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Family Encounters by PrincessMalfoy
Chapter 4 : The Krum Family
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 The little ice-cream shop they agreed to meet at was in a quiet area few visited in Diagon ally. Inside the shop was filled with small tables and many colorful beanbag chairs, 70's music playing in the background, and dim lighting. This was their own little secret no one they knew ever came in here it was the only place outside of school that the four of them could be together without worrying about their family. At the end of their sixth year they realized that they couldn't keep the friendship they had a secret and no matter what their parents said they weren't going to lose the most important thing they had- each other.

  Rose was the first one there like always she wave to the elderly lady behind the counter. "Hello Mrs. Jackson how have you been?"

  "Good dear thank you for asking. Same as always I assume?"

  Rose chuckled every time they would come here they would always get the same thing. "You know us so well Mrs. Jackson we'll be in the same place also." She moved towards a corner near the back where a small green with red strips table was surrounded with black beanbag chairs sitting on the one right on the corner she waited for her friends.

 "Hey beautiful." Scorpius said as he took the sea next to Rose. She looked beautiful in her green summer dress and her hair down passing her bare shoulders.


 "Hi Scorp you know you really should stop complimenting me you wouldn't want my ego to grow."


 "Yeah you're right sorry ugly." Her beautiful face turned into a small frown then she stuck her tongue out.


  "Whatever you know you love me," she said jokingly oblivious to his true feelings. "Where are the other two? I want my ice-cream already!"


  "I don’t know Al said he was going to make a quick stop before meeting us here and Alex well I don't have a clue where he's at," Just then Al & Alex both walked in looking gloom. "Speaking of the devils." Scorpius whispered to Rose.


  As they took their seats four different ice-cream cones appeared in front of them. Rose grabbed the double chocolate, Scorpius took strawberry vanilla, Al the strawberry, and Alex took the neapolitan. Rose couldn't handle the silence anymore so she asked the inevitable question.


  "Ok that's it what's wrong? And don't even think about lying." they couldn't lie to each other anymore they could easily tell when one was lying the question was did they want to tell them?


  "I'm the world’s biggest git Rose." al said looking down at the ground. "If any bloke did what I did to you I would kill them but I would feel like a huge hypocrite."


  "Mate what happened?" Scorpius asked concern filling his voice.


 "I slept with Jacky."


  "Al that's nothing new we already knew -"


  Al interrupted Rose "Then I broke up with her," he said turning to face his friends anger flashed through Roses eyes then disappointment fill all three of their faces. "I have no real excuse I went there to break up with her but she wouldn't let me talk and next thing I know we're doing it in her living room. I feel horrible."


 "Mate you think you got it bad? I'm going to be a dad!" Alex exclaimed. Shocked silence followed for a few moments. "Isabella sent me the letter today. I have no idea what I'm going to do! Me a dad? I can barely take care of myself! What do I do?" He wasn't expecting an answer he just needed to vent.


 "Al you are an arse but you are my cousin so I can't be too mad at you and Alex whatever you decide I'll be there for you. I promise." Rose said making her mind up to help her best friend. The two other boys promised to help him too no matter what happened.


  "Right well let's change the subject. When and how are we going to tell out parents? I was thinking Halloween we could as permission to leave the school and get them to meet us at the Hogshead." suggested a worried Scorpius. He wanted to fix this problem ever since they were in their first year. They talked for a while more before setting off to buy school supplies. They talked and laugh until it was time to head home.


 At Roses home


 “Rose is that you?" yelled Hermione from the dining room. Rose walk into the room where her mum & dad were setting the table. Hermione was wearing a knee length white dress with black accessories and heals; her hair flowed loosely down her back. Ron was wearing a white color shirt with black pants and black dress shoes. "Rosie go get dresses the Krum's should be here any minute soon!"


 Rose headed upstairs to change into some jeans and a nice shirt. She was about to head downstairs when she heard three small pops outside her window, outside were the three Krum’s they seem to be talking about something before heading towards the door. Victor Krum was still good looking as always his wife, Sonia Krum was a short thin woman with dark black hair and blue eyes with tan skin, their son- Anthony Krum- was tall and muscular with dark brown hair his skin was a bit darker than his mum. Rose immediately changed into a beautiful black dress fixed her hair into a pretty up do then put some white silver accessories and heels. Making sure she looked good before heading downstairs where her mum was greeting the guest.


  Their backs were facing Rose as she made her way down the stairs her tummy felt weird, she held her breath she had never felt this way before.


 "Ah Rose there you are I was about to send your dad to go get you," said her mum making the three Krum’s turn to face her. Her heart stopped the second her eyes met his violet eyes she was lost in them and she wanted to stay lost in them. He walked over to her taking her hand in his and kissing it lightly before presenting himself.


 “My name is Anthony Krum; I must say it is a great pleasure to be meeting someone as beautiful as you.” 


 His voice was husky and sweet she wished to hear his voice every single day, she felt he would be her drug.  Before she had time to say anything her father cleared his throat and suggested they all move to the dining room to continue their conversation. Anthony offered his arm to Rose which she gladly took and walked in the room, once they reached the large mahogany table he took out the chair for her to sit down she smiled and said thank you as she sat down he took the seat to her left and they began talking.


“You go to Hogwarts right? How is it?” He asked in a strange combination of a Bulgarian and Spanish accent. 


“Well I love it; Hogwarts is like my second home a place where I can truly be myself. I’m going to miss it next year… How’s your school?” 


“I changed school twice  actually, my mama vanted me to go to her old school Basque Academy in Spain and my papa vanted me to go to Durmstrang. So in the end I vent to Basque for my first 3 years than I transferred to Durmstrang, and I’m doing my last year here vhich is why ve came back. “Rose couldn't believe her luck! He was going to be attending Hogwarts with her this year, Rose had the strangest urge to get up to kissed her mum for remaining friends with the Krum’s.  They talked and ate joining the adults in the conversation every once in a while but her full attention was on the hottie sitting next to her that night. Once it was time for them to leave Viktor announced that they were moving back so Anthony could finish his last year at Hogwarts, and that they were buying a house across the street. At that moment Rose didn't think her life could have gotten any better.


“Goodnight Rosita I vill see you soon.” He said as he bent down to kiss her cheek which had turned a deep shade of red. 


“Goodnight Anthony.” She whispered after him as he walked to where his parents were waiting for him so they could disapperate together. Rose happily walked back to her room and while she got ready for bed she thought to herself maybe this year wouldn't be so bad after all.


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