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The Chaser and The Keeper by Alwayswriting7
Chapter 23 : The Party
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Chapter 23

It was the day after Christmas, and soon a ton of people were flooding into the Potter’s house for their annual party. Luckily, the Potter’s house was quite large and could easily fit the number of people that were now arriving. People that James’s parents had known from school and their families made up the majority of the guests, but there were also other friends of the kids and colleagues of the adults invited.

As Kristen walked into the Potter’s house, she found that she wasn’t dreading it as much as she usually did. A lot had happened over the course of the year. James had actually apologized to her for all of the awful things he did, something Kristen never thought would happen. There was also the fact that she no longer thought that James was the meanest person she had ever met; Joey had taken that spot. It was going to be an interesting day.

“Hi, welcome to our home,” Ginny stated as the Woods walked inside, “The kids are in the living room upstairs while the adults are in the one downstairs.”

With that, Savannah, Andrew, and Kristen headed to the stairs and started climbing up them.

“This is going to be so much fun,” Savannah stated happily.

Andrew nodded his head fervently and Kristen gave a small smile. She always felt awkward in the Potter house, considering how she and James didn’t get along.

“Hey Andrew, wassup?” James asked, greeting his friend, before remembering that Kristen and
Savannah were there and adding, “Hi Kristen, hi Savannah.”

“Hello,” they replied awkardly.

Walking into the living room, she noticed it was extremely packed. It seemed as if half of the school was there. The group was mainly Gryffindors though. The only Ravenclaws that Kristen saw were herself, her sister, and Rose. She assumed this was because of the fact that Gryffindor really hated Ravenclaw and vice versa. The only reason her and her sister were even invited was because they were related to Andrew. There were some Hufflepuffs scattered around; she saw that Alyssa Lee was one of them. There were even a few of the friendlier Slytherins there.

Kristen looked around the room. She saw Rose trying to pull Scorpius through the window. She presumed that Rose’s dad still had no idea who his daughter was dating and Rose was trying to keep it that way.

“Hi Kristen,” a voice from behind her said.

She turned around to see Taylor, Jessica, and Alyssa standing before her. Even though they were in separate houses, Kristen had managed to stay friends with all of them. Sometimes it was a little awkward being around Taylor and Jessica, who were in her enemy house, but she made it work. Besides, all of them were quite fun to hang out with.

“Hey!” Kristen replied back, engulfing them all in a hug.

“I feel that I haven’t talked to you in forever,” Taylor stated.

“I agree,” Kristen replied, “So what’s new with you guys?”

“I’ve been dating Fred Weasley for a little over a month now,” Jessica replied, slightly blushing.

“I had a Hufflepuff Slytherin game to announce at about a month ago,” Alyssa stated, “Those games are always so boring because both of the teams suck.”

“I’ve honestly had nothing interesting happen to me,” Taylor said, sighing.

“That’s better than having something bad happen,” Kristen replied, “I caught my boyfriend cheating on me and he decided that was the perfect time to completely insult me.”

“I heard,” Alyssa said, “I never knew that that guy was such an asshole.”

“What he did to you was completely uncalled for. I’m glad he’s getting punished for it,” Taylor agreed.

“You’ll find someone better than him, Kristen,” Jessica stated, “I know you will.”

“I really hope so,” Kristen said.

Soon it was time to exchange gifts. Kristen had gotten Lily Potter as the person she had to buy a gift for. She had gotten her a small, portable, magic mirror that would give her advice on anything from clothes to boys to quidditch. When she had given it to Lily, Lily had squealed with joy. Kristen assumed that meant that Lily liked it.

“Happy Christmas, Kristen,” James stated, handing Kristen a wrapped present.

The color drained out of Kristen’s face. She was afraid that she would receive a gift like she did in her second year. She didn’t believe that James had ever truly understood how much that gift had hurt her. Taking a deep breath, she unwrapped the present. When she what was inside, Kristen smiled. James had given her a book. It was a popular muggle book that she had seen in Flourish and Blotts over the summer, but had never gotten the chance to buy. Kristen sighed, relieved that it was a good present this year, and grinned widely.

“Thanks!” Kristen exclaimed..

He had never imagined how good it would feel to see her smile at him like that. Usually he just received glares from Kristen. He could feel his palms sweat and his heart beat slightly rise. It was a good feeling though. It definitely felt much better than when he hurt her.

“No problem,” James replied, trying to stay calm, “I hope you’ll enjoy it.”

“I know I will,” Kristen replied, smiling even wider before searching for a corner to start the book she’d just been given.

Soon it was a little after two in the morning and the Wood family decided it was about time to head home. Quickly saying goodbye to everyone, they left the house, walking towards the apparation point.

“That was so much fun!” Savannah exclaimed.

“Totally!” Andrew agreed, “I can’t wait until next year!”

“What did you think of the party?” Oliver asked Kristen.

He knew that Kristen wasn’t very comfortable with going over to the Potter’s. It was quite obvious that she didn’t get along with the oldest Potter boy. He wasn’t a too big fan of the kid either. After all, James had almost killed two of Oliver’s kids during a quidditch game.

“It was a lot better than I thought it would be,” Kristen replied.

This caused everyone to smile. Everyone had been worried about Kristen since Andrew had told them what Joey Renolds had said to her. The first few days she had been home, they had noticed a definite change in her overall attitude. It was more somber and less happy then it usually was. However, this was a good sign. Maybe things would be going up from there.



***I hope you all enjoyed reading that :) I'm so happy that there have been so many reads and reviews, and as always, I would really appreciate it if you would continue to do so :D ***

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