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Lily Potter and the Secret Society by cobaltgum18
Chapter 2 : An Um-pleasant Surprise
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Lily Potter hugged her father on Platform 9 ¾, a scarlet steam engine sat behind her on the tracks, sending out the last call for any passengers. “I love you,” she said, “Write to me as much as you can, please. I want to know everything that’s happening. You will, won’t you?” She asked, afraid that he would say no.




            Harry smiled at his little redheaded daughter, who resembled his wife so much. “Of course I will write to you! And there is no reason to think that I would not. You are going to be just fine.” He said to her. She laughed at him. She then walked over to her mother, who was standing a few feet away, talking to her teammate from the Holyhead Harpies Quidditch team. She gave her mother one last hug before she boarded the train.




            Lily took her trunk and owl, a snowy owl by the name of Hedwig, and boarded the train. She entered a compartment and began waving to her parents from out the window. The train began to pull away, leaving a trail of smoke behind it, making it nearly impossible to see her parents still waving. She sat down in her seat and pulled out an issue of The Quibbler




            The door to the compartment slid open and Lily’s cousins, Hugo Weasley and Fred Weasley entered with Lily’s older brother, Albus Potter. The boys sat down across from Lily.




            “Hello, Lily.” Hugo said, grinning at his cousin. His bright blue eyes were shining. He, like half of her cousins had bright orange hair just like hers. She smiled back at the three of them and then looked back at the article she was reading about her father. Her face was set in a small frown that made Hugo, Fred and Albus uncertain. “What’s wrong?” Hugo said to her, uncertainly.




            She glanced up and looked at him just as the compartment door slid open again. Another red-head, Rose Weasley, entered and sat down next to Lily. She looked at her cousins and brother, a look of mischief in her bright brown eyes. “Hope I’m not interrupting anything,” She said jokingly. 




Rose was in Ravenclaw house. At Hogwarts there were four houses, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin. Albus was in Gryffindor house. He was in the house that Lily herself aspired to be in. 




            “No,” Lily said quickly before Hugo could snap at his sister. “We haven’t said anything.” The older girl looked at her cousin. 




            “OK,” she said. Lily looked down and continued reading the article.




            “Lily,” Albus said quietly. Lily looked up. “What?” She said in an unattached sort of way.




            “What are you reading?” Albus asked her.




            “An article on Daddy,” She replied to her older brother, “Did you know that it was because of his infatuation with Crumple- Horned Snorkacks that Daddy learned the spell to help him defeat Voldemort?”




            The entire compartment was silent. Lily looked at them all expectantly. They just glanced at each other and then looked at their feet. Then, out of nowhere, Lily began to laugh.




            “Gotcha! Oh, my God,” Lily laughed, “I cannot believe any of you fell for that! No, the article I am reading is an issue about how Daddy is up against Dolores Umbridge for Minister of Magic. You remember how Daddy always talked about how horrible that Umbridge woman was? Well, she’s in her 70’s now, and in order to gain permission to attempt to become Minister of Magic, she has to teach Potions in Hogwarts.” Throughout the entire explanation, Lily’s voice had become exponentially more serious.




            The entire compartment was silent, again.




            “What?” Rose said quietly. Lily nodded knowingly. How could they possibly let that old hag teach at Hogwarts?




            Lily handed the magazine to her cousin. Rose took a deep breath and began to read.




            “In response to an overwhelming surge in popularity, Harry Potter, age 38, has agreed to run for Minister of Magic. Mr. Potter’s defeat of the dark wizard known as He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named twenty- one years ago, led many people to believe that he was destined to be Minister. 




            ““Well, you know, he is my brother- in- law,” said Percy Weasley, Head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, “And after Kingsley Shacklebolt’s untimely death, the entire magical community has been screaming to put him in the position of Minister of Magic. Personally, I believe he is the best choice for the position. Mr. Potter is, after all Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement."




            “Mr. Potter’s opponent in this election is none other than his old schoolteacher, the Head of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Dolores Umbridge. Mr. Potter has spoken largely on the subject and his disdain for Umbridge is widely known even though she publicly confessed to the horrors she inflicted while being in the ministry and at Hogwarts. Her attack on a family last year due to one of them being half giant is also nearly as famous as she is.




            “As a result of her failed attempt 23 years ago to teach at Hogwarts successfully, Ms. Umbridge now must teach Potions at the school for half the year. If she is successful after 5 months of teaching, without help from the Ministry, her candidacy will be approved and a vote will take place. If Ms. Umbridge is unsuccessful, she will no longer be working at the Ministry or Hogwarts. At the end of the 5 month deadline, the school’s present Potions master, Professor Eloise Midgen, will resume teaching.




“In the matter of Minister of Magic, Lydia Morse will remain in the post until the election has been decided.”




             When she reached the end Rose looked up at her family. Albus looked slightly frightened. Fred looked like he might pee his pants, his big brown eyes were wide open. Hugo, however, looked excited. He jumped up out of his seat and said, “We should go tell James. He will probably be able to think of something to do about the witch.” Albus and Fred nodded.




            “Yeah, Ok.” Fred said, thoughtfully. The boys stood up and left the carriage.




            After a moment of silence, Rose began to speak. “Well,” she said, “What do you think Umbridge will be like?”




            Lily looked at her cousin. “My father still has scars on his hand from her.” Lily said quietly. The story of the scars on his hand that read ‘I must not tell lies’ had been one of her least favorites. When her father had told her the story, she had been upset for days afterwards.




            Rose stood up and walked out, muttering something about finding the girls, which Lily knew to be her cousins Lucy, Molly, Dom, and Roxy. Lily sat and looked out the window at the rolling fields all around. Her favorite part about train rides was the gorgeous scenery. Although she’d only been on two train rides before, one to Hogsmeade on Christmas in order to see her brothers (the trip had been with her father and had been approved by Kingsley almost immediately), and the other to visit her grandmother Molly.




            Suddenly, the compartment door opened. Lily turned around. A small, blonde girl stood in the doorway. She was already dressed in her black school robes. She had long, blonde hair and silvery- blue eyes with a dash of steel gray in them. However, the most startling aspect of her appearance was the large teardrop- shaped necklace that hung around her neck. 




            “Hello,” the girl said in a voice that was as silvery as her hair, “My name is Nymphadora Lovegood, but please call me Dora. I saw the Quibbler and so I thought I might meet you. My grandfather is the editor for that magazine. May I sit down?” Lily nodded at the small girl.




            “My name is Lily Potter.” Lily said to the strange girl, “My father has talked about a Luna Lovegood before, are you related?”




            The girl nodded, happily. “She is my Mum.” Dora said, “And your father is Harry Potter.” Lily smiled at Dora. Although she disliked the way she didn’t ask about it, just said it like she already knew, she still liked the girl. Some people may have found her quirky, but Lily liked her.




            The girls continued to talk, mostly about school and their families. They even discussed the odd necklace, which Dora said had been her Grandmother’s. After a while, the compartment door slid open again. Rose, Albus, Hugo, Fred, Lily’s cousin Louis, and Lily’s oldest brother, James, entered.




            “Hello,” James said to Lily. James was also in Gryffindor, in his fourth year.




            “Oh, introductions,” Lily said, “Everyone this is Dora Lovegood. Dora this is James, Rose, Hugo, and Albus. James and Fred are fourth years, Rose, Louis, and Albus are third years, and Hugo is a first year with us.” Dora smiled at everyone in turn, smiling at Albus slightly longer.




            Rose looked at her, questioningly. “Is your brother Scorpius?” Rose asked Dora. Dora nodded. Rose looked slightly embarrassed. She looked down at her feet.  “My father said that I was to beat him on every test. I don’t think he likes your father very much.” Rose said quietly.




            Dora looked up and smiled. “My daddy speaks very highly of yours. He says that during school they were enemies, but after Harry Potter, your father, and your mother helped save him, Mom, and everyone else in the wizarding world, he gained respect for him.” Rose looked startled at the small witch in front of her. Then, to everyone’s surprise, Rose smiled to herself.




            “Anyway,” Albus said quietly, “Dora, tell us more about you.”




            “Well,” Dora said, “My name is Nymphadora Lovegood. I have one brother and no sisters. My father’s name is Draco Lovegood and my mother’s name is Luna Lovegood.   My father was in Slytherin house. He was also a big supporter of You- Know- Who until after he was nearly killed by him. My mother was in Ravenclaw house and was a little… odd when she was in school. They used to call her Loony Lovegood. Anyway, I don’t want to be in either my mom’s or my father’s house. I’d much rather be in Gryffindor.”




            Everyone looked at her. Albus smiled, “Wonderful.” He said to her, “I hope you do end up in Gryffindor. I believe that the Sorting Hat may take into account your desires.”




            Now everyone looked at Albus strangely, except Dora, who smiled at him.




            The rest of the train ride went smoothly, although it was rather crowded in their compartment, with eight people. The boys talked about ways to make Professor Umbridge’s life a living hell. When Hogwarts was visible in the distance, they donned their school robes. Rose, Albus, Fred, Louis and James all attached their house pins to their new robes and tied their ties around their necks. Lily, Dora and Hugo simply put on their robes, knowing they would get their house pins and ties when they were sorted into their houses.



A/N: Please, please, please review!! I live for reviews!! Also, I feel like this is the time where I state that nothing that you recognized belonged to me!! It all belongs to JK Rowling, except for the plot, that's mine!! Sorry for the wait, but there was a technical error with my first submission and then power was out for a day due to Hurricane Sandy, but here it is!  


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