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Harry Potter and the life after the war. by scottieclark
Chapter 2 : The Funeral
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Harry Potter

The past few days for the Weasley family had been quite difficult. For three days straight they had funerals to attend. Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks had been very difficult for Harry. Upon arriving at the second last funeral he had to go to for hopefully a long time, he met his little godson Teddy Lupin. When he saw Andromeda crying in the front row with a wailing pink haired little boy, Harry decided to approach  Teddy's grandmother. "Mrs. Tonks. I-I'm so, so. I'm so sorry for everything" Was the extent of which Harry managed to get out before tears started to pour.

"Harry Potter!" Snapped Andromeda. "I know for a fact Molly has been on your case for days to stop blaming yourself! As arrogant as you may thing you are Dora was an Auror. A good one at that, and her husband was one of the bravest men I knew. Even if you weren't fighting in that war. I know for a fact both of them would have been, as would I have been if Teddy didn't need me!" Cried and upset Andromeda. "Speaking of which. Teddy. This is your god father Harry. Can you say hi?" said a clearly more calmed Andromeda

With tears pouring down his face he took his infant god son and made a promise to him, that he would grow up a very loved boy. Who would know everything of his amazing parents ultimate sacrifice.

Hermione Granger

"Give him time Ginny. These past couple days have been hard on him" whispered Hermione after the Lupin's funeral.

"And they haven't been hard on me!" Yelled Ginny. "I'm burying my brother tomorrow" cried out Ginny in a whisper.

"I know, I know. I am positive he still loves you. He just needs a kick in the bum and then I guarantee he will be right back at your side"

Ron Weasley

"Hermione... I can't go out there! I won't..." Ron breathed out. Fred's funeral was to begin by the pond at the burrow any minute now and most to all of the Weasley family was already by Fred's casket.

Hermione just sat on his bed quietly crying to herself. She hated to see Ron like this. To her Ron was one of the bravest toughest people she knew. He stood up for muggle rights and fought close to death for them. And for her. And it killed her to see him crying like this. The last time she remembered him loose his emotions were back at Malfoy Manor. "It'll be ok Ron. I'll be right here the whole time. And your mum really needs you right now"

"Ok... Let's get down there."

Upon entering the clearing where the funeral was being held, Ron was awestruck at the amount of people that were in attendance. Most to all surviving members of the Order of the Phoenix, witches and wizards from the Ministry, teachers and staff members from Hogwarts, and countless students and older students were all seated waiting for the funeral to begin. Ron led Hermione up to the front row where Bill sat with Fleur who was comforting a grief stricken George. Charlie was on the other side of George also trying to comfort him as best he could next to Charlie was an equally upset Ginny who was helping Molly stay upright with assistance from Arthur, finally beside Arthur was Percy. Ron and Hermione took their place beside Percy , and next to them was an empty seat designated for Harry.

Harry Potter

'I don’t think I can go to this thing today' thought Harry, he felt that since he was responsible for all these deaths that soon everyone else would realize this as well and start confronting him in regards to why he waiting so long to attack Voldemort, and why of all places he needed to do it at a school for underage witches and wizards. Of course he had been talked to by numerous friends, and high ranking people from the Ministry of Magic who now all reported to temporary Minister Kingsley Shackobolt, that none of this was his fault and that the only fault lies with Voldemort and his army of Death Eaters.

Kingsley and Professor McGonagall had requested to meet with him a couple days after the funerals were completed to allow rest, but for some reason Harry dreaded this meeting, he had sent on owl back to Kingsley requesting that certain members of the Order of the Phoenix, in addition to all members of the Weasley family as well, so that Ron, Hermione and himself can explain what happened once and for all, and prevent him from having to relive it over and over again. The meeting was set for two days after Fred's Funeral.

'OK I have no time left to decide' Harry thought to himself for the last time before heading right down from the attic of the Burrow and straight into the pond where the funeral was about to begin.

Hermione Granger

"...I finish this by saying that Fred Weasley was to the fullest definition - a hero. He brought as much happiness to everyone around him as much as possible, and when came to stand up for what he believed in and for what was just, and right; he did just that and paid the ultimate sacrifice. We will never forget him - I will never - He was the best friend, best brother, and b-best... best twin their ever could be, and words cannot and will not ever describe how much I will miss him every single day." George finished off with tears rolling down his eyes.

Hermione looked on both sides of her and saw, Bill and Fleur holding each other up, with tears freely streaming down Fleur's face, while Bill was clearly doing everything in his power to hold back the tears. Charlie was trying to comfort his mother, who broke down within two minutes of the funeral, while Arthur was clearly crying and not holding the tears back, with one arm wrapped around Molly and the other around Ginny. Percy was sitting upright with a look of complete anguish on his face, his eye were very red and swollen, and it showed that he had been up all night. Ron was gripping my arm and trying to hold back tears, probably because he did not want me to him cry, which made me feel even worse, he was trying to comfort me since I had been crying right when George started his eulogy. 'He was really love me'. Beside Ron was Harry, thankfully he came today, and he had the same look of anguish that Percy held.

"Please remember - as much as we all loved Fred and will always continue to love him, he would try to trick everyone into eating Ton-Tongue Toffee, he would want us to be sad and depressed, he would want us to live our lives, the lives he fought for. So please celebrate his life share stories and have some food" George finished off his speech with a few chuckles from the comment on trying to prank the members of the funeral, and he motioned over to a table full of Molly Weasley famous cooking, and several cases of butter beer and Fire Whisky.


Harry Potter

Right after George motioned everyone to begin the "Celebration of Fred's life" Harry walked over to the pond and sat at the edge of the water, and began to think of the past couple of day. In between all of the funerals, he spent all of his time at the burrow, Ginny seemed to be avoiding him, or not interested in talking, in which he couldn't really blame her since she just lost her brother. Molly had not stopped cooking since she arrived back at the Burrow, while Arthur had been trying to spend as much time at the burrow with Molly and as much time trying to help rebuild the Ministry and sort through the chaotic mess that is the Ministry of Magic. Ron and Hermione had become inseparable, and he learned that Hermione had been having terrible nightmare, mostly concerning the night at Malfoy Manor, and had taken to sleeping on the couch with Ron. George seemed to be doing alright all things considered, of course he was terribly upset and just plain not himself, but he had been trying to comfort his mother, and Percy who blamed himself as best as her could.


"Ginny?" whispered a very surprised Harry "Shouldn't you be with your family?"

"Oh-uh well I can talk to you later then..."

"Wait! That is not what I meant, I'm sorry Gin, come sit down with me" Ginny did indeed come sit down, but took off her socks and shoes and put her feet and legs in that water. Harry looked over at her, and even though she had clearly been crying, she still looked absolutely stunning, in every sense of the word.

"You know he is right.. George that is.. I have spent the past three days crying nonstop... He would be so mad at me if he was still here! He would be trying everything in his power to stop us from being sad, he would have never wanted that" whispered Ginny still silently crying. "Harry I know this really is not the time, but I can't wait any longer, we need to talk, I don't know where we stand, I don't know if --if...if you still want to be together, or if you just want to be frien..." and Ginny started crying again

"Ginny.." Harry moved closer and grabbed her into a hug that could compare to one given by Molly Weasley. "There was not a night, for the entire year that I spent away from you that I did not miss you! I was constantly looking at the Maurders Map watching your little dot move around Hogwarts....Ginny...Ginny I...I love you, and I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me. I am so so sorry."

"I was so mad at you." Ginny sad through a pierced look. "You just up and left me---"

"I did that to protect you, I couldn't let anything happen to you, for all they thought I broke up with you and you knew nothing"

"I DID KNOW NOTHING! AND IT DIDNT WORK AT ALL...They all still knew Harry, and they tried to get information out of me all the time"

"WHAT DID THEY DO?!" yelled an enraged Harry. All this time he thought leaving Ginny behind would protect her, all he wanted to do right know was aparate away and find whomever hurt Ginny and make them severely pay for what they did.

"I do not want to talk about that right now, please just leave it alone, I will tell you one day I promise" begged Ginny.

Harry reluctantly agreed and to his surprise Ginny told him that after she went back to Hogwarts she realized what a hindrance it would have been to try to take an underage witch on a nationwide hunt for whatever it was they were looking for, and that she did not blame him anymore for what he did. But is still upset that she still has no idea what he Ron and Hermione were up to for the better part of a year. Harry decided to tell her that, in two days there would be an Order meeting that they would explain everything.

And with that they sat at the pond and talked well into the evening, trying to catch up on lost time. They were once again back together, and all was starting to feel right again in Harry's mind.


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