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My Secret Admirer! by MusicLover17
Chapter 4 : Unexpected Events!
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Harry's POV

One week to go until Hermione's birthday and she still has no idea what we have planned for her, i think she's getting suspicious though. I hope she likes it she has to we've been planning for weeks now and everyone is going i mean everyone Dumbledore wouldn't have it any other way so we had to invite the Slytherins aswell, that should be lots of fun.

I'm just so glad no one has opened there mouths and told her her about it, no one can spoil this it's took to much for one stupid person to destroy it. I'm still worried about Hermione though she doesn't seem to be quite herself right now, but i'm sure she'll be fine.

Hermione's POV

What are they up to? Honestly there never here when they said they would be it's getting on my nerves now. I pace back and forth in the common room waiting for Harry and Ronald. Really Granger what do you expect there boys and it's Harry and Ron 'the late kings' they master at it. Suddenly they both burst through the door.

"Hey Hermione so sorry we where late something came up and well we couldn't get away."

"Yeah, yeah excuses, excuses."

"No really we're sorry, but we can go now, come on."

This has been happening all week they have been late and there excuse is the same one everytime. I sigh and walk by them and head down to the great hall. I hear them both run to catch up with me.

"What are you to up to?"

"Nothing why would you think that." Ron asked looking down at his feet.

"Because i've known you both for a very long time and i know when your up to something."

"Really Hermione nothing's going on, would i lie to you?"

"Hmm...don't know Harry would you?"

"Come on change the subject please."

I huff to myself as we enter the great hall in time for the feast. Harry and Ron sit down across from Ginny and i sit beside her.

"Hey the feast is about to begin where have you guys been?" Ginny asked in a whisper.

"Ask them." I said pointing to the two buys across from us, i see Ginny frown at them then i turn my attention to Dumbledore as he is half way through his speech.

"Now as you all know or at least all of you should know by now next friday there will be a party for all seventh years to celebrate your last year here at Hogwarts so i expect you all to make an effort and i hope you all will enjoy yourselfs very much. That is all, let the feast begin."

With that food appeared on all of the tables and everyone started to eat.

"Wait what was he talking about party i didn't know about this, did you guys know?"

"Yeah Hermione we knew where have you been?" Ron said making me shoot daggers at him.

"We only found out not very long ago Hermione it was quite unexpected." Ginny said looking at her plate.

"Yeah you can say that again." I take a mouth full of potatoes and release something. "Hey my birthday is is next friday."

"Yeah we know Hermione." Harry says not bothering to look at me and frown and look at my food confused. To much is happening these days.

After the feast had ended, all three Harry, Ron and Ginny said they had homeowrk to finish and made there way out of the hall leaving me by myself. I wasn't tired to i got up and walked out of the hall making my way down to the lake. Fresh air that's what i need, i walk down the hill and onto the grass seeing the lake ahead of me, why are they acting this way it's so weird i've never seen them like this before. I sit down on the grass infront of the lake watching the little ripples in the water. I mean we've always told eachother everything and now it's like they are distant towards me. I sigh and continue to watch the water.

"What are you doing here Granger?" I hear a voice behind me a voice that only belongs to one person.

I keep looking forward not bothering to turn around when i say. "What do you want Malfoy?"

"Oh nothing i was just taking a little walk before gooing to bed, what are you doing Granger." He asks walking over to me now standing beside me.

"Then same as you i guess."

"Ah." We sit in slience for a while when he sits down besiode me his leg banging into mine in the process. I look at him shocked and say. "Aren't you going to freak out about touching me you might have to burn your trousers." I say sarcastically to him. He smirks down at me then looks back out to the lake.

"I hear it's your birthday next week."

"Yeah, so."

"Well i thought you would be excited or something."

"Not really i mean i'm not doing anything for it because obviously that other party thing is on, by the way did you know about that because tonight was the first i heard about it."

"I knew but i only found out a few days ago."

"Malfoy why are you here sitting and talking to me."

"Maybe people can change Granger, maybe i have changed and maybe i want to make up for everything i have done to you."

I stare at him a little 'o' forming on my mouth. "Are you joking?"

"Why would i joke?"

"I don't know i just didn't expect to hear that from you, i mean i'm Grang..."

"I'm sorry Hermione." He said cutting me off.

"What?" I half say half whisper.

"I'm sorry, for everything i've ever done to you for calling you names, caling you mud..i can't even say it anymore. But please believe me that i am sorry and i was wondering if you could forgive me i'll understand if you tell me where to go but i just wanted you to know." He started to get up when i pulled his hand, he stopped and looked at me, i pulled him back down so he was sitting with me again, his hand still in mine.

"I forgive you Mal..Draco, i think i forgave you a look time ago just never relised until now."

He stared at me closely as i said this then his attenion turned to our hands and he had a small smile on his face.

"I'm so glad you can forgive me Hermione though i don't derserve it but i will make it up to you some how, some way." I smile up at him and let go of his hand seeing him frown for a second. I stand up and look down at him.

"I'm gonna go it's getting late and kinda cold so i'll see you tomorrow okay." I smile at him and he gets up and pulls me into a hug i stand shocked and surprised for a few seconds then wrap my arms around his waist hugging him back.

"You said you were cold." He whispered into my ear sending a shiver down my spine. I close my eyes for a second then pull away.

"See you later."

"Sleep well Hermione i'll see you soon." I smile at him one last time then turn and head back up to the castle.

Why are so many different things happening first my friends, then the party and now Draco is...well i guess he's my friend now. What a weird night. I walked up the staircase and into the common room and head straight for the girls dorms. I sigh and changed into a T-shirt and some pj bottoms and get into bed, i stare up at the ceiling thinking about what happened with Draco and myself. I smile and roll onto my side.


I sit up and look over to the window feeling a little excited about seeing the black eagle i reach the window and smile as i open it, i take the letter from his leg and he flies away. I run and jump down on my bed pulling my wand out and saying "Lumos." I open the letter and start to read:

Dearest Hermione

I know i've only written you a few letters but it's killing me that you don't know who i am, it's killing me that i can't hold you in my arms when ever i want, to kiss your soft beautiful lips and tell you how much i have fallen in love with you. So i have now decided that i'm going to make myself known to you i'm not going to give you anymore clues i will come and tell you who i am the night on the party and even though you may screw your face up or laugh at me at least you'll know that i love you and always will. Until then Angel sleep well and hopefully dream of me, i wish.

Love your Secret Admirer

I smile at the letter and hug it to my chest. He's going to tell me i'm going to find out who he is yes! I pull my bag from the floor and onto the bed and take out my notepad and rip my list scrunching it up into a ball and throwing it in the bin. I place my bag back on the floor and laying down closing my eyes seeing to silver/blue eyes looking back at me.

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