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Chasing Him by gryffindorlion15
Chapter 16 : Truths
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A/N: This chapter is dedicated to my friends Nicole. Thank you for always supporting my writing, being my editor and putting up with my crazy obsession for Harry Potter. Couldn't have asked for a better friend. 

Disclaimer: I own nothing, only the OC's and story line.





“I’m bored.”

“That’s nice Mae,” James yawned, from his position in front of the fire in his house’s living room.

“We need to get out! It’s getting boring just sitting round,” I moaned, snuggling into his chest, “I mean, I love hanging around with you, but we’ve done nothing but sit around and study for three days!”

“Fine, get up and let’s go for a walk around muggle London and get a coffee or something,” James smiled, pushing me off him.


“COFFEE!” I yelled and leapt up of the ground.

“Come on, love,” James grinned, taking my hand and dragging me from the room.

I smiled at him and peaked him on the lips, it was so cute when he called me love. It made me feel all gooey inside.

I skipped outside to the Cloak room off the Entrance Hall (who needs one?!) with James, grabbing my winter gear. I pulled on a coat, gloves, scarf, and beanie as James’ pulled on his.

“Your beanie is so cute!” I giggled, looking at the pattern of snitches on his beanie.

“Nana knitted it!” he grinned, pulling it over is eyes.

I giggled and pushed it up and stared into the golden-green orbs. My hands slipped under his beanie and into his hair and James’ head tilted down and my chin tilted up…

“ARGH!” voice’s screamed from the doorway we had just come through.

We sprang apart, faces blushing furiously as we gazed at the people screaming. Al and Lily were standing in the doorway, hands over their eyes and had a scared – but smirking – smile.

“Al, is it ok to look?” Lily asked, “I think I’ve been scarred for life!”

“I don’t know! I don’t want to look again!” Al cried.

“You can look,” I sighed, hand sliding into James’ as Al and Lily removed their hands from in front of their eyes.

“Thank Merlin!” they sighed.

“Good Godric you two, we weren’t even kissing!” James exclaimed.

“Yeah but you were acting all lovey- dovey,” Al explained, sticking his tongue out, “bloody disgusting,”

“Like you can talk,” James scoffed, “You and Robyn all last year! Gooey eyes and everything!”

Al blushed which I laughed at and James sniggered.

“You’ve got nothing on me!” Lily grinned, hands on her hips.

“You’re too little to be snogging boys anyway,” James stated.

“I am not!” Lily cried, clearly offended, “I can snog boys if I want!”

“You cannot!” both Al and James yelled.

“Whatever!” Lily sighed, “What are you two doing anyway? Secret getaway? Shopping?”

“Expensive lunch? Snowball fight? Snog in the snow?” Al finished.

“We were just going for a walk…” I answered.

“Ah,” Lily giggled, “The couples stroll in the park in the winter weather,”

“With snow trickling down softly and walking smoothly through the park,” Al sighed, “And keeping each other warm in the cold.”

“How sweet,” Lily exclaimed.

“Shut up,” James mumbled, handing me my coat, “It’s just a walk.”

“That’s what they all say,” Al and Lily said.

“Whatever you two,” James sighed, “Let’s go.”

“See you later!” I grinned, walking out of the Cloak room into the Entrance hall, towards the door, “So really just a walk in the park?”

“How about a coffee shop down the road, as well?” James asked, his hand squeezing mine.

“Yeah, that’s good! This is actually our first date if you think about it,” I said, “We have only really been inside and all we’ve done is homework, chatted, hung with friends and family and snogged,”

“Just snogged? Isn’t it satisfying for you?” James whispered, his mouth millimetres away from my ear.

“Hmm,” I thought, finger on my chin, “Freddie’s better.”

“WHAT?!” James half-yelled, “I am way better then Freddie!”

“Maybe, maybe not!” I giggled.

“I’ll show you…” James grinned, his lips slamming down on mine.

I responded hungrily, lips grinning and his tongue in my mouth. My hands were in his silky hair and his cupping my face. I could stay like this all day…


We break apart and only see a flash of long red hair flicking around the corner and closing the door with a quick snap.

“Bloody Lily,” James whispered, hands still on my face, his thumbs grazing my cheeks, “So, did I pass the test?”

I laughed, burrowing my head into his chest, “Yes you did, that was a lot better than Freddie.”


“You know, I was just teasing you. You are way better than Freddie.”

“HA! I knew it!”

I just smiled back.

“You ready then?” James asked, as we stood in front of the door, “Got all your snow clothes on?”










“Warm s-“

“Oh for Merlin’s sake James, we are ready to go!” I sighed.

“I was just checking.” James smiled, “Hang on a second! I’ll just go get my keys so we don’t have to ring the doorbell when we come back and wait ages for mum to hear it and answer the door.”

“Ok, I’ll just wait here,” I smiled as he turned and ran off down the hall.

As the door opened, I heard,








I giggled as I heard two sets of feet race off and another set run after them.

Studying the inside of the Potter house was fascinating, the house was an old Victorian so it had many ancient pieces of furniture and details that made it unique. Ginny had also added in many modern features and family additions.

My fingers ran over the detailed cuts in the wall and the prints in picture frames when something sifted outside. My head jerked towards the window, it was made of a type of glass that sifted the image so nothing was seen everything. I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary, but I could swear that I had seen something.

“You ok?” James asked, as he re-entered the room tucking his keys into his jeans pocket and red in the face.

“Yeah, just thought I saw something. It just must have been a trick of the light.” I explained, turning around, “How was Al and Lily?”

James grunted, “For Godric’s sake, I wasn’t like this when Al was dating Robyn. I WISH THEY WOULD LEAVE US ALONE,”

When James yelled the word ‘leave’, we could hear feet running away from us in another hallway off the Entrance Hall.

“Prats,” James muttered.

“Let’s go before you rip their heads off,” I smiled, brushing my hand lightly across his cheek and then pressed a quick kiss to his lips, “Come on.”

James took my hand in his and grinned, his mood heightening, and strode to the door and swung it open.

We were met with lots of white as we stepped out onto the porch, the snow was white, thick and fluffy, the sky was covered in clouds, looking like sky pillows and the windows glittered.

There was more white than normal though.


Blinding, quick flashes.

Not lightening, not a star, not a blown light bulb but something that could destroy us both with one click.


Supported by the paparazzi.

Cameras flashed continuously as we stood on the porch, the paparazzi slowly inching closer to us like moths being attracted to a flame.

James pulled me behind him, withdrawing his wand in front of him. His face was livid, the only time I had seen him look this angry was when Rose had ‘accidently’ thrown the Quaffle into the Black Lake so we didn’t have to train for Quidditch anymore.

“Leave. Now.” He ordered.

The moths just ignored him and kept on clicking their switched, flashes continually blinding me and James.


None moved. They were now at the edge of the porch.

In one, fluid movement both James and I turned around in synchronization (great minds think alike!) and James unlocked the door and we ran inside, bolting behind us.


“I have no idea,” James said, “Let’s go find Mum, she will want to hear about this.”

“Ok,” I agreed, walking with James.

“MUM?” James called.

“YES?” a voice called.



James grabbed my hand and yanked me down a series of stairs and hallways to the kitchen. I had been here constantly for a week and I still didn’t know how to find my way around.

The Potter’s kitchen was extremely modern. The floor was made of dark marble tiles and the clean white benches stretched out along the wall and one ran through the middle of the room that had grey granite tops. Three silver stools with crimson red cushions on top lined the benches on the side of the door, there was an oak table on the other side of the room with eight chairs with the exact same cushions on them.

The stove was on, the flame flickering brightly and a giant pot placed on top, bubbling a gurgling happily as a woman stirred the contents with a wooden spoon. Ginny Potter had her hair tied into a messy bun on the top of her head with her wand poking straight throw the forest of red strands. Ginny was wearing a simple pair of dark wash jeans, a floral shirt and a pair of boots with an apron saying ‘HOT MAMISTA!’ on the front.

“Oh, hello you two!” Ginny smiled, looking at us from over her shoulder, “James, what did I tell you about wearing your snow gear inside? You’ve probably dripped it all inside!”

“It doesn’t matter Mum,” James began, “This is important.”

“More important than my carpet?” Ginny scolded, returning to her pot.

“We didn’t even step off the veranda Ginny, don’t worry!” I sighed.

Ginny smiled, “You two are so cute! Sticking up for each other and everything…”

“Mum, we don’t care!” James yelled over his mother’s chatting.

“JAMES POTTER - ” Ginny began, but before she could really start, James cut her off.

“The paparazzi are camped on the front lawn,” James stated.

Ginny’s mouth opened and closed several times before her eyes narrowed and red flooded her face.

“What?” Ginny growled.

“We were going out for a walk and we took one step onto the patio and were ambushed by paparazzi, they were waiting for us,” I answered.


“Mum, calm down!” James yelled, trying to calm her down.

“WHERE’S MY WAND?! I WANT TO GO GIVE THEM A PIECE OF MY MIND!” Ginny yelled, searching her pockets.

I spied the wand in her bun and before she could think, I had reached into her hair and grabbed the wand, stuffing it in my bag.

James smiled and put his hands on his mother’s shoulders and looked her in the eyes,

“Mum, if you go out there and give them ‘a piece of your mind’, you will only give them more to print! You don’t want that!”

Ginny slowly began to restrain, first her clenched hands relaxed and then her shoulders and finally her face. When she was breathing calmly as well, I reached into my bag and pulled out her wand, putting it back through her hair.

“Thank you dear,” Ginny smiled at me, feeling her bun, “James, it’s gone too far.”

“I know – wait, no mum! We can’t do that!” James bellowed, eyes wide.

“We have no choice James.”

“Yes we do!”

“It’s going to get out anyway, don’t you want to let it out the way you want it too? Under your control?”

“I – Uh – yes mum,”

“Then we have to do it James.”

“WHAT IS IT?” I yelled.

Ginny sighed and took my hand in hers before staying,

“We are going to have to call a press conference.”


* * * * *


“MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!” Ginny yelled as we trekked through the crowds in Diagon Alley. Groups of people jumped out of the way, clearly intimidated by Ginny Potter, mother of the notorious Potter family, wife of the Saviour of the Wizarding World, one of the most richest person in modern London and not to mention part of the ‘original’ Weasley family (there was so many Weasley’s now that people called Grandpa Arthur, Nana Molly, Bill, Charlie, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny the ‘originals’) who was probably the most famous family in England.

James and I travelled behind Ginny, following her every move through the crowd, but it was starting to part for us thanks to Ginny’s yelling.

“Come on! It’s just up ahead!” Ginny called, grabbing my hand and pulling me forward and I grabbed James’ hand.

We ignored the staring, people would know soon anyway.

“Finally,” Ginny sighed as we reached a huge grey building with the sign, Wizard Media on it.

“This is the building where all the magazines and newspapers of England live. Daily Prophet, Witch weekly, you name it and it’s here.” Ginny explained.

I couldn’t believe how bloody big it was, and all of the Wizarding media companies were in here? No wonder they all had the same articles.

Ginny led the way into the building and walked to the front desk, banging her hands down on the cold surface.

“Mrs Potter!” the frightened receptionist cried, “I thought you weren’t working today!”

Ginny smiled, “No, I’m not. I’m in on other business.”

“Oh, yes! And what would that be?” the receptionist smiled.

“I – my son James and Mae Flick have a press conference at one.” Ginny smiled.

The receptionist smiled and began to flick a pile of parchment with her overly long nails.

“Ah huh!” she cried, pulling out a small piece of parchment, “Hmm, you’re in press conference room one in five minutes, everyone’s settling in now.”

“Room one?” Ginny asked, “Who’s attending?”

“Daily Prophet, With Weekly, Quidditch Weekly, The Quibbler and a reporter from the Hogwarts Weekly managed to squeeze their way in.” the receptionist read off the sheet, “Big group.”

“No wonder we got room one,” Ginny muttered, “Well, thank you Cassandra!”

“Goodbye Mrs Potter, but Mr Potter and Miss Flick, could you please wear these name tags while in the building. Mrs Potter, make sure you wear yours!” Cassandra smiled and handed me a name tag that read: Miss Mae Flick, Press Conference.

I hastily pinned it to my name tag to my blazer, then following Ginny towards the stair case in the far left of the room. The building was quite plan, but very modern at the same time. The walls were a light grey with white borders and there was framed pictures of famous people like, Harry Potter, his family, the Golden Trio, Ron and Hermione Weasley’s family, the whole Weasley family, Albus Dumbledore, the Marauder’s, Kingsley Shacklebolt, the Order of the Phoenix, Dumbledore’s Army and there was even one of Severus Snape.

We climbed one flight of stairs and then turned down another corridor to find a pair of massive oak doors.

“This is it kids!” Ginny smiled, “Now just be nice to everyone in there, don’t rise to them and tell the truth! We don’t need more rumors!”

“Bye mum, we’ll see you after!” James whined, shoving his mum in the other direction.

“Bye Ginny!” I cried as she disappeared around the corner.

“You ready for this?” James asked, grabbing my hand.

“I think so – how do I look?” I asked.

Today, I was wearing a simple, but elegant outfit. I was wearing my dark wash jeans, chocolate brown boots, with a crisp white shirt and a grey/black blazer over the top. My hair was dead straight in a high pony tail and I was wearing just the simple make up so I didn’t look like a slut. I had James’ necklace on as well as the ring and bracelets from Ginny (the ring was on the other hand).

“Gorgeous,” James grinned, pecking me on the cheek.

“Let’s do this then!” I squeaked as James pushed open the doors.

Inside, there was a stage that had just a simple oak table and two chairs behind, what scared me was what was facing the table. Facing the table where James and I were heading was a group of around twenty to thirty people staring at us eagerly. Some had cameras flashing crazy and some had notebooks out, writing with a quill. I could recognize Nancy Line, the editor of Hogwarts Weekly and Mason Bates, the magazine’s photographer on the third row of seats.

James smiled and waved at the crowd, pulling me along. I gave a worried look to James as we climbed the stairs, the flashes going in the background and he gave me a fake nod before pulling out my chair. I sat down smiling at him, and then turned to the crowd flashing an award winning smile and waving.

“Hello!” I greeted them.

James had now sat down and held my hand on the top of the desk. The cameras went wild in excitement of our joined hands but we both ignored it.

“Hi everyone and thank you for coming to this press conference,” James began, “We decided to call this to order so we could set the record straight about what has been reported on Mae and I. We will start the conference with both Mae and I telling you about our relationship, questions will be at the end.”

There was a quiet groan and the flashes seized but the reporters nodded their heads eagerly, their quick quotes quills hovering impatiently over their notebooks.

“Mae, do you want to go first?” James asked, squeezing my hand.

“Sure,” I smiled weakly and then turned to face the crowd, “Well I guess the main thing you want to know about me is who I actually am.”

Everyone nodded their heads eagerly.

“My full name is Mae Arriane Flick and I am sixteen, almost seventeen years old on January 11th. My parents are Lucas and Kathy Flick who both work in the Department of International Cooperation Department and I have an older brother named Mitchell who now works at the ministry in the Department of Magical Sports. My best friends are Dominique Weasley and James Potter, but I am also extremely close with Robyn Gallagher and Carolyn Finnegan. I am in my sixth year at Hogwarts and I am a Gryffindor Prefect with Albus Potter. I am currently taking 9 NEWT’s and I am planning to become a Healer. I am also  on the Gryffindor Quidditch team as a chaser, I joined this year.”

Someone put up there hand but James flapped it away with later.

“You know everything about me. James Sirius Potter, seventeen almost eighteen on March 30th and the first son of the Boy Who Lived, The Chosen One or the Saviour of the Wizarding World and Ginny Potter formerly Weasley. I have brother and a sister, Albus and Lily and I have nine uncles and aunts and nine cousins. My best mates are Freddie Weasley, Mae Flick, Ian Thomas and Oliver Mitchell. I am taking 6 NEWTS, the basic requirements for a Healer which I plan on doing if I don’t get into a Professional Quidditch team as a seeker.” James explained.

Most of the reporters nodded in agreement, they knew James inside out, he had been in the limelight since he was born.

“But I guess what you all want is the real story on Mae and my relationship,” James continued, “We will tell you, but we really do hope you will print it like it is.

They all nodded eagerly, I even saw some of the quills nodded in our direction.

“Well, at the start of this school year, I met Mae for the first time in the Prefect meeting on the train. I was dating Alessandria Sun at the time,” James said, “We became friends quickly.”

“I joined the Quidditch team and I started to date Freddie Weasley, we dated for about 3 months.” I put in.

“I broke up with Alessandria and I began to feel thing for Mae, I started to notice her more.” James smiled.

I grinned at him and squeezed his hand.

“After Freddie and I – erm – had an incident,” I stared at James and he nodded, “He cheated on me with Alessandria Sun, James’ ex and had been for a month while James and her were still dating. Freddie and I broke up and James and I became really close.”

“We’re best friends!” James grinned.

“I began to have feelings for James again, I had had a crush on him for ages before Freddie,” I said.

All the reporters were know in frenzy, quills speeding across pages, eyes wide open and mouths slightly ajar.

“We didn’t start to date thought till New Years at midnight when we both admitted that we fancied each other. So that leaves us at now, we are officially dating.” I admitted smiling.

“Questions?” James asked.

Hands shot up in the air, all waving around frantically. A woman in a suit stepped onto the stage and nodded at James and I, before saying.

“Daily Prophet reporter.”

A small, plump woman stood up. She had grey hair in perfect curls and there was a troubling glisten in her eyes. James tensed as she stood up.

“Rita Skeeter here, reporting for the Daily Prophet.” She smirked.

Rita Skeeter? I thought she had retired years ago, isn’t she, like, ancient?

“I’ve got a couple of quest- ”

“One to start off with, we have to get round to everybody.” Suit- lady said.

“Fine,” Rita snapped, “Well then, this one is for Miss Flick.”

“Sure, what is it?” I asked, smiling at her.

“Is it true that you are the school bully?” Rita asked, “I have a quote from two girls, Alessandria Sun and Justine Dowley, saying that they have been a subject of your bullying.”

I sighed, “No, Alessandria and Justine have received nothing more than they gave to me.”


“Alessandria cheated on James with Freddie who I was dating, all I did was stop rumours from saying the wrong thing. Technically, I saved her from wrong thoughts about her.”

“What about Justine?”

“Justine was Alessandria’s best and only friend so she got the blow too, that part wasn’t my fault.”

“What do you mean, ‘Alessandria’s best and only friend’?”

“Alessandria and I were close until I found out about her and Freddie, because of this my friends and I thought it would be best to –erm- kick her out of our group. If Dom did it I would do exactly what I did, same goes for Carolyn and Robyn.”

“How was this fair?”

“She laid out the ‘rules’ as soon as I became friends with them. If I had done what she did, I would have been kicked out.”

“What are these rules you speak of?”

“I think that is enough from the Prophet,” I heard James say to suit- lady, but I did not take my eyes off Rita, I would not be the loser of this fight.

“The girl rules.” I replied simply.

“What are the ‘girl -“ Rita asked.

“RITA THAT IS ENOUGH!” Suit- lady shrieked.

Rita sneered and yanked her Quick- Quotes- Quill from the notebook, which was still writing.

“Thank you, I was pretty much done anyway.”

She sat down, still smirking, and nodded her head.

“Witch Weekly.”

This time, the woman who stood up was not an old, mischievous woman like Rita Skeeter, but  she was a young girl with bleach blonde hair, orange fake tan, an extremely tight dress, impossibly high shoes and had enough make up on that you would have to remove it with a chisel.

“Hello! I’m Chastity Myers, from the Witch Weekly!” Chastity squealed in an American accent, clapping her too-long fake manicured nails together. “So I’ll just ask you some questions then…”

She flicked through her notebook and the squealed.

“So to just clear the rumours up, is it true or false that you two are engaged?”

“No. Just dating,” James answered.

“Fantastic,” Chastity smiled, “Another rumour to clear up, is it true or false that Mae is pregnant?”

I took in a sharp breath.

No, they couldn’t know, how did they know?

James squeezed my hand and I blinked,

“No, that is not true. I mean, we’ve been dating for not even a week! We are not going to rush into things,” I replied.

“So you haven’t slept together yet?” Chastity asked, eyes wide.

“That’s private,” James snapped.

“But no, we haven’t. We are not the type of people to sleep together in the first couple of days,” I said coolly.

“So this is a serious relationship?”

“Yes.” We both answered.

“Ok!” Chastity smiled, “Then, where did you two meet?”

“Well… it was actually in the school’s first prefect meeting as I was Head Boy…”


* * * * *


“How did it go?” Dom asked, jumping on me as soon as I stepped through the fire at Shell Cottage.

After we had escaped the pregnancy and slept together question, Witch Weekly had bombarded us with ‘cute’ questions about how we had met, first kiss and when we had first admitted to each other. Chastity went on for at least ten minutes before suit lady (who I now know was called Susanne and was in charge of all press conferences at Wizard Media) had told her time was up.

Quidditch Weekly had gone next and asked a few questions about our relationship, but most of it was about Quidditch, hence the magazines name. Helena Mason, they were all girls except for the two photographers, asked about how the Gryffindor team was going and how we expected to go this year. Helena also asked if James had received any offers from any professional teams, James just winked and said you’d have to wait and see.

Last was Hogwarts Weekly as they weren’t a professional magazine but just a school one. Nancy asked us a few that were very school kid worthy and then sat back down, she was finished within three minutes.

“Yeah, good. Better than I thought it would be,” I replied as she dragged me upstairs.

“You look amazing as well! Smart, but casual, good choice for a press conference!” Dom squealed, “Sorry I wasn’t here to help, I stayed at Ryan’s for the night.”

“That’s fine Dom, just let’s not share about your naughty activities with Ryan. I am still mentally scarred from last time.”

“Sorry about that!”

“You’re forgiven.”

Dom pushed her door open and plonked herself on the bed while I sat at her desk looking at the books and parchment strewn all over the floor.

“Dom,” I started, “Why does this piece of parchment say ‘Dominique Weasley, Charms Essay’ but has nothing written besides that?”

“I was stuck and I couldn’t do it?” Dom whined.

“What else haven’t you done?”

“DADA, transfiguration, and potions.”



“Come here, I’ll help. We are getting this done by tonight.”

“Fine. I hate homework.”

“Who doesn’t?”

“It’s just so boring and point - ”

“Shut up Dom and get started.”

Dom grumbled again, but picked up her quill and began to write. 


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