily’s hands to help her up. ‘Lils.’ Lily looked at where she was pointing to, to find a jet black owl sitting on her window ledge.

Lily opened the window and took the scroll, undoing it and reading it quickly.


I know you may still not trust me but after we duelled the other day I knew there was some faith there in your eyes. I need your help. I need your strength to help me change my choices. I will be in the Forbidden Forest, in the clearing we found in our second year tonight at midnight. I know I haven’t done right by you and I don’t need your forgiveness but please I need your help.


‘Sugar?’ Lily was frozen, she couldn’t move, Ruby jumped up off the bed, quickly reading the letter over her best friend’s shoulder. ‘No, Lily, no.’

‘I have to, Roo. I don’t have to be his friend but I need to help him, I can’t go on possibly meeting him in battle and knowing that I could have helped change his life back, I can’t do that, Ruby.’

Ruby looked at her carefully, nodding her understanding.

‘I get that, I really do but as much as you care about him you can’t just decide to risk yourself because of a few letters. Anyone can write a letter.’

‘Yeah but he means it, I know he does. I have to help him.’ Lily said her eyes wide looking at Ruby with desperation.


Later that night Lily slipped out of bed, pausing to look down at her sleeping boyfriend. Her eyes scanned his exposed back, running along his spine, she was so happy with him, in a way she just couldn’t believe. But at the end of it, Severus had been there at the very beginning, she couldn’t just abandon him, no matter what he had done.

She walked quickly from the Heads common room wandering through the stone corridors heading out of the castle. Her gaze was transfixed on the Forbidden Forest ignoring the nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach that she was been followed.


‘Roo, what are you doing here?’

‘Lily, would you stop!’ Ruby whispered loudly glancing up at the half moon.

‘I didn’t ask you to come.’

‘Of course you did, the moment you showed me that letter. Do you really think I’d ever leave you alone when you’re meeting him?’

They kept walking slowly towards the Forest, not speaking. Ruby felt her heart racing against her chest, wanting to drag her friend away and head back to bed where her fiancé was waiting.

‘We should have brought the girls. More people on our side…’

‘Why would we need people on our side?’

‘Because we’re walking into a trap, Lily.’

‘Severus wouldn’t trick me like that.’ At this Ruby shook her head but kept following. ‘You read his letter; he needs my help, he’s desperate.’

Ruby felt sick, she knew not to trust Snape but Lily had so much faith in everyone especially Severus Snape

‘Well at least he won’t be expecting company,’ Ruby muttered.



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