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Harry Potter and his Sodalis Vitae. by FawkesThePhoenix
Chapter 8 : Trouble Aboard the Hogwarts Express
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Finally, the Weasley's, Harry and Hermione arrived at Kings Cross Station. It had been a long journey since; Mr Weasley took a wrong turn a few miles back, insisting it was a "short-cut", which lead to them sitting in a traffic jam for over twenty minutes, even though the streets we deserted.

"This is why we left early, no need to panic, we have over half an hour." Harry heard Mrs Weasley utter from the front of the car several times.

After the light had finally turned green, Mr Weasley stormed ahead, this led him getting stopped but the police as he was "speeding in a crowded area" however, looking around, Harry say that there was only one other car driving on the road, anyway, Harry had to talk to the policeman, explaining that the Weasley's were his cousins from Iceland and, therefore, didn't know the speed limits around London. Harry had only just uttered this when he really wished that he had kept his mouth shut, the policeman was now rambling on about "then he should not be driving! I do not feel safe on these roads, my roads, when some Icelandic man, who does not know how to drive, is loose on them!"

"Oh no, he knows how to drive, he's just a little rusty..." Harry trailed off, that wasn't going to help the situation at all. Harry didn't know what else to say, he had dug them into a hole so big that they couldn't see the top of it. The only person that could possibly help was sitting right next to Harry. Hermione Granger. Having risked a look at her, Harry was relieved to see that she wasn't looking worried at all, smugger if anything.

Harry was amazed at what Hermione was saying, "This will definitely get us out of things." He said in an undertone to Ron.

After five minutes of talking, Harry and the Weasley's were all staring at Hermione in amazement, she had done it, they were, once more, driving towards Kings Cross Station. Hermione was quietly smiling to herself, whilst Harry was trying his hardest not to question her, he didn't really want to know where she had learnt to talk herself out of, probably with that Harry had said, imprisonment. After another ten minutes of driving, they were finally pulling up at the Station.

Like always, they had to run through a wall to get to the right platform - 9 3/4. Harry always hated doing this, since his brain screamed 'DON'T WALK INTO A SOLID BRICK WALL!' As soon as he started running. However, this part was quickly over.

"Hermione, you were amazing in the car, how did you do it?" Ron asked as soon as Hermione had appeared in front of his eyes.

"Ron, you're so naive. Muggles are good at some things" Hermione chuckled as she answered his question.

"I never said they weren't." Ron sulkily muttered back.

Harry knew that Hermione didn't mean to make Ron upset, but he couldn't help feeling a little bit glad that his best friend wouldn't be getting any closer to Hermione anytime soon. "Come on, Ron, let's put our trunks onto the train and save a compartment for us all," Harry said, willing to help Ron get out of this situation.

"Not for Fred, George or Ginny" Hermione whispered to Harry and Ron, this meant she had something important to tell them. This gave Harry butterflies, as the news he normally got was bad. "I mean, with Harry." Hermione quickly added.

"Looks like you're going to have what you want, mate" Ron glared at Harry. Harry couldn't understand why Ron was so angry with him, did he like Hermione too? Or was it the idea of losing his two best friends at once? Whatever it is, Harry needed to get to the bottom of it before they arrived at Hogwarts.

Finally, Harry slumped down into his seat on the train. They had arrived twenty minutes before the train actually left, meaning they spent over fifteen minutes standing around and saying goodbye to the Weasley's. It was now five past eleven and Harry was on his own, staring out of the window. Watching as the town scene faded into the countryside. Harry never knew where Hogwarts was, however, he knew it was somewhere North since Hermione has said it once. "Harry, quickly, we need your help!" Harry heard Hermione scream.

"What? What's going on Hermione?" Harry asked urgently.

"They're here, on the train" Hermione shouted. "Death Eaters." She added.

"WHAT?! Hermione, run and hide, I don't want you anywhere near them." Harry ordered. Harry grabbed for his wand, which he always kept in his back pocket and ran towards the door. He quickly turned to Hermione and said; "be safe, Hermione. I wouldn't forgive myself if anything happened to you." He kissed her cheek and ran off.

"Good luck, Harry." She whispered after him.

Harry didn't know where the main fight was taking place, but he could sense that something wasn't right. He followed his instinct and headed towards the Slytherin carriage. Harry knew for a fact that the Slytherin's would know where the Death Eaters were, if they weren't there, of course. Suddenly, Harry saw a flash of green zoom straight past him, and to his horror, saw someone drop to the floor... Dead. He quickly turned around and jinxed the Death Eater before running over to the student. Harry's face dropped as soon as he saw the face of the newest victim of Voldemort; it was Susan Bones. Susan Bones was a girl in Harry's year, she was in Hufflepuff, but Harry could remember vividly her scared, little face sitting in front of the whole school being sorted. "Rest in peace, Susan. You died a heroic death." Harry whispered.

"A death that will be revenged." Harry's head quickly turned around to see Hermione standing three metres away from him.

"What are you doing here? I told you to hide." Harry screamed. "Hermione, it's not safe out here."

"Maybe it's not safe, but I'm not here for you, I'm here for people like Susan. People who have died an unnecessary death. Let me help, Harry. I'm stronger than I look." She blurted out.

"Hermione, I don't doubt your strength, I doubt my strength in watching you get hurt. You probably won't, since you're an amazing witch, but what happens if you do? What should I do then?" Harry whimpered.

"Well, we'll just have to hope that I don't get hurt, then." Hermione smiled. "Come one, we're wasting time!" She exclaimed before she ran off down the corridor. She seemed to have had the same epiphany as him, as she headed towards the Slytherin carriage.

"Hermione! Wait up. Don't go running right into the middle of anything!" Harry bellowed after her as she disappeared down the corridor.

It was too late. As Harry walked into the carriage where everyone was fighting, he saw Hermione in a duel with a Death Eater about twice her size. He was about to run and help her when, out of the corner of his eyes, he saw Ginny in the middle of a duel, a duel in which she was losing. Harry had to make a split second decision - help Hermione, who was actually doing an excellent job, and look like a hero, or help Ginny, who without it, wouldn't last very long. Harry's head made the decision before his heart could encourage him. He ran to Ginny's side and in about three minutes had stunned the Death Eater. "Be more careful, Ginny. Go back to a safe compartment and stay there." Harry ordered. Harry felt sorry for Ginny, she wouldn't have liked looking weak in front of her brothers, however, if Harry had seen the expression on Ginny's face, he probably wouldn't have felt so sorry for her. He would have seen that Ginny was now on the side of Voldemort, and all of this was her idea.

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Harry Potter and his Sodalis Vitae.: Trouble Aboard the Hogwarts Express


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