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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile by sophie_elle_malfoy
Chapter 36 : The First Attack
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 I heard Lily’s voice was the first one to enter the house. She was calling out for James. She said something to Remus, something I couldn’t hear. Probably she asking for James. I glanced at Sirius, who was playing with my blonde locks. His eyes were closed and he looked a lot peaceful than he’d been for the rest few days. James’ was voice came next, talking with Lily. I was worried whether they’d do something bad that would ruin our plan. If any of them found out about this, not only they’d be angry with us, they’d forever lose the chance to be together.


“We probably should get down,” I said. Sirius groaned, his free hand wrapped around my waist firmly, eyes still closed.


“No, I don’t want to,” he mumbled. “Let’s just stay here for awhile.”


“Sirius, come on. We’ve to make sure everything goes as we planned.” He finally opened his eyes, scowling sourly at me.


“Fine,” he grumbled. “But later, I want a longer sleep time.”


“Whatever,” I muttered, struggling my way into my blouse. I heard Sirius was getting ready himself, cursing something audible under his breath. When we were done, we spent no time no more and made our way downstairs.


“I’m really sorry, James,” Lily said once we were already in the living room.


“No, it’s me who should be sorry,” James said. “I should have realised you’re a bit...sensitive when it comes to Snape.”


“Do you mean it?” Lily said, seeming like she and James didn’t realise the existence of Sirius and Remus and I.


“Do I mean what?”


“Do you mean what you said to me? About you being in love with me.”


“Of course I do,” James said, his voice soft like a velvet. Sirius and Remus made faces. “What about you, Lily?”


“I uh... Well, I love you, too. I knew it since the moment Snape said that word to me. Even though we barely talked civilly to each other before, I’ve known that our argumentations were vital to us.”


“Can I...” James trailed off.


“Can you what?”


“Can I kiss you, Lily?” Lily was smiling so wide, her white teeth were literally shining. James leaned on her and kissed her lips. Something in me felt funny. Probably because I feared James might find out it was me he kissed awhile ago.


“Should we disturb them now?” asked Remus after a few moments. “I’m getting a bit annoyed right now.” Sirius nodded and I agreed silently. Sirius coughed slightly, but those two idiots didn’t even move an inch. My boyfriend coughed once again and for the second time, James and Lily ignored him.  Both Sirius and Remus looked extremely irritated.


“Oy!” Sirius shouted. “Go get a room will you?”


James pulled off from the kiss, sending a dirty look at Sirius. He took Lily’s hand and pulled her on her feet. “Thank you for the suggestion, Sirius. I think I’m going to my room. Come on, Lily.”


My eyes widened and both Sirius and Remus had their jaw dropped dumbly. We watched the two love-sick fools heading toward James’ room, Lily’s giggles ringing in our ears. I sat on the nearest couch, flabbergasted. Even though this was what I had always wanted, it still felt awkward for me to see James and Lily turned all lovey-dovey. It was almost disturbing.


“What do you think they did in there?” Remus asked.


“Probably shagging like rabbits,” Sirius answered lightly, throwing himself next to me. I gagged.


“Don’t say that,” I said. “It’s gross.”


“That’s a fact! I bet you ten galleons they’re shagging as we speak.”


I rolled my eyes and said, “Whatever. I don’t want to hear.”


“But, isn’t James a virgin?” Remus asked, or more like stated.


“Of course, he is. He’s been smitten with Lily for ages. He swore that he’d never kiss a girl but Lily Evans. I can say that Lily is the first person James kissed.”


“Actually, that’s not true,” I said slowly. Sirius cocked an eye brow.


“What? You know who’s the first girl James kissed?”


“But you’ve to promise me that you won’t be angry,” I said quickly. He and Remus nodded.


“Fine, just say who’s the girl,” Remus said. I swallowed me.


“Remus, you do remember that you say we’ve to do anything to make James and Lily believe us, right?” Remus nodded, a frown was forming in his face.


“I uh... I think I sort of kiss him?” I said testily. Sirius and Remus stared at me dumbily.


“Uh, guys?” Sirius was the first one who snapped back to reality.


“You kissed him?” he said. I bit my lip.


“Yes,” I said nervously. “Please don’t be angry. I just didn’t know what – “


“Oh my God, I’m so glad you did!” Sirius said, breathing in a relief.


“What?” both Remus and I exclaimed.


“That means, I’m not the only one who feels like betraying. I kissed Lily Evans too because I didn’t know what to do anymore to make that stubborn bitch believe me – I mean, James.”


“You don’t mean – “


The front door exploded before I could finish anything. Sirius immediately jumped in my way, covering my body with his so that nothing could hit me. He hissed in pain and I knew something must have had hit him. I saw James and Lily running toward us, wands ready to protect theirselves, with James standing in front of Lily to protect her, making his body as a shield for him. Sirius grabbed his wand and aimed it at the door, stepping in front me of like James did to Lily. Remus was standing beside me, his nose was broken and his lips were bleeding. Sirius looked just as bloody as his best friend, if not worse. Blood was dripping freely, a big gash on his head, wetting his shirt.


“Sirius, are you okay?” I asked timidly. He ignored me, his grey orbs trained on the broken door.


“Who’s there?” Sirius shouted. There was no answer.


“Show yourself, you piece of shit,” Sirius grumbled. “Don’t think I won’t attack you.”


Two men, dressed in the Death Eater trade-mark cloaks, stepped in the house. The three Marauders raised their wands higher. They wore silver masks that were creepy enough to scare the living shit out of a child. One of them made a faint malicious chuckle.


“I know you’ll do that, cousin.” Sirius’ wand nearly dropped off his hand.



A/N: I. AM. INCREDIBLY. SORRY. It took me nearly month to post this when I PROMISED you it won't. Ugh, I really hate it when I disappoint my readers. I am really sorry :( I haven't got the time to post it with graduation coming up.

But, as always, thanks for reading. I'm really sorry, once again. I'm a bit shamed for asking this, but please review.


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Brightest Star for the Brightest Smile: The First Attack


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