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Invisibly Me by TheOnlyLota
Chapter 7 : The Advantages of Paying Attention to Muggle French When you're Lily Evans
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Disclamer: I unfortunately am not blessed to have the first name of Joanne and otherwise i would be writing an official Marauder prequel ;) Just to quickly say, I'm changing the name of the Marissa to Talitha cause I have to many Ms. Mary, Marlene and Moony are all canon characters so I can't change 'em. And Mia's name is changing to Zahra cause its another 'M'. It'll change on all chapters though, so ignore if reading after the change. Also, all chapter have been edited a the story details slightly changed

"Alice! Oi, Alice! Over here! Your lover wants you! And I also want you over here, but not for the same reasons!"Lily shouted out to the sixth year, as Alice's group headed towards the carriages. Lily knew that Frank hadn't actually called for Alice physically, but knew that he was subconsciously willing her over, and also she knew that without an input from Frank, Alice would never come over.

Alice's group stopped and seemed to be discussing the matter, though Alice seemed out of the conversation. Eventually the group carried on, leaving Alice behind to wait for the Ravenclaws to catch up to her.

"Hey Alice."Alice jumped lightly at the sound of Frank's voice, and instead of replying, she just stood there staring at him and letting the sexual tension rise. Zahra felt extremely awkward breaking the silence, but did so anyway.

"So..., how were your holidays Alice- I heard you went to America ?"

"Umm, yeah it was-"

"Sorry, I hate small talk- Lily wants you to tell Remus that the Gryffindor password is 'Salzar's Demise' cause she doesn't want to sit with you Gryffies. "

All heads turned toward Alexa, but they had only registered one word properly "Gryffies? Really Alberta, really?" Lily questioned, earning a slap from Alexa.

Alice nodded and went to enter a carriage, Frank following closly behind. Liam Simon, Benji and Alex started to follow when they found themselves quickly losing ground on Frank and Alice " What the-?" The stuttered, as their movements began to slow to a stop.The boys' feet started to sink into the ground as they struggled.

The girls laughed as they over took the boys. " If your as sick as we are of Frank and his soppy looks, don't move" Lily shouted to them. "Not that you could anyway!" Alexa finished off.

The girls allowed Frank and Alice a carriage to themselves, and then got onto one themselves. They boys where carried in by Hagrid- apparently the more you struggle the further in you sink into the mud.

There was a huge buzz in the great hall. Girls squealing and gossiping, Boys suddenly discussing Quidditch tactics, and none of the 6th year Ravenclaws having any idea

"Welcome!" said Dumbledore, the candlelight shimmering on his beard. "Welcome to another year at Hogwarts! I have a few things to say to you all before you all become befuddled with food. (Parts from the PoA)
Firstly, after the unfortunate accident that occurred to Professor Andrews last year, he was forced into resignation due to insanity. "

Professor Andrews was a good teacher- if he was a muggle defence teacher. He spent the first
lessons teaching everyone how to conjure up swords and guns, and then how to use them! Most of the OWL defence class had probably failed or just got As and Es. Lily stilly had no idea thanks to the Zanity twins fantastic idea of all of them finding out at the same time.

"Due to this, we have a new defence teacher, and one that some of you might be familiar with- Professor Leone!"

There was a huge uproar in the hall, as the ex-quidditch captain of Huffelpuff ( also known as the best beater known to Hogwarts), Scotland Quidditch beater and Head boy from 5 years ago stood up and gave an over exaggerated bow. If he had had the chance, he likely would have made a speech. Liam, Alex,and Alexa all stood up with the rest and cheered loudly, while Lily and Zahra, and s couple other non-quidditch fanatics were indifferent. Lily did enjoy watching the matches though- she had never missed a single one.

"Yes, yes, I thought you would like to see a familiar face teaching you. Now I have one final announcement- some of you Huffelpuffs in 5th, 6th and 7th years might have noticed that one from each year group wasn't on the train." There was a small gaggle on murmurs and whispers from all four tables, but mainly Huffelpuff. " this is because we have an exchange with the French School of Magic Beaubaxtons, the Bulgarian School of Magic Durmstrang, and Salem Institution for Magic in America. The 2 girls and the boy are yet to be sorted, so lets give a warm welcome to 5th Year Keira Hagmire from Salem, 6th Year Inès Faivre from Beaubaxtons and Siggurd Erilarson"

There was an echoing silence in the hall as the three students filed into the hall. Keira was quite a small 15 year old, and seemed indifferent to the silence in the hall as she strutted into the hall, her red and black hair flouncing as she past the students. Behind her, in the famous blue uniform of Beaubaxtons, tiptoed Inès, pulling much attraction to her unusual purple eyes slightly covered by her golden hair. The hall waited in anticipation for the last exchange to come in but he never did.

After a series of glances and lip reading from Professor McGonagal and Professor Dumbledore, the latter stepped out of the hall most likely in search of the missing student. "GRYFFINDOR!" The whole hall tore there eyes from the door from which Dumbledore exited in scattered groups towards the front again, where Keira was now making her way towards the Gryffindor table to scarce applause.

Inès was making her way towards the stool when a huge screech of multiple amounts of glass was heard, followed almost immediately with the whoosh of it being repaired. Once again the hall was distracted by Siggurd and Dumbledore coming into the hall. The boy was the image of Snape- dark sallow black eyes, a crooked nose and long black hair. But unlike Snape, it seemed to suit him in a way that made him look haughty. He dragged his feet up the central column between Huffelpuff and Slytherin, earning him the attention of everyone in the hall but McGonagal.

"Excuse me?" McGonagal said, her sharp clear voice piercing the silence. Like a tennis match, the whole school turned to McGonagal as if the ball was in her court. "Thank-"


For the second time the hall had missed the initial moment of the sorting and a deafening silence filled the great expanse.

As Inès made her way towards the Ravenclaw table, the Zanity twins tried to break the silence by starting an awkward, slow clap that never quite caught on. It did though, serve a purpose as Inès now headed towards the twins. "Salut, je suis Inès. Je n'ai pas vraiment parle pas bien anglais, plus je préfère le français, alors ... Salut."
The group of Ravenclaws par Frank, who was currently sitting with Alice, stared at the blond-haired girl and then Lily. Lily started right back til she realised what they wanted her to do
"Right, sorry guys, when food looms I lose concentration." Zahra rolled her eyes at the food fanatic- she could rival Sirius Black at a food eating contest! "Salut toi! Je suis Lily et je suis une sixième année comme vous. Ne vous comprenez l'anglais aussi bien qu'il parle assez bien?"

The rest of the group watched this exchange, while Lily went through her repertoire of spells for a translate one.

"C'est agréable de vous rencontrer Lily! Je peux comprendre l'anglais beaucoup mieux que je ne le parlent. Je suppose que je vais devoir pendant les cours"

"Awesome!" The two girls grinned and Lily set about explaining what had been said.

" Kay guys, this is Inès and she can understand English and speak it reasonably well-"

"Non, je ne parle pas-I do not speak English well, I can try. "

"She can speak basic English, but she prefers French"

Inès just nodded, her sudden burst of outgoingness to try and make friends dissolving.

"Now, Lets Eat!" Dumbledore finally shouted, shocking the groups at the missing of Siggurd's sorting into Slytherin.

Food appeared on the tables an the Hogwarts feast began.

The Ravenclaw common room was packed full of Ravenclaws(plural) and Gryffindors(singular, aka Lily, but she didn't take up a lot of room). The group weren't lucky enough to claim some comfy chairs around the fire so were situated around one of the tower windows. Lily was already preparing for Charms and Potions, the only two lessons she was sure to do for NEWTS as her results were yet to be given to her. Inès was getting to know the two Alexs, who were currently having a 'chat up line contest with each other. Zahra was sitting on a chair next to Lily, feverishly discussing ways of getting Marlene out of a certain someone's head. Liam was currently staring mournfully at her, as she sat awkwardly by the fire on her own, occasionally glancing over to the group.

"What was zat? Inès asked, after Alex complimented Alexa in a personalised chat-up line, causing her to blush. "L'amour, vous êtes très chanceux de l'avoir trouvé." ( Love, you are very lucky to have found it) Inès muttered softly to herself, her eyes filling with the mist of a distant memory. "Pendant combien de-"( how long have-)

Lily had over heard what Inès had been saying a quickly whispered to her," They're not in love, or at least they don't know it yet, but you're right, they are very lucky" Lily finished off sighing, letting her thoughts wander to Alonso.

"Mmm, amour is... beautiful, isn't it?" This sly remark from Inès caused Lily's head to turn sharply, while Inès smiled innocently, already finding her place within the group.

"Ladies and Gentlemen..."

"We are gathered here today..."

"To celebrate..."

"In the holy matrimony"

"Of finding out our OWLs result" the two boys of identical apperances finally announced to the 7 annoyed, sleepy and slightly exhilarated other members of the room.

"Firstly lets give our thoughts too-"

Alex got out of his bed and the proceeded to shove the twins out of the way and pass out the OWL scores. A silence filled only with the sound of ripping paper and gentle gasps entered the room.

"WOOO! I GOT STRAIGHT Os! Well, straight Os 'cept History of Magic, but its really hard to-"

Lily broke the silence with her scream, and Inès laughed as Lily was cut off in her explanation for why she got an E in History by Zahra, Liam and the others

"YES! Es and Os!"

"Woo! I wish I was a Muggle- then straight As would be good"

"Divination's the best!"

"I was wondering where you were. "

A heavy silence drowned the sixth years as they turned to see the dark shadow of their former friend Marlene.

She made her way into the centre of the cramped room, "You know, waking up to an empty room could be scary if you're friends with the people that dorm with you. And sure, I know that you three are sluts and you guys are manwhores minus Frank, you don't have to entail a poor helpless French girl who has no way of understanding you or what your doing! "Marlene turned towards Inès. " Urm, bonjour! Je maple Marlene! I- sorry Je am here to help you!"

Inès was annoyed as Marlene was speaking slowly and deliberately, as if she was a young child. The rest of the group was also amused by how quickly she had forgotten the group's talents- like Lily's bilingual abilities.

"Maple... Is not that a type of tree? Actually, I know it is, because my sister's wand is made out of maple. Surely you do not mean I maple Marlene do you?. These people are not doing anything sexually related, they are simply finding out their OWL results together. " Inès said in her thick French accent, obviously feeling nervous about speaking English but wanting her rudeness to be shown through her own words.

"You're Wrong"

Inès was sharply shown how brainwashed Marlene had become due to Talitha's preaching.

"Look what they've done to you! They've turned you against us- you poor poor child, with your simple French ways and that ridiculous accent, let Auntie Marlene help you. "

Marlene was acting ridiculous now- she was treating Inès like a little child and Alexa thought that she was delirious. Marlene held out her hand and slowly made her way towards Inès, as she scowled and started babbling in rapid French, too fast for Lily to understand. "Pauvre enfant sans défense! Je ne suis pas trois! vous êtes une salope pas étonnant que vous ont été laissés seuls dans le dortoir des filles. Si les Gryffindors sont comme vous, je n'aimerais pas être à Gryffindor, et vous ne devriez pas être à Ravenclaw. Pourquoi, je devrais obtenir mon frère de vous enseigner et de ces porcs que vous appelez amis une chose ou trop. Ces filles ne sont pas les salopes, vous êtes. De ce que j'ai entendu au moins, aucun des Gryffindors sont gentils, honnêtes gens. Je suis venu en Grande-Bretagne dans l'espoir d'être mis à Gryffindor, et de vouloir être entouré de courage, des nerfs et de la chevalerie que la résistance contre le mal alimenté grands comme Grinderwald. Mais maintenant, j'aurais honte d'être un Gryffindor, et si tous les Ravenclaw étaient comme vous, je préfère être un Slytherin ambitieux, voire un Hufflepuff. Pour dire le moins, vous êtes un salaud!"(poor, helpless child! I am no three! you are such a bitch no wonder you were left alone in the girls' dorm. If the Gryffindors are like you I would hate to be in Gryffindor, and you shouldn't be in Ravenclaw. why, I ought to get my brother to teach you and those pigs tht you call friends a thing or too. These girls aren't the sluts- you are. From what I've heard at least, none of the Gryffindors are nice, decent people. I came to Britain hoping to be put in Gryffindor, and wanting to be surrounded by courage, nerve and chivalry that fuelled resistance against great evil like Grinderwald. But now, I would be ashamed to be a Gryffindor, and if all Ravenclaws were like you, I'd rather be an ambitious Slytherin or even a Huffelpuff. To say the least, you are a bastard)

Lily only managed to understand the last sentence in the torrent of phrases and words of French, so she quickly said "Je n'aime pas ça du tout, mais essayer de les connaître; Marlene était l'un de notre groupe. ainsi, tous les Gryffondors sont mauvais-Alice est la fille qui est amoureuse de Frank, elle est gentille et puis il ya moi! Le magnifique beauté rousse aux yeux verts normalement mais actuellement yeux bleus qui se tient vers vous. Juste ... aller à Gryffindor et rencontrer des gens, vous pourriez l'aimer."(I don't like it one bit, but try and get to know them; Marlene used to be one of our group. plus, not all Gryffindors are bad- Alice is the girl that Frank is infatuated with,she's nice and then there's me! The gorgeous red haired normally green-eyed but currently blue-eyed beauty that stands towards you. Just... go to Gryffindor and meet some people, you might like it.)

Inès was far from happy as she was dragged away by Marlene but she was curious to how the Gryffindors would treat her, and mainly why Lily, a Gryffindor, would be such a Ravenclaw in the way she worked, lived and acted.

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